15 Tragic Details About Chester Bennington's Death

Linkin Park. A band that was loved by millions for so many reasons was torn apart on July 20th, 2017 when frontman Chester Bennington was sent to the next life. He was found dead in his home in Palos Verdes Estates, California. One of the household staff members was the one to find him…dead by hanging. Chester Bennington had committed suicide. There are many skeptics out there and many that see suicide as a sin. But then there are those who feel nothing but grief and are more than understanding as much as they are saddened by his death. The news broke more than just the band, but millions of hearts across the world. He spoke words and wrote lyrics that kept so many of us alive. He gave us hope and someone to relate to. All of that was taken away when he took his own life.

When a legend dies, we always have so many questions on our minds. Why? What? How? This shouldn’t be happening. And many more. Although it’s possible not all of your questions could ever be answered, here are a few answers that any Chester Bennington fan will need to hear. I hope you find hope, love, and conclusions here today. Chester was obviously a wonderful man, and deserves to have the truth told about him. He isn’t here to speak for himself anymore, so it’s up to us to let out the facts about his death that will send chills down your spine.


15 He Saw A UFO Before He Died

This may seem irrelevant, but in a video circulating the Internet shortly before Chester’s death, he mentioned that he saw a UFO for the first time. He was convinced it belonged to aliens, believe it or not. Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to believe what conspiracy theorists are telling everyone and that he was abducted and did not commit suicide, nor would I believe that the aliens urged him to commit suicide.

In fact, many believe that it's a disgrace to his legacy, to cast away his death as something caused by aliens. Sure, if you want to believe he saw a UFO, great. Chester himself believed it, but I wouldn’t connect it to his death. But to each their own, everyone has their own right to their opinion.

14 Chester Struggled With Depression


Now, I know 90% of you know this, but that 10% needs to know the most likely cause of Chester’s death. He has said before that if it wasn’t for music, he would 100% be dead. This is a spooky statement, considering in the end…it didn’t matter. Music wasn’t enough. He stated earlier this year that he still struggled, as much as his family, his wife, the band, his children, and his fans helped him. It was still hard. He asked himself questions about his existence over and over again.

He said that he should not be left alone, not to think. He said he was prone to negative, dangerous thoughts. He claimed that he was very mean to himself, and never had anything nice to say. The only thing that kept him positive was those close to him. Doing nice things for other people made everything worth it, and made his existence worth it. Now that’s some heavy stuff at the moment.

13 He Was Replying To Fans

Before Chester’s death, he was still active on social media. He was standing by his own morals and beliefs and reasons for living. One reply to a fan with his own band was especially touching. A fan told him that he was his hero and the reason he started doing music. He asked Chester to listen to his song and you know what? Chester did!

He replied with, “You have a lot of potential. Keep working in your writing skills and focus on melodies that stick. I hope that is helpful!” He didn’t give a “yeah, yeah” reply. He didn’t ignore it. He wasn’t harsh. He gave the kid exactly what he needed. And because of him, the video the kid posted has received over 25,000 views in two weeks.

12 His Family Was Everything


Anyone who has followed Chester or Talinda Bennington’s Twitter, Facebook, or have seen Linkin Park in concert, know that Chester loved his wife dearly. The two of them had three children together and Chester himself had a total of six children. Neither Chester nor his wife had anything but kind words for each other nor about each other.

If you want to see the type of relationship they had and how much Talinda meant to him, take a look at the Twitter post that Talinda tweeted just days before his death. He was in concert in front of thousands of people. Yet, he took the time to smile at her so sweetly as she stood backstage. Keep in mind this was no new relationship, they had been married for nearly twelve years.

11 Talinda Was Hacked

Speaking of Talinda, shortly after news about Chester broke out, some awful human hacked her Twitter account. The posts that this hacker left are not something that should be spoken of, in general. But the world, the few people, that actually believed that they were Talinda, need to know the truth…now! Anyone who has any common sense knows that they had a good relationship and that there are evil-hearted people out there who do this for entertainment.

You may brush this aside, but imagine, just imagine, one of your loved ones died. Then someone tried to convince 100,000 people, using your voice, that you had hated them all along, that you were glad they died. That would hurt…a lot. Thankfully, the hacker was stopped and the posts were deleted, but not before they did their damage.

10 He Died On Chris’ Birthday


Many Linkin Park fans were also fans of Soundgarden. Those people know that on May 18th, 2017, Chris Cornell of Soundgarden also hung himself. Many believe this was Chester’s inspiration. This idea was reinforced by the fact that July 20th, the day that Chester died, was Chris Cornell’s birthday. It would make sense for the tragedy to be in the forefront of Chester’s mind that day. The world could have gotten to be too much for him due to the fact that Chris would have been celebrating his birthday with Chester that day.

Chester and Chris were very close and there would have been many reasons for Chester to kill himself on Chris’ birthday. But thinking about this just makes everything that much more tragic. We will always remember 2017 as the year we lost two wonderful musicians and songwriters.

9 He Couldn’t Sing "One More Light"

Fans will know the song "One More Light." It was originally thought out as a song grieving one of their friends from the record label that had passed away. It was a song that dealt with grief. With the words “should've stayed, were there signs, I ignored? Can I help you, not to hurt, anymore? We saw brilliance, when the world, was asleep. There are things that we can have, but can't keep,” how can one not hear the emotion, not be touched? The song was dedicated to Chris Cornell when it was used as a tribute to him after his death.

Both during rehearsal and when sung in concert as a tribute to Chris, Chester just couldn’t finish the song. He became too emotional when he connected it to Chris. You can only imagine how Linkin Park feels about the song now in relation to Chester himself, the man who sung the song.


