15 Traumatizing Stories Of People Driven To Insanity

Some murderers and nightmarish people are corrupted right out of the gate. Other times, there are pivotal moments that turn a person into a cold-hearted killer. These are fifteen of the creepiest and most ruthless killers. Some were born that way, others’ actions seem to have been brought on because of the actions of their parents, others still have just been tormented and tortured too long and have had enough.

It’s pretty easy to write someone off as a bad person if they have been doing bad things all their lives. Would we be surprised that Jimmy turned out to be a killer if we had known that he liked to go swinging around sacks full of kittens until they were dead? No, not really, we would have been making that assumption since the day that fact was discovered. There are times, however, where the person who ended up being a criminal started off as the nicest person you could meet. Some people just can’t handle the stress of life. Some can’t handle not having money and being broke and homeless, others can’t let go of past resentments.

The scariest part about people losing it is that any one of us could be the next one to snap. You’ve seen people go crazy, you know you have to be more careful going to see a movie or see a concert. People that have been one religion all their lives can switch in a heartbeat and totally believe in something completely contradictory the next second. All it takes is for that one person, maybe the one you live with, work with, or walk next to, to decide that you are the next victim. That’s why it is so important to seek medical attention and help for mental disorders and to practice habits that focus on stress-reduction. You never know when someone is going to reach their breaking point and snap.


15 The Man With A "Murder Mobile"

William Devin Howell grew up with a difficult childhood. Having a sick mother and an alcoholic father made for an extremely poor life. So poor, that the neighborhood often came together to donate clothing and goods to the family so they would survive. Despite the misfortune, a childhood friend described Devin as a kind-hearted individual that used to do things like offer to mow other people’s lawns for free during a time where he could have really used the money. Unfortunately, after enduring misfortune after misfortune, Howell turned towards more shady endeavors which earned him the nickname “Dirty Devin.” After a slew of more minor crimes he committed to stay afloat, Devin ended up being charged with the murder of Nilsa Arizmendi. It was her body that he slept next to for two weeks, inside his van which he called his “Murder Mobile.” After telling his cellmate about his “garden” of bodies, he was named suspect in the murder of six other women. He is to be tried for the other six murders sometime in 2018.

14 The Shopkeep Killer


Salvatore Perrone reached his breaking point when his business failed and his wife and children left him. He sought out shopkeepers that were of middle-eastern descent and was able to kill three before being caught by authorities. The scariest thing about this crazy killer is that the police said he used to roam the streets of Brooklyn with a “kill kit” that he used on his victims. This horrifying “kit” contained switchblades, screwdrivers, bleach, gloves, and wire cutters, three women’s tops, and a sawed-off rifle. Later, when they investigated his home, they found a basement lair that held a sawed-off shotgun, a ton of ammo, and duct tape. Due to the overwhelming amount of evidence, it took a jury less than 30 minutes to convict him. He was sentenced to serve 75 years for his crimes.

13 The Shadow Of A Former Policeman

Mikhail Popkov was a police officer in Russia and had apparently seen too many horrors during his time in service because the retired cop committed one of the most heinous crimes. Under the pretense of picking up women and giving them a safe ride home, Mikhail would take them into the forest and torture them with knives and screwdrivers. These murder escapades often ended with the body beheaded and the corpse raped. As if that wasn’t horrific enough, this sick routine didn’t happen to just one woman, it happened to 24 women in one area alone with another 26 possible victims in areas nearby. It wasn’t until someone had the idea to test the DNA of a certain former police officer that Mikhail was brought to justice for the things he had done.

12 The Psychotic Mom


Andrea Yates was found not guilty by reason of insanity after she drowned her five children. She was diagnosed with depression as a child which didn’t get any better with her marriage or the birth of their first four children. After the birth of her fourth kid, she began a downward spiral of postpartum depression. She was warned by doctors not to have another child or there might be dire consequences, if only they had listened. However, they didn’t, and the fifth child was brought into the world. Yates lost it and spiraled out of control unlike she had ever had before. She drowned her children, all five of them. She had once said that she will have “as many children as God will allow,” but apparently having one too many means that none shall prevail. She will live out the rest of her days in a mental institution.

