13She Had Only Been Dating Raffaele Sollecito For 7 Days When The Murder Took Place

As the details of Meredith Kercher's murder began to come out, the public began to see Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito as one entity. He was described over and over again as her boyfriend, which implies much more of a relationship than they actually had. At the time of the

murder, Amanda and Raffaele had been dating for just seven days, one week. They hardly knew one another, and this fact makes the likelihood of their guilt in the murder much less. If one is going to commit murder, one would probably not choose a partner in crime that one's only known for such a short period of time. The two were both tried, convicted, and later acquitted together, and because of this, the world will probably always see them as one, even though they've not dated since then (and thus were only a couple for one week out of the last decade). Both Amanda and Raffaele wish to be seen separately -- from each other and from this case.

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