15 Things That Are More Offensive Than This Starbucks Christmas Cup

Last year when Starbucks issued their holiday cup, it went viral immediately because people were outraged that there was a lack of Christmas cheer to the cup. When Christmas Time arrives, people just like to see snowmen and Christmas trees. The politically correct cup was seen as a slap in the face of tradition. Well, be prepared because Starbucks just issued another pre-holiday cup that already has people losing their minds. Their brain leaks originally started because they thought the cup was Starbucks' new holiday design and the sea of faces against a green backdrop wasn’t what they had in mind for the holiday season. “Starbucks, why do you hate Christmas!” posts were seen via Twitter and Facebook while Starbucks issued a statement assuring the public that they had things wrong. The cup was meant to be a reminder of "shared values and the need to be good to each other” during a stressful election season.

There is no explanation as to why people decided to get so excited over what is generally a meaningless event. Half the time, I don’t even look at the cup I’m drinking out of; all I want is the elixir inside. We can only expect the same reaction if Starbucks decides to roll out another plain cup for the holidays. Why do we get so upset over a cup when there are so many other things to get offended at it the world? I did some digging and found some offensive…yet mildly amusing things to think about instead of the new green Starbucks cup.


15 Misspelling Your Name at Starbucks

Via Huffington Post

Starbucks has some of the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted, especially after they add the whipped cream. Starbucks customer service is supposed to be high because of their super happy friendliness. One of the things they promote is the fact that you get your name on the cup when ordering so they can shout out your order when it’s done. But they rarely ever get my name right, and it’s only three letters. I was born in the 70s so my name is spelled the standard way, “KIM” but I can’t count how many times someone has written “KYM” on my cup. Where did you even get that from? Why would that be your first attempt at the name? It makes me wonder if they can’t handle my name how would they manage to write down a name like “JANESSA.” C’mon Starbucks, do better!

14 “I was Robbed” Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume


I’m not going to lie, I probably laughed for a solid ten minutes after I read about this one. The Kardashians are in the media all the time for some of the most ridiculous acts, and they make it really hard for you to feel sorry for them. They are a family that is pretty easy to judge due to their constant attention-seeking behavior and many people even believe that the robbery was planned by the Kardashians to get insurance money. Maybe we will never know what happened, but if you’re going to be offended by anything, then it’s dressing up as a robbed Kardashian, gag and all. is the company behind the “Parisian Heist Robbery Victim” costume and for $69.99 you too can look like a hijacked celebrity for Halloween. It sure would be hard to eat candy or party in this outfit that’s for sure.

13 The Lack of Praise that Cher’s Twitter Account Gets

Via YouTube

There are a lot of Twitter accounts that are legendary, but none come close to Cher's Twitter account. The woman has been around since the dawn of time and has seen and done things that many of us will only dream of. Her Twitter account is awesome; it should be considered a national treasure. The reason for this is pretty simple - she lets it all hangout. It’s pure entertainment for anyone that loves to laugh. Most 67-year-old women don’t even know how to use the computer; I know my mother doesn’t. But then there’s Cher, and reading her posts are like being a part of a stream of consciousness. If her mind wanders, the chances are that there will be an epic post that’s close to a wild ride. She has no problem saying anything that she wants to, and it’s even led to a few scraps on Twitter. Her grammar is terrible, but nothing is about to stop the legendary singer.

12 TV Spoilers


I can’t count how many times I’ve read an article about a TV show that didn’t announce spoilers but proceeded to spoil an entire episode I was looking forward to watching. Why do they do this to us? We just want to be able to watch our show in peace. It’s the same when you log on to social media accounts, you might as well forget it if you haven’t watched your favorite show yet. Between your friends making posts and the onslaught of memes making jokes about your show, you can’t even risk missing an episode because by lunch you will have heard every twist and turn that the episode had to offer. Nothing is more offensive than finding out that Glenn died brutally, eyes bulging out before you even had the chance to tune into the premiere yourself. TV spoilers in any format are cold!

11 80% of Campus "Violations" Still Go Unreported

Via Her Campus

The rape culture in our country these days still staggers me; the fact that anyone should ever have to walk around and not feel safe is shocking. In this day and age, I feel like we should have a handle on things like rape and bullying, and yet these issues are still very prevalent in our society. The Justice Department recently released stats that claimed a whopping 80% of assaults against women on college campuses are never reported to the police. It really makes you wonder why these young women do not feel safe enough to talk about the crimes against them. The study was based on girls between the age of 18 and 24, and they found that students were less likely to go to the police for help than non-students. Although women are typically the most likely to be victimized, there are 17% of victims on college campuses that are male.

10 People Who Still Order “Sex on the Beach” at the Bar


Back in my day, it took all you had if you could muster up the courage to order the “Sex on the Beach” shot without bursting out laughing. It’s one of those tongue-in-cheek drinks that usually sends you away laughing before you can even order. If you’re a man and you can manage to order one with a deadpan expression, then you were part of the cool club. I can’t remember the last time I was at the bar and someone ordered the drink, but it’s definitely one that should go to the wayside. It’s the kind of drink that tastes weird and makes you feel like you are in fact having sex in the outdoors, beach or not. Many guys think that ordering a girl the drink is a cute pickup line, but we ladies find it anything but; it’s definitely more offensive than a Starbucks cup.

9 People Who Still Don’t Know the Difference Between There, Their and They’re


It’s the belief that anyone that went to grade school should know the difference between the three. It’s pretty simple grammar, and yet we see evidence every day that people have no idea what the difference is between them. Social media is a great place for this offensive practice; we see every day that people will make posts that rarely make sense because they have their grammar all wrong. How is it that so many people have slipped through the cracks and go around wreaking havoc on the English language? It seems that the problem is only getting worse as the school systems curriculum changes frequently, leaving teachers with far too many students and not enough time to teach them. It’s unfortunate, especially since many students will leave the school system and then have to go into the workforce unable to write a proper email.


