15 Times Mariah Carey Proved She Was Crazy

Mariah Carey is one of the most celebrated music artists of all time, with an estimated net worth of over $500 million. She is one of the few esteemed artists to be asked to host a residency in Las Ve

Mariah Carey is one of the most celebrated music artists of all time, with an estimated net worth of over $500 million. She is one of the few esteemed artists to be asked to host a residency in Las Vegas and has toured all over the world numerous times. Her fans are intensely loyal and audiences can’t help but respect her stellar vocal skills. People have put her into the category of some of the other iconic music artists from the past like Patti LaBelle and Aretha Franklin. While she isn’t known for her performing abilities in the same way as Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce, Carey puts on a show with her vocal pipes rather than her dancing ability. Yet, audiences don’t try and make her into anything other than herself. She is accepted for her limited dancing ability and, of course, her over-the-top personality.

Over the years, she has had a few questionable incidents that have made it into the public eye. From TV interviews to issues revolving around her personal life, Carey has somehow always managed to make it onto the headlines in one way or another. Some have thought of it as just part of her evolution into becoming a true diva but others have started to question her mental state. Perhaps fame really does alter a person’s mind, or perhaps she had a few bulbs out long before she had a string of number one hits. Check out our list of the 15 times Mariah Carey proved she was crazy, and decide for yourself whether or not her eccentricities are a bit out of touch with reality.

15 Jennifer Lopez “I Don’t Know Her” Comment

Generally, celebrities try and maintain a friendly relationship with their fellow elite to ensure a broader audience. Obviously, it wouldn’t be a smart idea to shun a beloved celebrity since it would be disenchanting to their fans. Yet, Mariah Carey doesn’t seem to care who she shuns and isn’t afraid to do it publicly. In the early 2000s, Carey was approached by the paparazzi and asked about Jennifer Lopez. Rather than giving a diplomatic response about how talented she is or how she respects her work, Carey responded, “I don’t know her.” This was at a time when Lopez had gained international success through her portrayal of Selena in the hit 1997 film and her debut studio album, On the 6, went triple platinum. In March of 2016, Jennifer Lopez appeared on The Wendy Williams Show and was asked about this comment, where she responded, “[Mariah] is forgetful, I guess. We’ve met many times.” Rather than jabbing back at Carey, Lopez took the high road and laughed off the incident. Carey also could have taken the high road, but instead, she was seen on another video stating, “I still don’t know her.”

14 Accepting Award While Drunk


Mariah Carey hasn’t exactly been known for her acting skills over the years but her understated performance in the film, Precious, was a pleasant surprise for audiences. Rather than the glamorous red carpet look she usually goes for, Carey was seen without all of the makeup and the highfalutin hair. Playing the social worker, Mrs. Weiss, Carey’s performance was met with critical acclaim. In fact, at the 2010 Palm Springs International Film Festival, Carey was asked to come to the podium to accept an award for her performance. Yet, when she stepped up, it became blatantly obvious that she was intoxicated. While other celebrities would have made it brief and tried to remain graceful, especially with a film with such a somber storyline as Precious, Carey proceeded to drone on and on in her speech. It’s difficult to know what was crazier, the fact that she would think people wanted to hear her slurring and stammering for so long or that she didn’t realize she was acting so drunk in the first place.

13 Typical Thanksgiving With Mariah

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Celebrities don’t always adhere to the same guidelines set forth by regular folk when it comes to what is considered appropriate clothing for a woman of a particular age. While a regular 46-year-old mother of two would opt for something a tad more demure for a trip to the grocery store or prepping for Thanksgiving dinner, Mariah Carey is obviously not just an ordinary woman. During a grocery shopping trip in Hawaii, Carey posted a photo of herself posing with two pineapples flanking an ultra provocative lace-up split down the center of her cleavage. She posted another photo in the same outfit while holding a pie and holding a can of whipped cream. While the ensemble was crazy enough, what was even crazier was the fact that she thought she could actually fool people into thinking that she truly looked that thin. There are obvious signs of photoshop altering in the photo since the upper part of one of her shoulders looks completely fake and there is swerving in the background cabinet door close to her inner thigh.

