14Diana’s Personal Letters That Predicted Her Own Death

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By the summer of 1997, tensions between Diana and the royal family were at an all-time high. She had divorced Prince Charles a year previously, and despite Charles’ longtime affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles, Diana was painted out to be the outsider, instead of being the victim of a cheating husband

(as most people would have seen it). The rift between her and her former ‘family’ was clearly felt strongly because in the months before her death, Diana wrote two very alarming letters about the fate that awaited her.

Shortly before her death, Diana had apparently written two letters to her close friends (butler Paul Burrell and solicitor Lord Mitchum). The letters stated that Diana believed that her ex-husband, Charles, and the royals were “planning her death” and that the plot would involve “a car accident.” In hindsight, this revelation is haunting beyond belief, but at the time, Diana’s letters would be treated as nothing more than irrational fears. Despite Paul Burrell going public with the letter and her solicitor passing this onto the police, no further action was taken.

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