15 Types Of People You Should Never Fall In Love With

If you eventually fall for these people, you will be setting yourself up for heartbreak.

Since you have probably been in love, you'll know that it's almost impossible to fall out of love with someone whom you have deep feelings for, unless he or she does something unforgivable. Most people have deal breakers that they claim would spell the end of a relationship, but imagine how great it would be to put an end to a bad relationship before it even begins by making careful choices.

It is not enough to fall head over heels for someone who looks gorgeous, talks sleek, and smells great, because these qualities will fade with time and leave you with the real person underneath. These people know how to make their way to your heart and, if you are not careful to guard it, you might end up in a relationship that you'll find hard to get out of.

Since no one on the planet is perfect, and some of the people we look up to might be the worst people to be in a relationship with, it is prudent for someone to know what he or she can or cannot handle. If you eventually fall for such people, you will be setting yourself up for heartbreak, something no one ever likes to go through.

Although these 15 types of people have some good qualities that would make anyone want to fall in love with them, you should avoid them - especially if these traits are what define them. Which of these 15 types of people would you still allow yourself to fall in love with or even get married to?

15 People With Identity And Self-Esteem Issues

It is hard to tell whether someone has identity or self-esteem issues the moment you lay eyes on him or her. Therefore, it would be a great idea to know someone for a while before you decide to act on your feelings. Since the heart can easily develop feelings for anyone without reason, you need time to engage your mind before making any relationship decisions you will regret.

People who don't have a strong sense of who they often fall into depression and anxiety, which can lead to physical and psychological problems. On the other hand, people with self-esteem issues struggle with self-doubt, suppressed anger, shame, and even social isolation - symptoms of underlying mental health conditions including depression and anxiety.

Someone facing these challenges needs professional attention, because chances are they are not in the right frame of mind to handle the demands of a relationship. You need to fall for someone who fully understands and values him or herself.

14 The Know-It-All Types 

As the name suggests, a know-it-all is one of those people who believes that he has the solution to every problem out there, regardless of who is going through the problem. These people usually have good intentions, even when they're all up in your space telling you how you need to run your life, but such people are impossible to live with.

The relationship might be fun at first since such an individual might have great stories to share with you on every topic out there. However, when the phase of fascination in his/her intelligence begins to fade out and you discover that he/she truly believes that he/she is better than you, the relationship will begin to hurt.

People who think they are always right suffer from some forms of insecurities, because they often feel as if they have to know everything to be good enough. Such people also have difficulty with intimacy, which is the exact opposite of what you want in a partner.

13 Those Who Do Not Have A Moral Code

What is your definition of morals? Morals are a standard by which people consider things right or wrong, and they vary depending on a number of factors including religion, race, location, and family background. It is important to try your best not to fall for someone who does not have a moral code similar to or identical to yours.

The issue in falling for someone who goes against everything you believe to be right or wrong is that you will be setting yourself up for numerous fights with him/her or with your family. In order to get along, one of you will have to compromise on your standards, which should never be the case, unless if the one with the lower standards is making some positive changes.

Some of the people who fall into this category include those who believe cheating is not a big deal or those players who are looking to bed as many women as possible.

12 People Who Do Not Respect Your Family

The family is the basic unit of society, and we can confidently claim that we are who we are because of our families. Although the basic understanding of family is father, mother, and children, the people who brought you up and walked with you through the challenges that made you who you are are definitely part of your family.

If we have learned any lesson from almost all of The Fast and the Furious franchise films, including the most recent installment The Fate of the Furious, it is that you never turn your back on your family. Therefore, regardless of how broke your family is, or whether they have the weirdest beliefs, you cannot afford to fall for someone who does not respect them.

The moment you fall for such an individual, they will come between you and your family, and cause you and your children to hate them. That is not acceptable.

11 People Surrounded By The Wrong Kind Of Friends

Have you ever heard the quote "show me your friends and I will show you your future"? This is one of the quotes that need little explanation and far much less evidence to support. You probably know of someone in your life who started hanging out with the wrong crowd and, after a while, began getting involved in whatever his or her crowd was into.

Human beings feel the need to fit into every crowd they are attracted to, and they end up doing things that are contrary to what they believe in just to fit in. Therefore, you need to know the friends that your potential girlfriend or boyfriend are involved with, because those friends will not only determine the course of his or her life, but your relationship as well.

However, if his or her friends are the kind of people you also want to spend time with and be around, do not be afraid to commit.

10 Illegal Drug Abusers

Drugs and substance abuse are a huge problem, not just in the United States, but also in almost all parts of the world. According to recent statistics from The Office of National Drug Control, traffickers and other vendors sell drugs worth over $100 billion in the United States alone every year, statistics so grim they can send chills down your spine.

With such information, the likelihood that someone can get into a relationship with a drug abuser is real. The consequences of drug and substance abuse are so bad because the abuser, his or her family, his or her community, as well as the country as a whole, feel the terrible pinch of this habit.

Falling in love with someone who abuses drugs will put you at the risk of getting involved in the habit and potentially facing a jail term or death. The best course of action is to seek help for such an individual, because you will end up saving their lives by doing so.

9 Abusive People

Have you ever met or heard of women who are in abusive relationships but refuse to get out because they are in too deep? Everyone who is not involved in such a relationship would be quick to offer a solution to someone who is - solutions in the forms of packing up and leaving, calling the cops, and pressing charges. However, the number of women living under these conditions seem to prove that this is more of an "easier said than done" situation.

The moment you get the slightest indication that the man you are having feelings for could be abusive, then you need to get out of that situation as fast as possible. Abuse is not only physical; it can be psychological, meaning that even women can abuse men.

If you go ahead and fall for such an individual, you will become part of the statistic and the rest of the people will wonder why on earth you are letting such abuse continue.

