15 Things Casey Anthony Doesn't Want You To Know

Her behaviour was not at all in line with that of a worried mother, and more in line with that of a sociopathic killer.

In the summer of 2008, two-year old Florida toddler Caylee Anthony was reported missing. The mysterious disappearance quickly gained widespread media coverage, with suspicion being shed on her mother, Casey Anthony. As details of the missing girl's life began to unfold, it was starting to look more like a homicide and less like a kidnapping.

Casey Anthony waited a ridiculous 31 days to contact the police and notify them of her daughter's disappearance. She fabricated a story about how she suspected that a nanny had taken her daughter, and that she was too frightened to alert authorities. This story was later debunked; Casey had made the entire thing up. During the 31 days preceding the police report, she did very little to slow down her social life; going out to bars, partying and shopping as if nothing were amiss. Her behaviour was not at all in line with that of a worried mother, and more in line with that of a sociopathic killer.

In December, 2008, the remains of Caylee Anthony were located in a wooded area very close to the Anthony family home. Her body had been stuffed into a garbage bag, and her mouth had been covered with duct tape. Casey Anthony was charged with first-degree murder, of which she was found not-guilty at the end of her 6-week trial. The verdict enraged the public; Casey Anthony was freed, despite the mountains of circumstantial evidence pointing to her guilt. Over the years, Casey has proven to be one of America's "most hated" convicts. Here are the 15 Things Casey Anthony Doesn't Want You To Know.

15 That It Took 31 Days For A Missing Person's Report To Be Filed

This has got to be one of the most incriminating facts of the case. Caylee's disappearance wasn't brought to the attention of police for 31 days after she was last seen. The worst part? Casey herself wasn't the one who made the initial 911 call. Her mother, Cindy Anthony called the police and frantically reported that she hadn't seen her grand-daughter in 31 days, and that Casey's car smelled of a dead body. According to Cindy, Casey had given her various explanations to explain why Caylee was missing over the period of mid-June to mid-July 2008. When questioned by police, Casey alleged that a nanny had kidnaped Caylee, and that she was just too afraid to alert the authorities. Casey's behaviour and repetitive lies are super sketchy, and IMHO point to her being culpable for the disappearance and murder of her daughter. What mother would behave in this way, were they not guilty of something?

14 Her Computer Search History Was Incredibly Incriminating

How much more evidence do you need to prove that Casey Anthony was (is!) responsible for the murder of her young daughter? Before Caylee was killed, searches for "how to make chloroform"  were conducted on Casey's computer. Furthermore, the day Caylee was last seen alive, someone searched for "foolproof suffocation". A variety of other suspicious searches were conducted, including "neck breaking". Is it just a coincidence that little Caylee actually did die from chloroform suffocation? I don't think so. The jury were presented with these pieces of evidence, yet couldn't agree on a guilty verdict as there was not a clear enough motive for the crime. This is sadly a case of the jury not using logic and reason correctly.  Even if a motive wasn't presented, the evidence pointed to one person's guilt: and that person is Casey Anthony.

13 She Was Living With Lead Detective Patrick J. McKenna

So this is more than a little bit bizarre. After her 2011 trial wrapped up, news broke that Casey Anthony was living with lead private investigator Patrick J. McKenna at his West Palm Beach home. McKenna also served as a private investigator at the O.J Simpson trial, creating a concerning reputation for himself. He seems to have a knack for helping guilty people avoid prison sentences. It was alleged that Casey moved in with McKenna in order to have round the clock protection. She initially took refuge in a Port St. Lucie church for protection soon after the trial was over, as she was receiving many death threats. McKenna is seen as a bit of a hero in the investigation world- at least for the guilty and desperate. When contacted, he refused to comment on whether or not Casey was staying with him.

