15 Times Celebs Let Their Racist Side Show

Just because people are famous or are celebrities that we read about in all of the best gossip rags doesn’t mean that they’re people that we should look up to. Celebrities come from all over the world

Just because people are famous or are celebrities that we read about in all of the best gossip rags doesn’t mean that they’re people that we should look up to. Celebrities come from all over the world with various backgrounds and widely varying levels of education. Because of this fact, some of these famous actors, singers, and athletes have made jokes in the past that are not so politically correct these days. The definition of racism has grown to be understood more widely over the last dozen decades as racists moved to covert racism from overt displays of racial dominance. The current racial climate of America is fragile after a year filled with news stories of countless police shootings involving innocent, unarmed African-American people.

Entire movements of people have formed that are hoping to close this racial divide and begin to heal this wounded nation. But with issues like the Dakota Access Pipeline continuing to marginalize people of color we have to see that there is a still a long road to be walked to end racial injustice. Learning about which celebrities are working against progress will help us all be a bit more informed which is the only way to incite social change.

But with issues like the Dakota Access Pipeline continuing to marginalize people of color we have to see that there is a still a long road to be walked to end racial injustice. Learning about which celebrities are working against progress will help us all be a bit more informed which is the only way to incite social change.

15 Phil Robertson


The crew featured on Duck Dynasty were living large before Phil Robertson made those racist comments about how everyone was much happier before ‘Civil Rights’. In the January 2013 Phil Robertson was interviewed for GQ, it was in this interview that Robertson made the fated comments. He mentioned that since his family was white trash they were hoeing cotton right alongside African Americans and he claimed that not one of those people was unhappy with their lives. Robertson went further to state that before welfare and entitlement everything was better, African Americans were godly and singing in the fields. These comments blew up in the media, especially after his previous assessment of homosexuals as prostitutes, drunkards, and slanderers.

GLAAD responded immediately to Robertson’s claims about gays and the backlash was even larger after this fateful interview. Almost exactly three years later Robertson welcomed a half-black grandchild into the world. We’re hoping that he’s become a bit less ignorant since 2013.

14 Shaquille O’Neal


At one point Shaquille O’Neal was one of the biggest names in basketball alongside Kobe on the Lakers. When Chinese-born Yao Ming first hit the NBA he was coveted for his immense height, because of this Shaq was asked about him quite a bit. After enough interviews O’Neal thought he’d figured out the perfect answer. Finally, a reporter asked him about Ming, to which O’Neal replied “Tell Yao Ming, 'Ching-chong-yang-wah-ah-soh,'”.

He is mocking the entire Chinese language with his assessment and the quote soon became huge fodder for radio shows, newspapers, and anyone who had a sports media outlet in 2003. O’Neal apologized immediately afterwards and Yao Ming seemed to accept his apology. Shaq cited his desire to be a comedian for the comments, saying that 70% of people think it’s funny. Ming actually stated before the game that he understood Shaq was trying to be funny but a lot of Asian people don’t understand this type of joke in their culture.

13 Sarah Silverman


This shock comedienne Sarah Silverman has been splayed across the tabloids after making various racial comments. In 2001 she used the work “ch*nk” on live television and in 2007 she performed blackface on her Comedy Central sketch show. Looking back Silverman really regrets wearing blackface and said so on a live show with E! Network’s ‘Watch What Happens’ with Andy Cohen. Later at the Toronto Film Festival Silverman spoke about comedy after the tragedy of a young black boy being killed by police in Ferguson.

Silverman stated that racial jokes are no longer OK in a world where we are constantly facing the tragedy of racist murders in our nation. Her attitude towards that type of humor is no longer positive and believes comedians must change with the times. We can all be sure that Silverman will remain a contender in Hollywood, at least on the tabloids, because she always speaks frankly and honestly.

12 Justin Bieber


When he was just 14-years-old Justin Bieber he knew a camera was rolling but still told a very racist joke to friends using the N-word. He also parodied a parody of his own song “One Less Lonely Girl” and replaced the word ‘Girl’ with the N-word. This blatant disregard for the struggle of African Americans in America makes it hard to believe that his big break was from none other than Usher, an African American pop star.

