15 Things You Need To Know About The Deep Web

If you thought there were extreme things on the internet, just wait until you hear about the deep web.

There isn’t anyone out there that doesn’t know what the internet is. We really can’t get through a day anymore without using it several times at the very least. We have it on our phones, pads and even watches now. Anyone doing research doesn’t even go to a library anymore because some of the news would be outdated when they arrived. Speaking of news, the internet has made newspapers virtually a thing of the past. Everyone also knows how big the internet is but not a lot of people know about the deep web. That’s another internet that isn’t connected to the regular internet at all.

It’s a very popular place because everything on there is done in complete anonymity. Nothing is tracked or traced and because of that, you can only imagine the type of stuff that goes on there. For that reason, everything that you can’t find on the regular internet because it has been banned can be found on the deep web. It’s as simple as this; if you can imagine it, you will find it in that world and find it quite easily. If you are looking for drugs, weapons, or banned p*rn, it’s the place to go. There are some good uses of it but for the most part, it’s a world filled with illegal activity. Read on because you know you want to know more!

15 It’s Larger Than The Internet

Just because a lot of people have not heard about the deep web does not mean that it doesn’t exist or isn’t real. The fact of the matter is that the deep web is actually far larger than the regular internet that we know and use every day. On the internet that we all use, there is a total of about a billion pages available for browsing. On the deep web, there are over 500 billion pages available to browse through. Those numbers come from 2003 so you can bet that the numbers are far larger today. To get a good perspective of the size difference you can put a grain of rice next to a watermelon. That should give you a pretty decent idea of the difference between the regular internet’s size, compared to the deep web.

It is said that you could not possibly go through and visit every single page that’s available on the regular internet. The same holds true for the deep web though. One person may be able to get through a small fraction of them at best. There just isn’t enough time in life to be able to go through and visit them all.

14 You Can Find Banned Items

The deep web is where people go to find the things that they can’t find on the regular internet. There is never a shortage of things to find there. There are plenty of things there that people like or it wouldn’t even exist. If nobody visits it there is no reason for it to exist right?

Not everything on there is something that you’ll want to come across though. There are plenty of things that you’ll see there that you’ll wish you hadn’t. If you are looking for something obscure you will probably find it on the deep web but you should wear your blinders while visiting sites and looking around on there. Once you see it you can’t unsee it and there is plenty there that you’ll wish you never saw.

If you live in a country that has books that are banned but you really want to read it, the deep web is the perfect place to look for it. If it’s a regularly banned item, chances are pretty good that you’ll find them somewhere on there. You might consider the deep web your favorite neighborhood department store but you don’t even have to get dressed to shop there.

13  You Need Special Software To Access It

Don’t think that you will read this and just go home and turn on your computer and hop onto the deep web for a visit. It just doesn’t work that way. It’s a completely separate entity from the regular internet. Yes you will use your computer for it and you’ll use the regular internet to get what you need, but after that the internet as you know it will cease to exist.

There is only one way to access the deep web. You have to have specially designed software to enter that world. The software is called “The Onion Router” but it’s commonly called “TOR”. The software gives you complete privacy in what you do there and when you see the things that are on there, you’ll understand why that’s a necessity.

When you get on TOR it makes your IP address totally anonymous so nothing you do will be tracked or traced back to you. Again, when you see some of the things you’ll find in there you’ll completely understand why people want to have this precaution put into place. As I said before, if you want something, the chances are good you’ll find it on the deep web, no matter what it is.

12 There’s No Shortage Of Criminal Activity

As you can imagine, since nothing can be traced or tracked on the deep web, there are plenty of things that go on there that would be considered illegal. Some of them are flat out illegal and there is no chance of even considering if it is or not. If it’s illegal you can go with the thought that it’s going to be found on the deep web. That’s why nobody wants to have their movements or actions traced back to them.

One of the more popular businesses on the deep web is the buying and selling of illegal credit cards. It’s a huge business on there and one you’ll probably want to stay away from. Your actions can’t be tracked there but if you use an illegal credit card in real life you can bet that it can be traced back to you unless you are extremely smart and careful.

Some of the best hackers on the planet also offer their services on the deep web. You can pretty much find someone to do anything you want there. It will come at a price obviously but if you want it done you can find someone to do it.

11 You Can't Use Cash Or Debit

Don’t think you’re going to go on there and give someone cash or a credit or debit card for your purchases. There is a reason that everything is done anonymously. They don’t want trails leading back to them and debit and credit cards leave a very long paper and electronic trail. That would make it too easy to find someone who is up to no good. Plus they haven’t invented a way to stick a twenty dollar bill into your computer yet.

