15 Times Police Officers Were Despicable On The Job

Sadly, it's no surprise that we live in a world where hatred exists. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in today. With leaked photographs, audio/voice and film recordings to even social media posts, it is difficult to hide such cases. Racism. Sexism. Assault. Overall, disrespect towards one another. It is difficult for secrets to remain secrets, which has only been proven with what we continuously see on the news from politics, entertainment, and breaking news stories. Not to mention this previous presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. The world will never forget what happened between those two individuals… seriously, it's one of the worst debates in history. But it is also no surprise, because nowadays, the public eye does love a “show” with social media postings only escalating to its peak. However, there comes a time when something does become too much. Especially if people of a “higher ranking” misbehave.

Over the years, police officers have developed a more notorious reputation within society. After all, it was N.W.A. who had once stated, “F*** the police,” after being mistreated by police officers. Before that, the world had also witnessed a group of police officers ganging up on a taxi driver, after pulling him over on the freeway while other cops stood by and watched what would later be the start of the L.A. Riots. The taxi driver was none other than Rodney King. With fewer actions, there are fewer resolutions, limiting the people’s rights to truly take a stand for what they believe in when, yes, people working for the city, state, and country do misuse their authority. Unfortunately, we often see this with a majority of police officers, which serves as a major cause for protests and riots as we have seen in most recent breaking news. Here are 15 "officers of the law" that did the opposite of what they're supposed to do.

15 Homeless Woman With One Giant Parking Ticket


In 2007, a woman received a parking ticket of $151 that would soon increase to $1000, after failing to appear in court multiple times. Between 2007-2014, she was arrested twice and spent a night in jail once before receiving bail. However, it was her second arrest that stirred confusion because, after all, the court had records that she had already made payments of $25 and $50 towards the parking ticket. She had received approval from the court to make small payments for her increasing parking ticket. However, someone in the system had overlooked it. Today, she is jail-free and continuing to make small payments to pay off the owed $541 dollars. What do you think of her story?

14 What Any Boyfriend Would Do

The Independent

Just a few miles out of Ferguson, Missouri, a car accident left a twenty-something-year-old woman immobilized in the driver’s seat, while the car leaked gasoline. Her boyfriend of more than ten years, riding shotgun during the accident which was only left with minor injuries, ran to some nearby locals to warn them to send help. He returned immediately to the car to rescue his girlfriend. Only, he was soon greeted with a warning and then held at gunpoint once a group of Ferguson police officers had arrived at the scene. Once, the boyfriend had explained who he was, believing they would ease up on him, the group of officers kept him aside. He was refused to ride with his girlfriend to the hospital. Although both had survived the tragic accident that had flipped their car over, they were one of the many residents of Ferguson to file a complaint against the police.

13 Chokehold On Cam

On February 3rd, 2013, Maylene Maldonado, was given a warning that if she did not cooperate, she would be 'punished'. Maldonado had been complaining that her lip was bleeding after an officer had shoved her into a wall, hitting her head against the tile. In the now infamous video, Maldonado was caught on camera, yelling at the Massachusetts police officers to loosen up her lip bar due to her injury. However, only seconds later, she is put into a chokehold by Sergeant Mike Major. Maldonado then changes her mind from not wanting a lawyer to now insisting on legal representation. Sergeant Mike Major was found innocent until his colleague, Deputy William Jebb, sent the now infamous tape to city hall. Major was later found guilty of assault and battery against Maldonado and was forced into retirement. Jebb is now the Chief of Police in Chicopee. Maldonado filed a $1 million lawsuit against the city of Chicopee and the eight police officers, including Major, who had assaulted her or stood by and did nothing. Chicopee is apparently known for local police officers always covering up each other's "acts."

12 No Crime Scene Here, Just A Hotbox

Sterile Pros

Have you ever seen those scenes in movies where you think, “Now that could NEVER happen in real life?!” Never underestimate the power of movies perhaps exposing the truth, rather than making up some weird or twisted scenario because ninety-nine percent of the time… it must cross your mind that they had to get that story from somewhere. This may be the case for a small Kansas town after two residents came across what they had least expected on their night walk. The tail of the classic “Crime Scene” yellow tape was seen sticking out from the trunk of a police cruiser. The windows were fogged up. The local officer was caught hotboxing his own cruiser while still on the clock. It was like a scene straight out of a Harold and Kumar movie.

11 Unfaithful Judge


Oh… the state of Ferguson. After a few City Council members had petitioned that a local judge was one of the worst out there, rumors spread and citizens could not help but search for the answers themselves. The number one complaint was that the judge would never listen or do anything. So, how was it possible for this to carry on for so long? After rumors spread and ended up being true, court records had indicated that the judge never reviewed reports or criminal history of defendants. His reason for not “listening” to certain testimonies during a hearing was that the city had no money. Whatever that means. It is amazing that there are even records that indicate the court’s knowledge of this judge’s actions; however, nobody took action. That was until 2012 when an anonymous Ferguson city councilman wrote a letter to his fellow colleagues. Together, they got justice on the useless judge.

10 New Yorker Dies From A Chokehold

This Staten Island father of six and first-time grandfather had done a good deed. After a fight broke out, Eric Garner took action and stopped the fight before anything progressed further between the men. However, his own life was tragically taken once two police officers had spotted the fight and directly confronted Garner. In fact, Garner was being interrogated for selling untaxed cigarettes. Whether Garner was selling or not, it is a painful video to watch as Garner pleads for his life and claims that he cannot breathe as he is being held down to the ground. By the time paramedics had arrived to the scene, Garner had already passed.

