15 Things Anna Nicole Smith Wouldn't Want You To Know

Here are 15 things about Anna Nicole Smith's life and death she and all those lovers definitely don't want you to know.

She died in a luxurious Florida hotel room ten years ago, almost to the day. Accidental drug overdose, they said. The former dancer, face of GUESS jeans and 1993's Playmate of the Year was the Marilyn Monroe of the 1990s. She was a creature of the tabloids, prone to outrageous behavior. Some used the term "white trash". Like Marilyn, she longed to be respected as an actress and performer. It just didn't happen. But what did happen after her death was an explosion of speculation, rumor and accusations. Lots of lovers had lots of things to say. There was an unholy battle over her body and custody of her daughter. An FBI file or two surfaced and her lover Howard K. Stern, faced criminal charges over her death. Fingers were pointed, but nothing ever stuck. On paper, she was all loved up in the Bahamas with Stern, the supposed father of her 5-month-old daughter Dannielynn. But things are not always what they seem to be, are they? Here are 15 things about Anna Nicole Smith's life and death she and all those lovers definitely don't want you to know.

15 I Won't Live Long

It's February of 2007 and Anna Nicole Smith and a lawyer by the name of Howard Stern (another one) are living in the Bahamas with "their" baby daughter. Then they decide to jet over to Florida to buy a yacht. There they are in a luxury suite at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel. But Anna Nicole gets sick. Like 105 degrees temperature sick. She is already on lots of prescribed medication, and now she adds antibiotics. She is disoriented, staggering around the suite. But the funny thing is that she was all alone when she died. She was found by staff face down on the floor, her mane of blonde hair covering her face. We'll get to what Howard was up to later. A former lover and personal trainer, one Alexander Denk, has surfaced on the tenth anniversary of her death and said that she had told him she would not live long. She said that there were people out to get her.

14 The Mysterious Injection

There are just some things that are certain. And one of them is if a celebrity dies, especially a young celebrity, within months of the death there will be at least one "tell-all" dig the dirt book to give the world the "truth". And in 2007, journalist Rita Cosby came out with a humdinger of a book called Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith's Death. Of course, by then a number of conspiracy theories had emerged concerning Anna Nicole's death, but Cosby focused on an infected injection site on Smith's backside. Why? Well, she theorized that that infection had led to the mysterious illness that plagued the model in the days before her death. The coroner said accidental prescription drug overdose was the cause of death. But some wondered. Nicole was right handed and the injection site was on her left buttock.

13 The Missing "Tape"

We're staying with Rita Cosby and her scandalous book about a scandalous life. By the time of her death, Smith had a 5-month-old daughter, Dannielynn. The baby was stashed away in the Bahamas. Why? Well, Anna Nicole and Stern claimed that Stern was the father. Wait, says another of Smith's lovers, photographer Larry Birkhead, she's mine. The picture? Stern and Birkhead and Anna Nicole at Hollywood's Gay Pride celebration. There's more: After Anna Nicole's death, Cosby jetted over to the Bahamas and claimed to have found nannies that claimed there was a "tape" that the dead model loved watching. The stars? Stern and Birkhead. A friend of hers, Jackie Hatten, even claimed that she and Anna Nicole caught them at it, all "intertwined" even. To date, no tape has surfaced.

12 In The Beginning There Was That Old Man

It's 1991. And Texan Anna Nicole has graduated from Walmart and moved onto "dancing". She was taking her clothes off in a Houston club when she met oil multi-multi-millionaire J. Howard Marshall while "working". Apparently, she did a little (or big?) lap dance for the guy and he was smitten. See, he was a boob man. And Nicole's "Double Ds" went down a treat. Lots of gifts later, she marries him in 1994. Son E. Pierce Marshall smelled a rat: She was in her twenties and dad was pushing ninety. Well, long story short, the old man dies the next year. Don't worry. Natural causes. Of course, the old coot had promised her he would provide for her (as in $$$). But he didn't. So Anna Nicole Smith Marshall takes his estate and E. Pierce to court. It was still going on at the time of her death in 2007. Remember her telling a lover someone wanted her dead? Guess who? Probably good old E. Pierce. It gets worse.

