14Her Leaked Prison Diary and Partner List

As if Amanda Knox wasn't having a hard enough time already, while she was in prison, some of her most private thoughts were leaked to the public. Of course, she obviously had much bigger things to worry about at the time, but it was still very difficult for her. To

have everyone think you're a vicious killer and then have your list of sex partners revealed on top of that would be utterly humiliating. And it clearly didn't help her case. The journal she kept in prison somehow got leaked to the press after prison guards asked her to make a list of all of the men she had slept with. They told her she needed to provide it to them because she had H.I.V., which she didn't. This was another low blow; Amanda was in prison for the murder of someone close to her, thought she had a life-threatening disease for which there is no cure, and had her most private and intimate feelings made into a spectacle for the world to gawk at.

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