Bitcoin was the original currency that was used on the deep web and at this point pretty much everyone knows what that is. Every transaction that happened on the deep web used Bitcoin and it was pretty much exclusive to that world.

Things have changed now and the currency that is currently used is called Coinbase. It’s completely unique and pretty much only used on the deep web so if you are looking to make a few purchases on there, you’ll need to get some.

Recently Ether was added as a second currency that can be used and it’s brought to you by the same company that brought Coinbase to the world. Just like everything else in the world though, both are driven by regular currency.

10 Looking For Some "Mood Alteration" Substances?

The deep web could be considered a superhighway for the drug trade. It’s used every single day around the entire globe for drug sales. Marijuana is another of the more popular business that you’ll find in that world. The biggest company in the world that deals with this area come from the Netherlands.

“The Silk Road” was at one time one of the biggest suppliers of marijuana in that universe. They were a very credible source that made tons of currency either selling weed directly or setting up deals for buyers. Eventually, they were busted and put out of business, opening the door for the Netherlands company to gain control. Chances are pretty good that they are back in business by now using a different name but with everything being anonymous you just can’t be certain. It does bring up the question, however, how were they busted in the first place if everything is anonymous?

Someone obviously knew something and shared it with someone that alerted authorities. That’s the only way it could happen, so be aware, even though things are anonymous, you can still get into trouble.

9 Want Some Weapons?

There are plenty of people out there that have an in-depth knowledge about weapons. This includes all types of weapons including military grade. If these people would happen to be collectors or just want to use them for bad reasons, they know they can’t find them on the regular internet or just walk into Walmart and buy some. You can bet though that it if they have this in-depth knowledge, they do know where they can get what they want. All they have to do is make a visit to the deep web. There they can find anything, and I mean anything, that they want.

Someone that is looking for a rocket launcher or maybe a nice AK-47 needs only to visit the deep web and they will have anything they want right at their fingertips if they can afford it. This fact tells you that all of the discussion about gun control that takes place in public forums is nothing more than a waste of breath. Whatever laws or waiting times are in place don’t make a bit of difference as long as the deep web is around.

8 You Can Buy Things To Connect With The Afterlife

If you sit back and think about anything at all your brain will come up with a ton of stuff. If you think really hard about some of the weirdest things in the world you’ll come up with a lot as well. You will probably not come up with nearly as much as is actually available on the deep web though. Seriously, if you can dream it up, it’s for sale in that world somewhere. You just have to look for it to find it.

The deep web is not only filled with guns, drugs, credit cards and other illegal activities. If you take some time and look hard enough you will find some of the oddest stuff you have ever seen in your life, all right there for you to buy if you want. If you take the time to look, I promise that you won't believe some of what you'll find. If you believe in things that might be able to put you in touch with loved ones from the past, you are in luck. However, there is a lot of fraud that goes on there so be careful in what you might buy, and remember that everything may not always be as it seems.

7 The Program Needed Is Government Sponsored 

Let’s get right to the heart of this section: TOR is sponsored by the government. It wasn’t always that way but that’s the way it stands right now. When it was first made it was built by a nonprofit group. Somehow, eventually the government stepped in and took over the program but the results were not what you might expect. It has grown into what it has today and that leads to more questions than answers. Officially, on the record, TOR is sponsored by The Ford Foundation, the United States Department of State Bureau Of Democracy, Human Rights, And Labor and The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. There are several others that are involved but those are the major players in the equation.

Given these facts, you have to ask yourself how things are really anonymous on the deep web. Or are they just leading you to believe that? All of the illegal activity that transpires on there every single day is going unnoticed by these agencies? How can the government talk about gun control when they are involved with what happens on the deep web? How is this even remotely possible? All of the questions that can be raised by this fact can certainly boggle the mind.

6 It’s Used To Bypass Censorship

Not every country operates like the United States. Here we can do as we want and say what we want within reason. There are plenty of places around the world, however, that don’t operate under the same relaxed laws. Regular citizens and journalists can’t speak freely and they certainly can’t speak the truth to the rest of the world. If they do they are truly risking their life to do so. Censorship is heavier in some countries than others and some governments are very strict and don’t want the rest of the world to know what’s going on.

