15 Things You Didn't Know About Male "Swimmers"

A man's reproductive material is an amazing thing. Without it, we’d be lost. It contains all of the vital information necessary for life. The entirety of the evolution of life, and in turn the evoluti

A man's reproductive material is an amazing thing. Without it, we’d be lost. It contains all of the vital information necessary for life. The entirety of the evolution of life, and in turn the evolution of mankind, has revolved around passing on the genetic material contained within a single cell. Men are programmed to deposit their genetic material in as many females as possible. The only reason you exist is because your ancestors were able to pass on their genes. And the only reason you are who you are is because one single cell, containing half your genes, managed to make it to the egg of your mother. It’s enough to make your head spin.

But the truth is that we are discovering more and more about sperm with every passing day. Its effects on women’s brains are just beginning to be understood. It’s even being used in health products such as shampoo and conditioner. Men are trying desperately to protect their swimmers against a host of harmful agents in today’s world. Science is racing to make sure men don't lose their ability to pass on genes and continue life. And one day, we may even use the DNA strands carried by these cells to store data on our computerized devices.

So whether your interest is casual, scientific, or simply an obsession, this list will serve to educate, entertain, and blow your mind on one of the most magical parts of life and the reproductive process. So sit back, relax and allow your mind to be penetrated by these crazy facts.

15 Worldwide Fertility Levels Are Dropping In Men


One of the craziest things about sperm is that it might just be an endangered species. That’s right, men all over the world are suffering from lower and lower sperm counts. Not only that, but the fertility levels and cell motility (the efficacy with which your swimmers make it to the egg) has been reducing steadily over the years. This is an extremely alarming development. Without fertile swimmers, there is no human race. Men all over the world are coming to the crushing realization that they are in fact infertile and are incapable of having children. And this is becoming far too common. A French study found that between 1989 and 2005, sperm count went down from 73.6 million to 49.9 million per milliliter. Not only that but worldwide, one fifth of men have been classified as having low cell counts. This is unprecedented. Abnormal cells are also on the rise, which is classified as slow swimming or double-headed sperm.

14 Exercise Can Improve Your Swimmers

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If you're getting worried about having a low sperm count, don't freak out. There is something you can do to increase your fertility levels and your overall count. And the great thing about it is it's so simple: just work out. That's right, studies have shown that men can increase their swimmer count and quality simply by exercising more. But there's a catch: You have to be working out at least a couple times a week for more than a few hours. Additionally, the minute you stop exercising regularly, your swimmers go back to their original state. So you have to keep it up. Still, for people who are seriously committed to increasing the quality of their sperm, exercise is a surefire way to attain this goal. It works because exercise typically increases men's testosterone level, which in turn has an positive impact on a man's reproductive material.

13 They Made A Gadget That You Can Use To Test Male Fertility At Home


With so much focus on sperm quality and count these days, monitoring your own fertility has become an obsession for many men. These guys are doing everything they can to stay on top of keeping their swimmers in prime condition, and want a way to regularly keep track of their sperm count and quality, in order to see if any changes to their lifestyles have impacted them. A certain company has created an app and a device that you can attach to your smartphone that allows to test your swimmers from the comfort of your own home. The app is called "YO," and it's causing quite a stir. The company behind it, Medical Electronic Systems, has created commercial-grade testing systems in the past, but now they're expanding and marketing to individuals. It comes with a pipette and a vial which helps you load your sample into the device, which clips onto your phone. You have to wait 10-15 minutes for the results, but the app includes a sperm-based trivia game that you can play while you wait. Genius!

12 DNA From A Woman’s Previous Sexual Partners May Affect The Appearance Of Their New Child


One of the most disturbing facts for most men is that a woman's past sexual partners may actually dictate the appearance of their future offspring. Yes, that's right, even if you got a woman pregnant, DNA from her past sexual partners may in fact find a way into your children. That's inescapably strange. Truth be told, the study that released these results were studying fruit flies, and not humans, but still, the implication is that if it can happen with one form of life, it could happen with us as well. Human trials have yet to occur. There have been rumors flying around that this has been happening in humans for hundreds of years, but it was more based on superstition and legend rather than actual science. In addition, longtime animal breeders have also noticed this phenomenon, so it may very well be existent in humans.

11 Swallowing Is Good For Your Health And Mood


This is one myth that's actually true. It's been proven by science that swallowing a man's "milk" is good for you, so now you can convince your girlfriend to swallow with greater ease! Seriously though, male DNA has been shown to help in a variety of ways. First of all, it can act as an anti-depressant. Women who were having sex were studied, and those who were actively absorbing the genetic matter into their bodies (either by not using a condom or by swallowing) were noticeably happier. This leads into the second point, that it can actually lower blood pressure, which could explain happier moods because lower blood pressure is linked with decreased stress levels. In addition, "swallowing" can help you get a good night's sleep. That's because a man's swimmers contain melatonin, a chemical that aids in relaxation and the quality of sleep. Furthermore, it's full of vitamins, nutrients, and proteins. In fact, it contains over 200 different types of protein. It also includes pretty much all the essential vitamins, including a massive dose of Zinc. Zinc works wonders in reversing and preventing the ageing process.

