13Corroboree Rock Ghost

This ghost was captured on camera in Corroboree Rock, Australia by Adelaide Presbyterian minister R.S. Blance. The minister apparently took the photo of an empty scene. But, when the photo was developed, the ghostly apparition was clearly visible. The figure in this image is differently interpreted by different people. While

some believe the figure looks like an ancient Latin American priest, others believe it is a woman in her night dress. Some believe that the figure is holding a pair of binoculars, while some believe it is a camera. The figure in the photo is often referred as “The Watcher.” There are different views about the year it was taken. Some believe it was 1956 while some believe it to be in 1959. The photo was taken close to the Corroboree Rock. The Arrernte Aboriginal people consider the area around the rock dangerous for children and women. They also believe it is a bad omen to climb the rock.

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