14 Things We Totally Forgot About Amanda Knox

It's been 10 years since the name "Amanda Knox" became infamous as a sex-crazed, drug-fueled wild child who was suspected of brutally murdering her British roommate at their flat in Perugia, Italy. A decade has gone by, and in that time, there have been multiple trials and verdicts, and the controversy regarding this young American woman rages on, even today. In fact, opinions on whether or not Amanda Knox really did kill Meredith Kercher seem to be divided by an ocean; for the most part, there seem to be opposite opinions on opposite sides of the Atlantic. In Europe, people seem to predominantly feel that she's guilty, while in the United States, most people feel that she's innocent. And in the medieval hilltop town of Perugia where the crime occurred, the residents hardly even entertain the possibility that the American girl didn't do it, spouting stereotypes of white American women, like that they "always blame the black guy." In this case, the "black guy" was Rudy Guede, who was in the apartment the night of the murder and who's been sentenced to 16 years in prison for the crime.

The recent release of the documentary Amanda Knox on Netflix has brought her into the spotlight once again. In the first moments of the film, Amanda speaks directly to the camera and to the people who both believe her wholeheartedly and those who never will, no matter what she says. She spoke the most powerful words of the film when she said, "Either I'm a psychopath in sheep's clothing or I'm you." By this, she means that as a young, pretty, and otherwise normal woman, no one would ever think she could be capable of murder. She means that she's either guilty despite what people see or that she's innocent, and that her ordeal could happen to any one of us just as easily.

The so-called "she-devil" who also earned the nickname "Foxy Knoxy" has spent the last 10 years of her life in trial, both literally and figuratively. Now, it's all over, and because of how the media chose to portray her, she'll live on in infamy as the possible killer of Meredith Kercher. Whether or not you believe that she's innocent, there's no denying that her case is fascinating in many ways. But to move past her story and the murder trial that's so familiar now, let's take a look at the things about Amanda Knox that we forgot, all of the details that got overshadowed by those things we do remember. Here are 14 things that the world forgot about Amanda Knox.

14 Her Leaked Prison Diary and Partner List

As if Amanda Knox wasn't having a hard enough time already, while she was in prison, some of her most private thoughts were leaked to the public. Of course, she obviously had much bigger things to worry about at the time, but it was still very difficult for her. To have everyone think you're a vicious killer and then have your list of sex partners revealed on top of that would be utterly humiliating. And it clearly didn't help her case. The journal she kept in prison somehow got leaked to the press after prison guards asked her to make a list of all of the men she had slept with. They told her she needed to provide it to them because she had H.I.V., which she didn't. This was another low blow; Amanda was in prison for the murder of someone close to her, thought she had a life-threatening disease for which there is no cure, and had her most private and intimate feelings made into a spectacle for the world to gawk at.

13 She Had Only Been Dating Raffaele Sollecito For 7 Days When The Murder Took Place

As the details of Meredith Kercher's murder began to come out, the public began to see Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito as one entity. He was described over and over again as her boyfriend, which implies much more of a relationship than they actually had. At the time of the murder, Amanda and Raffaele had been dating for just seven days, one week. They hardly knew one another, and this fact makes the likelihood of their guilt in the murder much less. If one is going to commit murder, one would probably not choose a partner in crime that one's only known for such a short period of time. The two were both tried, convicted, and later acquitted together, and because of this, the world will probably always see them as one, even though they've not dated since then (and thus were only a couple for one week out of the last decade). Both Amanda and Raffaele wish to be seen separately -- from each other and from this case.

12 She Could've Fled Perugia But Chose To Stay

Hindsight is 20/20, as they say, and looking back now, Amanda's decision to stick around Perugia instead of flying home to America right away seems almost foolish. Before she was arrested, she could've easily left the country, but she chose to stay to "help" with the investigation. If she truly is innocent, this makes sense. But little did she know that innocent or not, she would soon become internationally infamous for her friend's murder and spend four years behind bars in Italy. When Amanda called her mother after Meredith's body had been discovered, Edda Mellas asked her if she wanted to come home, but her daughter made a decision that she would later come to regret, one that would affect her and her family's lives forever.

