15 Things Tom Cruise Would Never Tell Us About Scientology

His status as top action star might have fallen off a bit in recent years, but make no mistake about it - Thomas Cruise Mapother IV is still a tour de force in Hollywood. Since his first ever roles in movies like Endless Love and Taps, his star has steadily risen and risen to the point where just about every single movie goer has seen at least one Tom Cruise movie in their lifetime and certainly all of us have heard that he is a member of the Church of Scientology.

It does seem like an odd choice for a guy who as a teenager was going to a Franciscan seminary and wanted to be a Priest. But instead of becoming a holy father, Cruise of course became Hollywood royalty and ascribes a lot of his success to the work he's done with Scientology, notwithstanding curing him of his dyslexia.

It's a symbiotic relationship, he's a big successful actor who is a Scientologist, and the Church has placed some of its members all over Cruise’s life. To hear some, like Leah Remini tell it, there is not a member of his staff who is not a Scientologist. Clearly with all of that line of support, he would never want you to read this list - 15 Things Tom Cruise Would Never Tell Us About Scientology

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15 L. Ron Kidnapped His Daughter


For those of you who don't know, the Church of Scientology was founded and created by a science fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard. His vivid imaginations gave the world the self help book Dianetics, of which most of Scientology is based on. His second wife, Sara Northrup helped Hubbard with a lot of the book which he dubbed, “the science of mental health.

But their’s was not a happy, stable, loving marriage. During one such more-than-heated argument, Northrop tries to put her foot down and told LRH to get some psychiatric help or she was leaving for good. L. Ron thought it would be a good idea to leave and kidnap his own daughter instead.

For good measure, he also supposedly decided to tell Northrop that he had chopped their daughter Alexis up into little bits and dumped her in the ocean. The benevolent creator of Scientology would eventually call back to let his wife know that their daughter was fine. Clearly, wife no. 2 and Alexis had left the Church.

14 They Don’t Believe In Mental Illness


A few years back, Tom had some cross words for former teen heartbreaker, Brooke Shields. The former model released a book detailing her struggles with postpartum depression. Down Came The Rain details those struggles and her use of antidepressants to help her cope. For some strange reason, Mr. Scientology himself felt compelled to comment, calling her use of antidepressants “irresponsible.”

That is because the Church has a stance and belief on mental illness. Dianetics is all about the perceived science of mental health, and as far as the Church is concerned, the use of narcotics simply won't help at all. Cruise said that the use of antidepressants was merely to cope and didn't really cure anything.

The Church isn't just anti-antidepressants, according to scientology.org, medication for mental health issues as well as psychiatry in general is all “a hoax…there is categorically no evidence that diseases such drugs claim to treat even exist,” basically attempting to discredit any and all scientific research.

13 They Have Been Accused Of Human Trafficking


When most people hear the phrase Human Trafficking, we think about the ungodly and evil practice of people being sold into any all kinds of slavery all across the globe, usually the worst cases are young girls being taken from their home countries, sometimes right in their own home country and sold as sex slaves for anyone to purchase.

Thankfully, it doesn't seem that the Church of Scientology is into those levels of depravity. But that doesn't mean they aren't being and haven't been investigated for other seedy items that do fall under the federal laws of Human Trafficking. The laws also apply to slave labor, as well as imprisonment, and psychological abuse; the trifecta of what the Church does, according to detractors and former members.

According to an article in the Telegraph, the FBI had interviewed defectors of the Church in regards to what the leaders do to control their members’ lives and Scientology’s attempts to track down members who do finally break away. Even the head of the Church, David Miscavige’s own father, Rob Miscavige had to escape from one of the Church’s compounds, as he spoke about his experiences on Joe Rogan’s podcast from April 18th.

12 The Church Spied On Nicole Kidman


While there are plenty of entries on this list Tom Cruise wouldn't want people to know because he wouldn't want people to associate him with such torrid acts, there are several entries that are tied directly to him and his personal life. First up, his relationship with second wife, the Aussie bombshell, Nicole Kidman.

In the documentary, Going Clear, former Church exec, Mark Rathbun stated he was instructed to facilitate Cruise and Kidman’s breakup. In fact, according to some, Cruise was the person who suggested that she be wiretapped. Since the divorce, she has stated that she does not want her children with him to be raised as Scientologists, although she is reluctant to speak about the Church.

This all stems from the Church believing that Nicole was trying to pull Tom away from Scientology, and considering her dad was a psychologist, and psychologists and psychiatrists are seen as huge enemies of Scientology. This combination would make her a pretty big “wog,” or enemy of Scientology.

11 Michelle Miscavige Missing Since 2006


If your wife or significant other hasn't been seen in public for over ten years, eyebrows might be a little more than raised as to their whereabouts. Even most celebrities and people of power would be questioned thoroughly by local and possibly federal law enforcement for days on end looking for the missing person.