12 She Has  A Group Of Supporters Who Send Her Cash Regularly

After being found not-guilty of the murder of her two-year old daughter in 2011, Casey's life took a pretty dramatic turn. Although technically free of criminal charges, she did not have the luxury of a free life. Unable to step out in public, for fear of being attacked, shouted at or called a "baby killer", she spent the better part of two years in hiding. Due to her notoriety, she was unable to get a job, which meant that her finances became quite complicated. She appeared in court in 2013 to claim bankruptcy, where she explained that she had been primarily living off of the generosity of friends, family members and anonymous supporters that sent her money and gift cards. In her court appearance, she admitted to having less than $1,000 in assets, and close to $800,000 in debt. All of her legal bills obviously added up.

11 She Was Partying While Her Daughter Was Missing

One of the most shocking facts in the Casey Anthony trial was the fact that Casey was out partying while her toddler's body lay lifeless in a wooded area, not far from her home. The world was shocked when photos were presented of Casey, attending parties and seemingly celebrating life, during the summer of 2011, when her daughter was missing. She took part in a "hot bodies" contest, and got a tattoo on her shoulder that read "La Bella Vita". Really not standard behaviour for a mother who has a missing toddler. Her defense attorneys blamed the media for "sensationalizing" her party photos. They presented it as an exaggerated attack on her social behaviour, and assured that her behaviour did not point to her guilt (I would humbly disagree with her defense team). Clearly, Casey did not have Caylee on her mind while she was living it up at parties and nightclubs.

10 She Dyed Her Hair Blonde

When Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder charges in 2011, she very quickly rose to the top of America's "most hated" list. Not only were people upset about the verdict, some literally wanted her dead. She was at the center of death threats, harassment and intimidation, giving her very few options but to retreat from the public and try to live her life in confinement. Sounds about as bad as being in prison, right? She even played around with her physical appearance in an effort to go unnoticed, but of course, alleged baby killers don't go incognito for long. In no time, photos of a blonde Casey Anthony were all over the net exposing her new look for all to see. The large group of people who want her to be punished wasted no time spreading the news on forums, chat groups and websites.

9 She Believes O.J Is Innocent

This doesn't surprise me one bit. Casey has famously been compared to fellow American accused killer O.J Simpson. Although he was acquitted of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, modern-day DNA testing (and the mountains of evidence in the case) have ultimately proven his criminal responsibility for the murders. In the age of The People Vs. O.J Simpson, you would have to be a pretty unintelligent person to still believe that he didn't do it. Naturally, Casey falls into this category. She has reportedly said that she felt a certain kinship with O.J, since she believes that they were both victims of the media and accused of crimes that they did not commit (insert eye roll here). One thing's for sure, both of these cases rocked the world with their brutality and subsequently shocking trials and verdicts. Casey and O.J are among the most vilified accused killers in the United States.

8 She Was Charged With Providing False Information To Police

Although she was ultimately not found guilty of the murder of her daughter, Caylee, Casey did receive a sentencing for four charges of providing false information to the police. She gave police untrue statements about her work history, her whereabouts when Caylee disappeared, and also fabricated a story about Caylee being abducted by her nanny, Zenaida Gonzalez. She was to receive one year of prison time for each charge, although two of the charges were later overturned, and she was given a reduced sentence for her previously served time in jail leading up to her trial. Casey clearly has a penchant for lies. She also fabricated many stories to explain to her mother and father where Caylee was. She even made up a story that she and Caylee were in Jacksonville staying with a friend when her parents pushed for details about their whereabouts. Suspicious,  no?

7 She Never Discussed Caylee's Disappearance

One of the biggest focuses of the prosecuting attorneys during the trial was Casey's very suspicious behaviour in the aftermath of her daughter's disappearance. Wouldn't a mother's instinct be to report her missing child immediately? Why did she wait until 31 days had passed? And even at that, she wasn't the one who made the initial missing person's report. Friends and ex-boyfriends also testified that they never heard Casey mention that her daughter was missing. She spent the month at her then-boyfriend, Tony Lazzaro's place. She was not searching for Caylee, as she had told police. Her social activities, paired with her numerous fabrications, certainly make it hard to believe that she was not responsible (or at least, involved) in her child's disappearance and murder. It's really hard to give the benefit of the doubt to someone who has been consistently dishonest, deceitful and sketchy.

