15 Things Every Wife Hides From Her Hubby

A house is a structure built up of wood or brick or other such things. It has no emotional value, unless it becomes a home. Your home is the place where you spend the most of the time, where you desire to be at the end of the day. This is, in a way, your condensed world. Now it takes hands to build a house, but hearts to make it a home. And what better person than your lady love - your wife can help to make it home. And in truth, a house can never become a home unless a woman works her magic in it. But deep down, she has some dark secrets which she dare not tell you lest the foundation of the home should tremble.

All women are wonderful and all wives are beautiful. No one would deny that. But all women share a trait, which they’ve mastered over the years and which is now encoded in their DNA: the trait of deception. Deception is an art and women are masters at it. Be it saving one’s skin or stashing money secretly, women have broken all records. And wives are especially known to hide bizarre things from their husbands. Poor husband! The innocent soul thinks that he knows his wife inside out and prides himself on the level of understanding that they share. But he too will be left with his mouth wide open once he looks at this list of 15 things every wife hides from her hubby.

Decoding the world’s toughest conundrum is easy, but deciphering a woman? Just give up. So the next time you find her confiding in you, let it be known that it’s just the tip of the iceberg. And if you want your Titanic to remain floating, you better not vex the iceberg.

15 The Ex-Factor

Men are known to share their past love stories with their wife, but women usually don’t. They have an innate fear that their past will cause trouble in their married life. Yes, there is such a possibility. No husband can digest his wife’s love stories so easily, you might not be an exception too. Just imagine for a second, once upon a time your darling wife was in the arms of another man and he was her world. Does your imagination perturb you? Of course, it does. No man can think of his woman getting cozy with another man. Your wife is a clever woman, she knows what will happen if she reveals her past. She will never put her marriage at risk by letting you know of her relationship history. And it’d do you good if you restrain yourself from digging up more about her premarital life, buddy, the past is the past. She might have had an ex, but you are her present. Live in the present and enjoy!

14 Always Playing Second Fiddle To The Mother-In-Law

There are many women around the world who pretend to be the best daughter-in-law, but secretly hates her in-laws. The present generation of women prefer privacy at home and having aged in-laws at home brings an awkward feeling very often. In your wife’s perception, your parents always come first; they're getting in the way of you as a couple, and you have no complaints about it. However, she can never confess her thoughts with you, because you love your parents a lot. And she is very sure that you are not ready to hear any negative comments about them. Perhaps that is why she hides everything and always has a fake smile plastered on her face when you spend her allotted time with them. In some families, men are totally controlled by their parents and seek their mother’s permission before buying anything for their better half. Though women hate this mama’s boy attitude, they rarely protest and when they do, it kickstarts a cold war.

13 She Gets Jealous!!!

No doubt she loves you a lot, but she has some trust issue in the relationship. Though you are a gentleman, she fears of you being seduced by someone better than her. In fact, she hates your female secretary, because she spends too much time with you at your workplace. The height of insecurity is reached when women spy on their husband every day. They smell their shirt, search their pockets for movie tickets and also listen to their hubby’s phone conversation. Sometimes, they take some extreme step like shadowing their husband! “Why the hell would they do that?” this question might be swirling around in your mind, the answer is simple, they always want to make sure that their darling is still committed to their marriage. And women try their best to hide their suspicious nature from their husband since it can make him uncomfortable.

12 Her Cravings For Pleasure

Society has some insane thoughts about sex. Most of the men love to dominate their wife in sex, and they are not bothered about their better half’s sexual cravings. There is no difference between men and women when it comes to need for sex. Women also long for sex and most of them lead an unsatisfied sex life. In fact, it’s always men who initiate sex and women accept their hubby’s request no matter how tired they are from household works. But, when women need sex they go on to hide their desires. Of course, unsatisfied sexual needs are always dangerous. It may encourage women to find an alternative and that may end up in either having an extramarital affair or getting addicted to masturbation. Always keep in mind, pleasing your wife in bed is your responsibility and enjoy it thoroughly.

11 Her Extramarital Affair

It doesn’t mean that every married woman has a thirst for an extramarital relationship, but those who have such affair keep fooling their husband. You can find such families all around the world, and yes, they are not happy. Men have no idea what happens behind their back once they leave for work. Using her husband’s hard earned money, she goes for a weekend trip with her boyfriend with no hesitation. In some cases, women fall for an extramarital relationship when they do not get enough love and care from their husband. If your wife is in a relationship with someone, she may hide it from you due to two reasons. Either she is crazy for your wealth or she has no courage to stand in front you as a sinner. Don’t worry, you have several ways to catch her. But make sure that you have enough evidence to believe that she is cheating on you with her secret relationship.

10 Her Source of Income

Yes, a feeling of self-reliance gives a lot of happiness to one’s soul. Most women love to stand on their own feet, but for homemakers, it’s not possible. Since they have no source of income, they are left with no option other than taking the financial help of their hubby. Some women find a source of income for themselves so that they can at least look after their personal expenditure. There are many housewives who run personal blogs and earn money by publishing eye-catching content. Some women take up marketing jobs that can be done at home, such jobs that help them in buying things like clothes, beauty accessories, and also a lunch when they hang out with the kids. Your wife may not reveal her source of income because she believes that you may reduce the amount that you have been giving her every month.