8 Chester Wrote A Letter To Chris Cornell


Just to confirm that Chester and Chris where close, and that he had every right to not finish "One More Light," take a look at this letter, the letter that Chester posted on Twitter in the wake of Chris’ death. It was just another moment these last months that sent chills down our spines. Before Chester’s death, it was deep and tear-jerking. But now…everything is on an entirely different level. You can see how much Chester loved his friend. You can see him and his wife the moment they found out that Chris had passed away.

But then, you can see what a close connection the two had, how they understood each other, how they had so many great moments together. You can see how, and why, Chester wanted to join him in the afterlife, away from this world.

7 Jared Leto Wrote Chester A Letter

Many people paid tribute to Chester, but it seems like out of everyone, Jared Leto’s came out on top. Not that each tribute was not as heartfelt, but there was something different in Leto’s, who is frontman of 30 Seconds To Mars. Linkin Park and 30 Seconds To Mars toured together in 2014 and it seems they grew closer than we realized.

In his tweet, Jared said how much Chester would be missed. He said that it was, “His laughter, intelligence, kindness and talent,” that were his best, shining qualities, along with his emotional voice when singing, and more than anything…his love. Anyone who had anything to say about Chester, said that he was one of the most loving people you’d ever meet. And that would bring a smile to Chester’s face if anything.

6 He Was Retweeting Posts About The Future


For those who believe the suicide was planned, please…it was not. Mere days before his death, he was replying to requests to change his hair. And if that isn’t enough, take a look at the retweet that literally says “can’t wait to see where this goes.” The tweet was implying that he would be around to see.

Go back even further, to June, and he was in the best mood I’ve seen in forever! He was posting multiple Tweets a day about everything, even giving positive replies to negative Tweets about French fans booing. In fact, he was full of replies to all sorts of haters, like those calling him a sellout, or those judging Linkin Park for having heavy music followed by “soft, meaningful music” playing at concerts. He blew kisses at people who flipped him off, people who ended up sending heart hands his way. The man had influence.

5 He Was Abused As A Child

Here it is, folks. Everyone wants to know what’s up with Chester’s abuse claims. It began when he was about seven years old. He told the media in 2008, “I was getting beaten up and being forced to do things I didn’t want to do. It destroyed my self-confidence.”

Many tell abuse victims that they need to speak up, but it really isn’t that simple. He explains with, “I didn’t want people to think I was gay or that I was lying. It was a horrible experience.”

Because of this abuse that lasted for six full years, Chester hated everyone, he claimed. He hated his mother for not noticing, and his father for not being around to realize the truth. He says that nearly every problem he has had as an adult stemmed from that abuse, like those feelings of abandonment he felt, the hurt the abuser caused. He begged everyone before his death to do something to put an end to sexual abuse before others end up like him.

4 He Had Gone Through Addictions


Because of this abuse, Chester began coping with the pain by turning to drugs. He did drugs for years, he admitted, “I was on 11 hits of acid a day. I dropped so much acid I’m surprised I can still speak! I’d smoke a bunch of crack, do a bit of meth and just sit there and freak out.” He said he weighed 110 lbs at the time, and refused to see he had a problem.

It wasn’t until 2006 that the guys of Linkin Park did an intervention that he realized the truth. He needed help. Although he had his ups and downs, it is believed, aside from alcohol abuse, he was clean at his time of death. This type of abuse is another Chester warned against.

3 Sales Grew Over 7,000%

Although this number is rising and falling, at its peak, the sales for Linkin Park albums had grown 7,000%. The day before Chester’s death, they sold less than 1000 albums. The day of his death, they sold over 20,000. If you include downloads and such, they sold over 100,000 that day. Since then, sales have only been rising.

On top of that, their new hit "One More Light" reached the Billboard 200, and it is believed that two more songs will hit the charts by the end of the month. This truly saddens me, that no one can appreciate the music, the legends, until they are gone. Truthfully, appreciate them, listen to them while they are here, alive, making music. Support them while they are here, let them know you care.

2 Linkin Park Started A Suicide Prevention Page


Since we all know the cause of Chester’s death, we are all (or most of us) faced with the reality of suicide. It is used as a tribute to Chester and as a hotline and connection center for those who are having suicidal thoughts. Anyone who needs someone to talk to, please visit the site. It has suicide prevention information and phone numbers for the US services Suicide Prevention Lifeline and Crisis Text Line. It also has posts that mention Chester on social media that may brighten your day and help you in your journey.

The suicide rate these days is higher than ever and attention needs to be paid. Sure, those asking for attention may flirt with suicide and it is a disgrace to those with real threats in their minds, but that doesn’t mean that there are real suicide victims out there that need sites like these, that need friends like you.

1 Words From Linkin Park Will Have You In Tears

For a few days, Linkin Park kept fairly quiet. But on July 24th, four days after Chester’s death, they finally spoke. And they really spoke. They posted a tribute on Facebook that mentioned the suicide prevention site. They spoke of their broken hearts and, “The shockwaves of grief and denial are still sweeping through our family as we come to grips with what has happened.”

They let us all know that our suspicions that Chester touched so many, including us, and his friends of Linkin Park, were confirmed. They spoke on Talinda’s behalf, who is too heartbroken to speak for herself. They let us know that she is grieving and her and her children will never be the same without Chester. They spoke of Chester’s large heart and his ability to wear his heart on his sleeve, the makings of an amazing songwriter.

They then finished off the letter with, “Our love for making and performing music is inextinguishable. While we don’t know what path our future may take, we know that each of our lives was made better by you. Thank you for that gift. We love you, and miss you so much. Until we see you again."

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