12 Staring Off Into Space During Interview


The season of American Idol where Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj joined as judges was definitely an interesting one. The behind-the-scenes drama was filled with stories of diva antics from both of the female judges, which isn’t very surprising considering both artists have been known for their over-the-top personalities. Yet, the most interesting moment from their season happened during an interview with E! News. The interviewer talked with Ryan Seacrest, Nicki Minaj, Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey about their experience on the show so far. Everyone seemed to be engaging with the interviewer and each other, except Carey. The video of the interview is almost comical in the way Carey is seen striking a pose throughout and then staring off into space. While there are some celebrities that prefer being photographed from a certain angle but this preference should go out the window once it’s a video interview. At one point, Minaj is trying to talk to Carey but can only engage with the side of her face. Carey refused to turn her face, even while talking to the interviewer and looks a bit crazy as she talked to people while staring at something in the far distance the entire time.

11 Holiday Visit For The Today Show


In December 2013, Mariah Carey invited the hosts of the Today Show over to her house to make one of her all-time favorite holiday drinks. Kathie Lee and Hoda came over, only to be greeted by Mariah Carey donning a full-on Jessica Rabbit-styled ballgown. They headed into her kitchen where there was an elderly man dressed as Santa Claus. Whether or not he was hired to be there for the event or he was just her full-time Santa Claus during the holidays was not made clear. She then spilled something on her cleavage area and Kathie Lee could be seen patting it down with a paper towel. Carey yelled out that they would all be making hot chocolate with butterscotch and then wanted to make sure that no one was lactose intolerant. The whole scene was more than a bit bizarre. Typically, when a celebrity partakes in a holiday segment, they aren’t dressed like a sexualized cartoon character and they don’t bring along their own Santa Claus. It isn’t typical for them to inquire their guests about their digestive issues either.

10 Riding On The Subway In Couture

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In May 2014, Mariah Carey attended a red carpet event for the Fresh Air Fun Event. Afterward, she didn’t leave in a limousine or even in one of her many chauffeured vehicles. Instead, she left by riding the subway in New York. Carey has always been known for her over-the-top ballgowns but oftentimes, it’s taken in context. She has been seen wearing them on stage and even walking around her palatial estates but never while taking public transportation. This extravagant Atalier Versace couture gown didn’t exactly look in place on the dirty subway and either did she, for that matter. Photographs of her wearing couture on the subway made its way online. She posted the photos to her Instagram account with the caption #subwayincouture. This was just another example of Carey exhibiting her unstable mental state since she obviously has the money to take transportation on her own. Perhaps this was just another cry for help, or probably just a cry for added attention.

9 Dressing Up As Eminem


The feud between Eminem and Mariah Carey started off when the two artists had an alleged romance that Carey adamantly denied and Eminem refused to let go. Fans pretty much no longer care what the truth is, especially since so many of the songs that came out of this controversy became huge hits. From Eminem’s “Superman” to Mariah Carey’s hit single, “Obsessed,” it seems that fans got the best of both sides played through the airwaves. Yet, the video for “Obsessed” wasn’t exactly a typical style Carey would usually go for. Instead, she donned men’s clothing, a goatee, and even a stubble mustache. While it was obvious she was trying to get fans to know that the song was about Eminem, it seemed more than a bit strange for her to be the one that played the male character in the video. Wouldn’t it have had the same effect if she would have used an Eminem lookalike for the music video?

