15 Times Dragon Ball Was Totally Inappropriate For Kids

We all love Dragon Ball; it’s easily one of the most loved anime of all time. All you have to do is open up your Facebook feed, and you’re likely to see a least one post or meme about Dragon Ball. That’s where we found the adventures of Goku and, eventually, Dragon Ball Z Super. We love it because there are explosive action and even some emotional moments. The things that make Dragon Ball what it is is the villains like Cell and the terrifying attacks such as the Kamehameha wave. It’s easily one of the most entertaining examples of anime out there.

Despite the fact that it's marketed for children, it has a lot of adult humor in it. Isn’t that the same for most popular children’s shows and cartoons? You don’t typically notice the adult humor until you become an adult and gasp while watching it with your own children. Dragon Ball definitely comes close to crossing the line with its adult humor to the point where you wonder if it should be rated M for Mature. But that’s probably part of what makes Dragon Ball so popular; it's not just children who are watching it.

If you think that you may have missed some of the best jokes, then we've found them for you, and they'll have you smiling in no time.

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15 Becoming One with Her Bosom

When it comes to adult sex jokes, they usually fly over kids' heads; that is, until you see them later on as an adult. The love between a man and a woman’s breasts is a special relationship indeed. Master Roshi and Android 18 depicted that in an episode after their ship crash-landed, skidding across the sand. The two are mashed together, and instead of Master Roshi politely getting off the girl, he practically motorboats her chest all with a smile on his face. It’s not just an in and out thing either; he’s in there for a good five seconds. It isn’t his first offense, too; he’s done many pervy things in the Dragon Ball series. People, for the most part, ignore him or even let him get away with things because he’s just that pathetic character that's just there. Given his behavior in this scene, what he really deserved was a good beating. Hopefully, Android 18 gave it to him.

14 Hitler Appearance

We’re not even sure why Hitler has to make an appearance in any cartoon or feature that has anything to do with children. For the most part, especially in today’s generation, the only people who'll know who Hitler is are adults. It’s often put into cartoons as adult humor because only we can find something funny about a cartoon Hitler. We’re not the only ones who think so either. “I intentionally excluded Japanese Animation from Laser Time’s Adult Jokes in Kids Cartoons episode because A) cultural differences mean different sh!t flies over there and B) the Japanese have always shown more respect to animation, historically treating it like an “Everyone Medium” a la old theatrical shorts and not exclusively for children and Christians. However, when codystovall pointed out that DBZ contains an appearance by none other than HITLER, I absolutely had to see it and you should, too” (Lasertimepodcast).

13 Adult Magazines

Yes, adult magazines were given as a prize -- or more like a bribe -- in Dragon Ball. Master Roshi is clearly on a roll with his inappropriateness on Dragon Ball. He's the King of Perverts; he's made that pretty obvious. He does have some good attributes, like being an amazing fighter. He’s the one who taught Goku the Kamehameha wave, which is his signature move! In this particular episode, he’s beyond that; he’s become a hermit in retirement on his own personal island. We really don’t want to think too hard about what he does on that private island, considering what we know about him. When he meets Krillin, he's determined to win his heart, and the key to that appears to be adult magazines. He uses the magazines as a bribe to him in the hopes that Krillin will be one of his pupils. They work like a charm.

12 Panty Grab

Bulma looks super classy in this photo, doesn’t she? There’s nothing like seeing an anime character with her hands down her panties. And what do you suppose she is doing in there? Krillin is certainly just as shocked as we are about Bulma’s lack of indiscretion. The fact that there are millions of kids around the world who watch the show makes this photo a true head-scratcher. Not all of these scenes are aired, however, because there's a lot of censorship that takes place, and showing a girl touching herself is probably not going to go over well with a lot of parents. The photo is actually pretty awkward, and it does lead the imagination to some dark places. If you love the inappropriateness of the show, then all you have to do is hit up YouTube and search for uncensored international shows.

11 The Beach Scene

It’s not the first time that you'll see a cartoon or anime character dressed a little sluttily. Comic books and anime are certainly full of female characters in outfits that show off their butt and boobs. Maron and Bulma look a lot alike, a weird addition for Dragon Ball Z to have two characters that are almost identical, except Maron is a ton ditzier, while Bulma is seen as a genius. Maron is the one sporting the bathing suit at the beach in this episode. A fight scene occurs because Chi-Chi is just upset at the sight of her. It’s a hostile situation that's actually a little hard to understand at first. Maron actually goes on to date Krillin until he breaks up with her in the end because as stupid as she is, he believes she’s too good for him.

10 A Pleasurable Fight

A pleasurable fight happens between Chi-Chi and Goku in what appears to be foreplay. Goku clearly gets off on wrestling a girl, and that happens a lot in real life as well. We can imagine that Ronda Rousey probably gets excited when she's wrestling her husband to be in training sessions. There’s just something sexy about being overly physical with a man. When Chi-Chi meets Goku for a first date, she's wearing an outfit that screams, “take me, baby!” Chi-Chi tells Goku that she'll do whatever he finds pleasurable, and in his mind, that means to fight. Even though she puckers up for a kiss, he aims to punch her in the face. Weird, right? She dodges his punch, and the two of them get into a fight. Now, that's one heck of a different date. But whatever works for you, right?

9 Wearing Nothing but a Towel

So, when Goku teleports into Bulma’s room, she's just getting out of the shower. He realizes right away that he's not in the right place, and yet, he continues to sit on the bed. Even when Bulma comes in wearing only a towel, Goku continues to sit there. Is he expecting something to happen between the two of them? Definitely an unusual scene for a children’s show, but they played it off pretty innocently. Goku definitely gets what’s coming his way because he gets attacked by both Bulma and Vegeta who are not impressed to find him in their bed. It’s quite an aggressive reaction that includes being shot at with laser, but we suppose that’s probably the kind of reaction you get when you teleport to a girl’s bedroom without her permission. Goku doesn’t seem too concerned about it, though.