Five years after these videos were filmed they were released to the public and Bieber claims that he did it himself. For all of those years he was extorted and blackmailed about the videos and he decided to own it. He claims that after he filmed the song he went to Will Smith and Usher and told them what he’d done. Following this, Usher immediately took him to a private room to show him videos and teach him about the very real struggle of African Americans.

11 Paris Hilton


Apparently those that are nearby Paris Hilton knows that she freely uses the N-word, at least she did back when Brandon Davis did his bombshell interview with Enquirer. Davis claimed that Hilton constantly uses the N-word and calls everyone by the name despite their racist. He also states that she makes racial jokes about Jewish people and other cultures.

The degenerate drunken partier also claimed that he ditched Hilton as a friend six months prior because her hateful behavior was ‘depressing’. Hilton spoke out immediately that she isn’t ‘like that’ and that anyone who knows her knows that she would never act in that way.

Unfortunately, more racist news came to light as another book was released. This time, in Neil Strauss’ book it was revealed that Hilton said, “Black guys are gross.”

The full quote reads ‘“An actor and I were making out, but then we went somewhere where it was bright and I saw that he was black and made an excuse and left. I can’t stand black guys. I would never touch one.”’

10 Chevy Chase


Everyone thought that having Chevy Chase on NBC comedy Community would do nothing but help the cast, but it turns out that he wasn’t exactly what they expected. Sources say that Chase was upset with the way that his character was going on the show and at one point during his outrage he shouted the N-word in reference to asking whether that would be his next storyline on the show.

Apparently this isn’t the first time that Chase has pissed off his fellow cast, in fact he has a long history of being a total as*hole to anyone and everyone in Hollywood. The outburst led Chase to eventually leave the show and was quoted as saying that joining the cast in the first place was a huge mistake. Community star Joel McHale was interviewed by Howard Stern for his Sirius show the day before the new season (sans Chase) aired. In this interview McHale stated that every time he attempted to talk to Chase about coming back the 69-year-old would attempt to physically fight him.

9 Donald Sterling


This 79-year-old former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers was filmed by his young African-American girlfriend while the pair were having a phone conversation in 2014. In this conversation Sterling said some horrific things about African American people. The entire fight between the couple was started over the fact that his girlfriend had posed with Magic Johnson for a photo on Instagram.

In the recorded conversation Sterling asks the young woman not to bring black people to Clippers games and not to post photos with them on Instagram. The comments were not only unwarranted but also completely racist and offensive. So offensive that they cited commentary from everyone in the media including Donald Trump who called into Fox and Friends and called the behavior unforgivable. NBA President Adam Silver eventually banned Sterling from the National Basketball Association for life, he may not attend games or practices and cannot be at any Clippers facility at any time.

8 Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman


Back in 2007 Duane Chapman, also known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, had a very racist phone conversation with his son where he used the n-word multiple times. It was his own son Tucker who released the voicemail footage to the tabloids for quite a bit of money, maybe because he was so angry with his father. In the 5 minute recording Chapman uses the n-word six times in reference to Tucker’s girlfriend as he urges the young man to break up with her.

In the conversation Chapman even expresses fear that she will record him and sell it to the tabloids. Awkward! Chapman reached out to the public with a respectful apology but many turned their backs on the A&E channel’s most favorite television bounty hunter. He even reached out to Reverend Al Sharpton in hopes of making a public apology.

7 Michael Richards


We all know Michael Richards best for his role as Kramer on the beloved show Seinfeld. Years after the show had been cancelled in 2006 Richards was doing stand up and trying to work on new material when the audience kept heckling him. This was at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, CA; the heckler was African American Kyle Doss. The camera started rolling just as Richards started yelling “F*ck you n****r.”. He went on"You can talk, you can talk, you're brave now motherf**ker. Throw his ass out. He's a ni**er! He's a ni**er! He's a ni**er! A ni**er, look, there's a ni**er!"

After the 3-minute shouting match much of the audience had left in disgust and one man who was the object of the racist insults began yelling back. Richards has since spoken out about how much he regrets the situation but how he has to move on.

