15Stewardess Rides The Tail Of A Plane

The date is January 26, and the year 1972. The 22-year-old stewardess Vesna Vulovic was serving beverages and hot peanuts onboard Yugoslav Airlines DC-9 flying from Copenhagen to Belgrade when the unthinkable happened. A bomb placed in the cargo department by a Croatian separatist group exploded. The plane with 28

passengers and crew fell apart and crashed onto the mountains. Vesna was the only survivor after a horrendous 10,000-meter fall sitting on the tail of the plane! The young woman spent months in and out of hospitals; she had a fractured skull, three broken spine bones and multiple fractures on her legs. She was at risk of being paralyzed from the waist down, but a couple of operations allowed her to walk again. Vulovic made a complete recovery and became a celebrity for her miraculous survival.

The ironic thing about the story is that on that day she was not even supposed to be onboard DC-9. It was another Vesna who was assigned that shift, but Vulovic was happy for the mix-up as it was her first time flying to Denmark and she was looking forward to it.

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