11 His Grandma’s Keeper

Edmund Kemper’s turning point came when he was just a teenager and he wanted to feel what it was “like to kill Grandma,” and he killed his own grandmother. After getting the taste of blood, Edmund went on to pick up six female hitchhikers in the Santa Cruz, California area over the next couple of years, brutally murdering and dismembering each one. After that, he lured his own mother to him and he beat her to death with a claw hammer. After she was dead, he decapitated her, had sex with the head and then hung it up and used it as a dartboard. When his mother was dead and gone, Kemper convinced her best friend to come over before he killed that woman as well. After his slew of murders, he turned himself into police custody. Although it was his childhood wish to be granted a death sentence, all Kemper got was life without parole.

10 The Electronics Thief


Mark Dizon ended up killing nine people that he knew, all over their personal belongings. Apparently, after murdering the victim, Mark would take the person's electronics and pawn them. He was called “obsessed” with the electronic items by law enforcement since Dizon left all other valuables on the bodies. It was a fetish that he had cultivated from a younger age. Police also suspected that Mark was trying to get ahold of the victims’ banking details and other personal information so that he could access their pensions. With all the thievery he was involved in, you would think that he would know better than to have a social media account let alone a Facebook profile with pictures of himself on it. He was positively identified by a witness who saw the profile picture he had on the account.

9 Killing A Childhood Playmate

After hearing about the rough and abuse-filled childhood Joshua Phillips had to endure, it’s not surprising that he snapped one day and from then on was a killer. He was just 15-years-old when he killed an eight-year-old little girl and hid her body under his bed. Joshua’s mother was the one to find the body after his bed appeared to be “leaking,” after peering underneath, she saw the corpse and ran outside to call police. He was arrested at school and he confessed, saying that the whole ordeal was an “accident.” According to him, they were playing and he hadn’t meant to hit her on the head with a baseball bat. When she was knocked out, he said he dragged her body into his bedroom where she began to wake up. Fearing his father’s abuse if he were to find her, he proceeded to bash her again on the head with the bat as well as stab her with a knife until she was truly dead. He is still in prison even though he consistently trying to appeal.


8 A Man Out For Revenge For His Murdered Girlfriend


Pedro Rodriguez Filho is not unfamiliar with the ways to take a life; he’s killed over 71 people. He killed his first when he was 14, but his turning point really came when he was in prison for his first murder. While he was inside, Pedro’s girlfriend was killed by local drug dealers. After his release, he went on a rampage of revenge for his dead girlfriend, killing mostly drug dealers. After killing a staggering 71 he was arrested and charged in 2003; he got 128 years. The killing certainly didn’t stop once he was back inside either, Pedro killed 47 inmates while sentenced, including his own dad who was also serving time. With these additional murders, he was given an additional 400 years.

7 The Original Skinner

Ed Gein’s moment of insanity came after his mother died, when his sick thoughts of the female body and sex occupied his mind so much he became obsessed. He had horrific ideas for experiments he wanted to conduct, he told a friend and they went out to rob a few graves of their bodies. Using middle-aged women, including his own mother, Gein made pieces, a suit, and even furniture out of the women’s skin. He became so obsessed with becoming a woman that he would drape cut out breasts over himself or cover his full body in a woman’s flesh suit he had made. He then made the jump from robbing graves to killing two women. His home was searched after he was seen leaving the scene of the crime for the last murder he committed. The amount of body parts and human skin-made objects found in his home is absolutely nightmare-worthy, which is probably how Gein helped inspire the characters Norman Bates, Leatherface, and Buffalo Bill. Gein eventually died from heart failure while confined in a mental health institute.

