15 Types Of Ghosts We Should Never Mess With (Halloween Special)

Most of us are scared of ghosts, or at least intimidated by them. However, not everyone is aware of the different types of ghosts. We should also be aware of the most dangerous ones and the ones that we should stay away from. There are some ghosts which tend to be helpful and kind. These are called good spirits. However, these are rare ones. There are many other spirits which are evil and cause severe harm to humans. We may have seen these spirits in movies and read about them in stories. All these ghosts have certain strengths and weaknesses. Some of these possess greater physical strengths than the others, while some others work more on the psychological level and instill deep fear in their victims.

Even though hearing and reading about ghosts is common, people seldom have real-life experiences with ghosts. Nevertheless, they do tend to get scared for no reason and feel there is something wrong with certain places. It is because not every ghost is interested in appearing in front of living human beings. While some of them do not have any form and need a human body to be active, there are others that move things to make their presence felt. This means that there could be a ghost around you, even if you don’t see or feel them. If you suddenly feel terrified for no apparent reason, the evil spirit may be on its mission to intimidate you. Many people go for exclusive tours to haunted places to experience supernatural activities. However, there could be one living in your neighborhood...

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15 The Orb

Via: YouTube

The Orb is the most-photographed type of ghost, and there is a reason for that. The Orb basically looks like a ball of light. That is why it is easy to capture. At times, it may also look like a transparent ball, but it still looks bright enough to spot. The color is generally white, but it may be blue as well. According to paranormal experts, The Orb is the moving soul of a dead creature. It could have belonged to a human or an animal. It is captured while it moves from one place to another. It is not possible to have a clear idea about the place it is going to, because the available information is quite limited. The shape of the spirit helps it move faster than usual. Some experts believe that The Orb is the earliest form of a spirit that comes out of a dead body. Later on, it takes different shapes. Eventually, it may even look like the person it stayed in.

14 Funnel Ghosts

Via: YouTube

This is another type of ghost that is often captured on camera. Even though such ghosts are seen in graveyards and crematoriums at times, Funnel Ghosts are generally found near old residential buildings. Paranormal experts believe that this is the spirit of a dead person who used to live in that house. The spirit is believed to be coming to visit the house and meet their loved ones. Funnel Ghosts got their names because of their shape. They look like a moving funnel which is bright enough to be captured on camera. Many photographers have been able to photograph such swirling shapes and wondered what it could be. They might have captured the moving spirit of a person, which came to visit the old house. If you have lost a loved one recently, there is every possibility that the spirit might visit you this Halloween. Even if you don’t see any apparition in the human form, you may see this.

13 The Communicator

Via: Fiveprime

This is one of the most common types of ghosts. Such ghosts want to communicate with the living world and put in their best efforts to make their presence felt. In general, they try to interact with somebody in their blood relation. They may also try to communicate with a relative or a friend. There are times when such ghosts may interact with you if you knew them when they were alive. They can suddenly appear in front of you to convey a message. You may feel their touch and hear their voice. According to experts, such ghosts are capable of feeling emotions and look like the person they were when they were alive. The tricky part here is that you can never be too sure if they are harmful or not. If the ghost looks like someone you loved and lost recently, you may get emotional about it. Beware. There may be an evil spirit inside.

12 The Avenger

Via: Huffington Post

These ghosts are on a mission, and they want their revenge for something bad that happened to them when they were alive. Such ghosts are not only quite common but also quite dangerous. Even though they want to avenge the wrongdoings against them, they may not be picky about their target. They can choose random targets, and that’s why they are extremely dangerous. They also tend to disappear once their revenge is fulfilled. However, they tend to harm even those who are in no way related to the crime. It is impossible to kill such spirits if you don’t find the body. The body has to be salted and burned so that the spirit can move on. If any object is possessed by it, the object has to be salted and burned as well.

