• 15 Times People Did Their Jobs So, So Wrong

    So there are people wrong for jobs, and jobs wrong for people. And then there are the ones who basically leave their brains behind when doing their jobs.

    These people either didn’t know what they were doing, or possibly couldn’t have cared less as long as it was done and they got to go home to their comfy couch, back to those TV reruns of GoT! The jobs given to them were "completed" with disastrous consequences, which now make for hilarious photos, but sure proved expensive for the employers at the time.

    From trashed cars to stairs that go nowhere; from blocked doors to just the wrong labels – one look at these photos and you’ll wonder what these people were thinking, while doing what was supposed to be their job. How can people get it so wrong?

    So here it is folks, 15 examples of people who simply couldn’t get it right, and sucked at their jobs. Epic!

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    Man on a Ladder Demonstrates Why Women Live Longer
    Via Jenite.com

    “Ya hi, ya’all. I need a tree pruned coz like the tree is really tall and like needs to be chopped or something or like just pruned, ya know… So that it like doesn’t crash into my living room or something coz then I’d never really be able to find that remote, ya know. I have to watch WWE, dude. Like so, can someone come and just chop that tree down, like, soon?”

    The caller and said tree pruner turned out to be a real-life case of Dumb & Dumber. Except this one is not funny. Even remotely.

    Most tree pruners follow safety precautions and have safety ladders and extensions that could probably put the fire department to shame. Not this dude. He simply props up the ladders on deadened branches and trunk splits – and basically gets his dose of daily adrenalin while chopping down a few scraggly twigs. Not that we see him doing anything except standing rather precariously on a dizzyingly high ladder. That’s just what we assume he’s up to. We could be wrong. So wrong.

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    Have. To. Protect. That. Parking. Space. 
    Via Buzzistasyonu

    We’re guessing Rambo was the one who designed this parking. Whoever is responsible for this was likely in an epic snit about snotty people not caring about the disabled and simply ignoring good manners and glaringly painted signs. And so, in true Rambo style, he decided to take matters into his own two brawny hands.

    He had to do it. It was his responsibility. He had to protect the parking of the weak, from parking by the snooty, snotty, snivelling snitches. And so Rambo built a wall. It was not a big wall. But it was a strong wall that would protect the sanctity of the parking spot meant for the disabled, from the ones who were able (& not Cain).

    And so Rambo slogged with the Eye of The Tiger blaring from his headphones, he worked under the harsh glare of the sun and finished the wall. Applause. Tears. Passionate kisses.


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    Attention. The Suspect’s Name, Is, Err, Um, Suspect?
    Via ebaumsworld

    This usually happens when you try to run a TV network on a shoestring budget, and get the local shoe shop sales guy to pitch in as the news editor. When a dentist in a community was attacked, authorities were quick to send out a mug shot of the suspect in a bid to nab him with the help of the public.

    Only the editor was not particularly alert and so the name that he typed in to accompany the suspect's photo was Firstname Lastname.

    Either the editor never got the name from the authorities on time and was just trying to, you know, get back at them, or he genuinely thought that this was the suspect’s gang if not actual name. I mean come on; you can’t really blame the guy, right? With gangbanger names likes 4-stroke, Almighty Blood Messiah and Cool Daddy Cake, Firstname Lastname sounds way cooler!

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    This Is Why You Have To Remember Your Left From Right!
    Via Boredpanda

    A popular meme goes, “When nothing goes right… go left!” And this is perhaps the moral of the story, sorry photo, shown above.

    Kids are taught pretty early on to distinguish between their left and right. Just hold up both your hands, palms facing outward, with the thumb at a 90 degree angle to your index finger. The left hand makes an “L” perfectly, while the right hand makes a mirrored one. Ergo, L is for left.

    The road works guy here skipped that class we think, and his right turn basically will only lead to a fender bender, with pavement winning over car, hands down. The guy in the photo could be anybody – the peabrain himself, or the guy who made trouble for the peabrain by insisting that left was right, and right was not.

    Or it could be just one of us mere mortals, flummoxed by people doing their jobs so, so wrong. It’s just not right, you know… We're sure you do.

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    Was The Worker Nuts? Nope, Just Bananas
    Via Natitko

    At first glance, this photo seems fine. Fresh fruit, enticingly healthy and tagged with "prices you can trust." And then it’s a double take. For the bananas are tagged as "long yellow things."

