15 Things Side Chicks Are Curious About Their Man's Marriage

The side chick has been made popular since it was sung by Mike Bizzle in the song “Side Chick My Main Chick”. Now, the term is used loosely to describe any woman who is the other woman a man has. Simply put, side chick describes the woman who a man cheats with. At one point in time, being the side chick was seen as being a disgraceful thing, but since the term became popular, side chicks are trending. Not all women who are sidechicks will know that they are side chicks, but hats off to the guys that let a woman know she is the side chick up front rather than having them find out later on in the relationship.

Side chicks have feelings, despite the nonchalance that some of them may portray. Some of them may act as if being in that sort of relationship does not bother them but it may. The thing is, they will never openly admit that to their man because there are rules of being a side chick and discussing feelings is not something side chicks are expected to do. Here is our list of 15 things side chicks will hide from their man by virtue of the unwritten agreement they share.

15 She Has Hope

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A side chick will never tell her man that she has hope. Having hope means that she expects the relationship to go somewhere. She expects it to progress even though it may be impossible if he is married and has a child. The side chick may think that something has to be wrong with his relationship. If there was no problem in the relationship, then he would not have stepped out on his significant other in the first place. If the relationship with his side chick progresses and goes on for some time, she will have hope that eventually, something permanent will blossom out of the association. If you have a side chick and this is not going to happen to her, let her know up front so that she can know her place in the relationship.

14 She Gets Jealous

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Your side chick will never admit that she gets jealous. Side chicks are not allowed to get jealous because there are ‘rules’ that they are expected to follow. They are not supposed to have feelings or express emotions, so she will never tell you that she is jealous of your significant other. Every time you leave, she knows that you are going back to her and it hurts her just a little more because she wants to have you all to herself. She knows that she is sharing you, but it does not mean that she likes it. It also upsets her that your significant other can contact you whenever she wants but she has to contact you at specific times and she is expected to be discreet and reasonable with her requests from you.

13 She Doesn’t Want To Be Left Alone

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Your side chick knows what the relationship is. She knows it may be unhealthy for her, but she does not want to be left alone. Some side chicks may think that they cannot do better and that they need to stay in the relationship with you because if they don’t they will end up alone. Yes, she doesn’t want to be left alone in that sense, but she also hates it when you leave her for your woman and she feels alone. Women can be a bit complicated because they agreed to a no-strings side chick arrangement, yet ultimately she does not want to be left alone by her man. If you ask her this, chances are that she is never going to admit to being lonely or feeling alone.

12 She Loves The Thrill

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Side chicks are not going to tell you that they love the thrill of being in the relationship with you. It gives them a bit of excitement and for some, it may be a turn on because something about getting caught by their man’s significant other excites them. Maybe she wants a confrontation, or she just wants your relationship to end with your significant other, but side chicks get a thrill out of the relationship. It is not that they have nothing to lose, but their men tend to have the most at stake. He is unlikely to be thrilled by the idea of getting caught because no one wants to get caught, but she is not going to tell you that the idea of getting caught or being seen is thrilling to her.

11 She Might Fall In Love

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Rule one of being a side chick is that you are not supposed to catch feelings. So, if she is in love with you, she is going to guard that secret with her life. However, it is easy to tell when your side chick is in love with you. She is either going to be really closed off or she is going to act like a woman in love. She does not have to tell you that she loves you, but actions will speak louder than words. She is going to do things that she probably never did before and she will go out of her way just for you to notice her. If you have reason to believe that your side chick has fallen in love and you don’t reciprocate her feelings, take her out of her misery and end the relationship. Nothing is worse than being in love with an unavailable man.

10 She May Want To Ask Questions

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In a regular relationship, your significant other questions you. She wants to know where you were, who you were with a what activities you did. Your side chick doesn’t have these privileges. You may be civil enough for her to ask how her day was, but personal and probing questions are out because she is not your woman. Your side chick wants you to question you. She wants to ask you the same thing your woman will ask because she too is a woman and women are curious by nature. Despite her burning desire to question you, she is not going to because she knows her place. She may also have questions to ask about his woman, but she is smart enough not to ask because it is not considered her business.

9 She Thinks About The Future

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Your side chick thinks about the future and she may or may not think about it with you. She may want kids, a house, and a mortgage. She often wonders if she will have them with you. She may have the desire to talk about it with you, but she will not because it is one of those secrets that are dear to her, so she will keep it hidden. Usually, there is no future in these types of relationships because side chicks may not be fond of having a long-term relationship with a man who cheats. But, what if his reasons for cheating were justified or good? To some of them, it does not matter. There is no concrete future with such a guy, especially if he is unwilling to leave his significant other.

