15 Things You Won't Believe Celebs Do To Look Fabulous

In Hollywood, not only is it important to have a particular talent, but one must also maintain a fabulous look. This is especially true in the age of social media where every little thing gets posted

In Hollywood, not only is it important to have a particular talent, but one must also maintain a fabulous look. This is especially true in the age of social media where every little thing gets posted immediately to Instagram, Facebook, and You Tube for all the world to see.

If you’re a celebrity, you never know when the next paparazzi is going to pop out from around the corner waiting to get that candid photo for all the magazine covers; or when those adoring fans/stalkers will want another of what has become a never ending sea of selfies with you.

With all of this in mind, celebrities remain on the hunt for ways to keep their level of fabulousness intact and are not shy about trying a myriad of crazy diets, ridiculous skin care regimens, and over the top plastic surgeries. With this in mind, below are 15 things that you won’t believe celebrities do to look fabulous.

15 Nicki Minaj’s Butt Implants


Nicki Minaj is a true self-made success story. From her early times growing up in the bad neighborhoods of Queens, New York, this musical entrepreneur has truly risen above and beyond expectations. The most amazing part of her story is that she did so strictly on her undeniable talents as a wordsmith of all wordsmiths. However, we all know that it can sometimes take a bit more to make it in the sexist music industry; a fact not lost on this girl from NYC. Her solution: ass implants.

According to, “The augmented rear end has a firm but natural feel, about like the feel of a person has who been working out with weights or exercising hard for many years. Moreover, you actually do not sit on the implant because it is placed somewhat higher than the bones on which you actually sit.” Of course, Ms. Minaj has yet to admit any trip under the knife, but even Stevie Wonder can see right through this one!

14 Tom Cruise’s Laser Hair Cap


Next to the Kardashians, there may be no one more vain about hair than Hollywood megastar Tom Cruise. While Cruise contemporaries Bruce Willis and Charlie Sheen have long lost their fashionable manes, the veteran actor of dozens of films over a three-plus decade career seems to have found the fountain of youth in the hair department.

How does Cruise sport the same natural locks from his childhood? It’s known as the laser cap. According to the, “the Hands Free Hair Rejuvenator is a cap that, when placed upon the head of any hair loss suffering man or woman, allegedly penetrates the scalp and stimulates follicular growth.”

Now if only the hair cap can help Cruise move on from Scientology and back to making great movies…

13 Halle Berry’s Coffee Scrub


50-year-old Halle Berry is one of those women who just seems to defy the aging process. Some cite her rigorous exercise routine, or her dedication to a healthy diet that has her getting carded every time she goes to buy booze, but the reality lies in a much simpler method: coffee grounds.

Yes, those little soggy and disgusting grounds that remain at the bottom of that morning cup of coffee. According to Berry, all you have to do is store the grounds in the fridge for a week, add a bit of olive oil and honey and you are ready to smash the foul concoction directly into your skin.

Dr. Susan Bard of Vanguard Dermatology in New York City makes the claim that coffee grounds are wonderful for your skin. She states they are “loaded with antioxidants, which are said to help slow down premature aging.”

12 Megan Fox’s Vinegar Diet


Many people may recognize this brunette bombshell as one of the stars of the “Transformers” franchise where she plays the sexy Mikaela Banes. Others may recognize this brunette bombshell as one of the “former” stars of the “Transformers” after she was canned by the studio for comparing the film’s director to the infamous Adolf Hitler for his harsh directing tactics.

According to Fox News, “Her comments were slammed by the crew of the film, who dubbed her a 'grump of the set,' 'ungracious' and 'unprofessional.'”

While Megan may not be the wisest with her comparisons or the favorite of her coworkers, one thing is for sure, she looks great and she owes her fabulousness to the “Vinegar diet.”

According to, “Apple cider vinegar accelerates the body's ability to break down and derive nutrients from fats and protein efficiently and quickly from the digestive system, which means a faster metabolism and more vitality.”

11 LeBron James Reinvents His Hairline


In recent years, basketball great and all around Cleveland guy LeBron James has accomplished much in the sports world. He won a couple of titles with the Miami Heat and then rehabilitated his good name by coming back to Cleveland to lead his hometown Cavaliers to their first NBA title in the city’s long and painful sports history. But what Michael Jordan’s protégé may best be remembered for is his sudden ability to conquer his receding hairline.

“King James” has of course denied using any kind of hair aid such as “Bigen”, the so called miracle for male pattern baldness which is more akin to a cheap paint job than a method to regrow hair. Will the comeback kid eventually come clean, hmm…?

10 Beyoncé’s Lemonade Cleanse


Bathroom time must be especially fun for this one! Beyoncé, or “Bey” as she is affectionately known to her millions of fans, remains on top of the music charts with such intellectual hits as “Halo”, “Naughty Girl” and “Flawless”. Queen Bey is also on top of the beauty charts with her many exercise regimens and diet plans, but what may take the cake is her practice of ridding her body of all those toxins via the “Lemonade Cleanse”.

Beyonce downs up to twelve glasses of this spicy concoction per day. A drink made up of lemon juice, maple syrup, purified water and cayenne pepper, this has got to be one of the most painful on the list, (especially during elimination time).

9 Gwyneth Paltrow’s Baby Food Diet


Gwyneth Paltrow, the respected thespian is not only famous for providing us with decades of movie entertainment and cultural enlightenment; she has also graced us with her everlasting beauty and svelte figure.

Many have speculated as to how she remains so thin after all these years; now the blond bombshell has finally come out and revealed her secret, baby food. Yes, while others have been wasting their time on all of these trendy exercise machines and vegan diets, Gerber is what has kept things together for the screen siren.