11 Anna Nicole, The FBI And A Murder Plot

If she hadn't died, Anna Nicole might have ended up in prison. Why? Well, the FBI had had her under investigation for plotting to kill nasty old E. Pierce Marshall. See what hundreds of millions of dollars can do to people? It is just not very nice. They even brought her in for questioning. She cried and denied everything. So much of the file was whited out, it's hard to tell just what was going on. So, maybe hubby's son E. Pierce wanted Nicole dead. And maybe Nicole wanted to reunite E. Pierce with daddy. Now, the plot thickens, because guess who would get the $50 million Anna Nicole's estate hoped to get from the Marshalls? Yep, it's daughter Dannielynn. It's no surprise that so many guys came out of the woodwork and claimed to be her father.

10 At The End: Whacked Out Before Her Death

The video was shot in August of 2006, less than a month before Dannielynn's birth and around six months before Anna Nicole died. It's hard to be diplomatic. She's eight months pregnant, obviously whacked out and wearing clown makeup. During the course of it, she apparently forgets she's pregnant and thinks the baby is intense gas. That's whacked to the gills, we'd say. This was after Howard Stern and Anna Nicole had "fled" from California to the Bahamas. Why? Well, the story  is that they wanted to get away from other guys, like Larry Birkhead, who would later claim paternity. After the model's death, Stern was accused of fraudulently obtaining drugs for her, some say to keep the former Playmate in La-La land. Some criminal charges are still pending.

9 She Died Too: She Tried To Climb Into His Coffin

Before she dumped him to marry the old rich guy, Anna Nicole was married to a fellow Texan with the totally Texan name of Billy Wayne Smith. They had a son, Daniel, who was the center of the universe as far as Anna Nicole was concerned. Then shortly after Dannielynn was born in September of 2006, Daniel died from what the coroner said was a methadone overdose. Nicole had to be pried away from his body after four hours of tears and hysterics. She did not want to bury him. And, reportedly, she tried to climb into his coffin for a final snuggle. Now, after Anna Nicole's death, some (including the probate judge who oversaw Anna Nicole's estate) noted that the common denominators in both cases were overdoses and the presence of Howard Stern.

8 The Final Days: Pimped Out And Betrayed?

Judge Larry Seidlin doesn't like Howard Stern one little bit. And we're certain Stern returns the ill will. Seidlin was the Probate Judge who attempted to referee the many squabbles that erupted after the model's death. Of course, he wrote a book in which he noted that Stern was a common factor in the overdose deaths of both Daniel Smith and Anna Nicole. And Rita Cosby and her tell-all book? Her theory was that Stern was doping Anna Nicole up, maybe even pimping her out to other men, in order to control her and her finances. Now, Cosby even says that Larry Birkhead was aware of what was going on. Well, the thing is this: Birkhead and Stern ran in the same Hollywood circles. Maybe they were lovers. Maybe not. But they got kind of cozy after her death.

7 Shopping For Boats As Anna Nicole Dies

Weeks after her son Daniel's death, in September of 2006, Howard and Anna Nicole stage a "commitment" ceremony aboard a yacht in the Bahamas. Did we mention that they sold the pics to People magazine for $1.7 million? Bad taste on steroids. Fast forward to February of 2007. Anna Nicole is (as usual?) doped up and staggering around a palatial suite at the Hard Rock Hotel in Seminole, Florida. She is sick, sick and more sick. And good old lover boy/"husband" Howard Stern? Well, remember that the couple came to Florida to buy a luxury yacht. So, as Anna Nicole gets weaker and weaker, what is Howard up to? He reportedly keeps his appointment with a boat broker. After her death, he makes a good job of publicity grieving. The reality? Rita Cosby says that within hours of her death he is on his phone to media contacts trying to sell his story.