8 Long Snapchat Stories

Via Mashable

I know you feel the same way; long Snapchat stories are hands down more offensive than the new Starbucks cup. I can’t count how many times I clicked on a Snapchat story and regretted it, especially when it lasted two minutes. Those are two minutes I’ll never get back. I’m not sure if people have too much time on their hands or if they believe their lives are just that interesting. I’m pretty green when it comes to using Snapchat; I’m still learning the ins and outs, and don’t often post a story of my own. But I have seen stories that range from the ridiculous to the downright unbelievable. At least I can hope for something that’s going to make me laugh out loud, but if I can caution people who love snapping their lives, it’s called “snap” for a reason, it’s not meant to last...forever.

7 The Price of Organic Food

Via Total Retail

It’s pretty sad that most people won’t buy organic food just because of the cost. It’s criminal that organic food costs what it does. After all, why do we have to pay extra to have healthier, GMO-free food? What choice do poor people have? They certainly can’t afford to go to Whole Foods every week and buy healthier versions than what we see in most grocery stores. I’m sure the entire population would choose to eat organic food if it was affordable, so it’s offensive to think that only the rich are eating the best quality of foods available. We are learning new things about what is in our foods every day and knowing what we know about GMO and chemicals being pumped into our foods; it’s tragic that many people still have to eat a lower quality of food just because of the cost.

6 Millions of Children Don’t Have Enough Food to Eat

Via Huffington Post

We’re not talking about those commercials where you see half-starved children wandering around with big bellies and barely any clothing on. Although those third world countries experience terrible hunger every single day, Americans have the very same problem; we just don’t talk about it as much. In America alone, we have 13.5 million children that go hungry every single day. It happens because they live in poverty and there just isn’t enough food in their households to keep them well fed regularly. Many of these children slip through the system and often spend whole days at school without eating lunch. Thankfully, most schools have programs to feed kids who don’t bring lunches in, but many children still slip through the cracks. This is a major issue in our society, and it’s definitely something that should be discussed far more than a coffee cup. Children in our country need to be fed.

5 People Who Try to Talk to You Before You’ve Had Coffee

Via Huffington Post

I shouldn’t even have to explain this one, but I know you want me to. For all those nighthawks out there that would never be considered “morning” people, you know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s a Dixie swing band called O’ Sister! who created a song called Please, Don’t Talk to Me Before My Morning Coffee because even people as friendly as swing band folk know that you just don’t do something that offensive. I can attest to the fact that my eyes won’t even open and be useful to me until my second cup of coffee in the morning so trying to have a conversation is beyond my human capability. It’s just respectful to allow people to wake up naturally without bombarding them with human contact right away. Unless you’re my lover, approaching me in the morning is not a good idea - and even he knows better!

4 Women Still Get Paid Less

Via Amanda Pippin

I’ll never be one to complain about the design that Starbucks uses on their cups because I understand that we have bigger issues in the world today. There was certainly a time when women weren’t really considered people; not equals to men anyways. We weren’t allowed to have jobs, or vote and there was a time when we couldn’t say no to our husbands if we didn’t want to have sex. That was a long time ago, however, and you would think that in this day and age we wouldn’t still be having the same equality issues. Women are now in the same positions as men, doing the same job, yet we are paid 79 cents for every dollar that men are paid. It’s madness, and yet it’s happening right now, and nobody's doing anything about it. That was part of Hillary’s campaign to help even things out for women, whether or not that will ever happen now is something only time will tell.

3 Suicide is on the Rise

Via Cyberbullying Research Center

Suicide has been around since the dawn of time. There isn’t a generation out there that hasn’t been affected in a large way by suicide. It’s an epidemic that is not slowly down, and it only seems to be getting worse. Technology has brought us into a digital age where just about everything can be accessed online. That makes it really easy for a bully to get to our children without us even knowing. Our children could be sitting at home seemingly safe and sound and yet they are being terrorized in their bedrooms through their computers. The internet and social media is something that is hard for any of us to escape, and it can quickly become a hell to a child that is being targeted by bullies. Every ten minutes in America, statistics show, a person could be committing suicide.

2 No Cure for Cancer

Via 420jen's Blog

There is plenty of controversy about cancer and cancer research in the world today. Many people believe that there is already a cure for cancer and that the pharmaceutical companies are keeping it from us because people dying is far more profitable. That’s the sad story that our world is living in. Whether a cure is available or not, it’s not being given out, so it’s as good as non-existent at this point. It’s a head shaker to be sure, the millions of dollars a year that gets poured into cancer research, you would think that there would be a cure by now. There isn’t, and the death toll for cancer patients increase every year. It doesn't help of course that our planet is polluted and our food is poisoned with chemicals. In America, every year around 600,000 people die of cancer, and it doesn’t seem like anything is about to change.

1 Leggings as Pants

It’s been a worldwide debate about whether or not leggings can be considered pants. Many people believe they are pants while a large part of the population spends their time shaking their heads. When leggings came into the world and forced themselves on us, the trend was to wear leggings with a really long sweater that covered your bottom. That was acceptable. But it wasn’t long until people threw away the notion that bottoms should be covered and started wearing leggings with any top that they wanted. That’s when things started to get a little offensive. Mainly because leggings show off everything; there is no hiding anything in leggings so unless you’re a fitness model you might be showing off more than the world is ready for. So no, leggings are not pants unless you are willing to cover your bottom with a long sweater. Boom!



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