15 Times People Died While Live-Streaming Online

Live broadcasting is the new craze and people, as well as corporations and businesses, have been taking advantage of it.

Those of us who have witnessed death know that it's a feeling that we just can't shake. It may have come in the way of seeing an elderly family member pass away on their death bed or watch as a tragic accident unfolded in a car crash on the highway. Whatever the case, seeing someone in their last moments of life can be traumatizing.The advancement of technology has been instrumental in how people are able to connect with one another. It seems as if there is a new social media network being unveiled every day that are all trying to put their own twist on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — or some combination of two or three of these popular networks. Live broadcasting is the new craze and people, as well as corporations and businesses, have been taking advantage of it. a perk of live streaming is that anything goes; people can engage with their fans and followers, answer questions, and even show parts of themselves that they usually wouldn't. A negative is that as a viewer, you never know what's going to happen. It's great to be there when something controversial jumps off, but what if the person you're watching suffers an injury or worse yet, dies right then and there on camera?

In the last couple of months, there have been multiple people, two of which have been children, who used the live broadcasting platform to commit suicide in front of family and friends who were watching, not knowing what was to come. A group friends sitting in a car and listening to music live streamed themselves just to be silly, but were ambushed by gunfire. When they say death waits for no one, in these 15 cases, that's more true than you'll ever know.

15 Shot On The Street

Once again in Chicago, Brian Fields was streaming live on Facebook while walking down the street when things went bad, and fast. On the video viewers could see a person shown firing a gun in Brian's direction before the 31-year-old drops to the ground. The live feed continues to stream from the ground. The camera faces upward and catches the assailant step right into the frame to fire off more shots. Brian sustained multiple gunshot wounds to his back, stomach, legs, and jaw.

While those injuries would kill almost anyone else, Brian survived his attack and will live another day. People have used this crime to speak openly about the crime in Chicago and how easy it is for someone to fall victims to gun violence while walking down the street.

14 Not Just A Headache

Arkansas mother Keiana Herndon was broadcasting on Facebook Live telling people are her plans to return to school when witnesses who were watching said they noticed something peculiar. They saw that Keiana began to squint as if she had a headache before she just froze right there on camera. Then, her eyes rolled to back of her head and she passed out in front of a live audience.

No one other than Keiana's one-year-old son was home when the incident occurred, so it was up to the people watching to call for help. The 25-year-old had been staying with a friend at their home, so a viewer contacted the friend and told them that they believed something was terribly wrong. They returned to find Keiana unconscious. Family members claim that Keiana had thyroid issues that triggered something in her heart which led to her death.

13 Hanging From A Tree

A highly publicized case of someone dying during a live stream is that of 12-year-old Katelyn Davis. The Georgia girl made headlines after she broadcast herself crying and apologizing to her loved ones before she made a noose, hung it from a tree, and hanged herself on camera. Even though there were people watching it happen, her body stayed in that eerie position for hours after she committed suicide.

Katelyn used social media to openly talk about her issues with her mother, Tammy Rogers. The young girl would often complain about her mother's drug abuse issues, as wells as problems she had with her stepfather. "My stepfather did a lot of things to me, that it seems I cannot forgive him for," Katelyn wrote. "He physically, mentally and verbally abused me.[...]He even… He tried to rape me."

12 Shot On Camera

Antonio Perkins was hanging out with friends in front of a row of homes in a Chicago neighborhood filming himself live with the selfie camera on his phone and talking to his audience. He was on Facebook Live when suddenly someone opens fire on the group and, shooting 28-year-old Antonio. There were about 12 shots that could be heard in the background before the phone blacks out.

The father of three was later found face down in a vacant lot with gunshot wounds to his head and neck. He was rushed to the hospital but was reported to be dead on arrival. Antonio was once involved in gang activity but was working at McDonald's and trying to build a better life for his family when he was murdered.

