15 Things You Need To Know About The Reptilian Alien Conspiracy

Studies and surveys have shown that 12 million Americans believe that the United States is run by lizard people. Lizard people are reptilians that supposedly rule the entire world. Reptilians are alien creatures that can shape shift into humans and thus fool us that they are one of us. They supposedly keep us prisoners. They feed us poisoned food, make us drink poisoned water and allow us to breathe poisoned air. They make us dumb by getting us hooked on TV and media. Most of us are completely unaware of their existence. And even if we were aware, or if we saw them in their reptilian form, there is nothing we could really do.

If we shared the knowledge of reptilians ruling us with those closest to us (or if we’re brave enough, with the whole world) we would simply be laughed at and labelled as crazy. Because truly, the idea that there are lizard-like people living among us is a bit bizarre. It is even more bizarre to think that prominent politicians, business leaders and royalty are in actual fact reptilian creatures. We might wonder: how can they be reptilian creatures if they seem just like us? Can such evolved creatures really exist in our world? Skeptics don’t think so. They point out that there is no evidence to support the reptilian theory. But then again, if so many people believe in lizard people ruling the world, there must be a grain of truth in it? Or is there?

15 They're Reptilian Humanoids...

Reptilians are said to be reptilian humanoids or lizard people. They are also known as reptoids, reptiloids, saurians or Draconians. Nonetheless, most people use the term “reptilians” or “lizard people” when describing them.

Reptilians are supposedly shape-shifting aliens that look like reptiles and are said to have enormous power on earth. In fact, reptilians have power in every country and have put humans in a prison of sorts. Of course, we as humans don’t even know that we are in prison because the prison we’re in is not a prison of walls. Instead, it’s a prison of country lines which lead to wars and pointless conflict. Plus, reptilians supposedly distract us with media and TV and make us passive and stupid by poisoning our food and air.

14 Reptilian Hierarchy – Full Bloods Vs. Cross Breeds

The conspiracy theorist David Icke says that there is a strict hierarchy between the reptilian creatures. Icke says that there exist two reptilian classes: full bloods and cross breeds. Full bloods know that they are reptilians and can change between their reptilian-like form and human form at will. Although they don’t actually change their form themselves – their human form is the result of vibrations that change the human mind. So you might think you see a human being, but in actual fact the human being is a reptilian. It’s just your mind playing tricks on you.

Cross breeds on the other hand are not aware that they are reptilians. They believe that they are humans. Cross breeds are controlled by full breeds: they are unknowingly forced to push forward the secret agenda known as the New World Order.

13 Eating Blood And Tracing Bloodlines

You might wonder: what do reptilians eat? According to some, they like to snack on human blood. However, reptilians won’t say no to human brains either. They supposedly prefer brains of children because children are not as full of poison as adults are.

Blood can also be used by reptilians to trace their bloodlines. For example, it is generally believed that in 4800BC cross breeds started the civilizations of Egypt, Babylon, and the like. So according to Icke, it is thanks to crossbreeds that humans became civilized.

Icke also says that in those areas from which cross breeds originated (such as Turkey and Iran) there are more people with a rare blood type known as Rh and Rh negative (found in reptilians!)

12 How To Spot A Reptilian

Unfortunately, the man behind the reptilian theory, David Icke, has not revealed how to spot a reptilian that is trying to fool us humans he is one of us. But thankfully, others who believe this conspiracy theory have. So how can you tell if a human being is in actual fact a reptilian? Well, first of all most reptilians have green or hazel eyes that can change color. But some reptilians can also have blue eyes. The most important giveaway is that the eyes are piercing.

Reptilians also tend to have red hair and strange scars on their body. They also have low blood pressure, good sight and hearing, compassion for the fate of mankind, a love for science and space, UFO connections and alien contacts. Reptilians also apparently feel like they don’t belong to the human race and have the ability to disrupt electrical appliances.

11 Did They Come From A Far Away Constellation Or Did They Evolve Right Here?

There are two theories as to where the reptilians come from. Some say that reptilians evolved millions of years ago on planet earth. However, reptilians left the earth after they became masters in intergalactic travel. But then for some reason they eventually returned to planet earth millions of years later and now live among us.

Others say that reptilians originally came from the Draco constellations. Then, thousands of years ago they decided to come to earth and live among humans. However, at some point they either decided themselves or were forced by humans to hide their true identities. Nowadays reptilians supposedly interbreed with humans by altering our DNA.

10 Reptilians Feed Off Humans' Traumatic Experiences And Manipulate Their Emotions

Most people who believe the Reptilian theory also believe that reptilians love causing drama among humans. Reptilians also supposedly love to elicit the feelings of fear from humans. Reptilians use psychic methods to communicate with humans and those who have been abducted by reptilian creatures claim that reptilians love to manipulate human emotions.

This is because reptilian creatures feed on traumatic human experiences. Some reptilians are said to have the ability of implanting false memories upon their victims. These new memories hide the fact that the victims had been abducted by reptilians. Reptilian creatures also have access to the dream world and thus sometimes attack vulnerable humans in the astral world.

9 Reptilians In Mythology

Some people believe that references to reptilians can be found in ancient mythology. For example, in Chinese mythology creatures known as Dragon Kings were said to have the ability to shapeshift into humans whenever they felt like doing so. These creatures sat in chariots that were pulled by celestial dragons.

In Islamic mythology, there exist creatures known as Jinn. They are creatures that look like smokeless fire but who can also turn into snake-like beings. Jinn lived under the same rules as mankind.

Some claim that the reptilians were also mentioned in the Bible. According to these people, the snake mentioned in the Genesis who persuaded Eve to eat the forbidden fruit of knowledge was actually a reptilian.