11 Hungry Ghosts

Via: wuxiacinema

Hungry Ghosts are from China. Such ghosts are formed when an entire family dies altogether. It may also happen when the family neglects or disrespects its ancestors. According to other theories, Hungry Ghosts are formed when a person dies a violent death. The death of an unhappy person may also lead to the formation of such ghost. Those who die with intense anger and greed may also become this type of ghost. Hungry Ghosts have the sole motive of causing harm to human beings. The seventh month of the Chinese calendar is celebrated as the Ghost Month. People believe that the ghosts of their ancestors come out of Hell during this month. Hungry Ghosts are believed to target those who move alone at night. People are also advised against going for a swim at night during this month.

10 Buruburu

Via: YouTube

These ghosts spread terror and anxiety among their victims. Buruburu ghosts make their victims suffer so much that they eventually die from cardiac arrest. This type of ghost looks like the person it was before death. In other words, when you see a person who has already died, there is every possibility that you are seeing a Buruburu ghost. It also means that you may have chills down your spine when you see it. You will experience crippling fear all of a sudden, and that will help the ghost grow even stronger. These ghosts are born when people die a tragic death. They may have been killed in an accident. They may also have suffered a painful death due to some illness. The Ghost Sickness it causes among its victims is enough for them to collapse or even die. They also have the ability to disappear, travel a significant distant and appear somewhere else.

9 Shakchunni

Via: YouTube/RDC Movie

Shakchunni is a ghost typically found in the Indian state of West Bengal. These ghosts are formed when a married woman dies with unfulfilled desires. The name of the ghost comes from a specific custom in the state where Hindu married women wear Shankha, bangles made of conchs. This type of ghost takes control of the body of affluent married women to be able to relish the company of a husband. Shakchunni is typically found near tamarind trees around a pond. They possess their target when the woman comes to the pond alone. It is common for women in the rural part of West Bengal to go to nearby ponds to wash clothes. Shakchunni generally wears red and white sarees, but their face is generally covered in veil. When exposed, they look like skeletons. Nevertheless, it is believed that this type of ghost can easily change its appearance.

8 Woman In White

Via: Dailymotion

One of the most dangerous ghosts is the spirit of a woman in white. Generally, she looks beautiful and attractive. There is every reason for a man to get lured by her personality. However, she has another form which is carefully hidden. It will only be exposed when she wants to attack you. Her other kind of appearance is horrific. She looks like a corpse, with grey skin and dark eyes. Her hands look like claws. She has strong supernatural abilities. She often kidnaps children and even adult men. It is common for such spirits to have committed suicide after heartbreak in love, when they were alive. Also, she might have been betrayed by the man she loved. It is also possible that she was killed by her lover. More often than not, she had children when she was alive. The spirit keeps looking for them and is tormented without them.

7 The Mist

Via: Pinterest

Paranormal experts call it an ecto-mist. Unlike most other ghosts, this one does not have a form. It looks more like a moving mist. There have been numerous videos and photos that have captured such formless ghosts. Simply because they do not have a form, it is more difficult to identify them. They generally do not touch the ground and move swiftly around objects. The ghostly mist may be black, grey or white in color. Experts believe such ghosts can be really dangerous and cause bodily harm to humans. There are numerous YouTube videos that claim to have captured such creepy mists. Many of those look extremely authentic. The Mist can be seen in graveyards, crematoriums and large buildings. However, their movement is not restricted to these places only. It may even appear in your house. It is easier to spot when it is dark, as it looks like smoke.

6 Duppy

Via: Ghostly Activities

This is a Caribbean ghost that has its origin in Bantu folklores in Central America. These are evil spirits which come out at night on a mission to harm people. The most interesting part is that there are numerous natives who have claimed to have seen Duppy, which is also known as jumbies. This type of ghost may have a human form or an animal form. However, it is the soul of a human being who was evil while alive. Duppy is considered extremely dangerous, as it is capable of causing severe harm to people. According to popular beliefs, the soul of an evil person remains with the corpse for three days in the coffin. If enough precautions are not taken, the spirit may escape the coffin and become a Duppy. In November of 2010, an 11-year-old in Jamaica was reportedly attacked by a Duppy. The boy’s activities under the spell were recorded on camera. The video is still available on YouTube and looks extremely authentic.

