15 Things You Didn't Know About Eminem's "Secret" Daughter

She looked up 'paranoid schizophrenia' and told Dr. Phil it describes her. Or, she just put on an act to get on TV...?

Meet Haley, a 20 year old. She's no stranger to stress, that's for sure. She's nine months pregnant with the baby Jesus. She's been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. She's appeared on American Idol. She's donated a kidney to her brother. Her uncle is Dr. Phil, and her father is famous rapper Eminem.

Now which of the above statements are false? Well just about every single one of them, actually. Which shouldn't come as a shock to any reader here, because this confused young woman was featured on Dr. Phil. It's amazing what some people will say in order to get ratings on television. It's enough to be called "cringe-worthy".

All the same, that doesn't stop Haley (yes I realize she shares the same name as one of Eminem's actual daughters), from going off about her spite of evidence to the contrary. So sit back, and enjoy reading about some extra strange things you might not already have known about this perhaps delusional, attention-seeking young woman who thinks Eminem is her father.

15 She Has Proof Her Dad Is Eminem

So Haley does have one thing in common with one of Eminem's daughters. Her name is Haley. It's a different spelling, but at least she has that. And apparently she even has proof that Eminem is her father. Unfortunately Dr. Phil is in the way of the second photo, but there is a guy who looks not very much like Eminem there. With Haley as a baby. On the left is an actual photo of Eminem with his Hailie. There really is no match. And besides, Haley also thinks that Dr. Phil is her uncle. Of course, if Dr. Phil were Eminem's brother, then there was something very strange about that family. And for sure Eminem would never admit to something like that. Haley has admitted that she was at least wrong about Dr. Phil, but she still doesn't really seem sure. But proof is very relative to her...much like everyone she sees apparently.

14 Her Family Thinks She's Nuts!

First of all, there is no resemblance to Eminem in any of these women. Hands down. Second of all, Haley's sister and mother both think she's gone into a "delusional tailspin". And one can't really blame them for thinking Haley is a bit crazy. After all, this is a girl who thought she, Eminem, Dr. Phil, and Jesus could all be related. Her sister is a bit more direct with how nuts she finds Haley. Her mom, on the other hand, actually just pretended to accept Haley being pregnant, when it was clearly either an obvious lie, or a delusion. I guess I'd struggle too if I was accused of sleeping with Eminem though. I think the above photo really does lay out the attitudes in these women very well. From left to right: Haley is clearly a bit off centre. Her sister simply refuses to accept Haley as anything but nuts. And her mom just can't fathom what's going on.

13 She Claimed To Be Nine Months Pregnant

At the time of one specific episode of Dr. Phil's show, Haley had claimed to be nine months pregnant. That's not insignificant by any means! She even went as far as to say she was due five days from when the show aired. That morning, a T.V. doctor had a nurse take an ultrasound of Haley's abdomen. Of course, as seen in the photo above, there is absolutely nothing to see. By nine months, there should be a fully developed baby filling up about half of that screen. In typical Haley fashion, she denied that the ultrasound was even real, and she even told the doctor to "shove his ultrasound up his ass". Which, let's be honest, is kind of funny. And likely something the producers of the show told Haley to say anyway. One thing you can always count on in reality T.V. - how unrealistically funny it is.

12 She Was Carrying The Baby Jesus!

Oh it should be mentioned that, while Haley was faking a pregnancy on Dr. Phil's show, she claimed that she was carrying a very special child. What child is this? Why the baby Jesus of course. And no, the father of her child wasn't Latino. She actually believed that she was going to give birth to the Christian "saviour of the world". Well...who knows if she actually believed it. She at least adamantly defended this position on the show. She wouldn't trust seven pregnancy tests, nor a pelvic exam, nor even an ultrasound. She was convinced, in spite of all scientific fact, that she was going to be the new mother of Christ. Any church worth their weight in bullsh*t should have picked her up right away! They could have made a killing with her.

