15 Things That Would've Happened If The Allies Lost WWII

Hitler was very lucky for a long time. But he made some pretty severe errors. So what would've happened if the Allies got the boot and the Nazis won?

This has been a very strange topic that has obsessed many people ever since the Allies won the war back in 1945. What would happen if the Americans lost? Would the Nazis have conquered the globe? Would the British and the French have brokered peace? Would Hitler have lived a long and full life?

It's a very interesting group of questions, for sure. Europe was already more or less conquered before Hitler started losing ground to the Americans and the Allied forces. Remember that the U.K. was not yet a part of Europe, but they were still being bombed by German planes. And it's not like the U.S. and Canada didn't feel the strain of the war effort (though it took the U.S. much longer to join in the fray).

Hitler was very lucky for a very long time. But he made some pretty severe errors. He invaded Russia, he got Japan to attack Pearl Harbour, he stopped bombing British airfields and focused on London, and he took forever to give the order for Nazi forces to attack the beaches at Normandy in full force. So what would have happened if the U.S. got the boot and the Nazis won?

15 The Allies Would Lose D-Day

It wouldn't have taken much to have laid complete waste to the Allied forces on D-Day. If Hitler didn't sleep in so much, and if the Nazi commanders weren't s oblivious, there would have been at least two full Panzer divisions waiting for the beach landings. If the Americans were going to lose the war, this would have been the first and foremost place they'd have lost.

One Nazi commander was ordered to move two Panzer divisions to Normandy, but he was denied, had to wait for Hitler to wake up, and didn't get the go-ahead until 4pm on D-Day. If the Nazis had responded with even those two divisions that morning, the invasion would have been crushed and all of the men who parachuted into Normandy would have been left alone to be picked off and/or captured.

14 The Japanese Empire Would Rule All Of Asia

The interesting thing about Japan is the amount of damage they dealt during the war, in spite of how small their nation is. Both Germany and Japan are significantly smaller than France, England, and the United States. But that didn't stop them from waging a very deadly war. Japan had a lot to gain in helping the Nazis win too. In negotiations, Japan was basically granted the entirety of eastern Asia. China, Thailand, Vietnam and more would be included in the land Japan would take as part of their empire. That being said, it would be up to Japan to fully conquer China and the surrounding nations. And I don't want to think about what would have happened with Korea. It would certainly be a very different, and perhaps unified nation today if Japan had succeeded.

13 Many Would Give In And Join The Nazis

If it came to it, and the Nazis managed to take the war to the United States, it could very well be that Americans would decide to join up and just go with the Third Reich. There are enough Nazi supporters in the States today to support that theory at least. And if not the U.S., it definitely stands to reason that France and England would try and save face and join up. It's not like there weren't already double-agents and turncoats all through Europe who thought backing the Nazis was backing the winning side. It's scary to think about, but if the U.S. lost their part in the was, a good many people may very well have decided to go the way of the Nazis and follow along in their crazy beliefs of racial purity. And if they didn't believe in those ideas, they would at least defend them to save themselves.

12 Russia And Germany Would Duke It Out Full Force

This fight would pretty well be inevitable. After all, Germany opened up against the Soviet Union months before the bombing of Pearl Harbour which pulled the U.S. into the war. The Nazi plan was to conquer the Soviet Union and repopulate it with German citizens. Those Union members who survived the conquest would be used as slaves to continue building the Third Reich. I happen to think that if the Americans did end up losing in the war, the Russians would still end up screwing Hitler out of power. It's not likely that they would mount a full assault on Nazi Germany, but they could very easily continue retreating into the cold which would waste troops and supplies enough that the Resistance could begin mounting greater attacks in Nazi-held Europe.

11 The Resistance Would Grow

Chances are that, if the Americans lost, the Resistance would struggle a lot more to gain any ground in Nazi-held Europe. Thankfully Russia would probably inadvertently aid them. Hitler so badly wanted to conquer the Soviet Union that he would waste much to do so. And given that the entirety of Europe would be conquered by the Nazis if the Americans did lose, there would be a greater Resistance underground. I dare say that such a resistance could very well have united Europe even more so if this alternative reality happened. For sure Hitler would have lost eventually, but such a local struggle (with the U.S. out of the war) would really work to bring Italy, France, Holland and other heavy-hitting countries closer together when the tyranny would finally end.

10 London Would Be Turned To Dust

London was already being bombed during the war, but imagine if the Nazis didn't have any Americans to worry about! London was originally bombed in retaliation to the bombing of Berlin. At first, Hitler was strategically bombing British airfields. But then he made it personal. If the Americans were no longer around Europe to worry about, he would for sure send bombers to turn London into dust and effectively force the U.K. to try and negotiate peace. There's really nothing that the U.K. could do to stop the Nazis. Unless the Nazi spent all of their effort on the Russian front. In which case England might still stand a chance for survival. Otherwise, it seems pretty clear that Hitler would call for the destruction of London.

9 The U.S. Mainland Could Be Attacked

It's not like the United States wasn't attacked during the war. After all, it took the bombing of Pearl Harbour for them to finally join the Allies two years after the war had begun! Given that Japan had opened up the attacks by way of the Pacific state of Hawaii, it seems likely that the Nazi regime would certainly move to attack the Atlantic coast. The U.K. would be starved by Nazis keeping American ships out of the Atlantic, and air support would certainly begin devastating the coast. However, I don't think that the Nazis would ever fully invade the U.S. They certainly would never have had the population to do so, nor would they have the strength after taking hold of Europe. It's likely that the Americans would negotiate peace, or slowly build up forces again inland in order to invade again.