8 The Man Behind The Reptilian Theory – David Icke

A man named David Icke is behind the reptilian conspiracy theory. Icke is a British conspiracy theorist, writer and lecturer. He has written numerous books on various conspiracy theories including the reptilian conspiracy theory. He also travels the world giving lectures on topics such as the holographic universe, the pseudo moon matrix, and, you guessed it, the reptilian theory.

Icke claims that the human brain is only capable of seeing a limited spectrum of energy. There are thousands of other forms of energy and frequencies around us that we can’t see. And that’s why we don’t see ETs and UFOs, or we see them only temporarily.

Icke claims that secret societies, such as the reptilian society, rule our world. And if anyone finds out about them and attempts to tell the world they are quickly silenced. In fact, Icke believes that JFK was killed because in one of his last speeches he mentioned the secret ruling class.

7 The Queen Is A Shape Shifting Reptilian

David Icke, the man behind the reptilian theory, claims that most of the world’s leaders today are related to reptilians. In fact, they are the descendants of ancient hybrids that were created by reptilian aliens and humans breeding together. These leaders include royal leaders, political leaders and business leaders. And yes, the British royal family, including Queen Elizabeth, are also supposedly shape-shifting lizards. And so is George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Icke swears that he did not just come up with the reptilian theory out of nowhere. He claims he traveled to 50 countries and carried out scrupulous research. He talked to people who “tell of experiences of seeing people, often in positions of power, change from human form to a reptilian form and back again in front of their eyes.”

6 Reptilian Appearance

Reptilians are generally said to be between 6 to 8 feet tall. Of course, the easiest way to recognize them is by their snake-like head. Their skin and eyes are also snake-like. Those who claim they have been abducted by reptilians say that reptilian creatures come in different skin colors, such as brown, red and sometimes even white. Those reptilians whose skin color is white are said to be members of an elite group. Some reptilians also have wings, and this too reveals their rank.

Reptilians have webbed hands with three fingers. They have huge, prey-like claws. Many human victims who have been abducted claim they had discovered scratches all over their body after the encounter. Interestingly, reptilians are often said to wear cloaks or armor.

5 Alien-Reptilian Abductions

Some witnesses who have claimed they were abducted by aliens have mentioned that the aliens who abducted them resembled lizards or reptiles. The most famous case regarding this allegation is the case of Nebraska police officer Herbert Schirmer. Schirmer claimed that when he was doing his patrol rounds in 1967 he saw a flying saucer.

Schirmer was called to attend a hypnosis session during which it was revealed that the aliens that abducted Schirmer looked like reptilians. These alien reptilians supposedly also had a winged serpent emblem on their chests. After the hypnosis session, Schirmer could remember more details about his abduction. He remembered that the reptile alien creatures were rather friendly, had a base on Venus and had the ability to elicit power from electrical power lines.

4 The Reason They're Here

So what are these lizard people doing here on earth? Surely they’d be better off in their own galaxy where they wouldn’t have to hide their true form? Some believe that the reptilians do indeed want to live on their own planet but that they need our gold in order to make the atmosphere of their planet stable. Others say that lizard people simply have a thirst for power and enjoy ruling humans. Finally, there are those who claim that reptilians come from the fourth dimension. They consume negative energy and human feelings of fear and sadness. As such, they need to be present in our world semi-regularly to ensure that there is enough supply of this negative energy. And if there isn’t, they’ll make sure to cause conflict and panic among humans.

3 Reptilians In Modern Literature

References to reptilians can also be found in modern literature. It is believed that serpent-like creatures first appeared in literature in Robert E. Howard’s story The Shadow Kingdom. The story was published in horror fiction pulp magazine Weird Tales in 1929.

Howard described his serpent men as humanoids with the heads of snakes but bodies of men. The serpent men lived underground but had the uncanny ability to imitate human beings. Their mind control powers allowed these creatures to infiltrate the human world.

The writer Clark Ashton Smith later used Howard’s serpent men in his stories. The non-fiction writer Maurice Doreal wrote a pamphlet which he called “Mysteries of the Gobi”. The pamphlet described a serpent race that had the heads of snakes but bodies of men. They could also shapeshift into humans at will.

2 The Reptilian Theory Supports Other Theories

The best thing about the reptilian conspiracy theory is that it supports pretty much all other conspiracy theories. For example if you believe that there is a Satanic cult ruling the world, the founder of the reptilian theory, David Icke, will tell you that it is in fact lizard people practising black magic. Or if you believe in the secret society of the Illuminati, Icke will once more nod his head and say that the Illuminati are just full-blooded reptilians. Or at least, most of them are. Do you believe in quantum mechanics and string theory? Once again, Icke will agree with you that the theory must be true and that the other dimensions that the theory talks about are actually the dimensions from which reptilians come from. That’s pretty handy, isn’t it?

1 Millions Of Americans Believe They're Real... But There's No Evidence

You have to admit, while the reptilian theory is extremely bizarre, it is also very interesting. Not only that, but it is also extremely convincing! In fact, studies and surveys have shown that as many as 12 million Americans believe that the United States (and possibly the world) is run by lizard people. But there is one little problem: there is no evidence at all to support the reptilian theory. But somehow, this lack of evidence has made those who believe in the reptilian theory even more convinced that the world is run by lizard-like creatures. Furthermore, lack of evidence also makes it hard for those who don’t believe in the existence of lizard people to debunk the reptilian theory. Basically, there’s no way to prove the existence of lizard-people. But there is also no way to prove that lizard-people don’t exist. It seems like David Icke was a very smart man.

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