11 She Worked As a Bartender In Italy

Amanda Knox was living in Perugia, Italy as a study-abroad student. She also held a part-time job, working as a bartender at a little place called "Le Chic." It was owned by a Congolese man named "Patrick Lumumba," who would come to play a role in the murder mystery as well after Amanda falsely accused him of the murder and he spent 13 days in jail. Amanda had been scheduled to work a shift the night of the murder, but she received a text from Lumumba saying she didn't need to come in. She received the text at 8:18 PM, and turned her phone off at 8:35 PM. Her whereabouts that night and during the murder would play a huge part in her murder trial. Lumumba feels that she falsely accused him because he wanted to fire her. He said in an interview, "She just kept flirting and chatting up my clients at the bar, and I thought that it was not appropriate."

10 She Was Found Guilty... Twice

In the end, both Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were cleared of murdering Meredith Kercher. But it was a long road to get to that point. Before their 2015 acquittal, the co-defendants were found guilty in December 2009, and they were sentenced to 25 and 26 years in prison, respectively. In October of 2011, they were cleared of the murder conviction after the appeals courts found that much of the DNA evidence used against them was unreliable. But the next March, that acquittal was overturned, and the two were back on trial in September 2013. In January 2014, the courts decided to uphold the murder conviction for them both, and Amanda and Raffaele were both sent back to prison. Finally, in March 2015, Italy's highest appeals court annulled their convictions for good. It has been over ever since, but many people think it shouldn't be, because they were, after all, found guilty not just once, but twice.

9 She Got The Lesbian Experience In Prison

Prison changes people, and after spending four years in an Italian prison, Amanda Knox learned quite a bit. Made clear by the fact that she had a boyfriend at the time of the murder and because she has a history of being a bit promiscuous with men, Amanda isn't a lesbian. However, the lines of sexuality are often blurred in prison when a person only has access to people of the same sex, and that's what happened in Amanda's case with a fellow inmate named "Leny." Amanda opened up about the relationship in several interviews after her release from prison. Many women behind bars identify as heterosexual but become "gay for the stay," meaning gay while incarcerated. Amanda wasn't romantically attracted to Leny although the two did share a kiss and many heartfelt moments together, and Leny pursued her relentlessly until Amanda told her they could no longer be friends.

8 She Exhibited Bizarre Behavior In The Days After The Murder

Amanda Knox acted very strangely after her roommate was discovered dead on the floor of her bedroom, and many people thought this was evidence that she had, in fact, killed Meredith -- or at least that her behavior should be taken into consideration when naming her as a suspect. She's said to have done cartwheels and the splits while waiting at the police station, which is admittedly weird. Amanda owned up to doing the splits, but not the cartwheels. She was also spotted shortly after the murder in a lingerie store, kissing Raffaele passionately. According to Amanda, the reasons behind the bizarre behavior are simply that she was under an exorbitant amount of stress, had been interrogated for hours, and was reacting to all of those things. She said that even Raffaele thought she was having a breakdown.

7 She Had Literally No Motive

It may surprise even those who are very familiar with her case to know that Amanda Knox had literally no reason to kill her roommate and friend, Meredith Kercher. They argued occasionally, like usual roommates do, but that's the extent of it. In every murder, investigators look for a motive because it's something that can be used to determine the culprit. But other than a few random and typical fights between the two young women, there's nothing there that points to why Amanda would want Meredith dead. And even if she did, there's nothing in her life to suggest that she's the kind of heartless person that would take a disagreement that far. The only "motive" that anyone could think of was the sex game that Amanda and Raffaele supposedly wanted her to play. Knowing what we know about Meredith, it doesn't seem like she would be into that, though, and Amanda would've known not to even bother. So, that leaves zero motive.

6 She Got In Trouble For Slandering The Italian Police

We can't say we blame her for this one. If she is truly innocent, talking badly about those who had imprisoned her would not be far-fetched. When she accused the police of mistreating her just after Meredith's body had been discovered, she alleged that they slapped her, yelled at her, and threatened her. She also said that they coerced her into falsely accusing Patrick Lumumba. These claims weren't appreciated by the police, who then proceeded to sue her for what they deemed slanderous accusations. But Amanda won in court on those charges and was acquitted of slander.

