15 Tinder Profiles That Are Disturbing AF

When it comes to online dating, there are multiple options out there if you're feeling lonely. Personally, we have a hard time understanding it because it can be hard at times to sift through the weirdos and freaks in order to connect with a genuinely nice person. Even if you're only on there looking for a hookup, you can run into some pretty strange things.

We generally avoid online dating because, at times, it can get pretty creepy, though the lure is there because although it's a creepy way to meet someone, it can also be very funny, too. Are the people who claim to still be single the same ones who avoid online dating sites? Are we all to blame for it?

Many people believe that Tinder is the place to be, that we've finally gotten the online dating app that supersedes all the others. Of course, as soon as you get onto Tinder, you start to realize that there are just as many crazies on Tinder as anywhere else online.

When it comes to creating profiles on Tinder, it appears as if people will stop at nothing to get attention. Maybe they think they're just setting themselves apart from others, but in the end, they just end up looking like loons. If you haven’t seen anything weird while you've been swiping, then you're sure to love these photos. Here are some of the most disturbing swipes we've ever seen.


15 The Baby Maker

14 The Bubble Bath Photo


There are some pretty amazing photos of people in bubble baths that can certainly draw the eye. But this isn't one of them. There's nothing worse than seeing a chubby guy in the tub with “barely there” bubbles, pouring himself a beer in a wine glass. He definitely is out to seek some attention, and he probably got what he was looking for. Brosquito here is giving us all the eye, trying to strike his most seductive pose. If we're to believe his caption that he's “everything a mother would want her daughter to date,” then moms all over the world need to be slapped. This isn’t exactly the kind of guy that you rush to show off to your friends and family; he looks like the kind of guy that would get arrested for public nudity. The fact that he states that he's only 29 is also a whole other conversation we aren’t going to bother having.

13 Feminist Asses

So, here we have a girl, Emma, posing in front of three other girl’s a$$es. Not only is it a bizarre photo, but she also took out all the sexiness the moment she used the word feminism. The last thing a guy wants to discuss on Tinder, aside from babies, is the “feminist agenda.” These women have to be out of their minds, and Emma’s smile is only a little creepy. The only good thing about the picture is all the extra bums that we get to see. We’re thinking poor Emma didn’t get many swipes to the right on this picture because there was nothing appealing in the picture (except extra bums), and her caption left something to be desired. C’mon ladies... whether you’re trying to get a guy’s or a girl's attention, discussing feminism is not a first date conversation, and it’s probably not even a consideration for just a hookup.

12 Girls Who Like B-holes


There’s always that contrast to a cute girl who has some filth to her that can be appealing at times, but we’re just not sure that this is one of them. Jenna here is cute as a button, and she has a really nice picture on Tinder, actually. But then, you scroll down to her caption, and you have to do a double take. Only a few things come to mind when you see a caption that reads, “Finger poppin b-holes is what I do best. I’ll suck a fart out of your a$$ like it’s my last cigarette baby,” and none of them are pretty. It’s clear what this girl is looking for, and it’s not a relationship of any sort. It’s pretty ballsy though to put your fetishes out there for the world to see, and unfortunately (or fortunately for her), she’s going to get all the freaks of the world swiping her right.

11 The E.T. Lover

What about this picture is wrong? It’s hard to pinpoint it, really. Could it be the giant E.T standing behind the guy in a loving embrace? Yes, that could definitely be an issue here. In what universe did this guy think that he would get anything good coming from a photo like this? Although he states that he's 22, he looks more like he's 12 and with the same mentality. We all have our favorite characters from our youth, but we rarely display them for all the world to see on our Tinder profiles. His caption states, “E.T is love. E.T is life.” Although he's a designer and cartoonist, it’s much easier to assume he just has to be out of his mind. Right? The photo is disturbing not because it looks like a relationship photo with an extra-terrestrial but because it's a photo of an extraterrestrial.

10 Swallowing a Tampon


There's actually no good reason for this photo to exist ever… seriously... never. It makes us assume that she has to be out of her mind, deranged, mentally unstable… like really... the list just goes on and on. We understand that some people find these things humorous and that they want to stand out in a crowd of thousands, but c'mon... what did she really think when she posed for this picture? It just adds mental images that both guys and girls will just shudder at. Not only is she putting it out there that she has a “mom bod,” which not surprisingly enough, is always worse than the “dad bod,” but she's putting her wedding song out there as well. We would say that this photo is a little creative if we weren’t completely repulsed by it. Good luck out there, Amber. You’re going to need it.

9 The Screamer

Yes, this picture might take the cake completely. How shocked would you be to just randomly come across this picture? Maybe "shocked" is the wrong word here... terrified? Yes, "terrified" is a better word. So, would you swipe right? What Natalie probably doesn’t understand about her profile picture is that usually, when you’re on Tinder, you don’t expect to come across a picture of a woman who looks like she's about to be murdered. It’s a disturbing picture, and the fact that it was chosen purposely tells us all we need to know about Natalie. Her caption is hilarious, though it says nothing about the picture, but it also gives a peek into the world of a crazy person. “Please send pictures thank you and my body is ready…Ready to party.” Why wouldn’t you swipe right? Unless, of course, you don’t want to end up in a freezer -- or worse, as an outfit she's designed from your skin.