11 She's Got A Quick Temper

Alright, so maybe her temper isn't actually as quick as reality T.V. might make it seem. To her credit, Haley had been through therapy, and rehab, and several medications by the point of this incident. She was a small room with several people, being told that she should go back to treatment for a short period of time. Well she of course got upset by this. She did the treatment already, and thought that should be that. Then her mom started in on how she needed it. Well Haley wasn't having that, and made to storm out. But Dr. Phil's staff wouldn't let her leave the room. If I were a paranoid schizophrenic, I would become quite agitated by being trapped in a small room like that, with people I know want to put me away. And of course she lost her mind. She started kicking furniture, almost slugged one of Dr. Phil's guys, and screamed continuously in her mom's face.

10 She Was Born For Harvesting Organs

Haley, as it turns out, has a half brother. I'm not sure if he's from Haley's mother's half, or Eminem's half, but he does actually exist. The relationship between Haley and this half brother must be quite strained though. Why, you might ask? Well Haley has it in her head that she's actually only alive for one reason. And that's for her organs to be harvested for her brother's sake. She claims that she has already had a kidney taken from her, that was donated to her brother. Of course her mother denies this. And she's not alone. Science also denies this. But Haley is quite adamant, and refuses to accept anyone's proof to the contrary. It doesn't help her that whenever someone shows her proof, it's after the fact. If they showed her an active scan of her kidneys (plural), then maybe she'd be forced to accept some truth.

9 She's A Bit Paranoid

A bit paranoid might be putting it mildly. This is a woman who, whenever she enters a room, must check every closet, and crevice to ensure that no one else is there waiting for her. Of course it's not typically the case that someone is, but I guess you never know. Now this could just be a story she's made up to accentuate the paranoid in "paranoid schizophrenic". It's not like she hasn't made up stories before. Of course those stories could actually be delusions, and she could actually have a problem. It's hard to accept that because she's on T.V. with Dr. Phil, but it's possible. And since every time she turns around, it seems someone is trying to put her away, her paranoia is not without some level of justification. So there's at least that.

8 Mom Is Not Helping Things At All

As trying as I'm sure it must be to have a daughter who is as seemingly batty as Haley, her mom is not really helping matter in anyway. She's the exact type of person who figures getting on to Dr. Phil's show will be all she needs to do, and then he'll pay for everything else. And then Haley will be all better. Ultimately I'm pretty sure she's just given up as a mother. That or she's an incredibly privileged brat. Either way, it seems her best solution is to keep sending Haley to this program or that, so she doesn't need to deal with her. The truth of the matter is, if Haley really does have issues (which it seems pretty clear she does) she needs her mother to be on her side. That doesn't mean that mom should say "hey look my little Haley is the mother of Jesus", but it does mean that she has to actually be supportive. I know that, and I don't have 20 years of being a T.V. doctor under my belt.

7 Haley Diagnosed Herself...And She's Not Wrong!

So here's why her family needs to be a bit more attentive, and supportive of Haley. Haley was the first person to say that she suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. This was a claim she made, without being officially diagnosed. She would tell everyone she had been, but it was a self-diagnosis, for sure. Her mom simply decided that Haley was putting on a show. A very extravagant, and committed show...but still a show. Well, it turns out that Haley is not wrong. She is being treated and medicated for paranoid schizophrenia. So how about that mom? And does she even for a second act like she made a mistake, just ripping on Haley for making things up? Nope. So Haley actually has issues that need to be dealt with. Issues beyond being just a compulsive liar.

6 Some Improvement

So yes, there was a time when Haley thought she was the mother of Jesus. And when she thought Eminem was her father. And when she thought Dr. Phil was her uncle. But as dead sure as she was about these things when she first appeared on the show, she has since recanted. That may seem pretty trivial, but that's a pretty big thing for someone who actually suffers from schizophrenia. Of course these decisions flip flop based on what meds she's on, and if she's taking them regularly. But these are still predominantly understandings she now has. She knows, realistically, that these things did not occur. However, as much as she improved in that sense, there have been deeper, and darker discoveries regarding her state of mind.

