15 Times Real Ghosts Were Captured On Camera

Do you believe in ghosts? Yes? No? Maybe? If you believe in ghosts, then you may get chills down the spine just by looking at these pics. If you don’t, then you may call these fake. You may credit some Photoshoppers for creating these edited images. However, there is a large number of people who belong to the “maybe” category. They may not have thought much of the existence of ghosts in real life, but they do believe that it is possible for ghosts to exist. These photos might push them closer to being one of the believers. The believers always ask a number of questions to the nonbelievers—if there are no ghosts, why do we get scared of them? Why do we get that eerie feeling by going to certain places? Why do we suddenly feel some supernatural existence in a dark corner when we cannot explain why we feel so? These questions are not easy to understand. What we can do is to simply be curious about the things we don’t understand. We can keep our minds open about the possibilities of things that cannot be explained by logic. There are things that science cannot decode. Those who believe in ghosts also wonder why people don’t believe in ghosts when they believe in God. Our effort here is to place one mysterious photo after another. Real ghosts are believed to have been captured in these photos. Whether these are real or not, we leave it to our readers to decide that.

14 Cafe Ghost In Perth

Dan Clifford, the owner of Curiositeaz Vintage Tea Room, was shocked to find a shadowy female figure moving around the closed cafe. The 35-year-old owner from Perth, Australia saw this in the CCTV footage. And then, the shadowy figure disappeared just like that. According to Clifford, who believes in ghosts, specialists checked the footage and found the evidence strong enough to believe that the ghost was real. At first, Clifford thought it was an intruder. However, when he looked closely, he found that it was translucent. He could see right through it. Then, he saw the figure disappear into thin air. The camera that captured the apparition had motion sensors, that’s why it could capture it in the middle of the night. The owner also said that his employees were experiencing odd things before the camera captured the ghostly figure. Some of them were hearing voices, while some others saw chairs moving. Some employees felt the presence of a woman as well.

13 Corroboree Rock Ghost

This ghost was captured on camera in Corroboree Rock, Australia by Adelaide Presbyterian minister R.S. Blance. The minister apparently took the photo of an empty scene. But, when the photo was developed, the ghostly apparition was clearly visible. The figure in this image is differently interpreted by different people. While some believe the figure looks like an ancient Latin American priest, others believe it is a woman in her night dress. Some believe that the figure is holding a pair of binoculars, while some believe it is a camera. The figure in the photo is often referred as “The Watcher.” There are different views about the year it was taken. Some believe it was 1956 while some believe it to be in 1959. The photo was taken close to the Corroboree Rock. The Arrernte Aboriginal people consider the area around the rock dangerous for children and women. They also believe it is a bad omen to climb the rock.

12 Newby Monk

The image happens to be one of the most renowned ghost pictures ever taken. Reverend K. F. Lord captured this image at Newby Church in North Yorkshire in 1963. Experts have gone through minute testing as some claim this to be fake. Interestingly, unlike what the nonbelievers claim, there is no double exposure involved in the photo. The image is extremely controversial. The figure in the photo is believed to be nine feet tall. No monk that tall was ever present at the church. However, the feet of the figure are not visible in the photo. It was possible that it could be standing on something. So, the actual height of the figure is unknown. The figure in the photo is called the Newby Monk or the Spectre of Newby Church. According to some, the ghost in the picture might be of a 16th-century monk, whose appearance was similar to this.

11 The Photobomber

This is one of the eeriest photos that have captured the clear face of a ghost. Ghosts are known for doing photobombs on various occasions. Harry Dack captured this photo in 1967 in the backyard of his Carlin How house in North Yorkshire. In this photo, Harry captured his grandson who is posing with his pet dog. The mysterious lady on his left looks scary without a doubt. She is looking at Dack’s grandson, Neil, and his pet, Kelly. Dogs are known for their abilities to identify ghosts and barking at them. However, in this photo, the Jack Russel pet is looking the other way. It is not clear if the dog is looking away because it is scared. The young man, on the other hand, seems quite happy to pose for the camera. He apparently does not have any idea about the presence of anybody around him. The identity of this ghostly lady remains unknown.

10 YouTube Ghost

This ghost was apparently captured in a video that has been uploaded on YouTube. This paranormal expert went to a haunted house for investigation. The house is apparently famous in the locality for being haunted. The expert called it one of the most horrible experiences in his career as a paranormal investigator. When he reached the house, he felt that there was something wrong. He heard a creepy sound, but there was nothing around. When he followed the sound with a camera, this creepy video was recorded. The expert felt that something was running around the house, as the sound was coming close and then going away. Suddenly, the sound stopped, and the expert started hearing it from the bedroom. The camera captured smoke-like particles. But later, it was found that it was actually a ghost that was moving so fast that it looked like smoke. We leave it to you to decide whether it’s real or not.

9 The Unwanted Guest

In 1988, this group photo was taken with a Canon film camera at the Hotel Vierjahreszeiten, where a group of friends went on a vacation. Mr. Todd was one of the people who came together for the farewell dinner at the hotel in Maurach, Austria. He set the self-timer and took the photo. On the first attempt, the photo was captured, but the flash did not work. So, Mr. Todd tried it for the second time. The flash worked this time, and everyone was happy. When the film was developed, the first photo with no flash turned out to be creepy enough to scare people. A woman, with a figure larger than others, is also in the group. The photograph was tested by the Society for Psychical Research, the photographic department of Leicester University and the Royal Photographic Society. None of them found any trick involved with the photograph. The woman was not present when the photograph was taken.

