15 Times People Discovered Creepy Found Footage

Just the sound of the words “found footage” gives you some creepy images in your head. The idea that something happened to the person from whom the footage originated is quite scary. Sometimes, there’s a perfectly good reason for finding the footage, like it was in the attic of an old house that you purchased. Other times, however, the footage is found in a car with two dead children in it. The answer to their deaths is found on that tape. It sounds like a horror movie, right? Wrong. These are true-to-life stories about people who found videotapes or webcam images that just make absolutely no sense.

Webcams are weird devices because, normally, you would think they're non-threatening until you find out that people can watch what you're doing while you're unaware of it. They're also a great way to document things going on in your home when you aren’t there. Sometimes, webcams catch some pretty crazy things, things that are a little bit nightmarish in nature. What would you do if your webcam caught something that didn’t belong in your home, like a stranger or a ghost? Seriously, these things have happened to poor souls out there.

Between lost footage on video tapes and webcam images, you might consider staying away from them altogether. These people discovered “found footage" that's likely to give you nightmares. Tune in to see the creepy found footage that these people stumbled across.


15 Creepy Sleepwalker

What would you do if you found out that you were the creepy stalker in your own home? “Webcam owner Shauna Carpenter had been hearing things in her home at night. She turned on her camera to see if she could figure out what was going on. One morning she woke with her head bloodied, so she checked the footage and was shocked at what she saw. The camera shows Shauna herself sleepwalking into the kitchen. She stumbled back and forth a bit and eventually picks up a hammer. Shauna walks toward the camera and swings the hammer a few times. Eventually, the webcam starts to shake, and it appears she is head butting the computer. You can almost catch a glimpse of a wound on her head. Finally, Shauna stumbles back to the kitchen, replacing the hammer, and turning off the lights.” (TheTalko) Yikes, we wouldn’t want to be the one that had to sleep with her at night.

14 Silent Stalker


What would you do if you found out that someone was sneaking into your apartment to eat all your food? That’s enough to make anyone angry, we would think. That’s what happened to YouTuber Joe Acts when he started noticing that his food was going missing. At first, he blamed his live-in girlfriend, but when she denied eating his food, he decided to set up a webcam and find out if she was lying. What he found was far creepier than he could have ever imagined. “An unknown woman sneaks into Joe’s apartment through a transom window. She climbs down carefully and uses a stool to enter unnoticed. Clearly, the mystery woman has done this before! She drinks Joe’s milk and munches on his snacks. Then, the creeper does the unthinkable. She pees right into Joe’s kitchen sink. This woman doesn’t stop there. She seems to enjoy some TV and continues munching up all his goodies. At one point, Joe makes some noise, and we see the lady scramble to hide. She exits just as stealthy [sic] as she entered, and Joe never knows the difference.” (TheTalko) That woman must have iron-clad balls to do something like that.

13 Psycho Killer

You honestly have to hope that some of these videos are staged because they're just so freaking scary that you can’t believe that it’s happening. After hearing screaming outside of his apartment, James decided to setup a webcam in front of his door. He locked his door and got his gun, but that doesn’t seem to stop Twain, who literally broke down James’s door with a machete. We watch as the door is broken down and as the killer walks through as if it’s nothing. James must have been terrified to watch it all go down right before his eyes. Twain approached James with his machete, and James offered him a warning before he's forced to shoot the man three times. Shockingly enough, Twain survived the shooting and was charged with his maddening crime. He spent five years in prison but has no explanation for his acts. He holds on to his story that he blacked out and didn’t know what was happening until after James shot him.

12 Ghostly Spirit


We’ve all seen enough horror movies to be able to consider the fact that it's possible to be attacked by a ghostly spirit. “This video shows an 11-year boy from Spanish Town, Jamaica, who claims to be bullied by an evil spirit. Locals refer to the spirit as 'Duppy.' The video shows a spirit takes control of the boy jerking him backward out of a chair and again jerking him sideways. He appears to be pulled sideways by something or someone we cannot see. The locals all believe the story is real and show compassion for the boy. Without the help of friends and neighbors, the boy would fall flat on his face. The local bishop has declared that the mysterious ghost bully is real. At one point, we see Bishop Edwards challenging the spirit, sanctifying the grounds with olive oil, and finally blessing the boy. The boy claims he can see the spirit who has been tormenting him.” (TheTalko)