    Either the worker had one too many slushies and had a temporary brain freeze that simply did not let him remember the word bananas, or maybe he thought that the word banana was just too mainstream. I mean, as Shakespeare put it, what’s in a name? Would a rose not smell as sweet if it were named something else? Like perhaps a red, thorny object? Or a velveteen, pink and prickly thing.

    It could be that this employee of the month was basically a part of a secret Shakespearean sect and it was his job to make the world realize the importance of literature and words. We ask all the shoppers who bought those long, yellow things – did the bananas taste any less sweet?

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    The Road to Perdition. Or Just a Shovel?
    Via Alaraby

    So this is a new kind of pothole. A shovel embedded in the road. Was it an inadvertent miss by a worker just too lazy to pick up his tool of the trade? Or a miss by a nearsighted road roller driver who just couldn’t make out that – hey, you know what, there’s a shovel on that asphalt – and instead rolled just right over it?

    Or is it another sneaky art installation (there’s a reason it’s called modern art!) by yet another struggling, I-hate-this-concrete-world artist who just wanted people to stop and look?

    We don’t know. All we know is that a shovel embedded in the asphalt is hilarious. Seriously, it is. Did the people making the road basically leave their brains behind, or their glasses? And if this did happen, why didn’t they dig it out and repair the road instead of leaving this shovel as a monument, creating problems for future motorists?

    Some questions can never be answered!

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    The Wrong End Up
    Via Buzger

    Picture this. You have been on a strenuous diet and exercise routine. You have lost many pounds and won the proverbial battle of the bulge. And after days of munching leaves, fruits and boiled, tasteless veggies – finally get to a cheat day where you can have that much revered Choco-Vanilla cone.

    And so you get to that Holy Grail – that ice cream vendor (wait, does he have a halo? Okay no, just a trick of the light) and you ask for your favorite brand of luscious vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone, dipped in chocolate. You rip into that packet with unfettered zeal and hold aloft that prize and go "Whoa, wait a minute, hold on, rewind…"

    Someone evil, very evil – dipped the wrong end of that Galaxy cone into that chocolate – and so you have virgin vanilla ice cream, shoved into a messy, chocolate-covered, gooey cone. And that’s it – you are off ice cream for good.

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    And Never the Twain Shall Meet
    Via Studiovox

    So it’s a great thing to delegate and give responsibility to your subordinates – it makes them learn and rise to the occasion. We’re sure, that the chief engineer here did exactly the same. He made two teams, positioned two of his junior engineers on either end of the bridge and basically asked them to start building. Delegation is great. The only thing being, delegation has to come with stern instructions.

    The problem? Someone forgot to tell the juniors (read idiots) that the bridge basically has to join evenly in the middle. And so while they built the ends with great perseverance and dedication, they did it in yet another classic meme-worthy brainless way.

    To give them credit, it’s possible that only one of them made a mistake, even if it was tangential. And frankly, if they continue building the bridge, it will meet in the middle. Oh wait, those are opposing lanes. Face, meet palm.

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    It’s A Girl. No Wait, It’s A Boy. Whatever!
    Via Funjungle

    Be it a baby shower or a hospital visit to see mommy and her newborn, a banner that declares the baby’s sex is a wonderful gift or even a piece of décor.

    This holds true in most cases, unless you walk into this store and get a very confused worker to dig one out for you. Cause frankly, we’re not sure whether this is a “It’s a girl” or “It’s a boy” banner. All in all, it’s one very confused message that declares “It’s a boy” but is pink and decorated with girly stuff (so okay, that sounds sexist, but hey, that’s the world we live in!) like tiaras, a necklace and one really frilly dressing table.

    This is obviously a printing error, so basically it’s a mistake compounded by many people – the printer, the person who packaged and managed to sell it to a retailer, and finally the retailer who is trying to pass it off to probably a non-English speaking & reading customer. Sigh.

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    Not My Job. So Can’t Do It. Honest!
    Via Lolsnaps

    We all fill in for a colleague from time to time. Sometimes willingly, wanting to help a friend in need; sometimes not so willingly, more as a need of the hour. So when an editor had to step in for a translator, the results were hilarious. And we really hope that the clueless “Chinese” editor wasn’t fired for his rather frank assessment of not being able to fit into the translator’s shoes.

    What the newsreel ticker should have shown was the translation of what the gentleman onscreen (with the rather wide smile) was saying in Mandarin. However, the non–Mandarin speaking editor who was apparently tackled into chipping in for the translator got his own back when he typed in, “Something in Chinese. I don’t know what. I’m just the editor.”

