15 Times Google Maps Accidentally Captured Something Scary

You could spend eternity on Google Maps and only see half of everything it has to offer. It’s an amazing app that allows you to get a good vision of the entire world all from the palm of your hands. With its satellite and 360-degree mapping abilities, you can see almost every street in the world. Because of the taking of pictures of streets, there are plenty of views of houses and other buildings that are caught on camera, too. Although the purpose is to be able to easily navigate wherever, whenever, you certainly get a lot more out of Google than was intended.

The reason the pictures are taken is so that we can get the best view possible of where we might need to go. What actually ends up happening, however, is Google accidentally capturing a lot of scary images. Whether it’s scary people doing freaky things that surprise us or paranormal activity that has little explanation, there are countless spooky images waiting to be discovered in Google. Like we already stated, it would take forever to go through all of the streets that Google has images of. Instead of wasting away cyber-traveling looking for scary pictures, we gathered a collection of haunting things that Google didn’t intend to capture when mapping the world.

Have you ever found anything scary on Maps that we missed on the list? Which do you think was the scariest sight? Share with your friends to see what they say! For now, here are 15 Times Google Maps Accidentally Captured Something Scary:


15 Crime Scene In Action

The photograph above looks as though it’s captured a crime scene. You can see a body lying on the ground, some investigators around the area, and even what appears to be a cop car. It looks exactly like a crime scene because it's exactly a crime scene. Unfortunately, a young man was murdered before his body was found near the train tracks. Even though this tragedy occurred, Google wasn’t about to stop mapping the area, as taking such a detailed recording of an entire world is rather difficult. The image is now blurred, and you can no longer view such a devastating scene. There are still plenty of screenshots lingering around on the internet, however, that show the gruesome discovery. It’s crazy to think that stuff like this is happening around us at all times. We know that the world is a messed up place, but now, we have Google to constantly remind us of that with all these disturbing images.

14 A Little Boy


Chicago is certainly one of the most dangerous cities in our country right now. With such a segregated city and so much political corruption, it’s no wonder things are falling apart. If you've ever visited the city, it seems as though it’s not so bad; however, in certain areas, things are like a war zone. If you don’t believe that, just look at the photograph above captured on street view. It’s crazy to think that things are happening like this all the time around us! Some think that perhaps, this is a joke between relatives or friends because they know that the camera is there. It doesn’t seem very funny, however, especially looking at the child’s face.

13 Whose Handprints Are Those? 

When documenting the streets, houses are also captured in the pictures Google takes. Sometimes, something that shouldn’t have been seen is accidentally captured in the street view on Maps. If you look at the picture above, it looks as though there are some hands reaching out from the windows! The handprints are very eerie and look as though they’re almost transparent as if they belong to a ghost! It’s certainly a terrifying sight and one that was only accidentally caught by Google. When photographs like this accidentally capture something scary, it only adds to the mystery of what it could be. There’s no context on Google as to what this place might be, so what could it have captured? Are they simply Halloween decorations, or is this accidental photograph evidence of something a little more sinister?

12 Not A Friendly Face


Normally, when Google captures a face on its mapping of an area, they’ll blur the face. With all of the people they capture on a daily basis, it would be way too difficult to get all of their permissions to be on camera, so it’s always easiest to simply blur their face and avoid any legal troubles. Who knows where you might get snapped anyways? And not everyone wants their location publicly known. It’s a violation of privacy and can just be really uncomfortable overall. Google didn’t feel the need to blur the face of whatever creature is looking out the window in the screenshot above. It seems as though there’s something very terrifying peeking through the glass! Maybe it’s not a face at all, just a strange reflection or shape behind the window. Whatever it is, it certainly makes us feel very scared and uncomfortable!

11 Right At The Scene Of The Crime

Although millions of cars are driving all over the country at all hours of the day, crashes still aren’t happening around us as often as you think. Car accidents are certainly common, but every time you’re near one, it’s a rare and unique experience. They happen so fast that not everyone even catches what happens in the accident. For the car accident in the photograph above, Google was able to capture what happened moments after the accident had occurred. It’s crazy that they happened to be there at that exact moment at that exact time that the crash happened. It’s also crazy that it was able to be seen by anyone in the entire world if he or she decided to look up that particular intersection in maps. It’s nice to see what the road situation is before you decide to travel on it, and this one is certainly an omen of what could come if you decide to pass through this intersection!

10 Body Bag


People die on the road every day. Whether it’s a car accident, a murder, or some other tragic occurrence, unfortunately, the street is a common place for people to lose their lives. With how often this happens, it’s not surprising then to see that Google accidentally captured the unsettling sight above. The cause of the death of the man under the body bag is unknown, but it seems tragic to see a human wrapped up like someone’s leftovers lying in the middle of the street. He’s all alone while others talk about his death around him. It’s certainly not something that Google ever intended to capture! Since his face isn’t showing, they didn’t feel the need to go in and blur his face. We still know what’s underneath the white plastic, however. It’s certainly an uneasy and chilling feeling knowing that Google happened to capture this at the moment they were driving through.

9 A Serious Raid

We’d never want to pull up to someplace we shouldn’t be. Luckily, Google gives us a glimpse at an area we need to go before we ever leave for our journey. Imagine pulling up to the scene in the photograph above when on your way to your destination! It’s unclear as to what’s going on here; however, it’s definitely a place we feel like we shouldn’t be. Or perhaps, we’re witnessing something that we should, because who knows what ensued after this? We can figure that the police were probably raiding someone’s home and forced everyone inside outside to ensure the safety of the officers on the search. Hopefully, they actually did find something because if they put these people through the embarrassment of being on the floor on Google maps for nothing, that’s seriously messed up! Who knows what they could've found, however? And maybe they deserve a worse fate! For now, all we have is this disturbing image accidentally captured by Maps.