11 Murder of Lauren Giddings

The video is found footage of killer Stephen McDaniel as he spies on Lauren Giddings via webcam. He filmed her right before he went in and strangled the poor girl and then dismembered her body. He knew Giddings from school; they used to be classmates at Mercer University law school in 2011, and he admitted to police that he used to watch her. He had been spying on Giddings for months before he decided to kill her. When it came time to kill the girl, McDaniel said that he wore a mask while he crept into her room. When he was finished killing her, he dumped her body in her bathtub and then simply went back to his own apartment, which was right next door to hers. Talk about creepy. He must have been tired because he didn’t dismember her right away; he came back to do that, and he eventually joined friends and police when they pulled together a search party to locate her.

10 Drowning Couple


A tragic video that shows a couple swimming together. If you don’t mind watching a video of two people struggling to stay alive, then check this one out. It was found and later posted on YouTube, but the video is very creepy to watch. Apparently, the couple is on their honeymoon just loving life when something goes wrong. They're fooling around in what appears to be waist-high water just at the edge of a lake. It doesn’t seem to be the safest place to swim because as they're playing around, the ground starts to give way. You watch as they struggle to stay above the water, and then, you don’t see them at all. Suddenly, the water becomes still, and the couple is gone. It’s a sad video to see, and it's even weirder that nowadays, we're able to watch two people die right before our eyes.

9 Two Dead Boys

A story about two dead boys that come across a tunnel that leads to a farm, and they can’t escape either. “Four teenage boys in England went missing in 2008 only to be found dead inside their car, parked at an abandoned farm. A camera found in their car later revealed footage of the teen's final hours. They joke around while riding around in the car, ultimately coming to an eerie tunnel that leads to Broomhall Farm. A sign warns them that there is no through road. Soon, the boys become lost and the GPS on their phones stops working. They find a dead rabbit, and one of the boys claims to spot a masked figure. Things only get weirder from there. No matter how long they drive in a straight line, they end up at the same street sign. After a few hours, they finally seem to make their way out only to arrive once again at the entrance to the farm.” (Ranker) The end of the footage will give you chills.


8 When the Killer Calls


These aren’t exactly “found footage,” but it was just too creepy to pass up! These are calls from a serial killer who was killing girls in the '80s. He would murder a girl and then call 911 and desperately ask them to stop him from killing more people. His messages went like this: “There is a girl hurt there,” “God damn, will you find me? I just stabbed somebody with an ice pick. I can’t stop myself. I keep killing somebody.” He often told the police that he would turn himself in, but he never did. Eventually, he stopped calling, but his calls are chilling, to say the least. “Please don’t talk, just listen… I’m sorry I killed that girl. I stabbed her 40 times. Kimberly Compton was the first one over in St. Paul.” We hope that they eventually got this one.

7 Missing Kids

A story about a TV crew that investigated missing kids. We see not only their footage but the footage that was found of the missing kids. The footage here is chilling and will keep you up at night. “A Japanese TV crew goes to a haunted hospital to explore, saying that it is a popular place for teenagers to hang out and ghost hunt, and also a hot place for catching spirits in photos. The reporter interviews a man who claims that he and some friends went into the hospital to test their courage and take photos, but they soon encountered bizarre circumstances, and one of them was injured. The noticeably scared reporter agrees to explore and begins poking around the hospital. She begins taking photos as she wanders the dark halls. She soon, however, finds the camera that the kids dropped during their own visit. As she looks through the images, she begins to see strange things appear in the frame. Suddenly, she lets out a blood-curdling scream. The video then explains that they were able to later slow down the footage and spotted a figure standing in a doorway, reflected in a mirror. After the reporter's screams, the camera man goes off on his own, only to encounter some kind of horrifying blob.” (Ranker)

6 The Murder of Cassie


If you ever wanted to see what two teenage serial killers look like, then watch this video. Two boys plan out the murder of a high school friend while she's home alone, house-sitting for a family. The boys thought that they would go down in history for taping commentary about their plans to murder the girl, thinking that they would never get caught. Although the murder is not on the tape, it’s a horrific story of a girl who was taunted and then brutally stabbed to death. She was found by family members the next day. Originally, police believed that the killer was her boyfriend, but clues led them to the two boys who told police where they buried the evidence. They failed to mention the tape, so police were shocked to come across footage where the boys confessed their plans to murder Cassie.

