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15 Truly Death-Defying “Urban Climber” Photos

15 Truly Death-Defying “Urban Climber” Photos


Thrill seekers, lunatics, pure madness, or totally insane. Urban Climbers are a breed all of their own that’s for sure! There’s an endless amount of words a person could use to describe these crazy few. That’s assuming you’ve heard of an Urban Climber and the death-defying stunts they capture through photos? If you haven’t, well then you’re in for quite a treat today! 35-storey-high selfie, anyone? If you haven’t heard of these adrenaline junkies here’s a brief definition to get you up to speed.

Buildering (also known as edificeering, urban climbing, structuring, or stegophily) describes the act of climbing on the outside of buildings and other artificial structures…

Wikipedia’s definition doesn’t sound earth shattering in the least. Pay no attention to Wiki! We promise you the dictionary meaning of Urban Climbers falls tragically short of defining what they do. In actuality, it falls so short of describing the incredible stunts and absolutely mesmerizing photographs these crazy climbers capture we decided it was time to write up a list just for them all of their own. A list showing these modern day daredevils doing what they do best. Making the rest of us say, “Holy Shit” in whatever language you speak all around the world!

15. Just Hanging Around


This is Pavlo Gennadiyovich Ushivets, or as internet fanboys call him Mustang Wanted. Mustang Wanted is a Ukrainian urban climber as well as internet royalty. He’s best known for the high-altitude stunts he attempts around the globe. How he captures some of these stomaching turning stunts on camera is hard to figure out. Shockingly enough he attempts these insane stunts with little safety equipment (if any at all). Seen here Pavlo Gennadiyovich Ushivets appears to be dangling far enough above the ground that if anything were to go wrong the 30-year-old daredevils life would surely end. We can’t see that Mustang Wanted has any kind of safety equipment on here proving that these kind of stunts aren’t for pussies!

14. Shanghai Tower, China’s Tallest Building


Looks like he’s a hell of a ways off the ground huh? That’s because he is! The urban climber you see here is photoed on the tippy top of Shanghai Tower, China’s tallest building. The Shanghai Tower is in the Lujiazui Finance and Trade District and stretches 149 storeys high! That just so happens to be 148 storeys more than most of us would want to be. This insane climber looks to be walking up a tower crane in his attempt to photograph his special moment. 149 storeys weren’t enough for this urban climber! He decided he’d stretch his legs even further and go the extra mile by walking as far skyward as he could. Once finished China’s skyscraper will reach 2,073 feet high. That’s nearly 1/2 mile off the surface of the ground, people!

13. James Kingston Scales The Eiffel Tower in Paris


YouTube sensation James Kingston has made quite the name for himself online. James travels around the world and scales it’s tallest structures. Ask him why he risks life and limb trying to pull off such illegal stunts and he’ll reply “for me, this is life.” I’m pretty sure we can all agree that his idea of living is terribly careless don’t you think? Well to James he’s not being careless, this is his passion. As you can see he’s not wasting any time making his way to the top of the world’s highest structures either. James snaps an awesome photograph here while he illegally climbs one of the most famous structures on the planet, the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Wow, that’s cool!

12. Rio de Janeiro’s Christ The Redeemer Statue


Lee Thompson somehow managed to snap one of the coolest selfies we’ve ever seen to date. So who is Lee Thompson and how did he manage to get to the top of the world’s most recognizable statue of Jesus Christ? He was in Rio to cover the World Cup of course. Lee travels around the globe blogging and just so happens to be an aspiring daredevil climber. We’ll never know how he managed to capture this amazing photograph in Rio that day. What we do know though is that the famous statue stands 130 feet high and it only took Lee and his boy Oliver Harvey 25 minutes to get to the top. After Lee posted this selfie to his blog, it went viral around the world!

11. Getting Dizzy?


Dodging the law and looking over his shoulder hasn’t stopped Yaroslav Segeda from snapping some of the most amazing photos we’ve ever seen! Yarsolav and his friends don’t seem to have any fear do they? He and his crew travel the world looking for dangerous buildings to climb. Evident by this picture he’s finding them where ever he and his buddies land. Pictured here stories above the ground Yaroslav Segeda takes a selfie of himself and his friends hanging out on top of a crane in Kiev. How these daredevils managed to reach the end of the crane is up for debate. There’s no doubting, though, these boys have the guts that it takes to pull off these amazing stunts.

10. Burj Dubai Tower 2,684 ft. High


A trip to Burj Dubai anyone? Take a gander at this photograph we found of Abudi Alsagoff, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The daredevil urban climber is pictured here standing on top of the world’s tallest building in 2009 (Burj Dubai Tower). You probably won’t get a better view from any suite in the city. Abudi looks oddly at peace in this photograph as he stands at the edge of the world’s tallest building, staring out over the city. The young man of only 24 years old (at the time) had to climb over 200 flights of stairs to capture this photo. He says the sand was fierce, and there wasn’t much light near the top but it was all worth it in the end. If you say so Abudi! If you say so!