5 She Hears Voices...

So Haley may have actually made some improvements throughout the number of episodes she's graced with Dr. Phil. She doesn't think she's pregnant anymore. She doesn't think Eminem is her father anymore either. But she is very aware that she hears voices. And that's something completely apart. Now she did mention during her first visit with Dr. Phil that she looked up paranoid schizophrenic, and it described her. It could also just be that she looked it up, and decided to make herself the definition of schizo. After all, she didn't start hearing the voices until after her treatment began. Maybe it's the medication then? Ultimately, she's either very good at faking, isn't faking, or medication is causing her to have psychotic episodes. None of these options are really desirable.

4 She Hears The Voice Of Jesus...Her Baby...

So she's given up on some delusions. But she hears voices now. And there are some generic voices in there, telling her that her mom is out to get her and what not. And really...her mom is ultimately out to get Haley put away, but that's besides the point. There is a pretty important voice that she's hearing in her head. It's her baby! The baby that she already admitted she wasn't really having after all. The baby Jesus! Yes, apparently she hears her baby Jesus talking to her from time to time. What does he say? I'd assume nothing because he's a baby...but he's also Jesus, so there is that. Apparently he assures Haley that he is alive, and doing well. Which is...pretty special. And kind of on the nose for Christianity. Much like the "real" Jesus: a lot of people claimed to see him, but there's not proof, but he still talks to people.

3 Even Her Church Thinks She's Nuts!

So Haley is a good, church-going American...or at least she was. But her church has come out to say that she's nuts. They didn't use those exact words, but they clearly think she's crazy. Why? Ok, yes she did claim to be carrying the baby Jesus inside her. But really how is that too far from anything her church believes? I think it's actually amazing that her church had enough integrity to not use her as a huge publicity stunt. "The girl who carries the second coming of Christ!" They would fill seats in that church faster than you could say "Billy Graham". People go to see statues that cry vegetable oil. If you ask me, I think this church of Haley's missed out on a great business opportunity. Or they have some surprising integrity...or they fail to see the similarity between her story and theirs.

2 How Did She Get Pregnancy Medicaid?

Ok, so Haley's whole deal with Dr. Phil started when she was claiming to be pregnant...with baby Jesus. After seven pregnancy tests, it was pretty clear that she wasn't even in the smallest bit pregnant. But while she can't seem to hold down a job, or move out of her mother's house now that she's an "adult"...she seems perfectly able to get on Medicaid. And what's more, she managed to get pregnancy benefits from Medicaid! I'm not an American, so I'm not fully sure, but don't you have to prove you're pregnant before you start on that policy? Apparently not! And somehow this fact is hardly touched on during the several episode Dr. Phil production that was Haley's life for a while. Could she have been pregnant all along? I mean at the start. Obviously not when the ultrasound came back totally clean nine months later.

1 Knifing The Neighbours!?

Relax. She didn't actually knife the neighbours. Not exactly. But apparently she did pull a knife on her neighbours. Now there is no proof of this, other than Haley's word. And let's face it, her word is about as factual as the beautiful baby Jesus. And Haley has not been charged for threatening anyone with a weapon. But take a close look at the photo above. Look at it for a minute. And after you get past the thought of whether or not you'd sleep with her...ask yourself if you think she's capable of pulling a knife on someone. Considering how she acted when trapped off set when she was dealing with Dr. Phil's assistant, I would not be surprised if she made the news for pulling a knife on mom. After all, her mom is the one who keeps trying to put her away. On the other hand, her mom is also the only one who is financially supporting her in any way (other than Uncle Dr. Phil).

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15 Things You Didn't Know About Eminem's "Secret" Daughter