15Pudding the Cat Saves His Owner’s Life Just Hours After Being Adopted

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Meet Pudding the cat, 21 pounds of pure feline love who lives in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. After years of being in and out of the local humane society, he finally found a home in 2012 with a woman named Amy Jung and her son, Ethan. Little did the duo know

that the furry new family member that they brought home would literally save one of their lives.

The trouble started after Amy went to bed that night. Amy, who has had diabetes for the majority of her life, suddenly went into a diabetic seizure in her sleep. Sensing trouble, Pudding put on his badass cape and went into action.

Pudding nipped at Amy’s face until she became conscious for long enough to yell out her son’s name. However, she was too quiet for him to hear from his room, so Pudding pounced into his room and jumped around on the bed until Ethan awoke and discovered his mother’s condition. He called for help in time thanks to Pudding, was able to save her life.

Pudding has since been registered as a therapy animal and official badass.

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