8 Ally Award At The GLAAD Awards


In May 2016, Mariah Carey was again honored with an award, this time it was at the GLAAD Awards where she was given the Ally Award. The award was presented to her by Lee Daniels, who is known to be one of her longtime good friends. Yet, their greeting at the podium seemed utterly bizarre. The two embraced in a humping manner that seemed far too familiar and a bit awkward on stage but the true strangeness came during her acceptance speech. She put a new meaning behind each letter in the LGBTQ acronym. Rather than having it stand for the original meaning, she stated it would be for legendary, gorgeous, beautiful, tantalizing, and quality. She ended the speech by wishing all of the audience, “As my five-year-old Rocky would say, ‘boobies and butts.’” She claimed that she reworded the acronym because she was afraid she would forget the acronym on its own. It is definitely odd for her to remember the words of admiration but unable to know what the letters truly stand for without making up her own acronym. Perhaps Carey wasn’t the best person to be awarded at the GLAAD Awards, after all.

7 Refuses To Walk Before Her Vegas Show

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When fans found out that Mariah Carey was going to have a residency in Las Vegas, it seemed like a dream come true for her career. What better place to see Carey in all her glittering glory than the city of sparkling lights? Rather than the hustle and bustle of being on tour, this should have been a much less strenuous lifestyle for Carey. Yet, videos she posted on Instagram showed that even her residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas seemed to be a little too much for her. Rather than walking down to the performance area on her own, she sat on a chair that was atop a dolly of sorts. The dolly was then pushed around by an employee. This may have made more sense if she was the type of performer that needed to save all her energy for the rambunctious moves she was known for on stage. Yet, Carey isn’t the same type of Beyonce performer that whips around during her performances. So, the fact that she couldn’t even walk on her own was seen as pure laziness. The crazy part came when she chose to share it with her fans on Instagram. Rather than the video being circulated by a fan or an intrusive paparazzi, it was Carey herself that thought that she should share it with the world. Perhaps she thought it made her look glamorous but instead, it made her seem even more out of touch with reality.

6 Promoting Jewelry And Falling Asleep


It isn’t a strange concept for a celebrity to endorse certain products since it seems that every leading lady in Hollywood endorses a perfume, makeup line, or fashion designer. Yet, Mariah Carey endorsing a discount jewelry line on the Home Shopping Network was more than just a little shocking. This seemed like a huge separation from her usual champagne-drinking self that says things like, “Darling,” all the time. However, in 2011 Carey was indeed seen on HSN peddling her butterfly jewelry and discounted trinkets. At the time, Carey was pregnant with twins and chose to have the cameras film her inside her LA mansion rather than the HSN studios. She donned a low-cut black tank top with the word “babies” written in glittery letters across her belly, while wearing some of her jewelry pieces. During the taping, she began looking more and more tired and at one point appeared to be falling asleep. She is not faulted for being tired since she was obviously pregnant but people do have to question her sanity in scheduling such an appearance in her home. She was obviously in no condition to appear as her best self and the appearance didn’t exactly help her public persona.

5 Dressing In Butterfly Ensembles


Just as Beyonce has her Beyhive, Mariah Carey has her lambs. Yet, it’s a bit surprising her fans aren’t called something having to do with butterflies. Carey has been obsessed with butterflies throughout her time in the limelight and even has a butterfly “tramp stamp” tattoo. Her sixth studio album was even entitled, Butterfly. However, the obsession doesn’t just stop there. On occasion, Carey has donned some cutoff tops paired with some fringed denim shorts or jeans. Because of the style at the time of her early successes in the music industry, fans can perhaps forgive some of her style choices in some of her music videos. However, there have been some ensembles that simply are unforgivable. One of them was a butterfly-inspired top that she wore at the VH1 Divas 2000: A Tribute to Diana Ross event. Held together by strings and having an endless amount of multicolored rhinestones, Carey looked more like a Vegas stripper than an A-list music artist. This coupled with the fact that she definitely didn’t have the figure to show off her ample belly, fans definitely had to question her sanity in choosing to wear such an outfit that obviously cut off her circulation at the very least.

