15 Things That Would Happen If The Earth Was Actually Flat

The Earth isn't flat.

Now that we have that out of the way, there are a number of reasons why the Earth isn't flat - which is a fact remarkably ignored by flat-Earthers who believe they have more knowledge than scientists. Sounds weird, right?

Sadly, we can't educate everyone. Yet we can definitely attempt to enlighten those who are willing to listen. We have combed the internet to find statements from scientists who describe what would happen if the world were actually flat or would happen were the earth to magically turn flat overnight.

Those who love everything about science: this is definitely the list for you. There is some serious knowledge dropping in here that explains preciously why the world is spherical in nature.

If you believe the world is flat after this, I'm sure you will fiercely reference one of those YouTube videos made by someone who ignores the quality work of scientists. Don't be that person. Let's enjoy the work of amazing scientists who have dedicated their lives to understanding what happens on this amazing planet that we live on.

Isn't science just grand? Check out the list below to see what exactly would happen if the world were flat. Oh, and be on the lookout for some jokes as well!

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15 We Wouldn't Have Mountains

via World Atlas

This one is rather straightforward. If Earth were actually flat, there wouldn't be mountain ranges, or hills, nor any naturally occurring formations spherical in nature. Therefore, if you enjoy mountain climbing, nature hikes, or even enjoy looking at the various peaks and valleys around the world - be extremely grateful that the world isn't flat.

If our planet were to somehow transform to a flat surface overnight, all the mountains would disappear. It's that simple, everyone; the mere existence of mountains proves this globe (get it?) we live on is indeed not flat.

14 We Would Fall Away From The Edge, Not Off

via Steemit

If Earth were to somehow transform to a state of flatness without us noticing, one of the most interesting occurrences would be what would theoretically happen near the edge of the planet.

Instead of falling off the edge, us simple humans would float off into space and not straight down. Interesting, right? Imagine floating off and humming...

And we'll all float on okay

And we'll all float on okay

And we'll all float on okay

And we'll all float on anyway, well

Modest Mouse knows precisely what's up... and round.

13 It Would Be Practically The Only Naturally Flat Object In The Sky

via YouTube

If the Earth would turn flat, well it would literally be the only naturally flat object found in the sky and universe proper as we know it. While our technology isn't advanced far enough to explore much of the universe or even survey our own galaxy in a timely matter - we have yet to find a naturally flat star.

Therefore, Earth would become the first planet to be flat making it the trendsetter, go-getter of the universe. Science also provides a plethora of reasons as to why planetary objects are naturally spherical.

12 There Would Only Be Afternoon Showers

via Paducah Sun

If the world were flat the only rain we would see would occur in the afternoon. This would be due to the solar heating of land areas creating a breeze from waterfronts, forcing air to rise along the edge of the breeze, causing the formation of gentle showers or the occasional mild thunderstorm.

So for those who like romantic movies where someone knocks on the door at night, leading to their lover opening the door and seeing them soaked in the rain at night. Yeah, that would be unrealistic as it wouldn't be possible, much like the plots in most of those films.

11 We Wouldn't Have Seasons

via Slide Player

This might be good news for climate change (yes, that's real, too... don't start). Due to the entire planet being exposed to the exact same sunlight at all times and there not being a spherical rotation of Earth, there would be one season all year long.

Climate scientists, weatherpersons in suits on your local broadcasts, storm chasers, and all weather-related individuals would be out of a job since the weather would literally never change... anywhere... ever.

Yeah, that sounds a bit boring. The one benefit would be the lack of extremely damaging storms and unpredictable weather patterns.

10 We'd Probably Get A Little Warm

via Shuttershock

This terrifying bit of science tells of an immediate disaster that would occur if our world was flattened. On our spherical world, heat and radioactivity are concentrated at our molten core. If the world were flattened, that concentration of heat and pressure would have to go somewhere...

That somewhere would be the surface of the planet, which would end up burning us all into tiny crisps. So, there wouldn't be any time for flat-earthers to gloat if the planet were to magically flatten (they would have been wrong, anyway) because we would all be gone rather quickly.

Talk about climate change.

9 No More Hurricanes... Here's To You, FSU Fans

via Slice Miami

Florida State University fans and students will rejoice at this news. If the world were to mysteriously turn flat, there wouldn't be any more hurricanes. While we may not be directly speaking of the Miami Hurricanes, this is an interesting piece of science.