8 What Are They Cooking? 


People like to do some weird stuff all over the world, and this picture taken from street view is certainly a reminder of that. The people in the photograph above look like they’re cooking something strange! Sure, you could say it’s just some pigs, but they look a bit small for that to be the case! And there are so many! No matter what, it’s definitely something they might not have wanted on camera. We can assume that they’re at some sort of public park because if they were at their own home, they’d be cooking in the front yard, and who does that? Some places don’t let you cook in the public park, but this one must've had exceptions. Although you could just say it’s people cooking their own dinner, it still just seems like an unsettling sight we weren’t expecting to see on Maps.

7 We Hope That's Just A Toy

Unfortunately, there are some places in the world where children never get the chance to be kids. Whether they’re married off to someone five times their age or torn from their families to be sent to fight in a war they don’t understand, some kids are living much tougher lives than most adults all over our world. Unfortunately, Google might've captured an image like this on their street view. In the screenshot taken above, you can see what looks to be a child carrying a serious gun. Some might say that it’s just a toy; others might say he’s just a tiny man. No matter what the truth is, it still seems unsettling. Even if he's just a kid, why is he having fun playing with such a dangerous weapon? If he's a tiny man, what purpose would he have with such a powerful gun? Whatever the case may be, guns aren’t funny, cool toys, or things to be played with.

6 Creepy Sheep


Every once in a while, Google maps might glitch or give us a distorted image they didn’t mean to. When mapping such a large area, technology is sure to fail at one point or another. We only wish it didn’t look so terrifying like it does with the image of the sheep above! This was taken on a farm in which plenty of sheep live. They're simply running down a path, but the way that some of them are stretched into ghostly shapes is truly terrifying! It’s always unsettling to see a swarm of animals no matter how fluffy and cute they might be. It also seems like a freakishly large number of animals to be all together at once! Animals in large herds like this are just freaky, and seeing them all distorted on Maps is just a reminder of the scary things that Google Maps accidentally captures every once in a while!

5 Hopefully, More Toys

As we’ve already seen on this list, there are some kids in the world who like to play with realistic-looking guns. We shouldn’t be shocked then to see the image we can above. It looks as though it’s a few kids pointing a gun at an adult. Everyone looks normal, so we can probably assume that they’re just playing around and not actually pointing a real gun at these people. No matter what the reality of the situation is, it’s chilling. Why are these kids playing with guns that look so legit, and why are they pointing it right at an adult? There was a young boy shot after playing with a realistic looking gun in a public park. Why would any parent let their kids play with guns in public like this? It could just be a joke for the camera, but either way, it’s a scary picture Google accidentally captured.

4 A Great Spot For A Nap


Everyone has had a rough night in their lives before. The person in the picture above seems to have had the roughest of them all! It’s unclear whether this woman passed out from a rough night or from a serious medical condition, but seeing as how there’s no one helping her, hopefully, she was there on her own terms. Even so, it’s still disturbing that she’d be lying there all alone, especially in a very revealing state. No matter what the case was, this was probably something Google would've been better off not capturing. It doesn’t really make the area look the most inviting. People sleeping on the street is never a good sign, but unfortunately, it's something happening all over the world at all times of the day. Hopefully, this was just a party night gone wrong and not a sign of a more serious state.

3 Not A Great Place To Run

The picture above is a mysterious one. It was taken inside a tunnel on a busy street. You can see what appears to be a person running down the middle. This is certainly not somewhere that people should commonly run, but this runner thought it was a great place to get some exercise in. Cars going both ways would certainly have some trouble seeing a person running in a tunnel around a curve. If the runner moves out of the way, he could be putting himself in traffic in another way. Because of the strange location of this jogger, some have wondered if perhaps he was chasing after the Google car specifically to get on camera. There are others who have an even creepier suggestion. Some believe that this is a ghost captured on camera and that it's seen at the curve every once in a while. What do you think the explanation is?

2 Whose Kids Are These? 


Kids can be really mean. Whether you were the bully or the bullied, you probably have an idea of how brutal elementary students can be to each other. The picture above is no exception. Kids play, fight, and argue all the time. It’s not that surprising to see some kids roughhousing. The way that they’re doing it in the picture above, however, is especially disturbing. They look like adults getting in a drunken fight outside a bar. The way that the two are beating up one on the ground already is disturbing. Where in the world are their parents that they can get away with doing such a nasty thing? Hopefully, their parents will eventually see their kids on street view being such evil bullies. It’s also interesting to think that they didn’t even stop once the Google car pulled up!

1 What Are They Carrying? 

The still taken from Google street view in the photograph above is definitely a suspicious one. Though there could be many explanations as to what’s going on, it looks as though there are two people carrying a body out in a body bag. Even Google blurred the part of what's in the bag that's sticking out! It’s chilling to know that they were doing this in the middle of the day in the middle of the street and that Google was able to capture a picture of it! Since it's so bright out and so easy to see, there are other explanations as to what could be going on. Some say perhaps they knew the Google car was there and that they wanted to prank it. Others think that perhaps they’re helping someone sick get to safety. No matter what it is, it’s definitely scary. What do you think is going on here?

Sources: Google.com/maps


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