10 You Can Change The Way You Taste


Another myth about that has been confirmed is the theory that you can change the way your stuff tastes based on what you eat. This makes sense, seeing as pretty much everything that goes on in your body can be altered by what you eat. Like they say, diet is everything, and what you choose to consume can make a world of difference when it comes to the consistency and taste of your genetic material. Women all over the world who are self-proclaimed "connoisseurs" can attest to the effect diet has on the taste of it. Typically, girls say that the salty flavour is caused by a diet heavy in meat and fatty foods. Alternatively, a diet heavy in fruit can produce an almost sweet taste. Vegans are supposed to have some of the best tasting sperm around. In order to taste better, focus on eating citrus, bananas, papayas, cinnamon, nutmeg, peppermint, parsley, wheatgrass, and especially celery

9 It's An Ingredient In Many Health And Beauty Products


Rubbing sperm all over your hair and face is something some women consider gross, but at the same time, their health products may contain it and they could have no idea. There is actually a surprisingly wide variety of shampoos, conditioners, and facial creams that contain semen. One of the most popular types that is used contains bull DNA, although horse DNA is also pretty commonly used. While you may have to read the fine print of the shampoo bottles to find out this stunning truth, other providers openly brag about the fact that their product contains semen. Many girls today go out of their way to find products that contain huge amounts of it. Why is this the case? Well, believe it or not, it's actually great for your skin and hair. Although some women will find it hard to believe, a "facial" is actually one of the best things you can do for your face. The reason it's so good for your skin is the same reason it's healthy to swallow - it's full of proteins and vitamins that revitalize your skin.

8 It Changes The Female’s Brain Chemistry


Another crazy fact about this amazing white stuff is the fact that it alters the brain chemistry of females when absorbed or swallowed. Again, this is due to the protein content. One of the 200 proteins it contains has a very unique effect on the female brain. It can actually trick the female brain to ovulate, or in other words, to produce more eggs. In this way, it can make a woman more fertile and more susceptible to getting pregnant. Once the genetic material is absorbed either vaginally or orally, it moves into the bloodstream and up to the hypothalamus of the female brain. Once there, the proteins affect the brain by sending signals to the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland then releases hormones that aid in ovulation. One thing's for sure, one small sperm cell exerts a lot of power once it gets inside the female body.

7 Your Swimmers Can Swim Through Thin Clothing


Sperm cells are very determined little things. Recent research suggest that a man's swimmers can even penetrate through thin clothing. This is leading many people to believe that dry humping might not be so "dry" after all, and there is indeed a risk of pregnancy associated with it. However, it all depends how much clothing is involved. For example, if both partners are wearing jeans, there is no way it is going to swim through those layers and make it to the egg. On the other hand, if there is only one thin layer of clothing separating the swimmers from the vagina, it could very well swim through the tiny holes in the fabric and into the woman. Remember, it only takes one single cell to make it to the egg for you to get pregnant, so although it might feel like the clothing is keeping everything separated and dry, one single cell could swim through without you even feeling it!

6 Scientists Are Planning On Using Genetic Material To Store Data


This is by far one of the craziest things I've ever heard. According to some hopeful researchers, we will be using DNA from male genetic material to back up our data instead of a hard drive. It sounds crazy, but think about it. Consider how much genetic information is held in a single strand of DNA. It's enough information to build an entire living creature, compressed into a microscopic cell. And that is far better than any microchip we have today. Once again, mother nature proves herself to be far more efficient than anything we can create with technology. But how do implement that into a computerized system? Harvard and Johns Hopkins researchers seem to have figured it out.

To put it into perspective, one gram of DNA can encode 455 exabytes. That's half a billion terabytes. DNA is also more space effective, because it can fold over on itself, whereas microchips need to be flat. DNA is also much more resilient to damage than microchips. It can still be readable even if it's been exposed to extreme conditions for thousands of years (just as the scientists who obtained DNA from mummified Egyptian pharaohs). But there are a few problems. It cannot be rewritten, so once you've uploaded your data onto it, it can never be changed. Even so, Sriram Kosuri, a Harvard geneticist, has already used DNA to encode a JavaScript program and a book. Then the DNA was able to read it all back to him. Given its limitations, it would be most suitable for storing archival data, something that humanity desperately needs right now, as we are producing more and more data every year and we have no idea where to put it all.