5 Innocent Photos Were Manipulated to Make Her Look Guilty

Whether or not Amanda Knox is guilty of murdering her roommate Meredith Kercher, she sure had a lot working against her. Daily Mail journalist Nick Pisa readily admitted in interviews that journalists at the time sought out images from Amanda's social media with the intention of making her appear more crazy, dangerous, and like a sex freak. Already being accused of the murder that was supposedly a "sex game gone wrong," reporters got photos and information from her Myspace account to enhance their portrayal of her in a certain light. Her Myspace name "Foxy Knoxy" really caught on when it was broadcast in the news. Photos, such as the one of Amanda posing with a machine gun and one of Raffaele dressed as a mummy with a meat cleaver, were published side by side in newspapers and online for this reason. Clearly taken out of context, their image took a nosedive after they appeared to be two dumb kids who thought murder was a joke.

4 Her Looks Worked Against Her

By most standards, Amanda Knox is an average-looking woman, normal in every way, both physically and otherwise. Like most women, when she gets all dolled up, she looks very pretty. Her looks are definitely not those of your typical cold-blooded murderer, and the fact that she's attractive actually worked against her because it gave the press fuel to turn her ordeal into something more than it was. Because it was so shocking that a pretty young woman was at the center of such a huge, international murder case, the reporters were like sharks who smelled blood or vultures circling their prey. They knew that Amanda's story -- especially because of her looks -- was gold. And they were right. Daily Mail writer Nick Pisa was very open about this fact, and he described the thrill of a story such as Amanda's like this: "To see your name on the front page with a great story that everyone's talking about... it's just like this fantastic buzz. It's like having sex or something." And as countless news outlets have made the case for throughout the years, Amanda's only crime was being young, pretty, and female.

3 Meredith's Family Still Doesn't Believe She's Innocent

Even after 10 years and the fact that Amanda Knox's case has been litigated to death with the final result of an acquittal, Meredith Kercher's family still doesn't accept her innocence. They were quoted as being very "bitter" after the 2015 acquittal of Amanda and Raffaele Sollecito. By this time, their daughter had been gone for seven and a half years, and so much had been made of the Amanda Knox case that they felt as if Meredith, the real victim, had been forgotten in lieu of the spectacle that was the case. The Kercher family's never-ending nightmare continued with the release of Netflix's documentary this fall, which they found unnecessary and one-sided, and they've declared that they refuse to watch it. They still believe Amanda and Raffaele played a part in Meredith's death, and the family probably always will.

2 She Confessed

Many people forget that actually, Amanda Knox confessed to the murder of Meredith Kercher. Having spent a decade fighting this legal battle, it's easy to forget this fact because according to everything else she's said about that fateful night, she's innocent. Yet her confession directly contradicts that. In the days following the murder, Amanda was put under intense pressure by the Italian police, and she's far from the first innocent person to make a false confession under duress. Subjected to extreme intimidation, Amanda said in one interview, "They lied to me, shouted at me, threatened me; they slapped me on the head twice. They told me that I would never again see my family if I could not remember what happened to Meredith that night." Additionally, Amanda was provided no lawyer or interpreter at the time and spoke only basic Italian.

1 She and Meredith Were Known To Fight

During Amanda Knox's trial, the prosecution claimed that she and her flatmate, Meredith Kercher, were fighting over various things in the weeks before her death. It was reported that Amanda and Meredith argued over boys, cleaning their flat, and other typical roommate issues. Thus, the prosecution tried to paint the picture that this was the motive for murder, even though it was Meredith who had the complaints about Amanda and not the other way around. Allegedly, Meredith wasn't happy that Amanda brought strangers home, frequently skipped her turn cleaning the bathroom, and that she was generally disrespectful. Meredith was also not happy that Amanda kept condoms and a vibrator in their home. Their other roommate, Fiorella Romanelli, confirmed this. But then, the prosecution took things to a new level and accused Amanda and Raffaele of something else they had allegedly fought about -- forcing Meredith into playing a sex game the night she was murdered and that when she refused, they killed her.

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