11 Actor In Trouble

The entertainment community was shocked when news broke that actor Jay Bowdy took his own life while streaming live on Facebook on January 23 of this year. Bowdy was sitting in his car when he began broadcasting on Facebook, only to shoot himself, leaving a devastated audience. He was the father of six children and, according to his IMDB page, his latest movie is still in the middle of being filmed.

If the news of 33-year-old's suicide wasn't enough of a shock, it was revealed that Bowdy was recently arrested. He was facing charges of suspicion of sexual assault and had only been released from jail on $100,000 bail. While he didn't say or give any indication that that's why he took his own life, many are believing it was the pressures of this case that aided in his suicide.

10 Ambush During Live Broadcast

Imagine being at work and live streaming with your coworkers when a group of strangers burst into your workplace and begin to kill everyone. That's exactly what happened in the Dominican Republic when Luis Manuel Medina was reading the news on air at the 103.5 radio station. He was streaming on Facebook Live when he, and his coworkers, were interrupted by a group of attackers who stormed in and opened fire.

In the hail of gunfire, a woman can be heard screaming. Leonidas Martinez, the radio station's director, was shot and killed in his office. Medina was also killed in the fray, and the station's secretary was wounded. There were arrests made, and it is believed that the station was targeted because they spoke out against corruption and drug trafficking in the Dominican Republic.

9 Tragic Car Accident

Two teenage girls were driving down the highway together in Pennsylvania when their lives were taken from them in a horrific way. Friends Brooke Hughes, 18, and Chaniya Morrison-Toomey, 19, were cruising down Interstate 380 when Chinaya asks her friend if she's live on Facebook. The answer is yes, but before either of them could say anything else, a tractor-trailer rams into the back of their car. Brooke tries to get control of the swerving vehicle. Screeching tires can be heard on the live feed.

The stream goes black for minutes before a man, whose face was blurry on the video, is seen talking to the girls. The car burst into flames and when it was finally put out, the girls' bodies were burnt beyond recognition. Police believe that Brooke was unknowingly already driving on a flat tire.

8 Rapping Gone Wrong

In Norfolk, Virginia, three friends were sitting in a parked car, rapping along to the lyrics on the radio and smoking. One of them wanted to broadcast the amusement on Facebook Live so he brought out his cell phone and began filming. The director was in the passenger seat and turned the camera to one friend, the driver, who was texting on his phone, before moving on to the buddy in the backseat who was singing along. Everything seemed like a normal afternoon of three guys hanging out, but they didn't see anyone creep up on their vehicle.

Without warning, gunshots were heard. Over two dozen rounds can be heard in the background. One of the men is seen being shot as his head whips back. The phone falls to the floor inside of the car while it records around 20 seconds of gunfire. Someone is still alive because a witness comes by to check on them and is told to call the police. Surprisingly, all three men survived and a suspect is in custody.

7 Officer Shoots Man Live On Facebook

An incident that sparked global outrage was that of Philando Castile who was shot and killed by police officer Jeronimo Yanez back in July of 2016. Castile and his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, were pulled over while driving in Minnesota with Diamond's four-year-old daughter in the backseat. When asked for his license and registration, Castile told the officers that he did have a weapon in the pocket of his pants and a license to carry the gun. While reaching for his identification, Castile was shot seven times by Yanez while sitting inside of his vehicle.

Diamond began streaming live on Facebook immediately after the shooting while Castile was still alive, moaning in agony and slumped forward. Activists called the shooting an act of excessive force by a police officer who was more threatened by the color of Castile's skin than the gun he had in his pocket. Castile's death was ruled a homicide and Yanez was charged with  one count of second degree manslaughter and two counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm.

6 Bonnie And Clyde Teens

Two teens are being referred to as the Russian Bonnie and Clyde after they engaged with a shootout with officers. Katya Vlasova and Denis Muravyov, 15, both argued with their parents because Katya was said to have been severely physically disciplined over spending the night at a friend's house without getting permission. They took Denis's mother's credit card, stole money, and traveled over 45 miles where they held themselves up at Katya's stepfather's home which was armed to the teeth.