Not so for the “queen of Scientology,” Michelle ‘Shelly’ Miscavige. She had been the person who set up Tom with Katie Holmes in the first place and you'd think she'd be at their wedding, especially when hubby was the best man. But she was not seen at all during the three day event. She hasn't been seen since mid-2007. Some think she is being held captive at the compound in California.

Leah Remini, former member now the Church’s greatest enemy filed a missing person’s report but it has been dismissed, and obviously the Church has stated Remini’s claim is a desperate publicity stunt, but still no sign of Shelly Miscavige anywhere in the world, and still no one has come forth to show us that she's fine and Remini is wrong.

10 Charles Manson Thought Scientology Was Too Crazy


Back in the sixties and seventies, it seemed like all kinds of movements were either forming or finding new audiences. From New Age religions to Hippies, and Civil Rights; history will teach us that seemingly no stone was left unturned and these decades post-World War II and suburban expansion were decades of introspection and transcendence. There were plenty of people trying to “find themselves,” and seemingly there was some group to find yourself in no matter your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Scientology was no different, it began in 1954 and has grown since. L. Ron Hubbard wrote Dianetics and the rest is history. Today, more and more people are interested in the Church and their dealings, if for no other reason to than to try and understand why megastars like Tom Cruise are all about the religion.

But like any movement, Scientology isn’t for everyone. Surely you might want to question a group that even the most notorious psychopath in American history thought was a little too much for him. Charles Manson himself took a few Scientology courses before deciding the Church wasn’t for him. The most famous, infamous, derided, beloved, studied cultist and killer in American history decided that this group of people was too crazy even for him.

9 Creation Story


It was seen on the now infamous South Park episode, “Trapped In The Closet,” and it has since been confirmed that no, Trey Parker and Matt Stone were not lying or exaggerating one bit. Scientologists actually believe the creation story as depicted in that episode. Like many aspects of the religion, it was a closely guarded secret for many years.

More or less, according to L. Ron Hubbard, 75 million years ago, intergalactic warlord Xenu, with the help of psychiatrists loaded a bunch of people on planes and dropped them into volcanoes. Our souls (Thetans) were than smattered across the galaxy. The souls that survived were then shown videos to brainwash us and confuse us with regards to other world religions, and only Scientologists who have been trained to remove these bad and implanted memories can become “clear.”

Plenty of religions have their creation stories, but this is one has been denounced by detractors over the years, but while the stories of Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, and other ancient religious figures have endured as fact, or at the very least folklore, the Xenu story is one that is not held in high regard at all and one that closely guarded and seldom mentioned by the church.

8 The Mystery Of Katie Holmes


With a 16 year age gap, and seemingly nothing in common other than they were both actors, it seemed pretty odd that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had gotten together at all. But then things got even weirder to outsiders. The chair jumping and the whirlwind romance pales in comparison to the notion that the Church had interviewed dozens of actresses who thought they were auditioning for a part in a film, not in Cruise’s life.

But the pair married, she converted and for six years seemed happy, Tom even referred to her as Kate in interviews to show a sort of intimacy. However rumors always persisted (at least on certain late night shows and Family Guy) that she was held captive by the Church and more importantly by Tom; these rumors were unfounded and generally played up for humor.

However their divorce proceedings brought the rumors back to the forefront, when she felt that she was in fact being tailed by Scientology “goons.” Their divorce was finalized real quickly; she went back to her own catholic church and has full custody for their daughter, Suri. She also hasn’t spoken much about her time with Cruise, but there are some who think she starred in the bipolar love story, Touched With Fire in 2015 as a huge “FU” to the Church.

7 It's Not A Worldwide Recognized Religion


Out of all of the religions the world, no matter how tenuous and tedious relationships between followers might be, they at least acknowledge the religiosity of another’s religion. After all, belief in something more is one of humanity’s most basic tenets. What about the writings of L. Ron Hubbard and the leadership of David Miscavige? Not so much, throughout the world, governments view Scientology very differently than just a religion.

While Miscavige was successful in getting that elusive tax-exempt status in the United States, other countries don’t think so highly of such a supposedly seedy movement. France for example views the Church as a cult and categorizes it as much, with their MIVILUDES department keeping tabs on their dealings. Germany, who knows a thing or two about movements, has tried to abolish Scientology in their country altogether.

In fact, the Church has a muddied history in all countries all over the world. At least four other countries believe it to be a cult. Say what you will about other major world religions, but they’re not viewed at as dangerous cults and organizations by the whole country.

6 Auditing And Possible Blackmail Material


While Auditing is an experience that all Scientologists endure and experience, there is a possibility that information admitted to in auditing sessions could be used against some of the Church’s biggest members.

In laymen’s terms this is what an auditing session is composed of -

“What did you do?” / “Who did you do it with?” / “Where did you do it?” / “Who else knew about you doing it?”

The Auditor would then go ask everyone who knew -

“Did you know about such and such doing it?” / “Where were you when they were doing it?” / “Who else knew that they were doing it?” / “Who else knew that you knew that they were doing it?” / “Why didn’t you report it?”