5  5. New Radiation-Proof Boxers Are Being Sold To Protect Swimmer Quality


In today's world, people are freaking out about radiation caused by WiFi, smartphones, and other random things. We've only been using this technology for a few decades, so there's actually no way to know what the long-term effects will be. There has already been a lot of paranoia about its potential cancer-causing effects, but one of the things that worries a lot of men today is the potential for radiation to destroy their sperm. Who knows, maybe this is the thing that's making men's fertility rates decline in recent years. In any case, a company named "Spartan" is creating underwear designed to protects men's most precious resource. Most men carry their smartphones dangerously close to their privates, and Spartan underwear allows you to do this without the thought that you might never have children gnawing at the back of your mind. The French company has created underwear that features antibacterial silver fibers woven into the cotton to create an anti-radiation field around your privates. They have been proven to block 99% of radiation when tested in the laboratory. You can get your own pair for about $45.

4 They Are Building Microscopic Nanobots Powered By Male DNA


Men's genetic juices are actually being used to inspire a wide variety of new technology, not just data storage. They are also examining the cell's tail and figuring out how to reverse engineer it in order to use to power nanobiotechnology. For those who don't know what nanobiotechnology is, it's basically man-made microscopic robots that could be designed to perform a wide variety of functions within the human body. Nanobiotechnology could be used in the future to "repair" organs and even prolong life expectancy. It's still in the developmental stage, but they could make an appearance soon, and with the addition of tails inspired by male reproductive cells, they could get the "motor" they need to move around the body. Once again, mother nature seems far more efficient than our own creations. These cells are able to turn sugar into lactate in order to power their tails, zooming around at a whopping 5 body lengths per second.

Cornell’s Baker Institute for Animal Health has been studying the potential of these tails for years, and they are very excited about the possibilities. One of the lead researchers, Alex Travis, explains it's potential applications: “Imagine devices the size of blood cells, each holding a chemotherapy drug. If outfitted with this kind of engine, then the devices could make their own energy from sugar in the bloodstream. Using molecular pumps powered by that energy, the devices could kick out that drug cargo at defined rates, and specifically where it’s needed, such as at the site of a solid tumor.”

3 Some Men Have Swimmers That Are Too Powerful


While many men are suffering from poor quality, other men are suffering from the exact opposite problem. Their swimmers are so powerful and fast that the female eggs are completely overwhelmed, and pregnancy cannot occur. The technical term for this is polyspermy, and it completely ruins the egg and any chance of pregnancy. So why do some men have extremely powerful swimmers? There are a number of theories. Some researchers point to the pressures of evolution, where men have been competing with one another for so long that certain men's swimmers have become too powerful for their own good. Also, women have evolved extra defences for their eggs, in order to force men's swimmers to become stronger.

But this evolutionary adaptation may have backfired with certain males completely destroying these evolved defences instead of just barely penetrating them, as they are supposed to. What is supposed to happen is that one cell penetrates the egg, and then the egg throws up barriers to prevent more from penetrating the already fertilized egg. But this new "super sperm" that some men are evolving is destroying these barriers with ease. This is extremely worrying, because we now have a population of men with super swimmers and weak swimmersand neither are able to fertilize the extremely strong defences that women have developed. The super strong cells break through these strong defences with ease, while the weak ones can't even penetrate one egg. There is no middle ground, and this could be a major factor in the rise of infertility levels.

2 It Evolved 600 Million Years Ago


Sperm is one of the oldest evolutionary adaptations of life, and it has been around for 600 million years. And the crazy thing is that it hasn't really changed too much in that period of time. In fact, it has been around since the dawn of animal life on Earth. It is regulated by the Boule gene, which was discovered in humans fairly recently in 2001. This same gene is responsible for male reproductive cell production in every other animal on Earth. Researchers were very surprised that this gene remains unchanged since animal life's common ancestor, a simple blob of a few cells. Usually, sex genes rapidly mutate due to evolutionary pressures. There are hundreds of known sex genes, but only a very small number can be traced to common ancestors. This makes the Boule gene a very interesting and unique gene, and it will no doubt be the subject of much further study, most notably in the field of male birth control.

1 It Is So Hard To Control That It's Impossible To Create A Male Birth Control Pill (Right Now)


These cells have evolved to be extremely resilient to any means of controlling it. That's why there still isn't a male birth control pill. Scientists have been saying that the male birth control is "just around the corner" for years now, and every time they have to come back and admit that their efforts have failed. So why is it so much easier to control women's reproductive systems as opposed to men? With women, there is already a natural phase in their reproductive process when they do not ovulate, which is when they are pregnant. So all you need to do is fool the body into thinking it's pregnant with hormones. With men, there is no such stage, and as such hormonal contraceptives are virtually ineffective.

There are a few other reasons why male birth control hasn't happened yet. For one, big pharma isn't that interested in it because they don't see the potential for profit. Research and development will take many more years and much more money, and there is already a fully functioning contraceptive market, it's just that it's geared towards women. If only one partner needs to be using some form of birth control, then to big pharma it doesn't make sense to invest in both when one form is perfectly functional. Also, men have been traditionally less trusted with birth control, with women feeling like men would lie about whether or not they were on the pill, just so they could have sex without a condom. But if there is an answer to the male birth control pill, chances are it involves the aforementioned Boule gene, the gene present in all animals that is responsible for reproduction.


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15 Things You Didn't Know About Male "Swimmers"