8 The Flashing Scene

It's actually pretty shocking how often the anime characters in Dragon Ball take their clothes off. Between Goku fighting nude, Bulma flashing people, and Bulma’s shirt being pulled down, it’s hard to keep up with what’s going on. Bulma sure shocked Master Roshi, who's already pervy, when she flashed him in order to convince him to give her the ball. As a woman, it’s easy to admit that at times, as women, we can do things in order to get our own way, and we get away with them. She clearly forgets that she isn’t even wearing underwear, so when she flashes him, she's giving him the whole show. Weird for a children’s anime, right? As you can see by his reaction, it’s genuinely shocking even though he’s known to be a pervert on the show, so maybe Bulma went a little too far this time.

7 The Middle Finger

There are middle fingers all over Dragon Ball. We've even seen Bulma display that special digit. For such an intense and action-packed show, there are bound to be high emotions and a middle finger here and there. But we do have to remember that this is marketed for children, so it can be confusing at times. The characters such as Goku are the manly-men who have the skills to be fighters, so it’s understandable that they get a little aggressive. These middle fingers come from the Japanese version. However, they have never been allowed on the American shows, for obvious reasons. This scene has Vegeta stealing a Dragon Ball from Krillin while flipping him the bird as well. Recoome has also flipped the bird, though it didn’t end too well for him after he did it to Goku. Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to flip someone the bird.

6 Harassing Girls

Nothing like a little sexual harassment to brighten someone’s day -- at least that’s what Buu thought. Again, it’s probably not teaching great lessons to children, but we don’t think that was clearly the goal behind Dragon Ball. The saga of Buu is one of the more aggressive sagas in Dragon Ball Z. In one episode, Buu sees a very attractive girl whom he wants to spend time with, but he has no idea about normal social cues. He thinks that she's so pretty that he wants to kiss her, and he proceeds to harass her on the street for a kiss. The girl is scared of Buu and constantly rejects him, and he still doesn’t get the hint. He ends up seeing a model on the cover of a magazine and decides that he should look like that model in order to get a kiss from the girl. When that doesn’t work, he decides to turn her into candy and devour her. Wow, right?

5 Mermaid Girlfriend

These adult themes are becoming weirder and weirder by the minute. We wonder what honestly goes through kids' minds when they see these things. In this case, it was Goku who had to prove himself to Master Roshi for all the awesome training he received. Since Roshi is a well-known pervert in the series, Goku knew what kind of gift he would like. He brought Roshi a girlfriend -- yes, that’s right. Some poor girl had to come into the scene and be the old man’s girlfriend. The downside to the gift was that the girl was a mermaid, so she wouldn’t exactly be able to satisfy his needs. Gross, right? Sorry to disappoint you, Roshi. Most people would give up after realizing that there was a tail there, but not Master Roshi; he tried to get her to come in so that he could “learn” more about her anatomy. The offended female gave him a beating he more than deserved.

4 The Naked Goku

Have you noticed that Goku is naked a lot, especially as a child? No, we aren’t talking about those cute little scenes where there's a naked baby in the bathtub. Goku strips down all the time and at a moment’s notice. He doesn’t appear to have any good reason for his random nakedness, aside from the fact that he has no problem fighting while being naked. That’s right. There have been many fight sequences where Goku is naked, and it’s a little disturbing when he’s a young child. “Don’t get the wrong idea here. You cannot look more like a boss than when you're the strongest warrior ever and you fight without any pants” (Amino). If you say so. We suppose we can give him some credit for the fact that nothing stops him from giving a good fight.

3 Lingerie Girl

That's definitely a scantily clad anime cartoon, but no real surprise there, and apparently, the translation of her name is a Japanese abbreviation of lingerie. Well, we guess that sort of makes sense. She's a classic character that's been in the series for a while. Many people may have just assumed she liked wearing lingerie and not that her name literally means "lingerie." Her whole persona as a character is all based on the fact that she's a physically attractive character. But she’s not just all about the looks either; she’s a seriously badass fighter as well. She was one of the competitors in the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament, and she's not only tough but manipulative as well. She makes her opponents believe that she's a damsel in distress, and that’s when she attacks.

2 A Seduction Scene

Dragon Balls are super special; that’s why there's a whole series based on them. The Dragon Balls are ancient artifacts that grant your wishes if you're able to gather them all together. So, obviously, everyone wants them. Why wouldn’t they? It used to take years to find the Dragon Balls, but as the series went on, it became easier. Bulma was fiercely seeking out the Dragon Balls at one point, and she figured she had a foolproof method of getting them all in her grasp. Her game plan was to offer Goku sex in exchange for a Dragon Ball. Yes, before you say anything, it's marketed toward children, as we've said before. The young Goku isn't going to be seduced, however, even when Bulma lifted her skirts. He’s a fighter, and he has better things to do.

1 Inappropriate Touching

The picture pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? We're always taught as children not to touch each other’s private areas and not to allow any adult to do the same. We’re not sure who raised Goku, but apparently, he wasn't taught the ways it's not okay to touch women. But considering he was raised by a pervert like Master Roshi, we guess we can understand how it all came to be. Goku is always touching people’s privates, which is really kind of awkward. At one point in the series, he actually touched Bulma’s crotch and had a meltdown when he realized that she didn't have balls as he did. He wakes up shouting about her lack of balls and just makes a huge scene. She understands his freak out and forgets about the fact that he touched her crotch in the first place.

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