Every single auditing session is recorded and kept in your file. It is easy to see why many Scientologists don’t step out of bounds too often - their entire community would report it and they would get reported themselves for not reporting it. The life Tom lives in front of the cameras and with all of the rumors that have always followed him, imagine what the Auditors know.

5 Bare-Faced Messiah

Who is L. Ron Hubbard? Creator of Scientology, purveyor of truth, science fiction author, fraud, genius, madman, any and all of these things? Sadly, the Church of Scientology won’t be readily available to tell you the absolute truth about LRH. But they will tell you the truths he created for himself. For example, according to LRH, he was a decorated war hero in World War II.

But according to journalist and author Russell Miller’s book, Bare-Faced Messiah, uses materials culled from the Freedom of Information Act to tell the real story, in which he received the same four medals that every soldier in WWII received.

The book is the most in-depth look into the mind of LRH that we will probably ever get, detailing the rise of a religion created by a Science Fiction author who was charismatic, egotistical, and paranoid. No one likes to see their emperor without clothes, but sometimes it seems Scientologists follow LRH’s own accounts as gospel when there are other stories out there detailing the guy’s actual life story.

4 Operation Snow White


For anyone who doesn’t think the Church wouldn’t use all of those recorded auditing sessions against a supposed oppressive person, look no further than Operation Snow White.

Surprisingly, a batcrap Oceans 11-style or better yet, a Mission Impossible-style movie has never been made about this story. L. Ron Hubbard as early as the 1960s had suggested that his followers get jobs in the United States government to get into positions where they could steal files pertaining to LRH and Scientology. Of course, he eloquently put it as removal and correction of erroneous Scientology files.

Two of LRH’s followers got themselves jobs as IRS clerk typists. The pair planted bugs and made all kinds of copies to send back to the Church. The FBI in retaliation staged one of the biggest raids in history, involving 156 agents and loading up a 16 ton truck with all kinds of documents and other items, which revealed a plot titles Operation Freakout; Scientology’s attempt to denounce, frame, and have journalist Paulette Cooper, who wrote the book, The Scandal Of Scientology committed to an asylum.

3 Project Normandy And The Rehabilitation Project Force


If infiltrating the United States government and attempting to have a detracting journalist committed isn’t enough scandal for you, then how about Project Normandy; Scientology’s covert op to take over the city of Clearwater, Florida by infiltrating (again) government offices.

The group used a fake group called the United Churches of Florida to purchase the Fort Harrison Hotel for a mere three million. It had been redesigned and rechristened Flag Land Base, and is used to feed and train visiting Scientologists. Perhaps most notably, this is where one of their Rehabilitation Project Force is housed. The RPF is the Church’s program to punish members of the Sea Org for their deviations.

Former members have likened it to a Gulag in the old Soviet Union, keeping members under their “freeloader debt” policy, which people who have left the Sea Org. They also have to live in a rat infested basement while doing degrading jobs for however long and they’re supposedly even denied visitation rights from their families.

2 L. Ron Studied With Satanists


How many Scientologists, including Tom Cruise actually know about this one? The exalted and great leader LRH for a time sat under the learning tree of Aleister Crowley. Crowley was a turn of the 20th century magician and occultist, often referred to as a Satan worshipper and at one point was dubbed the wickedest man in the world.

Whether or not Crowley was an evil Satanist is still debated to this day, but Hubbard did derive some of his methods from Crowley’s, while living with Crowley devotee, Jack Parsons. The pair also engaged in sex magic along with Parsons’ then-girlfriend, Sara Northrup, who would eventually become Hubbard’s second wife and abuse victim (he did kidnap their daughter).

With a man who was so deeply troubled and had no issue making up all kinds of stories about his supposed heroism and studying with such derided members of society that he’d be hard pressed to find followers, but the Church of Scientology has thrived in spite of these facts

1 The Church Is Tasked With Finding Him A Girl


You would think being a famous actor with famously dashing looks and a seemingly amazingly nice demeanor would have absolutely no trouble finding anyone to be his friend, or more importantly, his girlfriend.

But this is Mr. Scientology himself, Tom Cruise. A man, who if he goes to as many auditing sessions as he is supposed to has his life under much more scrutiny than anyone could possibly know, perhaps it’s a smart thing to have the Church find him a girlfriend. The more the Church approves of her, the less possible blowback he’d receive from his bestie David Miscavige.

According to Remini, one of the Church’s missions at this point is to keep Tom happy. While that might seem like she is coming from a place of anger, can you imagine if the world’s most famous Scientologist just up and left for some reason or another. So, might as well cater to the guy and find him someone who will be subservient and won’t mind him bouncing on chairs or anything like that.

The woman is Vanessa Kirby, his costar in the new Mission Impossible film and rumors are abound that she's the new girlfriend. Of course rumors are also abound that she has been handpicked by the Church to be the next Mrs. Scientology.

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