15 Strangest Things Ever To Be Found In The Desert

The desert is a lonely place, likely because it's so big, and with nothing really inside it. Not many people live in the desert due to its harsh climates, so there's no real reason to visit one, unless you really love sand. However, deserts can serve some purpose, a hiding spot for interesting history. Archeologists love deserts, because it's a place that serves to present a lot of old history that is simply buried beneath the Earth.

However, other things also roam the desert. As stated before the desert is a lonely place, meaning it can be very creepy at night, but even more so at night. The amount of unknowing that plagues the desert is enough to send chills down anyone's spine. Many mythical creatures are said to roam the desert, but how many have ever been seen. A few on this list may surprise you...

While the desert itself isn't a place anyone should fear, it does offer some strange, and creepy occurrences. Many people claim that similar to fields of wheat, aliens use the desert sand to communicate with us. Why not when the large amount of sand, can be seen from planes flying above. While none of this is confirmed, it makes it extra creepy when we discover strange things written in the desert sand...

15 The Weird Desert Woman

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A man driving his car down a desert highway one late night ran into something strange. He pulled up on what appeared to be humanoid figure hunching over. Fearing that it was someone hurt, he shined his brights, and asked if they needed any help. The figure began to slowly hunch toward the man. The figure has long black hair, and looks to be wearing a long white dress.

The man begins to fear for his life, as the figure comes closer. He decides to put his vehicle in reverse, while still taunting the creature. After it picks up speed, and starts limping towards the man, a loud moan can be heard. The man is terrified, and begins screaming in fear. Many believe this creature to be that of a witch, or even an angry spirit with a strong manifestation. It's identity is still unknown to this day...

14 El Chupacabra Sighting?


During a live news broadcast something strange can be seen lurking in the desert plains behind the newscaster. It's only seen on screen for a few seconds before disappearing bending a bush. The creature is large in size, and appears to be humanoid. It has large lanky arms, that reach down to about its knees.

The newscaster, or anyone else on site didn't notice the creature, which is why this video could have been faked. However, many claim that this is a sighting of the urban legend known as the El Chupacabra. It shares similar stature, and was spotted in the area that the creature is known to frequent. Without much more than this video to go off of, the creature remains unknown to this day.

13 Horned Kangaroo Skulls

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This strange Kangaroo skull was uncovered in the Nullarbor Desert in Australia. This wasn't the only one. They uncovered what appeared to be a burial ground of what the archeologists could only describe as "strange kangaroos". The most notable thing about the kangaroo skulls was the strange bumps above the eyes, almost resembling horns.

The rest of the skeletons weren't missing, and the archeologists claim the kangaroo's also had strange burrowing like claws, which normal kangaroos lack. After more study the supposed horns, turned out to be more like eye guards. The remains were too different to that of a Kangaroo, and scientists are still trying to figure out what kind of creature they belong to.

12 The Mystery Behind the Giant Marree Man

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A large drawing is located in the desert of Adelaide near Southern Australia. The drawing is of a hunter, who is equipped with a stick. The strange discovery wasn't found until the late 1980's, and was only spotted when a plane saw it from above. The mystery of why, and how the thing got there was on everyone's mind.

A man by the name of Bardius Goldberg was the first suspect. He claimed wanting to have one of his drawings made to a scale that it can be seen from space. However, this fits the script, there isn't anything linking him to the large drawing. Many locals now claim they're responsible in hopes to claim the fame behind it, but now no one can be truly sure.

11 Strange Egyptian Desert Cones

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In the deserts of Egypt a strange phenomena would confuse people across the internet for years. When this strange phenomena was first discovered by people using Google Maps in 2014, it revealed a strange muck of rocks, and sand that formed cone like figures, in a unique design. The pattern itself spanned a staggering million feet, with a center hole that was a hundred feet in diameter.

Many people quickly turned this into an extra terrestrial situation. Many believed no human being could create something this large, and perfect. They compared it to that of crop circles found in wheat fields. However, to many people's disappointment the strange formation was actually an art piece. It apparently took several years of work, and finished in 1997.

10 Abandoned Town in the Middle of Nowhere

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It's creepy enough coming across an abandoned house, or building. Even creepier when you come across an abandoned town. How about an abandoned town in the middle of a desert! Extra creepy... this small five building town was discovered sitting in the middle of nowhere. It only has a few houses all of which have long been abandoned.

It was likely in operation a few decades ago, but due to it's location, it failed. It seems like a prime spot to hide something, or for urban explorers to check out. These buildings could be hiding hidden relics of the past that are just waiting to be found. Good luck finding it though, since it is in the middle of a desert...

9 The Clown Motel

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As if normal roadside motels weren't creepy enough, someone had to go and add clowns to the mix. That's right this place actually exists, and it's smack dab in the middle of the Nevada desert. The motel is fairly cheap, only costing fifty dollars a night. This will give you all access to less than passing quality rooms, that overlook a graveyard.