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    Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? Well, it Ain’t Superman Either.
    Via Funjungle

    The thing about mistakes made by people who basically had one job to do, is that they are compounded by others. So someone gave the T-shirt maker the wrong design. He then went on to print the tee nonetheless, wrong design and all. The tees managed to reach the retail store as well. And then the store in charge somehow didn’t spot the error, glaring as it is, and put the tees on display in any case. And so these series of unfortunate events has now led to an entirely new (comic book?) character called…

    Wait for it…

    No, seriously, wait…

    Sperman. From the distant reaches of the universe, comes a being more powerful than even Superman. For Sperman can impregnate at will!

    Grammatically it should read Spermman but hey, what’s one more mistake, right? I mean, it’s not like we’re counting the errors of employees’ ways, right?

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    Just Slap It On The Side? Sure, Whatever You Say…
    Via Shareonion

    The next time you order at a fastfood joint, be afraid. Be very afraid.

    Because your slang might just be taken at face value, and with the current trend of "the customer isn't always right," peppered with this-is-what-it-is service – you won’t even be able to argue your case.

    The poor, hungry guy (or gal) in question ordered their burger with cheese and here’s how it went down…

    Customer: “I’ll have a burger, with the cheese on the side.”

    Server: “Sure, here you go; one burger, cheese on the side.”

    Or it may have gone down like this…

    Customer: “I’ll have a burger, please.”

    Server: “Is that with cheese or without?”

    Customer: “With cheese and umm, just slap it on the side.”

    Server: “Sure, here you go; one burger, cheese slapped on the side.”

    And there you have it… The problem with all this is perhaps semantics. Or the lack of it. On the side, really means on the side. Literally.

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    Pat A Cake, Pat A Cake, Baker’s Man…
    Via Cakewrecks

    When you order a cake, especially the kind meant a surprise that you don’t really get to check before the actual unveiling – make sure the instructions you give to the dunderhead at your local bakers’ are really, really clear. Like crystal. However, for some, even crystal clear, with a ‘c’ is not enough. Don’t believe us? Here’s a case that proves our point. Ipso facto.

    The poor unsuspecting customer here ordered what he/she thought would be a lovely surprise for someone named Marc. And this customer was particular about the spelling too because he asked the cake guy to make sure that the ‘Marc’ was spelled with a ‘c’.

    Meaning the message was to read, “Happy Birthday Marc.” The insane cake decorator, however, was probably on a cannabis high, floating on waves of bliss and thus translated this very clear cake message into a very garbled “Happy Birthday Mark With The Sea.”

    Banging head on the wall.

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    Oops. I did it Again. I Played With Your Car…
    Via Fishki

    Wrong lyrics? If this happens to your really new, really expensive, long awaited dream on wheels, then you’d not just be belting out some wrong but appropriate-to-the-moment lyrics. You’d probably thinking of more ribald ones accompanied by some really high percentage tipple; be wailing, bawling and also simultaneously plotting a thousand ways to murder the guy who trashed your car while trying to deliver it to you.

    The guy got the car safely all the way to your home, rang your bell and while you were wreathed in smiles, waiting to just get your hands on that dream of a steering wheel – he makes you come crashing back to reality by literally throwing the car out of the trailer. The rear end is smashed, and so are all your dreams of that hot car, followed by a hot date, followed by a hot you-know-what session…

    Why God, why me? Why now? Just why, man?

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    To Enter Or Not, That is the Question…
    Via Joyxpect

    This signage was created by someone really, really, deeply evil. And it has resulted in many a flummoxed soul, with one foot hovering over the threshold in a moment that truly defines indecision. Possibly, this could also be a question used in psych evals.

    What would you do when you encounter this sign from the depths of hell?

    1. Enter anyway… (I mean, who cares about signs and rules and authority and anything else for that matter. We’re all gonna dieeeeeeee.)

    2. Do not enter and look for an escape, err, alternative route… (They’re after us, man. They are tricking us into something, maybe this door actually leads to the true reality of life which basically is that we are all caught in the Matrix!)

    3. Hover with one foot in and one foot out unto Kingdom Come (No, no, no – you cannot make me go out. No, no, no – you cannot not make me go out. No, no, no – I am taking a stand, obviously!)

    4. Curl yourself into a ball and cry for your Mama. (I mean sob, sniff, I just can’t handle it you know. This pressure. Sob. Should I go? Sniff. Should I stay? Sob. Oh Mama, why did you leave me?)

    And that is that, damned if you do, and damned if you don’t!

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