8 People From A Different Religion

Whenever the word religion comes up these days, people think of Islam and the recent rise in Islamophobia in the United States and different parts of the world. This is not about that. Religion is an important part of society, whether it is Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, or whatever other religion people practice across the globe.

One thing that most major religions share is that they discourage relationships between people of different religions, and the rationale behind this shared stand is reasonable and worth heeding to. One of the major reasons is that the teachings of each religion differ broadly, and it would be impossible to be committed to an individual who holds a different religious view from yours.

One of the parties in the relationship will have to convert to the other person's religion, trouble that someone can save him or herself by choosing the right people to get into a relationship with. However, it is possible to live in harmony with people of different religions even in the same building because, in the end, we are all human beings and we need each other.

7 Those Who Complain About Everything

Human beings love to complain, especially in situations where we feel oppressed in any way. However, some people take complaining to a whole new level, where they hardly ever have anything good to say about anything or anyone.

At times, listening to someone complain about something that you also feel is unfair can be quite entertaining, and the temptation to join in the complaining is usually overwhelming. However, if you fall in love with such an individual, for whatever reason, you will either become just like him or her or end up hating that person completely. Neither of these outcomes is pleasant, because they are both negative and unattractive.

Most people who complain about everything often have far fewer friends than enemies, and that ought to be a sign that you should not get involved. It would be particularly painful to discover that the person you are in a relationship with was complaining about you, because they will do so eventually.

6 A Terminally Ill Individual

You might take this the wrong way if you do not fully understand this point, because everyone, especially people who are going through health challenges, needs as much love as they can get. A terminal illness, in this case, means a disease that is at a stage where recovery seems highly unlikely, and any form of treatment or medication will hardly improve the situation in any way.

A friend who is unwell and going through the pain and suffering resulting from an illness will need you to be there for them. You should do all you can to make your friend's final days as fun and meaningful as possible, because it is the right thing to do. However, falling in love with them and pursuing a relationship with them would be setting yourself up for a major heartbreak.

Besides, your friend might see your efforts as a way of showing pity. In addition, the relationship might be complicated because he or she will hardly be in a position to show you how much he or she loves you back.

5 Cold And Indifferent People

Do you know any cold and indifferent people around you? If you do, then you know how difficult it is to start and sustain a conversation with them, because they mostly seem detached and preoccupied, not open to making new friends or putting in any effort to be polite.

Some people can be cold and indifferent owing to some psychological problems, because most people would want to enjoy new friendships and intimate relationships. These people can often be self-absorbed, passively withdrawn, haughty, and can project some form of superiority that puts off everyone around them.

These people hardly ever want to let people into their lives, even the people that they might be in a relationship with. The people who do fall for such people eventually feel uncomfortable with the lack of emotional intimacy and put off by their partner's preference for a superficial, impersonal, and uncommitted relationship. If you are already in a relationship with such an individual, it's a good idea to try to understand them and love them as they are but, if you are not yet there, think long and hard.

4 The Mama's Boy

Mothers are special to everyone, because they are our primary caregivers, and they deserve far more love and respect than we offer them. Fathers are great, we go to them when we need something, but mothers were always there for us in times when we needed them and even when we thought we did not want them near us.

Most of the time society misunderstands the mama's boy, because these are men who are proud of their mothers and want to show them how much they love them by involving them in every aspect of their lives. You can imagine how proud a mother feels when her son is giving back all the attention she gave him when he was growing up.

However, regardless of how great the intentions of a mama's boy might be, he is not someone you need to fall in love and start a relationship with. If you make the mistake of getting serious with such a man, then you had better be ready to compete with the first love of his life, who is already perfect in every way, according to him.

3 Lazy People

A lazy person is an individual who knows that he or she needs to do something, but does not do it because of the effort they will need to put in to accomplish the task. Such people prefer to do activities that they perceive to be fun and less strenuous, otherwise they remain idle.

If your motivation to do the things expected of you is not stronger than your motivation to save yourself the effort, then you are lazy.

Getting into a relationship with a lazy person will be one of the most frustrating experiences you will ever put yourself through, as such people will never do anything for you simply because they would rather not. When they want to impress you or get something from you, they might take the trouble to do something that you would normally expect from a human being, but otherwise, be prepared to do everything for them.

2 Married People

You might be thinking that this category of people need not even appear on such a list and you are right. However, this list would be incomplete without it, because many people don't even find it inappropriate to date someone who is married.

Of course, the married man or woman who is sneaking around behind his or her spouse's back to practice infidelity should be ashamed of him or herself, and be prosecuted in a court of law. However, you should never be the person who makes it possible for someone to cheat on his or her spouse, because you are also guilty of meddling in someone else's marriage.

Although cheating is rampant these days, the hurt and the heartbreak that results from this selfish act is still as painful as ever - especially if the person being cheated on works hard to make his or her marriage work. There is never a good excuse to be involved with a married man or woman; it is all on you.

1 Criminals Hiding From The Authorities

This might not happen too often, but it is worth mentioning because the consequences that can result from such a relationship would be catastrophic. Regardless of how attracted you might be to the ruggedness and the "don’t care attitude" a gangster or any other criminal might have, please, do not get involved.

We all remember the story of Bonnie and Clyde, the couple that decided to live a life of crime. Although they seemed to be successful at first, the images of their vehicle sprayed with bullets should haunt everyone who thinks that crime pays.

This does not only apply to hardcore criminals who commit violent crimes with guns, it applies to every criminal out there, including drug traffickers, con artists, kidnappers, thieves, and all sorts of criminals. As soon as you discover that there's something wrong, please get out and help the authorities to bring an end to whatever crimes are going down.

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