That's right a graveyard, as if this place couldn't get any more creepy. Perhaps all of the clowns are buried there, and it's a zombie clown motel. The motel's lobby is filled to the brim with glazed eyed clown dolls, that you can swear their eyes are following you. Every door to your room also has a small clown painted on it, in case you forgot this fever dream of a motel you were staying in...

8 Deserted Prada Store

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Prada stores are often frequented in high class places, like in malls located in big cities. However, would you believe there's one located in the desert? No, it's not part of a bigger mall, it's a single Prada store located in the desert. Well it's not really a store, but more of an art piece. That explains it's origins, but it still doesn't explain... why?

Nonetheless if you were to randomly run across this knock off Prada store in the middle of the night, it would likely be pretty creepy. On the inside there are displays of boots, and purses that line the back walls, but overall the place is pretty dead inside... Creepy for sure, but what's even creepier is there are only right footed shoes inside the store...

7 Mysterious Radioactive Oasis

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A mysterious oasis in the Tunisia desert keeps changing colors, and no one knows why. Sometimes the oasis will turn shades of bright beautiful colors, then the next hour it will reveal a sludge like green. This change in colors led many to believe the oasis is radioactive, but yet they still decided to take a swim in it.

The oasis showed no signs of being radioactive after people swam in it, and scientists believe it's likely just rainwater collecting, or due to seismic activities. However, these don't seem to explain the strange color changing effects the lake has. Whatever the case, we wouldn't recommend swimming in it, even though it's all but confirmed to not be radioactive.

6 Whale Bone Yard

Via: Science News

Finding a whale graveyard in the desert can seem kind of strange, but it happened. In a desert in Chile it was discovered that a large amount of whales had washed ashore, and buried themselves in the sand, only to perish there. Many people believed that the desert was once part of the ocean, and it has since receded, however this was disproven.

The most likely answer was that the whales consumed some toxic plant, or algae, and washed up the shore accidentally to die. Imagine finding bones of this size, only for them to turn out to be whale bones. The archeologists most likely though they were sitting on a gold mine of dinosaur bones, only for it to turn out to be your run of the mill whale...

5 Strange Rock Formations From Egypt's Past

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When people think of Egypt it's likely they think about a desert setting. That's fair, as Egypt is mostly comprised of deserts, but it also contains a lot of history. This is why Egypt is a hotspot for many archeologists, as history is literally uncovered almost on a daily basis. Part of this history is a place known as Nabta Playa, a place where it's speculated Egyptians practiced astronomy.

The area is made up of a bunch of stones that sit upright, and historians give it the name of the calendar circle. It resembles that of Stonehenge, and is likely amazing to visit. To see the old thoughts of those who've shared interest in what lies beyond Earth. While we don't think they got to far using rocks, it's interesting to see how they went about early astronomy.

4 9 Ton Nuclear Warhead Buried in the Desert

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While there wasn't an inactive warhead sitting in the middle of the desert in plain sight, this Nuclear Warhead is part of a silo for Nuclear Warheads, that is open to the public. You'll want to visit one of these if you've ever wanted to see what a Fallout vault looks like in real life. What better a place to put it than in the middle of nowhere!

Don't worry the Warhead is deactivated, and has been for years, ever since the end of the Cold War. Tourists visiting the location can even witness a simulated launch of one of the warheads. A weird thing to get exited over... nuclear warfare, and millions of lives ending, but it's there to pass the time.

3 Strange Holes in the Desert Mean Aliens?

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Strange rings started showing up in deserts across the world. The rings are perfectly round, and look unnatural. They're all evenly spaced, and range from small to large circles. Scientists theorize that the circles could be caused by mass termites, toxic plants in the surrounding area, to strange things like ostrich bathing...

However, none of these things have been proven to be the cause, and there's still no answer to why these random circles just showed up. Many people speculate that they're caused by aliens, similar in the vein of crop circles. They claim that the perfectly shaped circles couldn't have been caused by humans, and must've been caused by something with more advanced technology.

2 Military Remnants

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In 2003 a group of weapon inspectors, were on a search for weapons of mass destruction. They stumbled across something they couldn't have prepared for. A few giant fighter jets were buried in the desert sand to hide them from the American inspectors. The amount of sand that entered the jets, likely made them inoperable.

The leader at the time, Saddam Hussein was aware that newer models of the same fighting jets were already on their way, and decided to bury these to avoid any complications from the American inspectors. However, little did anyone know they'd be dug up for the whole world to ask... why?

1 Ancient Egyptian Burial Ground

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An old Egyptian burial ground is sure to hold interesting treasures, as long as your sure there isn't a curse that comes along with it. Most people assume all Egyptian burial practices include wrapping mummies, and shoving them into pyramids, but that's not always the case. A discovery in late 2016 proved these people wrong.

At an excavation site, it was discovered that Egyptians once used a tactic of burial, using burial boats. It's basically seen as a mass grave, with several different individual graves in between. Similar to how Americans bury their dead. Quite the discovery at the time, and it was able to open up a door to the past. However, it's still just as creepy as entering a pyramid, and finding a mummy...

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