8 The Nazi Regime Would Be Stretched Thin

If the United States lost the war, Hitler would fairly quickly destroy himself anyway. Taking all of Europe, plus attacking Russia, plus bombing England, plus probably being stubborn enough to start attacking the U.S. would thin out his forces incredibly. And thinning them out in that way would leave room for Resistance forces to grow and build up their own forces to fight back. The greatest amount of thinning would happen in the East, thanks to the Russians, which could lead to an opening for Resistance forces to make room for another American invasion (if they felt like they should try again after losing). If nothing else, the Resistance would then be able to at least help feed the U.K. But in perspective France had a much greater population than Germany. The Nazis were probably always screwed.

7 All Of Europe Would Be German

Let's say the Americans got their asses kicked way harder than they already did on D-Day, and the invasion was crushed by the Germans. It would just be inevitable that the Third Reich would have absolute power over Europe. they might not be able to take the U.K., but they would likely end up starving them by continuing the bombing of supply convoys from the U.S. Not to mention the fact that London would be turned to dust, and there would be no functional airfield in the entirety of the United Kingdom. Of course, there would be some issues for the Nazis to worry about though. After all, it's not like Europe is very small. And given that the Nazis spent so much time cleaning up the races, it would be difficult for them to maintain the whole continent.

6 Complete Extermination Of The Jews

Here is probably one of, if not the most depressing part of the notion of the Americans losing out of WWII. If the Americans got the boot it seems pretty certain that the full extermination of the Jews would have occurred. It might even be the case that the few thousands of Jews who were hidden away in the Pope's summer palace would also have been found out, picked up, and exterminated. There are some who made it off the continent, and in that case, at least we know that the whole race would not have come to an end (though ultimately there is only one human race). But it is fairly certain that Hitler would have gotten away with his Final Solution. No one would be able to free the people from the camps without the joint effort of the Allied forces.

5 The Nazi Empire Would Spread Across Europe And Beyond

Now, I'm not sure that the Nazi empire would have ever expanded as far as the United States, but I'm certain that if the Americans were beat that the Third Reich would take Europe as a whole. Even with the Resistance elements in France and Italy. And while it is probably unlikely because of the need to fight Russia (unless peace could be negotiated), it seems pretty likely that Hitler might want the United Kingdom as a means to reach out to the Americas, or at least just as a show of power. The Third Reich would certainly take the European continent. What I think is interesting to think about is whether or not Germany would actually grant Japan the land they promised, and if they would try and make peace with Russia.

4 What Would World Conquest Mean?

Let's go beyond wondering what would happen if the Americans lost in WWII. What if the Nazis managed to grab hold of global domination!? It would never have happened, but just imagine that for a second. The American flag might very well look like the shot above. Of course, given the state of the U.S. today it wouldn't be too shocking to have a swastika on the flag instead of the stars. I mean, the confederate flag seems to get flown often enough. But seriously, just imagine what it would be like if the Nazis achieved global domination. There would be much fewer people in the world, and those who remained would all be Aryan...or at least look as Aryan as Hitler.

3 Life Would Go On Like Usual...For Some Of Us

Thinking of the global empire...or even if the Nazis only took the whole of Europe, I think you'd find that people would largely keep going on with life as usual. There are exceptions, of course. Resistance forces would still recruit and still punish those who helped the Nazis. And there would be a continued cleanse of Slavic people and Jews. But the majority of people, as appalling as it might seem, I think would go on with life like nothing was going on. People do that all the time now and we're worried about North Korea, and radical Islam, and ISIS. But life goes on. Trump is nuts and vying to be a dictator but the majority of people go on like all is well. I think even under the power of the Third Reich, the same complacency would exist because people would not want to fight.

2 England Would Really Try To Negotiate Peace

There's another way that England, France, Russia, and even the United States could have made it out of the war. If the U.S. lost, it makes perfect sense that France would try for peace (but wouldn't get it because they were already conquered). And England would certainly look for peace and turn their heads to the atrocities in Europe. England and the U.K. is a series of islands. They were then not a part of Europe, and they are strategically removed. Why wouldn't they look to pull away? Russia might very well look for peace when suddenly 10 panzer divisions are rolling across the nation because they don't have Americans to deal with anymore. And the U.S. would likely want to pull away and settle with the Nazis in order to keep Japan from attacking again from the Pacific.

1 The Catholic Nazi Church Would Be A Superpower

Of course, the KKK is not a group of Catholics. They're typically very strange, evangelical Christian crazies. But they are also loaded up with neo-nazis. That being said, imagine if the Nazis succeeded and beat out the U.S. and the Allies. Hitler already had a deal with the pope and the church. Surely the pope would then give up the few thousand Jews he hid away in his summer palace, and would fully support the Third Reich. If there's one thing I can think of that would definitely give me nightmares it would be the full force that an empowered Nazi-Catholic church would have. The Catholic church has already committed countless atrocities. Add to that the Final Solution and full European conquest in the 20th century and you have a reinstatement of the Holy Roman Empire. Gott Mit Uns, after all.

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15 Things That Would've Happened If The Allies Lost WWII