8 She Is Curious About His Main Chick

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Your side chick will always be curious about his main chick. She wants to know how she looks, how she compares to her, where she works, how old she is and what he sees in her. She is not going to ask you for a description and details because it borders on clingy and invasive. Instead, to satisfy her curiosity, she may go through your pictures on social media, if you have her as a friend. She is not stalking you really but stalking your significant other because she may often want to know what would cause a man to be unfaithful to his woman. She is also seeking her own interests and she just wants to know if she is prettier than his woman. She is not going to let this curiosity show though.

7 She Hates Your Main

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Your side chick hates your main chick. It is obviously because she is jealous. Your main chick gets all your attention and your love and despite your side chick’s nonchalance, every woman wants attention, every woman wants to be wined, dined and treated well. However, as a side chick, she is not entitled to these emotional benefits. For that, she hates your main chick, because your main chick has most of you. She also gets to be seen in public with you, while your side chick has to be hidden from plain sight for fear that her man gets caught cheating. Women hate this. But they are not going to tell you this because it is not expected that they have feelings when they are in a side chick relationship.

6 She Wants To Contact His Main Woman

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In some of these relationships, a man may let his woman and his side chick know each other. Some relationships are open like that and there are no secrets. In some instances, the side chick may want to contact the main chick and not necessarily for vindictive reasons. Just to maintain an awkward friendship, but the man is unlikely to want to tolerate this. In other instances, when it is a secret, he is not going to be pleased about his side chick wanting to contact his main chick. He is automatically going to assume that her motives are not genuine and that she is out to be vindictive. Contacting the main chick is more for curiosity purposes and to stir up a little bit of trouble in paradise.

5 The Relationship Is Only Fun

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The side chick knows that the relationship with her man is only fun. She didn’t know how she got herself involved in such a relationship, but she is sure that it is not going to go anywhere besides both parties having fun together. So, while she may hope and want a future, she knows that she is not one of the lucky side chicks. There is nothing more to the relationship because a man is unlikely to leave his wife for his side piece. She knows this well enough because she has watched enough movies to know that things are ‘complicated’ when it comes to a man leaving his wife. She is not going to tell you that the relationship is just fun and games though. It is something that you will have to figure out on your own.

4 She Knows She Is The Side Chick

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In some side chick relationships, the side chick does not know she is the side chick because her man has not told her. Even if he didn’t tell her, she is going to know that she is the side chick because her friends would have told her, and social media would have educated her about the signs of being a side chick. If she is comfortable with the relationship as it is and with the boundaries, she is not going to tell him that she knows that she is the side chick. She is going to play dumb because she does not want any complications in her life. She may also seek to find her own side piece to get back at her ‘man’ for not telling her that she was the side chick.

3 She Feels Like That Girl And Does Not Want To Be That Girl

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What does it mean to feel like that girl? Feeling like that girl and being that girl means that she feels like the person who is a home wrecker. She feels like an adulterer and the person responsible for a failed relationship. Believe it or not, some side chicks actually have a conscience and being with a married man may affect them, especially if he has kids. They may feel as if they are bringing their gender down by hurting another woman who does not deserve to be hurt. Your side chick hates this feeling and she hates that you have involved her and caused her to be that girl. It is not a feeling she may have when you are around, but when you are not around she may feel guilty for potentially destroying a family.

2 She Feels Destined To Be A Side Chick

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Some side chicks feel as if it is their destiny to be a side chick, especially if they were in a relationship where they were a side chick before. If you are a side chick, it is not your destiny to be a side chick. You are living the life that you chose. If you don’t want to be a side chick for the rest of your life, then decide that you don’t want to and make the conscious effort to change and have something better for your life. A side chick is never going to tell you that she feels destined to always be a side chick. She is also probably never going to tell you that she was a side chick before unless it gets her more gifts and privileges.

1 Breaking Up With Him Will Be Better For All Involved

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A side chick has secret thoughts. Some of which she will air at appropriate times and some she will never air. One of those things she knows is that a break up will be best for all involved. She is going to save herself from being emotionally conflicted, too attached and falling in love. By removing herself from the picture, she is not that girl. By removing herself from the picture, she is also sending her man back to his woman with the hopes that he will work out his relationship with her. She is out of the picture, so things should be less complicated. This thought goes through her mind repeatedly, but she is not going to tell her man. One day, she may just throw in the towel and walk away for good.

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