With the Earth no longer rotating, since it would now be flat - there wouldn't be a spinning motion to move storm systems, meaning there wouldn't be any hurricanes nor large pressure systems baring rain.

Therefore, every time a major low-pressure system rolls through your neighborhood, have a sigh of relief, because you will have proof that the Earth is still round.

8 Say Goodbye To The Atmosphere

via Science ABC

This outcome would also be rather devastating if the world were to somehow magically flatten overnight. The far sides of our sphere would get closer to the new center of the world, while the endpoints would spread out.

What this means is that gravity would dramatically change. The surface gravity would drop in the center and nearly disappear at the edges. This level of change would cause the atmosphere to literally float off into space, meaning all life on the planet would disappear with it.

Now that's rather depressing.

7 All Life Would Float Away

via Flickr

If Earth were to turn flat and magically stay that way (thanks, Gandolf), there wouldn't be any life left on Earth - unless the wizard magically decided to change the laws of science itself.

Why is this so? Not only would the atmosphere of the planet float away into space, it would literally be followed by everything else that isn't directly attached to the surface. Meaning water and all living beings would take an immediate one-way trip to Space Mountain.

Oh right, there wouldn't be any weather either, since the weather is determined by the atmosphere and a number of other difference science things.

6 You Would Have Endless Sight

via FunnyJunk

Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight!

Ah, Thundercats. Well, you wouldn't need the Sword of Omens to have sight beyond sight if the world were to turn flat. Why? Allow me to tell you. On clear days, you would see forever - as the planet would be endless plains.

A boat wouldn't disappear, hills wouldn't distort vision nor anything of that sort. Earth's curvature (along with limited human eyesight) are the factors which cause objects to disappear into the distance.

Cool right? Now give me back the Sword of Omens!

5 We'd All See The Same Shooting Stars... Make A Wish!

via PicQuery

Can we pretend that airplanes

In the night sky are like shooting stars?

I could really use a wish right now

Wish right now, wish right now

Can we pretend that airplanes

In the night sky are like shooting stars?

I could really use a wish right now

Wish right now, wish right now

Don't worry, Hayley, we got you. If the world were flat, we'd all see the same shooting stars, constellations, and the same sky at the same time. How so? Well, we'd have the same day and night periods, due to the Earth not having any curvature at all.

4 Our Oceans Would Float Off The Edge... Surfs Up!

via Word Press

That's right, Earth would immediately lose all of its oceans. In case there are some who haven't noticed, a flat surface can have issues with objects falling off of it unless there is a large object to obstruct its path.

If the Earth were to turn flat, the oceans would float off into space due to there not being any gigantic walls to keep water from staying on the planet. So, if you enjoy swimming, showers, or drinking water... a flat Earth would make all of those rather difficult.

At least those last few waves would be killer.

3 Cats Would Knock Everything Off The Edge

You ever notice how cats can be jerks? Can you imagine a flat earth where there is an ultimate edge? Yeah, cats would knock everything off and stare sans emotion as it floated off into the abyss of space.

Can you imagine how awful they would be if this were the case? "I'm sorry you liked this glass, Janice, but you bought me the dry food and the dog got wet food, say bye to this glass."

Yes, I'm having a bit of fun at the expense of cats, but they really like destroying things; a flat planet would only encourage their debauchery further.

2 Say Goodbye To The Ozone Layer

via Ask Ideas

We already see the effects caused by tiny holes in the ozone layer. If the Earth were to turn flat, the entire ozone layer would disappear overnight. Why?

The Earth would be unable to maintain a magnetic field without a moving core, and there would be no way to block incoming radiation without a magnetic field. So yes, we would be doomed to an extremely painful existence if the Earth were flat and we were exposed to the full power of the sun's rays.

Not sure there's an SPF level strong enough to protect against this.

1 The Earth Would Literally Explode

via Futurism

Remember what happened to Alderaan, you Star Wars buffs? Yeah, that would happen to Earth without the aid of the Death Star. If our planet would transform into a pancake, gravity would attempt to force the planet to transform back into a sphere, and it would do so with an immeasurable amount of force and energy.

The amount of force would literally cause the planet to collapse on itself and explode leading to catastrophic results. There isn't a known material that is strong enough to survive such an event, and this would all occur over an hour.

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