4 Hospitalized For “Extreme Exhaustion”

In 2001, Mariah Carey wasn’t exactly operating on all cylinders, which was made abundantly clear through a series of open letters she released via her website. She complained about being overworked, about not having a personal assistant, about people talking about some of her strange video appearances, and a variety of other things that came off as incredibly whiny and self-loathing for a millionaire celebrity that is supposed to be one of the icons in the music industry. Shortly after the letters were taken down from the website, Carey checked out of a London hotel and checked into a hospital. Her spokesperson released a statement saying that Carey was hospitalized due to “extreme exhaustion.” This is pretty much the celebrity equivalent of saying that there has been a complete mental breakdown since being tired isn’t exactly a new concept in the world. Reasons for her hospitalization ranged from long hours due to overbooked interview slots, movie filming, and even stress over her breakup with then-boyfriend, Luis Miguel. However, it didn’t quite fool the public and the world has long since thought of this incident as the moment when Carey had a mental breakdown.

3 Surprise Drop-In On TRL


Back in 2001, Total Request Live (TRL) was a platform for up-and-coming artists, screaming tweens, and of course, Carson Daly. On an episode that aired July 19, 2011, Mariah Carey showed up in an impromptu drop-in visit while exhibiting bizarre behavior. She was pushing an ice cream cart and donning an over-sized t-shirt with the airbrushed word, “Loverboy” on it. She started hugging members of the audience and then proceeded to strip off the shirt to give as a “gift” to Daley. Underneath, she was wearing sparkling booty shorts and a sage green top that read “supergirl.” She then began to hand out ice treats to members of the audience from her ice cream cart that donned puffy paint scribbling all over its shiny metallic exterior. Even Daly seemed utterly bewildered by the visit, as well as her strange behavior. Carey later fluffed off the TRL appearance and said that Daly was aware of her presence in the building prior to her visit to the set but it still was never explained in entirety.

2 Breaking Up With Mariah May Cost $50 Million


In January 2016, Mariah Carey’s whirlwind romance with the Australian billionaire businessman, James Packer, came to an exciting milestone moment when he proposed with a giant engagement ring. It seemed that she would finally get her fairytale ending after all since her marriage to Nick Cannon had come to an end. Yet, during a trip to Greece in September of this year, the couple had an apparent argument that culminated in the two breaking up. Speculation surrounding the breakup has ranged from her being too close to one of her backup dancers, him behaving poorly with one of Carey’s employees, and even her over-the-top spending habits. Whatever the reason, Carey reportedly feels that she is owed $50 million due to this breakup. Citing the costs and emotional distress of having to uproot her children so that Packer could be closer to his kids and the financial promises made to Carey during their relationship, she even blamed the cancellation of her South American tour on Packer. Although she previously took to Twitter and claimed the cancellation was due to promoter error, this breakup excuse seems to be a lot more lucrative. While some women nurse their broken hearts with a pint of ice cream, Carey is just crazy enough to think that her broken heart deserves $50 million.

1 Infamous Episode On MTV’s Cribs


Building on such shows as Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, MTV’s Cribs was a way to show off the luxuries of celebrity homes in a way that felt super casual. There was a tradition of letting cameras film inside the refrigerator to see what they ate, drank, and always kept stocked, and even a playful way the celebrities “kicked out” the cameras once the episode was done filming. Yet, the 2002 episode starring Mariah Carey and her sprawling New York City penthouse was one that fans won’t soon forget. It was more than just Carey showing off some of her beautiful rooms but an insight into her psyche. She began using her treadmill while wearing a pair of stilettos, she showed off her extensive lingerie closet as if it was a department store section, and then she spontaneously jumped into a bubble bath while the cameras continued to roll. Not only did she seem completely out of touch with reality but she seemed to think that the Cribs television series was an audition for her very own reality TV show.

Sources: E! Online, ABC News, Daily Mail

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