6 Her Ex-Husband’s New Life


Betty Broderick lost her mind and chose to commit murder after her husband left her for the receptionist he had hired. She couldn’t bear the fact that she had been the breadwinner and the caretaker of their four kids while he went through both medical and law school. After he graduated, he ended up hiring an attractive receptionist who he began to have an affair with. Liking his new life better, Betty’s then-husband divorced her and left, with the kids, to marry the receptionist. During the divorce proceedings, Betty was beginning to show her crazier side when she left hundreds of obscene voice messages on her ex’s machine. Despite multiple restraining orders and orders to stay away from the property, Betty always seemed to be able to get inside. She even drove her car through the front door while her own children were in the home. Her insanity ended when she killed the newly wed couple and was sentenced to serve a 32-year sentence.

5 The Satanic Follower

Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramírez was a Satan worshipper who plagued the Los Angeles area in the 80s. Obviously, as with all Satan worshipers, his moment of insanity came when he turned to Satan and began to follow the horrific rituals of the religion. He was nicknamed the “Night Stalker” due to the method that he stalked and killed his victims. His victims ranged from a nine-year-old girl to a middle-aged couple. After he broke into the houses of his victims, he would shoot, stab, mutilate, and rape the poor people to death. Staying true to his religion, he would often leave pentagrams on the walls near his victims. Ramirez was captured in 1985 and he served 23 years on death row. Even though many wished he had a different fate, Ricardo died from complications of lymphoma in 2013.

4 China’s Most Dangerous Man


Zhou Kehua was once known as China’s “Most Dangerous Man,” before he was killed in a police shootout. Lack of finances was the turning point for this criminal and between 2004 and 2012 he killed nine people. He would find people that had just withdrawn money from ATMs, shoot them, and steal their money to live on. He would travel from province to province committing crimes other than just murder and theft, although, the extent of his crimes will never truly be known. It wasn’t until a large-scale manhunt was sent out, along with a tip-off from an anonymous source regarding the location of his whereabouts, that he was found.

3 The Little Girl Murderer

The Little Girl Murderer wasn’t the only nickname given to Tsutomu Miyazaki; he was also referred to as The Otaku Murderer and Dracula Miyazaki. This killer’s tragic life began with his birth where he was conceived from his father and his sister. The incest left his hands deformed. His point of insanity really came, however, with the death of his grandfather, a point where he found himself so distressed that he ate some of his grandfather's ashes in order to “retain a part of him.” After this, he began abducting little girls, killing them, and then engaging in atrocious sexual activities with the remains. He also chopped the hands off several bodies as well as drank the blood of many of the corpses. After seeing what his son had become, Tsutomu’s father committed suicide and in 2008, Tsutomu Miyazaki was hung for his crimes.

2 The Not So Good Doctor


She may have only been charged with seven murders so far, but Dr. Virginia Helena Soares de Souza is suspected to be responsible for the deaths of up to 300 of her patients. Her moment of crazy came when she believed that there weren’t enough free hospital beds where she worked and she needed to change that. She even went as far as to say “I want to clear the intensive care unit. It’s making me itch.” Prosecutors suspect that she used muscle relaxants on her victims before cutting off their oxygen supply and watching them suffocate. A person would hope that even one won’t be killed but we would rather have seven murders opposed to 300. She has been officially charged with the seven although there are plenty more investigations still ongoing.

1 Bred From Birth

Adolfo Constanzo was bred to be a freak from the second a priest touched water that had boiled human bones to his lips as a baby. His mom raised him as a follower of the African-influenced religion, Palo Mayombe. As he grew older, he began worshipping Kadiempembe which was his version of the devil. Constanzo then worked in various areas across Mexico as a magician and a fortune teller. He worked with Mexican gangs and together they made many human sacrifices in the name of Constanzo's religion. They sacrificed everyone from children to rival gang members to farmers. The sacrifices were brutal and always ended in the pieces being boiled and the members passing around a goblet drinking the disgusting beverage. It wasn’t until he killed an American did he finally get taken down. The U.S. pressured the Mexican government to investigate the case of the missing student and they finally started to get some answers when a devout follower was fleeing from a routine stop right to a ranch were fifteen of the bodies were buried. Once authorities had the house where Adolfo was hiding out at surrounded, he ordered his followers to open fire on himself and his girlfriend in order to avoid arrest. He didn’t survive.

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