15 Things We Totally Forgot About Jodi Arias

A lot of us remember Jodi Arias. Her case was one of the most fascinating murder cases over the last few decades. Murder cases involving women who are relatively hot are always rather interesting, but Jodi Arias took it to another level.

She was convicted of murdering Travis Alexander, who was her boyfriend as well as a 30-year-old motivational speaker and insurance salesman. He also was a Mormon. Arias and Alexander were a committed couple at one point, but after around five months together, they split up but still maintained a sexual relationship -- well, at least until she killed him.

Arias was convicted of murder in 2013 and has been sentenced to life in prison since. The case received widespread media attention, much of it because of the fact that both of them were affiliated with the Mormon church, and there was a fair amount of hanky panky involved, but a lot of it was simply because Arias is a very polarizing figure. How could someone be so evil and so crazy?

Well if you don't remember, here are 15 things that you forgot about Jodi Arias.

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15 She May Be a Sociopath

It goes without saying that someone who's been convicted of such a totally awful crime might be a bit of a sociopath, but when it comes to Jodi Arias, it really seems to be something that stands out. Who is she really? Is she a Mormon woman who's kind and chill and is a victim of abuse who was just standing up for herself? Or is she a cold-blooded killer who, after murdering her lover, just made up a bunch of lies to try and get away with things? This is truly what makes things like this so terrifying: there really is no middle ground. Arias is either a total victim who was convicted for no reason, or she's about the most awful person that's ever lived. You decide which one you think is true.

14 She's Worried About Her Weight in Jail

I don't know about you, but if I were in prison, the very last thing that I would be worried about is how much I weighed, but then again, I'm not a sociopathic murderer. There have been numerous reports about how she's worked really hard to keep off the pounds, even skipping dinner because all of the food is so full of carbs. She also has said the food is about average, sort of like hospital food. Wow, really? Who knew? I had no idea that prison food was kind of like the food you can get in hospitals. What a big surprise. This is the kind of thing that lets you know just how messed up Arias actually is. Do any of us really care about this type of thing? We're just glad a murderer is off the streets.

13 She's Trying to Sell Her Drawings From Prison

Here's another sign that someone is totally messed up -- when she's locked up for the rest of her life but still attempts to make money during her incarceration. Hey, Jodi, why don't you just chill out and eat the free food and go away? But no, that's too easy. She has to sell some of her drawings so she can get more things while she's in prison. This is actually something called "murderabilia," and back in the day, it was something that some people used to make a fair amount of money off, dealing in artifacts of murderers. These days, though, that kind of thing is sort of looked down on, so if you want to buy some of her artwork, you're going to have to do so on your own time without any help from me.

12 She and Travis Were Interesting in the Bedroom

One of the reasons that this case got so much attention was because of how kinky these two so-called Mormons were in the bedroom. She was very open to doing all sorts of things with him that one wouldn't expect two people of that religion to do, and this became a hot-button aspect of this case. While what they did wouldn't be all that wild if you were reading erotica, it was enough to get people's attention and enough to cast doubt on whether or not Travis was a nice guy and if he was pressuring her to do things that she didn't want to do in the bedroom. Obviously, even if he wasn't a nice guy, he didn't deserve what ended up happening to him.

11 He Talked Badly About Her

Before the tragic event happened that ended his life, Travis started telling people in his life that he thought Jodi was a sociopath and also that being with her was the worst thing that had ever happened to him in his life. Now, this might seem like some pretty awful things to say about someone, except for the more-than-obvious fact that after he had said all of these things, he ended up dead. Apparently, Travis was onto something. That's the odd thing when someone is a victim of a violent crime -- quite often, the victim says things that later make people realize they should've paid more attention. Of course, no one ever would have suspected that she's as messed up as she actually is.

10 She Staged a Break-In 

While Jodi Arias tried to portray herself at trial as someone who just snapped without any premeditation, one of the things that didn't work out in her favor was the fact that she had staged a break-in at her grandparents' home to take the gun that she ended up using to kill Travis with. When one thinks about it, why would she need to do that if she didn't already have a plan? It seems that every time a woman kills a guy that she's involved with, she always creates some story about how she'd been abused. Of course, sometimes this actually is true, but many times, it's just a woman trying to get away with doing something awful, which seems to be the case in this situation.

9 She Was Given Multiple Diagnoses

After she was arrested, there were many different experts who examined her to try and figure out why she did what she did. While one would think they would all come up with a similar conclusion, nothing could be further from the truth. Some said that she had PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which would explain why she acted the way she did. Others say that she has Borderline Personality Disorder, which would help explain why she had the propensity to kill someone. Others just said that she was anxious or depressed. A lot of times, these court experts are really just hired guns for the defense or the prosecution. It certainly seems as if that was the case in this situation.

