14Cafe Ghost In Perth

Via: dailyrecord.co.uk

Dan Clifford, the owner of Curiositeaz Vintage Tea Room, was shocked to find a shadowy female figure moving around the closed cafe. The 35-year-old owner from Perth, Australia saw this in the CCTV footage. And then, the shadowy figure disappeared just like that. According to Clifford, who believes in ghosts,

specialists checked the footage and found the evidence strong enough to believe that the ghost was real. At first, Clifford thought it was an intruder. However, when he looked closely, he found that it was translucent. He could see right through it. Then, he saw the figure disappear into thin air. The camera that captured the apparition had motion sensors, that’s why it could capture it in the middle of the night. The owner also said that his employees were experiencing odd things before the camera captured the ghostly figure. Some of them were hearing voices, while some others saw chairs moving. Some employees felt the presence of a woman as well.

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