The family came by looking for them but the teens barricaded themselves inside and streamed their antics on Periscope. Soon the police came to get them, but the couple began shooting at both officers and their parents. Gunfire was exchanged and Katya's mother was even shot in the hip before the young couple shot themselves inside the home after Denis said to the camera that he was going to go out "in style."

5 Wingsuiter Crashes

Daredevil Armin Schmieder was happy-go-lucky for his fans as he was streaming live before jumping from a Swiss mountain. He told them "Today you fly with me!" as he prepped himself for the wingsuit descent, all to be captured on Facebook Live.

He used a cell phone to document the event with his live fans, putting in his pocket and counting in German as he glided off the mountain. Something went terribly wrong, however, as fans could tell that something was amiss from the audio. There were the expected sounds of the wind from the fall, but then there is a loud scream from Schmieder that made people panic. It was followed by thumping and crashing noises until there's nothing else but silence. Fans pleaded with Schmieder to move, speak, or write so they know that he survived, but unfortunately he had died from the impact.

Schmieder had been flying with his wingsuit for nearly a year, and investigators can't tell if his death was a result of a malfunction because of the suit or because of something Schmieder did wrong.

4 It Wasn't Supposed To Be Loaded

This sad tale is of an accidental shooting at a party gone terribly wrong. Anthony Stanford II and his friend, Steven Leannais, were at a dinner party with a group of their comrades when one of them brings out a firearm. Many of them begin playing with it after being assured that it isn't loaded. Some even putting the gun into their mouths. They turn on Facebook Live to broadcast the scene, but wouldn't you know it, there were bullets in that gun.

After convincing Anthony that he was safe because the gun was empty, Leannais points the gun at his friend's abdomen and pulls the trigger. A shot rings out, immediately killing Anthony. The party goes into a frenzy. Someone watching the live feed remotely calls police.

Leannais is being charged with third-degree felony involuntary manslaughter and has expressed how sorry he is for what happened.

3 Teenager Streams Suicide

Like 12-year-old Katelyn Davis, 14-year-old Nakia Venant took to Facebook Live to showcase the last moments of herself alive on earth. She was at her foster parent's home in Miami in the early hours of the morning when she hanged herself in the bathroom as they slept just a few feet away.

Nakia was on Facebook Live for about two hours, even showing the scarf she used to killed herself and writing to those watching that she didn't want to live anymore. It was reported that Nakia had been sexually abused by a teenage boy while in the foster care system. She was taken from her mother due to excessive "corporal punishment." Nakia would run away from home before being found and placed in as many as ten foster homes for more than half of her life.

2 French Woman Jumps In Front Of Train

A 19-year-old French girl named Océane went on Periscope to detailing a horrific incident. The distraught teen told viewers that she had been raped by a close friend. If that wasn't bad enough, Océane also said that he filmed the event and posted the video online. Shamed by the experience and not knowing who or where to turn, Océane, with camera in hand, jumped in front of an oncoming commuter train in Paris. The last words she said, which viewers could hear on her broadcast, were "What I'm going to do is very shocking." That it was.

The fragile, tattooed teen's video lasted for close to an hour. She warned those of a younger age to shield their eyes or look away when she finally committed her ultimate deed. One thousand people watched as she killed herself.

1 Beaten To Death

Three men were just hanging out with one another getting drunk somewhere in Slovenia when things got a little heated and 26-year-old Andrej Cekuta said to one of the others, "F--k your mother!" In their inebriated states, 20-year-old Aleš Olovec and 29-year-old Martin Kovač proceeded to lay an unforgiving beating on Andrej. The group were streaming their drinking party live when the beating went down, and in the background you can hear the attackers say, "Now you won't talk s--t anymore," "You won't f--k my mother," and "No one says that s--t and this will happen to anyone that does."

The brutes were found two hours later, 150 miles from where they beat up their friend. Andrej was rushed to the hospital, but he later died. Reports state that he suffocated to death from his internal injuries and bruising. That's a rough way to go.

Sources: NBC New York, YouTube, Heavy, NY Daily News

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15 Times People Died While Live-Streaming Online