According to WebMD, “All flavors of baby food seem to be fair game, which means your meals can consist of pureed fruits, vegetables, and a few meats, such as turkey, chicken, and beef, with gravy.”

8 Demi Moore’s Blood Sucking Leaches

While Kim Kardashian has proven her dedication to beauty with the bloodletting “Vampire Facelift,” Demi Moore has taken things a step further with her use of “blood sucking leeches.”

As it turns out, Ms. Moore may really be onto something here. According to, “live leeches attach themselves to the target area and draw blood. They release the proteins and peptides that thin blood and prevent clotting, thereby improving circulation and preventing tissue death. The leeches leave behind small, Y-shaped wounds that usually heal without leaving a scar.”

Not only will these leeches keep those nasty spider veins away, they actually offer legitimate medical benefits as well by increasing blood circulation which in turn helps to dissolve any blood clots; the end result is a decrease in cardiovascular disease.

7 Victoria Beckham’s Bird Poo Facials


Victoria Beckham has much to be thankful for; she was born with incredibly good looks, a singing talent that is only rivaled by Britney Spears, and a soccer star/male model husband David Beckham. And while all of that may be well and good, time has a way of moving on.

While Mrs. Beckham can still lay claim to Mr. Beckham and his abs, she is no longer the pop icon she once was, nor is she the young hottie she used to be; enter the bird poo facial.

According to, the Geisha Facial (AKA the Bird Poo facial) "uses traditional and natural Japanese ingredients to soften, brighten and nourish the facial complexion." According to their website, "The most crucial ingredient in these unique facials is uguisu no fun (powdered nightingale droppings)."

At the end of the day, Mrs. Beckham is rubbing bird crap on her face, and she has never looked better…

6 Sandra Bullock’s Hemorrhoid Eye Cream


We love Sandra Bullock. She has made us laugh with Miss Congeniality and she has brought us to tears with heartfelt movies like Hope Floats and The Blind Side.

Bullock is not one of those who we would consider, “the eccentric celebrity” who is constantly making the news with their political stance or how Scientology will save the world, so it comes as a surprise that she makes this list. However, “Sandy” has come out with one of the more outrageous ways to keep her beauty; in order to deal with puffy eyes; she rubs hemorrhoid cream directly under them.

Before you knock it, you may want to try it. According to WebMD, “The active ingredient in most hemorrhoid creams, benzocaine, causes blood vessels to contract, which reduces puffiness.”

5 Harry Styles’ Sheep Placenta Facials


It would be sexist to say that beautiful skin should be reserved for the women of the world, and so to be fair, we must include the ever popular One Direction frontman Harry Styles on our list.

Harry is said to be as passionate about his skin care as he is about swooning all of those impressionable young teens with his suave vocals and tantalizing lyrics, so it comes as no surprise to see that this teen idol is going to the extreme by having sheep placenta smeared all over his face.

Before you run to find the closest toilet in which to hurl your lunch, take a moment to consider the benefits; according to Lancer Dermatology, “placenta is an effective skin-firmer, lifter and hydrator. It also treats acneic skin and that which has been damaged from over-exfoliation.” Harry may just be onto something here.

4 Katie Holmes’ Snail Slime Skin Care


Many people may still only remember Katie Holmes as the ex-wife of megastar and Scientology shill Tom Cruise; however, the former Mrs. Cruise is quite the actress in her own right.

Having starred in a plethora of movies and television shows, Holmes has made her mark on Hollywood and continues to grace beauty product commercials and magazine covers. What’s the secret to her success? Snail slime skin care.

According to the, snail slime skin care is a byproduct of snails who “excrete a thick fluid as a means to protect themselves…As a snail protects itself, the slime that is excreted from its body is packed with nutrients like hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein enzymes, antimicrobial and copper peptides, and proteoglycans.”

If people consider snails a delicacy for eating, then this can’t be all that bad.

3 Meg Ryan’s Cheek Enhancements


There was a time when Meg Ryan was considered “America’s sweetheart.” Her doll-like eyes and innocent persona charmed us in heartwarming classics like When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle; so no one is sure as to why Ryan decided to go under the knife to transform from America’s sweetheart into something more like the creepy clown from the “Saw” franchise.

According to celebrity, “The most obvious thing that she’s had done is some sort of filler or fat transfer to her cheek. It’s definitely too much because the apple of her cheek is too full and too large. When she smiles, all of that filler moves up and makes her eyes look smaller.”

2 Heidi Montag’s Breast enhancements


A few years back, Heidi Montag, the former star of the Ivy League drama The Hills, went under the knife to have breast implants. However, while the average vain Hollywood celeb might opt for a basic size “C”, or even the more adventurous “D” cup, Heidi is not your average vain Hollywood celeb. The girl from Crested Butte, Colorado went big, and when we say big, we mean “F cup” big.

According to, Heidi said "They were so heavy they were falling through the skin... It was just too heavy for my body and I was in pain and uncomfortable all the time."

It wasn’t long before Montag made the decision to reduce her implants to a more manageable size C and is now happy to live with being an average, vain Hollywood celeb.

1 Kim Kardashian’s Vampire Facelift


Many are critical of the Kardashians' success, labeling it as nothing more than good looks and good luck. However, the gang’s leader, Kim Kardashian, has proven her dedication to her craft by getting the bloodletting Vampire Facelift.

According to the New York Daily News, “The Vampire Facelift - trademarked by Alabama doctor Charles Runels draws blood from the patient’s arm with a needle and separates the platelets into a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) using a centrifuge. The plasma is then combined with Restylane or Juvederm, and then injected into the face to stimulate collagen production to create new skin and to remove fine lines and acne scars.”

Any woman who will go through the sacrifice of having her own blood injected into her face is obviously a committed and positive role model for the army of young and impressionable girls who follow her every move.

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