5 The Revenant

Via: The Wolfman Cometh

These are the ones who have no idea that they are dead. At the most, they believe that they dodged death miraculously. Because of this trait, this type of ghost is quite different from the usual ones. For example, the appearance of such ghosts is just like a human. They look like the person they were when they were alive. There is nothing ghostly about their appearance. Their body is generally solid and incapable of passing through walls. They have weight, so they may leave footsteps as they walk. They also have shadows unlike most other ghosts. They do not have the inhuman power to move or throw things around. If injured, they feel pain and bleed like normal living people. The problem with such ghosts is that they are motivated by some incomplete work. To finish that, they may go to any extent.

4 The Body-Hunter

Via: Daily Bruin

This type of ghost is always looking for the body of a living human being, so that it can live in it and control the person’s actions. Also called The Specter, The Body-Hunter is the reason behind people getting “possessed” by evil spirits. After taking control of the person, the spirit goes on to complete its unfinished business. The interesting part is that such ghosts may even move from one body to another for hundreds of years until their motive is fulfilled. They generally possess people who have suppressed emotions. They target people who have similar motives in life. Maybe they too nurture a grudge deep inside. When alive, The Body-Hunter might have been killed by someone close. These ghosts come out when their grave gets violated in some way. They may even come out for an object that they loved when they were alive. If a living person has the object, the haunting is going to continue.

3 Bloody Mary

Via: YouTube

The legend of Bloody Mary originated in British folklores. The legend is hundreds of years old but is still relevant in the modern culture. Queen Mary I was a notorious ruler who used to burn anybody who had opposing views. However, the modern version of Bloody Mary is closely related to bathroom mirrors. When a certain ritual is performed in front of a bathroom mirror, a horrid woman appears (who holds a baby). The woman then starts howling. The ghost is extremely scary and can intimidate even the most daring ones. The Bloody Mary ritual is generally a dare performed among young people. One among the group goes to the bathroom, switches off the light and lights a candle. The person has to say Bloody Mary and spin around three times. This should be enough for the dangerous ghost to appear. Very few people have the guts to perform this ritual.

2 Attention Seekers

Via: YouTube

Attention Seekers, aka Poltergeists, are the favorite kind of ghosts for horror filmmakers. You may often see them in ghost movies that show paranormal spirits throwing things in the house and lifting people and heavy things. This type of ghost basically seeks attention. They want to grab people’s attention by doing something violent. Unlike many other human spirits, Poltergeists are not created when humans die. These are independent demonic powers, and that is why it is not possible to kill Poltergeists by burning a corpse. According to some theories, some human spirits may also turn into Poltergeists at times. You can never see Poltergeists, as you can only see their actions. These spirits are so powerful that they can lift heavy pieces of furniture and throw those around. Fortunately, it is possible to get rid of Poltergeists by performing certain purification rituals. Just like on other ghosts, salt works on Poltergeists as well.

1 The Psychopath

Via: Paranormal - LoveToKnow

Not to be confused with The Avenger, The Psychopath is created when evil people die. The Avenger tends to take revenge after something wrong is done to them. However, these cruel ghosts are just cruel for no reason. When these people were alive, they were evil and made people suffer. Even after their death, their nature remains the same. What is worse is that they possess greater powers after death. That is why they can cause severe harm to people around them. One suitable example for such ghosts could be the one that is created when a serial killer dies. They might have done barbaric things in their life. And, that continues even after their death. It is important to find the body as soon as possible until more harm is done. It has to be salted and burned to get rid of The Psychopath.

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