9 Racist Emails


After a series of emails between city officials were released to the public, multiple of protests had begun against the city of Ferguson. Most of the emails were sent during working hours amongst several police officers and court supervisors, including commanders and other higher job rankings. It was both shocking and appalling, but at the same time, the emails could truly be the answer to the continuous police complaints against Ferguson authorities. Some emails mocked Barack Obama for not making a “good president” because of his ethnicity. Others had implicated racism against different ethnicities, poking fun at the typical stereotypes that we, unfortunately, continue to see in today’s world as well.

8 Ninety-Three Milwaukee Police Officers

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

In 2011, Milwaukee made headline news after reports were released that 93 police officers from that state had been caught breaking the law while on the job within the year. From an ordinary officer to the captain himself, the criminal acts involving these officers have ranged from sexual assault, domestic violence, and drunk driving. What is even scarier is the lack of action that is still not being taken on them. It has been reported that only eight officers out of the 93 were charged for their crimes. This does not include Officers Reginald Hampton or Mark Kapusta, who were accused of some of the worst crimes; Hampton for sexual assault and Kapusta was for holding a woman at gun point during drunken road-rage.

7 The Other Man

Davis Vanguard

A man goes on about his day. He encounters a police officer who has just started his shift. Minutes later, the man is pursued and arrested. The cause? According to the officer, the man had refused arrest, therefore, he was “forced” to take the man to jail and hold him for twenty-four hours. This is no surprise, considering anyone who disobeys the law would face a consequence. But what happens when the citizen actually had the right to put his hands in the air, especially when he had committed no crime? Luckily, there were enough witnesses to back up the man and his claim that he did nothing wrong and the officer had selected him randomly and made false accusations of him refusing arrest. Although the man was not charged with anything, the arrest did cause him to lose his job.

6 Ferguson Police


The Ferguson police has built a reputation for its unsafe and, to many, untrustworthy department. Some have built cases that the racism and violence was taken too far by the death of Michael Brown, while others oppose it. Other complaints have involved the Ferguson police failing to document arrests (which could explain the case with the lady and her increasing parking ticket). With so many protests and riots breaking out, it is time to start listening to the people and do something about police departments that have had one too many complaints and lawsuits.

5 Punched During An Arrest

Cindie Hahn was leaving the store with her children when her car alarm randomly went off, which caught the attention of nearby officer, Kenyatte Valentine. She had confronted him asking what he was doing, and all he did was curse her. When she got in her car to leave, barely having moved, Valentine pulled her over for a seatbelt violation, which he never filed. He then asked her to get out of her car. Once she did, he threw her down and called for back-up. As soon as back-up arrived, the officer started punching her, forcing Hahn’s children to watch her getting beaten and screaming for help. Hahn suffered major injuries, including a concussion. She was charged for resisting arrest and attacking the officer. Charges they dropped as soon as they dropped as soon as this video surfaced. She is currently awaiting her court date after filing a lawsuit against the city of Carlsbad. As for the city… they have no comment.

4 Non-Smokers

Fox 61

In Kansas City, a police officer spotted a group of twenty-something-year-olds in a parked car, which raised his suspicion. He approached the car, only he found five guys doing nothing but listening to some tunes and smoking cigarettes. However, it was later reported that the police officer made some racial comments to the group of guys before charging them with the possession of marijuana. The group of guys were released and not charged (sounds like a similar story we've seen), and the officer later confessed that there were never any illegal substances. The officer was asked to turn in his badge and gun immediately.

3 Canine Attack

Green Bay Police Department

In November 2013, a Ferguson police officer had released the department’s dog to go after a fleeing suspect after running his name for warrants. The giveaway— the man turned the other way after seeing the officer just minutes before making a run for it. Makes sense for the officer to release a canine? Yeah, if the suspect made further life-threatening comments and/or actions. Except the suspect never did and wasn't armed with any weapons. The dog bit both of the man’s arms and when the police supervisor found out that the canine was released after the suspect was searched and found unarmed, the officer in question was suspended.

2 But It Was a Diabetic Seizure

Corso Law Group

In 2011, a Ferguson police officer was arrested after he had tasered a man who bit an EMT’s hand (it wasn't a bad bite, though, he didn't even break the skin). Reports had shown that the man was having a diabetic seizure prior to being tasered by the officer. Status remains unknown if the officer was ever arrested, but it is no shocker if he was; or at least, we hope he was. Who tasers a man for going into a diabetic seizure? Since then, more and more cases of poor judgment and abuse of power have occurred between the Ferguson police department and its residents; including one of the most notorious events, the recent Michael Brown shooting.

1 Rodney King


Although the Rodney King story happened back in 1991, it continues to be one of the most horrifying cases of police brutality to be captured on video. The most significant element of this case is the impact that the Rodney King story had on the world. Once this started the Los Angeles Riots, it appeared that many people believed it would put a complete stop to police brutality. Although it was an unsettling after-effect, it did force the city, state, and country to look further into who exactly is doing what and whether people in positions of authority are respecting their power. Unfortunately, it seems it takes such sad stories as the ones we've seen for people to step up and speak (and act) against such misconduct.

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