8 Haunted Railroad Crossing

This railroad crossing in San Antonio, Texas is infamous for an accident that killed a number of school children. It is believed that the ghosts of those dead children are still there. They apparently push parked cars toward the rail tracks. There was a horror film called Fingerprints, which was based on this urban legend. When a San Antonio police officer researched the accident that was believed to have killed the children, he found no record at all. Some even claim that it is an optical illusion. When Andy and Debi Chesney’s daughter went to the crossing with some of her friends, she took some photos. The photo had a translucent figure, and she had no idea who that was. According to the parents, it looked like a little girl holding a teddy bear.

7 The Keys Restaurant Ghost

This is another restaurant where a ghost was captured live on CCTV. The Keys is a restaurant in West Yorkshire. The creepy footage captured a ghostly figure moving around the restaurant. When the camera with a motion sensor captured something moving inside the empty restaurant, manager Paul Wood received a message on his mobile. As the alarm went off, he panicked because he thought it was an intruder. However, when he checked the footage, he found a bright ghostly figure captured on camera. When something sets off the camera while the restaurant is closed, the manager gets the snapshot on his mobile. He can watch the intruder’s actions while sitting at home and call the police. Wood had a heart problem, which was why it was even more terrifying for him. He tested the camera and found that it was working well. By the way, the restaurant floor is made of gravestones, as it is based in a crypt.

6 Train Ghost

Micky Vermooch, a paranormal investigator, captured this image on a train which was used in the Harry Potter movies. The 63-year-old was sure that no little girl was present in the carriage when he took the photo. The photo, captured by a regular mobile phone, is definitely creepy enough. According to Vermooch, it was unbelievable to have the little girl captured on camera, as he did not see any child on that train at all. The girl in a white top and a blue skirt looks right at the camera, even though her face is not that recognizable. While others were captured fine, the little girl is much more overexposed compared to others. Nobody is looking at her. It is difficult to tell if anybody was aware of her existence. When a professional photographer checked the image, he was shocked. According to him, the light around the girl was like a hologram.

5 Posing For Camera

This photograph was taken with a Nokia 7250 in Manila, Philippines. No higher image quality is available, apparently because it is taken with an older smartphone. This image became an Internet sensation as soon as it was released in the early 2000’s. These two girls apparently asked a stranger to take the photo. They did not have any clue that there was a third person with them when the photograph was taken. It was only after they saw the image that they came to know about the ghostly apparition. Many have raised questions about the authenticity of this photo. But, every photo that claims to capture a ghost is questioned by nonbelievers. The photo is extremely scary because of the way the ghost is holding the girl’s arm. The ghost stayed with the girl for a while before/after the photograph was taken. While the face of the figure is not clear, it looks a bit like a human skull.

4 Lady At Window

This 2009 photo was captured in Tremont, Cleveland. Some people were working at the construction site. When this photo was captured, they were working on a roof. The photo was captured by one of the people working at the site. In this image, an old lady is captured as she is standing at the window. The lady, who looks to be old and feeble, is dressed in white. It is believed that the house was bought by some other people, who hired the construction workers to work on the building. While the lady standing at the window seems to be quite a normal thing, here is a chilling fact. The lady used to live in that house. And (hold your breath), she had passed away three months before the image was captured by the construction worker. The house was totally empty when the construction workers were working. They were sure that nobody was there when the picture was taken.

3 The Brown Lady Of Raynham Hall

This happens to be one of the earliest photos that claim to have captured a ghost. It is also considered to be one of the most authentic captures of a ghost. Two “Country Life” magazine photographers captured this at Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England in 1936. It is believed that Raynham Hall has been haunted since 1726, when Lady Dorothy Townshend passed away. She was called the “Brown Lady of Raynham Hall.” The lady got that name for the brown brocade dress she used to wear. Over the years, many claimed to have seen the ghost of the lady at Raynham Hall. The photographers saw the ghostly figure on the stairs and managed to take its photo.

2 Samurai Soldier

The ghost of a samurai soldier is believed to have been captured in this image, which was taken along the Zushi beach in Kanagawa, Japan. The place where the photo was taken was apparently quite close to tombs of dead soldiers who fought in the battle. The photo was taken with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. The family from Canada was on a holiday when this little girl posed for the pic. One of the family’s friends shared the image on Reddit, after the father who took the picture was disturbed by the apparent photobomb. The friend claimed that it was not possible for the photo to be Photoshopped, as he trusted his friend. Nobody was around when the photo was taken. It was one of the five photos taken within two minutes. It was one of the Reddit users who suggested that it looked like the feet of a Samurai soldier.

The Dying Man

The authenticity of this photo is doubted by nonbelievers. But, simply because this photo was taken just before this man passed away, this makes this an extremely creepy picture. There are three orbs that appear in this photo. While some believe that these are merely fingerprint smudges on the film, some others believe that there is something extremely mysterious about this photograph. The man in the photo looks extremely sick, if not dead already. There is something totally spooky about this photograph that does not allow us to dismiss it as fake. There are many other pictures and video clips online that claim to capture the soul leaving the body during death. Many experts claim that ghosts do not necessarily come in human form all the time. They can be formless and floating like smoke. This image of a dying man with the three mysterious orbs is going to remain mysterious no matter how many people question its authenticity.

1 The Lover

It was August 17, 1997 when Denise Russell captured the photo of her grandmother. The grandma had a long life as she died at 94. By that time, the woman became physically weak. Her brain was not working properly. She was moved to an assisted living home so that she could spend the rest of her life in safety. The home organized a picnic for the residents as well as their families. People took photographs in a regular way. However, when this photo was taken, it shocked everyone. Behind the old woman, there is a man who is clearly visible. That man is the grandfather of the person who took this photo. The shocking part about this photo is that, while the photograph was taken in 1997, the grandfather had passed away 13 years before in 1984. This photo immortalizes the ghost’s love.

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