9. Yikes!


This picture makes me dizzy just looking at how small everything else is on the ground. If you suffer from vertigo you better look away! My gosh, this dude’s got some really big— let’s not go there… Or he’s just stupid. Apparently, he isn’t wearing any kind of safety equipment either. If he falls, it’s splat on the pavement for him. The only thing he decided to bring with him urban climbing was his camera phone! Who wouldn’t want to climb to the top of a building and capture one of 2014’s most widely viewed photos on the net. He definitely snapped a picture we’ll never forget. There’s good reason this photo shot up to number 9 on our list of 15 scariest urban climber photos ever.

8. Looking Like The Dark Knight


Here’s another photo that comes courtesy of Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov when they climbed Shanghai Tower. This picture reminded us of the movie The Dark Knight, and I’m sure you can see why. You can barely see one of the boys casually sitting off of the edge of the skyscraper as the other climber shoots what can only be described as an epic photo. This picture is so great it almost looks fake, doesn’t it? Believe us when we tell you it most certainly isn’t fake! Crazy, yes, but fake, no. The urban climber in this shot looks a lot like Christian Bale (Batman) did back when he was in Hong Kong retrieving the Mafia’s account Mr. Lau don’t you think? Great shot boys!

7. Two’s Company, Three’s A Crowd


Two’s company, but three’s a crowd. We’ve all heard that saying before, haven’t we? After seeing Mustang Wanted and his two homies at the top of a cell phone tower you may be able to understand why that two extra bodies may be two to many. These guys just can’t get enough of urban climbing, or risking their lives, can they? Mustang Wanted in this rare photograph captures a brilliant selfie of he and his crew on what looks like an absolutely beautiful day. Well, of course, it’s beautiful, somehow the three of them managed to live through the entire climb even after catching this jaw-dropping photo for all of their fans to enjoy. These three guys are nuts!

6. The Great Pyramids In Egypt


Have you ever seen a photograph from the top of The Great Pyramids in Egypt? Don’t worry, neither have we! Well, at least not one as breathtaking as this one. This might be the most mesmerizing photograph a person will ever see of The Great Pyramids, located just outside of the Egyptian city of Cairo. Look at those city lights people! Cairo looks so beautiful from the top of the pyramids don’t you think? It had to take one hell of a long time for them to climb to the top in order to take this stunning photo. You can see the haze in the sky (most likely sand) they’re up so high up in the air past sun down outside of the mysterious city.

5. Moskovskyi “Moscow” Bridge


Free-runner, urban climber, daredevil, James Kingston is photographed here climbing the Moskovskyi “Moscow” Bridge. James lives his life on the edge as you can see by this insanely sweet photo of him peering over the edge. The “Moscow” bridge at its highest point is 390 feet off the ground. That’s a heck of a long ways up isn’t it? James risked his life to capture this beautiful picture of Kiev in a way we haven’t been able to see it before. Through the wild eyes of an urban climber he shows us that it takes some serious guts to capture some of the most awe-inspiring photos you’ll ever see. I know if I lost my balance I’d hope to hit the water off to his right side. ‘Hope’ being the operative word.

4. This Just Can’t Be Real


This attractive young woman’s name is Angela Nikolau. Evidently, walking the runway wasn’t exciting enough for the gorgeous young model, so she stepped up her game. Angela decided to do the next best thing and scale the world’s tallest structures, blowing our minds with the selfies she captures at the top. I’m not sure who her guy friend is in this photo, but he’s not short on bravery either is he? These two are flipping crazy as you can see by their selfie. Angela’s known around the globe as the Russian model who scales the world’s tallest structures to take the riskiest selfies ever! We won’t disagree with that description based on the photos she often posts to Instagram.

3. Took A Wrong Turn Somewhere


Wow, isn’t this photo that Andrej Ciesielski managed to shoot of himself peeking around the side of a skyscraper unbelievable? Some of us may call the daredevil brave while others may call his stunts stupid. No matter what you’re opinion of Andrej is it’s undeniable that the pictures he captures are simply wonderful. I wouldn’t blame you if you thought this photograph was photoshopped but it isn’t. Trust me, we looked! The young urban climber definitely has a few aces up his sleeve when it comes to shooting some of the riskiest selfies the world has ever seen. As you can see by this photo Andrej has no fear when trying to capture his death-defying stunts on film.

2. Nothing Short Of Amazing


There’s something so enchanting about this photograph that was taken at the top of one of Hong Kong’s tallest buildings. The female pictured here standing on the ledge of the skyscraper doesn’t seem to be too nervous as her male counterpart holds her hand. If it weren’t for him, who knows just how close she would have gotten to the edge. Hell, I wouldn’t even stand where he’s at let alone where she winds up when this killer photo of the two is shot for us all to enjoy. This photo of Hong Kong on a bright, sunny day couldn’t have come out any better could it? That’s why it ended up at number 2. Just wait until you see number 1.

1. You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me


You’ve got to be kidding me, right? That’s what we figured you’d say once you caught a glimpse of this daredevil selfie for the ages. Hands down the sickest photo on our list today. It would be hard to argue that every photo these urban climbers managed to get of themselves climbing buildings, cranes, skyscrapers, even The Great Pyramids, doesn’t belong at number 1. Unfortunately, all these great photos can’t win, can they? So today we decided Angela Nikolau would get her second entry in the top 5. As you can see she’s well deserving of the win, don’t you think? This urban climber won the gold star from all of us here at The Richest. Angela Nikolau tops our list of the 15 Scariest Urban Climber Photos EVER and rightfully so!,

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