15Becoming One with Her Bosom

When it comes to adult sex jokes, they usually fly over kids' heads; that is, until you see them later on as an adult. The love between a man and a woman’s breasts is a special relationship indeed. Master Roshi and Android 18 depicted that in an episode after their ship crash-landed,

skidding across the sand. The two are mashed together, and instead of Master Roshi politely getting off the girl, he practically motorboats her chest all with a smile on his face. It’s not just an in and out thing either; he’s in there for a good five seconds. It isn’t his first offense, too; he’s done many pervy things in the Dragon Ball series. People, for the most part, ignore him or even let him get away with things because he’s just that pathetic character that's just there. Given his behavior in this scene, what he really deserved was a good beating. Hopefully, Android 18 gave it to him.

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