5 Man Lost in Paris Catacombs

This video is not only horrific but also reminds us not to go to dangerous places alone. “In the late 18th century, Parisian cemeteries were far too crowded, so they decided to put some of the corpses into tunnels beneath the city. The winding catacombs contain the skeletal remains of some 6 million people. While guided tours are offered, much of the catacombs remain closed to the public. Some explorers, however, sneak down into these areas, although it can be dangerous as the tunnels can be unstable, and it's easy to get lost. One chilling video appears to show such a fate befall one unknown man. The video hails from the '90s and features a man who seems to be deep in the catacombs, exploring all by himself. At one point, the man becomes anxious and then outright terrified. He runs through the tunnels, breathing heavily, and seemingly without direction. He eventually drops the camera, but continues to run and does not retrieve it, despite its usefulness as a source of light. The camera was reportedly found by another explorer a considerable time later, and the footage has appeared on an ABC Family special about the scariest places in the world (hence the narration in the video ... uploaded online).” (The Ranker)

4 Creepy Peeper


A YouTuber by the name of Mister Peeper started to post videos that he claimed he found on SD cards wrapped in plastic and randomly taped to the roof of a car he found in the woods. Sounds super shady to us, but if you check out his YouTube channel, he has many other videos of stalkers who prey on women, so we have to wonder if he’s not the stalker himself. “The camera man is seen prowling outside the home of a young woman. He says he spotted her at the grocery store and followed her home. He first creeps around her windows. His narration is warped, as though the audio on the footage has gone bad or as though he's wearing some kind of voice modification device. He enters her home through a back door, and as he snoops around, you get a glimpse of him in a mirror and see he is wearing a mask. Later, the woman's doorbell rings. When she goes to see what's going on, she spots a small fire that has been set outside. And that's when our narrator pounces.” (The Ranker)

3 The Hooded Man

Found Footage of two missing teens in Croatia in 2005. There's no actual evidence that the teens are missing, so you can take this video however you want to, but we think it’s pretty darn creepy. “The two kids are fooling around with a camera that the person filming says he has just acquired. They soon spot a man who is wandering about with a hood on his head. They initially approached the man, thinking he's drunk. He begins staggering towards them and continues to follow them without saying anything. The teens run away and think they've left him behind, but he soon reappears. Though they discuss staying and recording him, they ultimately get scared and flee again. And just when the teens think they've made it home…” (The Ranker) We'll probably never know what happened to the teens or the real story behind the footage.

2 The Jonestown Massacre


In 1978, the Jonestown Massacre occurred at the loss of more than 900 people's lives. If you're unfamiliar with the story, it goes like this: Jim Jones, a Peoples Temple leader, had his members drink poisoned punch. What they didn’t know was they were involuntarily agreeing to a mass suicide pact that Jones wanted to conduct. They drank the punch and bodies just started dropping. The audio recording shows a bunch of confused people talking, some of which are children. As people start dying, the confusion increases until things start getting quieter and quieter. There were many children present, and it was considered to be one of the most “deadly single non-natural disasters in US history until September 11, 2001." (ThoughtCo.)  A horrific act that's hard to understand -- the power that one person can have over so many people. It’s just another way of being a serial killer. Jones wiped out over 900 people in one swoop.

1 The Spirit Tuyul

There are no words to describe just how creepy this video is, and what's worse is the idea that these musicians can’t see the spirit that's circling them. “In Southeast Asian mythology, a tuyul is a spirit made via black magic from the fetus of a dead human. They are believed to be mostly harmless on their own but can be used by human masters to commit various tasks or crimes. In this video, a creature referred to as a tuyul appears behind two people who are playing guitar and singing a song. Though this is not a common part of tuyul mythology, it appears that the creature can only be spotted by the cameraman, and the two musicians are unable to see it, even as it creeps around them.” (The Ranker) Very bizarre, and it’s just another example of how little we know about what’s out there.

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