9 The Number On The Bill

As you may have observed, your wife goes out to buy a laundry detergent but has 3-4 bags when she returns. Yes, she just needs a reason to hit the shopping mall. For every husband, his wife’s shopping bill is a big pain and husbands try their best to reduce unnecessary spending. However, for a woman, it’s not so easy to forget the habit of shopping and boy they know how to do it secretly. When their husband is out for work, they place the order online and receive items at their doorstep. Some women even manipulate the grocery bill to collect some extra bills from their husband, that’s how they save money for that expensive exotic lingerie collection that caught their attention. No matter how strict you are, you can never have the full control of your shopping freak better half, so it’s better if you can ignore the topic.

8 The World’s Biggest Conundrum

Many times, women fight with their hubbies without a valid reason. They initiate the fight and they end up crying alone. In fact, sometimes men don’t understand the real reason behind the fight and end up confused. For example, your wife doesn’t like you spending too much on your relatives, even though she is upset with your behavior, but she can’t criticize you directly. So through silly fights, she brings out her frustration. During that time of the month, some women encounter terrible mood swings and it affects their relationship too. The smallest thing can make them get bent out of shape and their husband will be an innocent victim of sweet PMS. As a loving husband, comfort her with your sweet words and create a healthy environment at home so she can express her thoughts in an acceptable manner.

7 Her Health Issues

“A good wife is someone who thinks she has done everything right: raising the kids, being there for the husband, being home, trying to do it all,” said the well-known American actress Julianna Margulies. No doubt, a good wife is her hubby’s confidence and motivation. When she falls sick, a sadness engulfs the whole family. Usually, women hide their health problems from their husband because they don’t want to see their beloved person feeling low. There are husbands who take leave from their work to be with their wife when she is ill. Of course, it’s the sweetest thing a husband can do for his wife unless they don’t know that she is sick. However, most women feel uncomfortable when their husbands invest all of their time on them. The household chores can give your woman some irritating health problems like a backache, allergies, and fatigue. They still continue to work though.

6 Her Eating Habits

When it comes to having food, women always make sure to avoid eating too much while having dinner with family and also pretend that they are not crazy for food. But the reality is different, they like to have to have a heavy lunch, and they just hide their desires. When you are around she speaks about the advantages of joining a gym or maintaining a balanced diet, just to show that she is a fitness freak. After you go to the office, she is a lonely queen in the house. You have no idea how many times a Pizza Hut guy bangs your door in a month! There are women who secretly hide food for themselves since they don’t get a proper share in the family meal.

5 Her Social Media Accounts

Having a secret account on social media is not something new for many women. It gives them a freedom to meet new people and make friends easily. There is nothing wrong in it, but why do they keep it confidential? Because they feel very uncomfortable sharing their thoughts on social media if their husband is also included in the friend list. In fact, some of the husbands do not like to see their wife on social media, because they fear that it may give a chance for a man to approach her. Not everyone, but a majority of the men keep checking their wife’s Facebook wall in order to know what kinds of comments they are receiving. Women use their fake account for multiple reasons. They stalk their ex-boyfriends and have a chat with random men without any fear. Or maybe they just need it to vent about their boyfriend or husband without him reading it.

4 The Things That She Hates

Every husband thinks that he is the perfect life partner for his wife. He will never get to hear his wife complaining about his behavior and that boosts his “Mr. Perfect” image that he has been carrying for years, in his mind. Yes, you believe that because you’ve got no criticism from her, but there are certain things that a wife hates but never reveals it. For example, most of the husbands throw the wet towel on the bed or just keep their shoes in the wrong place. Women get frustrated when they find out such small mistakes, but they don’t raise their voice. The reason is simple, they don’t want to lose their peace of mind due to silly fights. Some women hate the smell of alcohol, but unfortunately, they are married to a party freak who has a personal bar at home! They don’t share their thoughts because they have a fear that their husband is not an open-minded person. Give her enough love and affection so that she feels comfortable around you. And instead of feeling imprisoned, she’d share her feelings and live like a free bird.

3 Her Achievements

These days, women are equal to men in each and every field. There are many women around the world who are more successful than their life partner, but most of them don’t share their success stories with their husband. Because it will cause an ego clash in the marriage! Yes, it’s a big possibility. Some men start feeling inferior when they learn that their wife is in a better position and earning more. They start teasing her and also make her pay the bills. Well, it’s not the right behaviour. Every woman desires to have a hubby who finds happiness in her achievements, unfortunately only few are lucky enough to have such a wonderful life partner. If your wife is a successful person in her field, appreciate her and be her inspiration.

2 Bank Account Details Are Private!

Well, a majority of women hide their bank account details from their husband. Because if they didn’t, their husbands would easily find out their spending habits. In fact, sharing bank account details is highly risky. No doubt, sharing the bank account makes women feel unsafe even if they don’t doubt their husband. Dear hubby, are you planning to peep into your wife’s bank account? Don’t force her, it’s a clear violation of one’s privacy and especially if she’s earning too. She is saving for the future of your family, let her do it. Of course, you don’t want to take her money, but you are unhappy that she hasn't disclosed her savings to you. In that case, you can ask her directly, but sharing the details is up to her.

1 Her Love Is Eternal!

Love is the best thing that she has been hiding in her heart. She loves you a lot, and you have no idea how many times she thinks of you when you are away. Throughout the day, she is busy in taking care of your kids and doing things that please you. Perhaps that is why she has no time to say “I love you” to you. When you fall sick, she looks after you like a mother and she is the one who listens to your problem. She never sends you romantic texts or kisses your forehead in the morning, but she makes sure that every day you end up feeling happy and also enjoy good health. Her love is eternal and she will never reveal it to you because her intention is not to impress you. Don’t you feel super lucky? Yes, there are millions of husbands around the world just like you who never get to hear romantic words from their wife but experience pure love. Make it a point that you express it.

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