15The Queen Refused To Applaud The Eulogy By Diana’s Brother

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One of the most memorable parts of Diana’s funeral service at Westminster Abbey was the eulogy read out by her younger brother, Earl Spencer. But what many people may not remember about that speech is that everyone–those inside the abbey and the watching world–applauded him; except The Queen, that is.

Diana’s brother always made his feelings about the royal family clear, but his eulogy speech tore into the monarchy in a way that no one expected, and Her Majesty was clearly not amused.

The Princess spent most of her final years hounded by the paparazzi, and her brother hinted that the royal family she married into did nothing to protect her from this. Earl Spencer also repeated throughout his speech that Diana was almost too good for a “royal title” and–perhaps the most scathing of all–he made it clear that his sister’s “blood family” would be the ones to protect her legacy and do what’s best for her.

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