The deep web is a popular place for journalists to get their truth out to the rest of the world. They can speak freely, but wisely most of them don’t give their real names. China heavily monitors what the press says. They have been known for this for some time now. A journalist there can’t just write an article expressing the truth because there would be severe repercussions for doing so. A lot of them take to the deep web to report what’s really going on there.

Don’t think that the government doesn’t monitor things there. You can bet that at least some of what they know about other countries come from the deep web.

5 Bands Use It For Album Releases

You just never know what you’ll find when exploring the deep web. If you are a music lover you’ll even find album releases on there. It’s not a very good marketing ploy as fans would have to get the special TOR program to be able to access it and many may not be willing to delve into that world to get an album.

Death Grips released an album on there in 2012 called No Love Deep Web but only their hardcore followers who were willing to get on the deep web could get it. In 2014 Aphex Twin also released an album on the deep web that was called SYRO. It was the band’s first release since 2001 and they announced it with a green blimp that flew over London. They also had the band's logo plastered all over New York City for a weekend to let Americans know it was coming.

It just verifies that you can truly find anything you want on the deep web. If you are looking for a new band to follow you just might find it there. Who knows, maybe bands will start selling tickets for shows there eventually. In this crazy world that we live in, it certainly wouldn’t be surprising.

4 You Can Get A Great Fake ID

If you are on the deep web looking for a hitman or some drugs you might also be in the market for a fake ID. It’s another of the more popular businesses there and you won’t have to look far to find a source. If you have the coin to be able to afford it, you can find some of the best in the business to get you exactly what you need. Nothing is free on there just like in the real world but if you have the means, there is pretty much nothing that you can’t do.

When you start to look at some of the prices you may find them a bit on the high end but when you want the best, that’s no time to be cheap. If you want something from the best creators you’ll have to pay a good amount for it but you’ll be assured that it will work for everything you want it to. After all, if you’re in the need of a fake ID, there is probably a good reason for it and you won’t want to take the cheap route and get crap work done.

3 It’s Very Dangerous For Inexperienced Users

If you are going to take a trip to the deep web you need to be very careful. It’s not a place for amateurs to learn where to go and what not to do. It’s not a bad idea to find someone that knows what they are doing and have them show you the ropes. Going on there and randomly clicking away without knowing what you are doing can lead to a major disaster, such as the death of your computer.

Since hackers spend a lot of time on the deep web offering their services, that should tell you that there are also plenty of them who are on there who don’t have the best of intentions. That just goes with the territory. While some are looking to make some money by offering their services to you, there are some who have only malicious intent. They will make links that entice you to click on them but it turns out not how you had hoped. You could immediately download a powerful virus to your system or it could be malware that you don’t even know is there. Until you know what you are doing on there it’s wise to be extremely careful.

2 Athletes May Use It For Illegal Betting

Earlier in this piece, you learned about some of the criminal activity that is on the deep web. You have been warned about the types of humans you will find on there and you may be happy about that or you may be a bit hesitant. After all, if you are looking for something like guns and you find out you can buy them there, you’d be pretty happy. But that’s not the point here. The point here is there is another criminal activity that goes on there quite a lot and that’s game fixing.

Gone are the days when guys wearing creepy hats would hang out in locker rooms hoping to find an athlete that wanted to make some money by throwing a sporting event. Those types aren’t allowed in locker rooms anymore so they had to find another avenue for their crimes. The deep web is the perfect place to set these things up because nothing can be tracked or traced. According to some reports, it happens quite often on there.

So the next time you see your favorite basketball player missing shot after shot when he normally drains them, you have to give that some thought. Is he making money on the side by shaving points? You just never know anymore.

1 There Is No Shortage Of Adult Content

Everyone knows that the internet is filled with p*rn. It has become the go-to place for anyone looking for that. When you learn that the deep web is also filled with p*rn as well it might not be that big of a surprise for you. That is until you learn about what kind of content you can find there.

The regular internet still has limits of what they will allow people to put up or carry out on camera. While there is plenty of styles to choose from, there is plenty of content that is banned.

That’s where the deep web comes in. There you will find all of the stuff that isn’t allowed on the regular internet. Plenty of countries have bans on what can be transmitted or shown on the internet. However, since they can’t control the deep web, there is no telling what you’ll find there. Use your imagination to come up with the worst stuff you can think of and it’s probably on there, and much worse.

There are reports of one guy who has a hidden camera in his sister’s room that he broadcasts live on a daily (and nightly) basis. That’s just a small example of what you might be able to find on there.

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15 Things You Need To Know About The Deep Web