6 The Battle Over Her Body And Dannielynn

In one corner, we have Anna Nicole's mother Virgie Arthur. In the other corner, we have Howard K. Stern. Add in Larry Birkhead. Virgie wants to bury Anna Nicole in Texas. Howard says the Bahamas. And Larry Birkhead is after Nicole's DNA to help prove he's Dannielynn's father. Remember, if Anna Nicole's suit against the Marshall estate is successful, the little girl would get $50 million. Even Zsa Zsa Gabor's ancient husband is claiming he is the dad. Meanwhile, Anna Nicole's body is stuck in a morgue and with all the wrangling over Texas versus the Bahamas, it takes a week for Judge Seidlin to allow it to be embalmed. Finally, Howard Stern wins the day and the rapidly decomposing body is flown to the Bahamas for burial nearly a month after her death. Undeterred, Virgie goes on to battle Birkhead for custody of Dannielynn. Birkhead says she is only after the money. Like he isn't? Oh yeah. Rumor has it that Stern sold the pictures of the funeral for a tidy sum.

5 You Take The Kid, I'll Run The Estate

Blonde Birkhead and Stern at the funeral. So many guys tried to claim they were Dannielynn's father that the judge in the case went a little nuts. Some were even claiming they had donated sperm. At the end of the day, Birkhead got his DNA sample and won his battle with Stern over paternity. Now proving he was the father does not necessarily mean he would get custody. Remember Virgie Arthur waded in to claim the prize that was Dannielynn. So, in her book, Rita Cosby claimed that Birkhead and Stern did a deal. Stern got to be executor of the estate and Birkhead got the $50 million prize that was Dannielynn. All that stuff about being enemies? Forget it, she says. Those two were in it together.

4 Ghost Intimacy

Of all the bizarre, freaked out pronouncements Anna Nicole came out with during her life, the one about having a ghost lover while she was living in Texas is right up there with the best of them. It was, she said, amazing s*x. Fast forward to 2016 and Larry Birkhead decides to go on Tyler Henry's Hollywood Medium show to "reconnect" with her. And get some publicity. "This energy of this younger woman is almost insistent in the way this is coming through," Tyler said to Birkhead in his most earnest voice. "I'm seeing a symbol of putting lipstick on a mirror." And he mumbled something about May and a big hat. Amazing, Larry said. We wrote lipstick messages to one another on the bathroom mirror and we met in May at the Kentucky Derby. She was wearing a big hat. How could Tyler possibly know that? We think we know the answer to that one, Larry.

3 Back In LarryLand

Here we are in 2017. And odds are that executor Howard Stern's bid to fleece the Marshalls of $50 million has petered out without success. But Larry and little Anna Nicole Jr. (Dannielynn) roll on. He had her posing for GUESS jeans (just like mama) when she was all of 6-years-old. And he's sold more exclusive stories and pictures than you can shake a stick at. He's been on a whole host of TV shows for publicity and profit. And last year the two visited Anna Nicole's grave in the Bahamas. How do we know? He sold that story, complete with graveside pictures, to People. He went on Millionaire Matchmaker a while back saying he hadn't really dated women since Anna Nicole died. Some say he never dated women anyway. He was the millionaire? Yep. Some say he's worth about $10 million. And good old Howard? Drew the short straw and is worth less than a million. There is some justice in this world.

2 Train Wreck And The Sister Cleans Up

Some say Anna Nicole was a train wreck waiting to happen. Take her half-sister Donna Hogan. That's the title of the tell-all book she wrote. It came out just months after she died in 2007. Some doubted she had even met Smith. But that didn't stop the woman. The villain of the piece? Well, there were two actually. One was Virgie Arthur, Nicole's mother. The other? Howard Stern. Hogan sensationally claimed that Stern kept Nicole doped up in a bid to control her and that he did all the talking for her. Even worse, she claimed that he enabled her drug use. Remember those still pending criminal charges against Stern? As far as Hogan is concerned, Stern is guilty of killing her.

1 White Trash

She came from a dirt poor, dysfunctional Texas family, but she found fame and misfortune after those Playboy pictures. She made millions and she lost millions. And, even now, people are still cashing in on her "legend". But trust us, if you had mentioned New York magazine to Anna Nicole, you would have heard a lot of screaming and yelling. Why? Well, in 1994 they hired her for a photoshoot, telling her they wanted an "All-American girl" look. So she does the shoot. Only thing is that when the magazine came out, it was used to headline a story called "White Trash Nation". 'WTF', Anna Nicole shouts and files a suit claiming $5 million for defamation. That kind of thing was just typical of the kind of life she led. She was the kind of woman whose nanny sued her for sexual harassment. And those kind of women don't last.

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