8 She Was a Mormon

Arias wasn't born a Mormon, but she became one after she had been in a long relationship with Travis. She got baptized into the Mormon faith just two months after meeting him. While this sounds really sweet and romantic on the surface, the reality of the scene is a little bit different. I mean, come on... wouldn't you think it was a little bit creepy if someone that you just started dating a few months prior wanted to be a part of your religion? There's nothing romantic about that. All it really does is show how incredibly messed up she was and how obsessed she was with Travis. It's too bad he didn't recognize all of this before it was way too late.

7 She Said It Was Self-Defense

After her arrest, she claimed the whole thing was in self-defense and that she was a victim of domestic abuse although there was no history of him being abusive and she had no marks on her from any past incident. As I mentioned in another part of this article, women who are arrested for murder often claim that the person they killed was abusive. And why not? It certainly has worked before. When I say that, I'm certainly not implying that other women who have been acquitted using the same defense are lying. What I'm saying is that if something works for someone else, then why not try it? Good defense attornies are good for a reason, and playing the abused-woman card was pretty much her only chance at going free.

6 She Thought That She Would Be Found Innocent

Despite all of the overwhelming evidence stacked against her, Arias thought that she was going to be found innocent. On the one hand, you might think that this means that she had faith in the fact that the jury would know that she didn't do anything and that there was no way that they would convict her because of that. But the reality is probably something much different. When people are devious, especially if they have Borderline Personality Disorder, which is something that she's been diagnosed as having, then they often think that they can get away with anything -- even murder -- and that everyone will believe their lies and that they can talk themselves out of anything. This seems to be the case with Jodi.

5 She Had Thought About Killing Herself

Of course, if someone is a total wacko like Jodi is, there's always an escape plan. Even though she was sure that she would get away with everything and be found innocent, she also said that she had thought of killing herself before she went on trial. Think about that for a moment. Why would she want to kill herself if she really thought she was innocent? Oh, I know that she had a lot of trauma because she caused her boyfriend's death whether it was self-defense or not, but still, the entire thing really just doesn't add up, not even a little bit. But then again, when it comes to Jodi Arias, none of this really adds up when you think about it. Things usually don't when you're dealing with total psychos.

4 She Lied to the Police

I know that you're a good person and that you would never get in trouble for any reason, but if you do, be smart and don't lie to the police. And, if for some reason you do lie to the police, try and stick to one story. Jodi told so many different stories to the police that there was no doubt they were going to think that she was guilty. It's way better to have one really bad story that you tell to the police than to have three really good ones. That's the thing, though -- with sociopathic types, they often think that they're smarter than anyone else, which is exactly the reason they end up getting busted in the long run. Changing your story when you're talking to the police never pays off in any circumstance.

3 She Posed for Photos

Jodi may be a lot of things, but there's one thing for sure: she certainly wasn't very shy. There were a lot of extremely racy photos of Jodi found on the camera of her victim after his death. This doesn't mean a whole lot as far as the case goes, but it does call into question how much the two were really into Mormonism and also how abused she really was if she was posing for photos of this type right before a murder went down. Maybe, someday, some of these photos will see the light of day, but when you think about it, would you really want to see them anyway? How hot could something like this actually be when you know that it all went down right before such a violent act?

2 She Was a Stalker

It appeared that after Travis had broken up with Jodi, she stalked him quite a bit. One thing that happened was that his tires were slashed numerous times. It was never proven that it was her, but the fact that he broke up with her then had his tires slashed a bunch of times then wound up dead sure makes it look that way. She obviously was pretty upset with him and was going to let him know it in any way that she could. Guys, let this be a lesson to you. While it might seem to be kind of fun to hang out with a crazy chick, it always comes back to bite you in the end. Nothing in this life's for free, and if you think you can have a passionate relationship with a crazy chick and just walk away from it, you're totally wrong.

1 They Hooked up Anyway

Even though I've already detailed all sorts of things about how nuts she is, the two of them still hooked up again even after he had broken up with her. Now, I'm not saying it's his fault that any of this happened, but once again, crazy chicks are crazy for a reason. Sure, they often are pretty good in bed, and yes, hanging out with someone that causes a lot of adrenaline rushes can be fun. Even fights can be fun with a crazy chick because making up can be so good. But still, if you find yourself hanging out with a lunatic, whether it be male or female, and you manage to break up with them, don't let that person back into your life. Sometimes, it just isn't worth it. Run while you can.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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