6 She Abandoned The Car That Allegedly Smelled Like A Dead Body

Probably the biggest piece of circumstantial evidence presented at the trial was Casey Anthony's car. On June 27th, Casey suspiciously abandoned her car at an Orlando business. She later claimed that she had run out of gas and that was why she left the car parked there. When she didn't go back to claim the car, a letter was sent to her parents' home from the tow yard. The car was retrieved by her parents on July 15. At this point her father, George, and numerous employees of the tow yard, agreed that there was a foul smell coming from the trunk of the car, in line with that of a decomposing body. During forensic testing, elements were present to indicate human decomposed flesh was present in the car's trunk. Furthermore, traces of chloroform were found in the car, and a police dog reacted to the car- indicating that he smelled human decomposition.

5 George Anthony Stated That Caylee's Death Was Accidental

One theory to explain Caylee's death was that she drowned in the family pool, accidentally, and that George Anthony, Casey's father, helped her to cover up the accident. Krystal Holloway, a volunteer during the search for the missing toddler, came forward and admitted to having had an affair with George. The defense used her as a character witness, and she told jurors that George had told her that Caylee's death was "an accident that snowballed out of control." George denied the affair and also denied having made that comment, although he himself said on many occasions that he believed that his daughter covered up the death. Clearly, the Anthony's were extremely shaken by the death of their granddaughter. In January 2009, George Anthony attempted suicide as he was so perturbed by the loss of his grandchild and the implications that his daughter was responsible.

4 There Are Prison Tapes

At Casey's trial, the prosecutors played excerpts from prison tapes in order to showcase Casey's character. Many of the video clips featured her communications with her parents while she was in prison awaiting trial. Her behaviour is odd and questionable on more than one occasion. When Cindy Anthony tells her daughter that the media is talking about the possibility that Caylee drowned in the family pool, her answer was a sarcastic "surprise, surprise!" She also showed selfish and combative behaviour on many occasions, leading the prosecuting team to conclude that she was completely narcissistic and sociopathic. Her feigned concern for her daughter didn't always come across as genuine. Despite gaining major interest during the trial, the tapes were not enough to swing the jury.

3 She Allegedly Adopted A Child In 2014

Just what the world needs: another child to be in the hands of an accused baby-killer. According to reports, Casey adopted a three-year-old girl from the Florida Foster Care Center in 2014. Since she was acquitted of murder charges, her record remains clear and there is nothing preventing her from adopting a child. Except for the social worker, who has to sign off on the final outcome.  She explained to reporters that Casey was not found guilty, and so, she approved the adoption. According to the social worker, there are many, many children in foster care that need loving homes. Casey reported that she was super excited to have her new daughter, Maggie, home with her.

2 She Had Her First Post-Trial Interview In 2017

Six years after being acquitted of her daughter's murder, and almost a decade after her initial disappearance, Casey Anthony finally broke her silence and gave an interview, for free, to the Associated Press. Her interview was filled with contradictory statements, confusing facts and some interesting accusations. She pointed fingers at her parents, who have both stated in their own interviews that they hold Casey responsible for the death of their granddaughter. An estranged Casey clearly doesn't appreciate them speaking against her, so she used this opportunity to throw the shade back their way. She also made some super controversial statements about how she sleeps well at night; comments that had people in an uproar. If you had a child kidnapped and murdered, you probably wouldn't sleep well another night of your life.

1 She Has A Very Rocky Relationship  With Her Parents

During the trial, Casey's defense team tried to imply that her father, George Anthony, was somehow linked to the crime. In a far-fetched scenario, the defense purported that George helped Casey bury Caylee's body in the backyard after she had accidentally drowned in the family pool. Other allegations of George sexually abusing Casey when she was a young child, leading her to have a long history of lying, were used to try to incriminate him. Casey has since had a very stormy relationship with her two parents, who both believe she is criminally responsible for Caylee's death. The fact that Casey has continually pointed blame towards George has really damaged the family dynamic. Her parents were originally quite supportive of her, but it seems that during and after the trial,  they had to distance themselves from their daughter.


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