8 She Loves Pringles


Sometimes, we come across photos that are intriguing, and then, we read the caption. It’s like ending up on a first date with a hot guy, and then, he opens his mouth, and you regret the date entirely. This is one profile that's going to make you think, WTF! Here we have a beautiful girl who's sexy and has some pretty nice cleavage. Let’s hope these men aren’t swiping right before they read her caption because this girl is a freak. “I can fit 34 Pringles up my v@gina.” But hey, maybe that’s what you’re into. Some guys like their girls freaky, but this is the kind of thing that you usually see late at night at a strip joint. In what world, would this girl think that this was appealing? But again, there are some guys out there who would be intrigued by this and may want a personal viewing. It’s pretty common knowledge, though, that you shouldn’t be putting food inside your body through any other orifice except your mouth.

7 Crying Her Eyes Out

When we go onto Tinder, we expect to see girls with smiling faces or sexy little pouts. The last thing that we expect to see is a profile picture of a girl crying and in obvious distress. The disturbing thing about the photo is the fact that the girl is crying and that she chose the picture as her profile picture on a dating app. This isn’t Facebook where you can just post random pictures of things going on in your life. It’s a dating app where people look for hookups or, oftentimes, even a date. So, it’s beyond inappropriate for someone to use that kind of a photo for a dating app. It seems more likely that Sam was just trying to get some attention and just chose the wrong place to get it. Sorry, Sam... you're unlikely to get any good swipes with a weird picture like that.

6 He’s a Bucket of Chicken


Well, at least we know he has nice arms. Again, a user forgets what Tinder is all about. We kind of want to see the whole package there, Brosef, not just those sexy arms you posted. A bucket of chicken? Not the best way to go when you're trying to get a girl's interest. And given, there are certainly girls out there who have a sense of humor and might find this funny, but they’ll still swipe left and move on with their lives. It’s obviously a picture where the user doesn’t expect to be taken seriously. What’s worse is that he used the "C" word in his caption, and that’s about as classless as it comes when you're on a dating app. The girls who would be interested in this profile aren't going to be worth much either. It’s another case of a guy thinking he can say or do whatever and that the girls will still come running.

5 Banana Boy

We wish that this was a sexy bathroom shot, but unfortunately, it looks like a guy in a banana suit eating… a banana. The weird thing about the picture is that although the name states Kenny, it really looks like this banana could be a woman. So, overall there's just plenty wrong with this photo. It’s possible that this girl is attempting to look seductive in the banana suit and that she just has a fake name, or maybe it’s just a feminine-looking guy looking seductive in the banana suit. We don’t care what it is... just please take down this weird photo immediately because it's already been burned into our brains forever. There are only so many images you want of a girl in the bathroom, and this is not one of them. What kind of message is this person trying to put out there? Is she associating bananas to guys' junk? Kenny, whoever you are, just stop it.

4 Sl---y Mothers


There's so much wrong with this photo that it’s hard to pinpoint just one thing. We just hope the children never run across this slutty ad posted by their mother. It’s obvious that mom here is just looking for random hookups, and she’s not shy about saying so. She mentions that she has daddy issues and no gag reflex, and that’s all we need to know about this mother. This Toronto mom is showing off more than her a$$; she’s showing off the lack of class she has, and hopefully, she didn’t pass that down to her children. She might consider the fact that her son could be on Tinder and could run into this trashy picture and even trashier caption. Kayla, you don’t need to tell us that you don’t want anything serious; you’ve made that pretty obvious. Great example, mom.

3 Crazy Therapist

Isn’t there a saying out there about how therapists are usually crazier than their patients? In this case, that saying may be true. This whacked-out woman has no idea how much crazy she let out with this photo. Instead of posting a photo of herself, she decided to post one of Polly instead, and it’s disturbing, to say the least. We get it... some professionals don’t want to post their actual pictures online because they don’t want to be recognized, but usually, they don’t post these weird images. As if that isn’t bad enough, the caption reads, “Just looking for someone to open my seams.” We saw a window into the dark soul that posted this weird photo, and if you know better, you won’t even attempt to open this crazy woman's seams. You might not make it out alive.

2 The Blood of Babies


What would a woman need to say on her profile to make you swipe right? We can’t really see her face in the image to know if she’s a barking car chaser, so she knows she has to try to intrigue her suitors. There's nothing worse than seeing a chick on a toilet -- that is, until she starts talking about bathing in the blood of babies. There's a lot going on with this photo that's truly weird and disturbing. We’re not sure what message this girl was trying to send as she sat on the toilet with a cigarette in her mouth and holding a gun. She’s 24 years old and looks pretty rugged, so we’re not sure the virgin blood is really working for her at all. But we all know that there are more than enough freaks out there who would jump at the chance to get on this crazy train.

1 The Serial Killer

If you want people to think you’re crazy, then this is the way to go. There's nothing women want to see more on a profile than blood and possible body parts. This wacko thought it was a good idea to make a bloody pose with a bagged Barbie doll and then probably sat there and waited for all the messages to come in. You have to be truly twisted to think that anyone would think this was cool enough to swipe to the right. If anything, he probably got massive blocks to his account. We don’t know where he was going with this photo, but he should be on the FBI’s most watched list because he probably has a few bodies in his basement. It’s likely that he uses his Tinder account to get victims, not dates. Gabrio is a young man with a lot of problems.

Source: Reddit


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