6 Donald Trump


One of his main running points in his race for the White House was that he would build a wall between our country and Mexico. In one of his speeches promoting this course of action Trump said “They’re bringing drugs,” he said of Mexican immigrants on the day that he announced his candidacy. “They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

He later claimed that he was getting unfairly treated by the judge in his Trump University claim because the judge was Mexican. There was wide debate over whether or not this second comment was in fact racist at all, to which the president-elect claimed that he did not mean to make any racist claims. Aside from his racism Trump is also a known rapist and sexist who claimed that he could do whatever he want to a women that he found to be beautiful or sexy. Despite his horrific beliefs and behavior, Trump is still the President of the United States.

5 Hulk Hogan


Like some other celebrities on this list, Hulk Hogan has made some blatantly racist comments that use the n-word far too frequently. He was actually secretly taped by his sex partner and her husband for three different encounters, the last of which being the one where he went off about his daughter’s African American boyfriend. In the rant he claims that he likes some black people but if she has to date one why not make him an “8 ft. billionaire”.

Sprinkled throughout this commentary is the use of the always offensive n-word. Hogan was fired from the WWE and eventually completely wiped from every bit of history that they could find on him.

Eventually Hogan sued Gawker for releasing the private footage without his knowledge and he was given over $100 billion in the lawsuit, but believes that he should have received more. Although he’s done multiple interviews attempting to win back the public’s affection it seems that Hogan might have gone too far.

4 Iggy Azalea


As with most stars her age Iggy Azalea takes to Twitter with most of her inner dialogue, a lot of which turns out to be quite racist. Azalea comes from a place with very little diversity, Australia is a continent with its very own racism to deal with. She has started beef with tons of celebs including usually docile Snoop Dogg and fellow rapper Azealia Banks. On her twitter, Azalea has made some harsh and racist comments like “Just saw 5 black men get arrested out the front of Popeye's #damn #stereotypes” and “Is it wrong I feel happy to hear southern accents again & not Mexican ones? F**k it. I am.”.

This paired with her accent that leads us to believe that she’s from Tennessee and not from Australia has rubbed quite a few African American rappers, specifically female ones, all the wrong ways. Despite all of this controversy surrounding her place in hip-hop Azalea continues to win Grammy’s and go gold with her albums.

3 Eric Clapton


In 1976 Eric Clapton got drunk before getting on stage and decided to go on an exceptionally racist rant in front of everyone. He later took back his comments, stating that he was just drunk and was simply against mass immigration. Some of his comments are as follows,

“Do we have any foreigners in the audience tonight? If so, please put up your hands. Wogs I mean, I’m looking at you. Where are you? I’m sorry but some f–king wog…Arab grabbed my wife’s bum, you know? Surely got to be said, yeah this is what all the f–king foreigners and wogs over here are like, just disgusting, that’s just the truth, yeah. So where are you? Well wherever you all are, I think you should all just leave. Not just leave the hall, leave our country. You f–king (indecipherable). I don’t want you here, in the room or in my country.”

This rant was the spark behind the “Rock Against Racism” concert thrown later that year.

2 Paula Deen


Food Network star and Southern queen of butter Paula Deen was chastised in 2013 after a video of her using the n-word was released to the press. The recording came about while Deen’s brother was on trial for racial and sexual discrimination in the workplace. In the tape she refers to African Americans as n*****s and jokes about hiring black waiters at a wedding and dressing them like slaves. To go even farther and make it all worse Deen also made anti-semitic jokes.

Deen was fired from the Food Network and pretty much deleted from food television altogether. To make things even worse two years later a photo of the chef’s son in brownface surfaced and things just got worse regarding her public image. They were posing as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo but the public didn’t respond like the television personalities thought that they would. The image was taken from her Halloween special in 2011. The photo was quickly taken down and Deen fired her social media manager, but she remains on trial from the general public.

1 Mel Gibson


Passions of the Christ director and partial writer Mel Gibson is a known anti-Semite and has been caught in the passion of a racist rant one or two times in Hollywood. He’s also been known to use the racist slurs “w*tback” and “n****r” as well as deeply insulting comments about gay men.

During a 2006 DUI arrest Gibson made a comment about how all wars were started by people of Jewish descent and then went on to sexually harass the female arresting officer calling her “sugar tits” and telling her that he was going to “f*ck her later” because he was the king of Hollywood. When the world thought this was enough from Gibson his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva released a ton of their phone conversations where he is harassing her, admitting to beating her, and even claiming that she would get raped by a pack of n*****s.

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15 Times Celebs Let Their Racist Side Show