15 Things That Would Happen If We Made Contact With Aliens

Are we alone in the universe? It’s a question that mankind has asked since the dawn of mankind, and up until now we still don’t have a concrete answer. We’ve managed to learn so much about our world and the space beyond it, but we are still yet to encounter another intelligent life form from beyond the stars. Of course, given our very limited lifespans, it’s easy for us to imagine that such an encounter will never happen because, of course, it hasn’t happened yet. Or maybe it has, and we’re all being kept in the dark as to not explode our fragile human brains – but that’s a topic for another time. Right now, we are alone, which is both a comforting thought and a terrifying one all at the same time.

We have no idea about the true size of the universe. We lack the ability to even fully comprehend the size of the observable universe, and right now intergalactic travel is only science fiction to us. But how likely is it that life has evolved on other planets? Is it more inconceivable to think that we are a singularity – alone among millions of galaxies – or that there might just be another race, or even several, out there in the stars?

And what would happen if we made contact with these beings? It’s time for some good old-fashioned speculation…

15 We Would Hear About It On Social Media First

14 The Story Might Break The Internet

13 It Might Take Us A While To Decide How To Respond

12 We Would Argue Over Who Gets To Represent Us

11 No, Aliens Probably Won’t Want Our Resources

10 Would We Turn On Each Other, Or Unite?

9 Contact Might Not Happen In The Way We Imagine

8 We Could Experience A Global Confidence Crisis

At the moment, human beings feel that they are alone in the universe because we haven’t seen any forms of intelligent life just yet. This makes us feel scared on the one hand (who really wants to be alone in the universe?), but on the other hand, it gives us a sense of uniqueness. We believe ourselves to be a highly advanced species, and we are arrogant about our singular status. But what would happen if we were to meet another civilization; one that is possibly thousands or even millions of years ahead of us? If they offered us their knowledge, we would feel like a caveman sitting at the feet of a modern man. They might be so advanced that they appear god-like to us, and this could lead to a massive confidence crisis across the globe.

7 We Would See A Surge In Technology

6 It Might Give Us Hope For The Future

5 Their Impact On Society Might Be Slow

4 It Would Have A Major Economic Impact

3 We Might Be Invited To Join An Intergalactic Club

2 It Could Lead To A New Age For Humanity

1 It Might Lead To Total Destruction

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15 Things That Would Happen If We Made Contact With Aliens