15 Things Alex Jones Thinks The Government Is Up To

Many people characterize Alex Jones as a right-wing nut. That may be the case now—to a degree—but Jones has never truly held a party affiliation. In fact, Jones was one of the biggest anti-Bush people out there during his presidency. Jones is anti-establishment, which means he supported Trump's ideals. He hates the Clinton family and seems to genuinely believe they are evil, so he sided with the person he thought would do the best job. If you believe any of what Jones is saying, it's easy to understand why he would choose to support such a candidate.

Alex Jones is really just a brilliant conspiracy theorist. He crafts theories that make sense; enough to make people think that there's something nefarious going on behind the scenes. It appears that Jones truly believes some of the conspiracies he's pushing and provides points that seem true, however bizarre they may be. Conspiracy theories are fun, and they make people feel as though they know some piece of information the rest of the public doesn't.

In the end, though, Jones is in the viewership business. He can't believe everything that appears on his Infowars site, but he pushes it to get higher page-view numbers and more hits on his YouTube page. It's difficult, if not impossible, to find out what Jones truly believes the government is up to, but here are 15 of the more outlandish claims Jones has made over the course of his career.

15 Manipulation Of Food Prices


Alex Jones is right when he says that we are no longer in control of our own food sources. Almost all of the country lives in an urban environment, and even many of those who live in rural environments aren't self sufficient. This means that we rely on outside sources for our food, leaving the door open for major corporations to take advantage.

Jones claims that the government is in cahoots with some of the food organizations, and has artificially raised food prices globally. Food prices have risen, and with the rise in food price, comes civil unrest. Jones has claimed that the governments of Western countries are starving out some parts of the world. Their motives are depopulation and concentration of power through chaos. People tend to get angry when food is harder to get, and according to Jones, this is exactly what the elite planned.

14 Assassination Of Antonin Scalia


The death of Antonin Scalia provided just enough head-scratching details to create an opening for Jones and the Infowars staff. According to initial reports, Scalia was found with a pillow over his face, marking the possibility of foul play. Even though it was later clarified that the pillow was above his head when he was found, this opening was wide enough for Jones to squeeze an assassination theory through.

There hasn't been an articulated reason as to why Scalia would have been assassinated, other than the fact that Obama (so they presumed) would be able to name his replacement. It was also suggested that Scalia's affinity for the constitution may have been the reason he was killed. Either way, the fact that there was no autopsy, the pillow situation, and the location in which he died, combined to create a decent conspiracy theory for Alex Jones.

13 Oppressing Third World Countries


This theory is related to the manipulation of the food source, but deserves a section of its own for extrapolation. If you've ever watched one of Jones' videos, you'll know that multiple layers of theories are usually packed in to one general point.

Basically, Jones and others believe that the elite of the west are knowingly keeping third world countries oppressed. They are creating chaos wherever they can and are oppressing these countries in order to maintain control. According to Jones, the end-goal appears to be depopulation of the world.

Industrialized nations—traditionally—have less children. The elite, or globalists, are keeping third world countries away from industrialization and allowing them to overpopulate. This creates further destabilization, and these same forces (again, according to Jones) are allowing citizens of these countries to bleed into the west. The goal here would be to destabilize the western regions in order to gain further control and eliminate the population.

12 Obama's Mother Was A Prostitute


Alex Jones is one of the only people who continue to claim that Obama's birth certificate was fake. He doesn't subscribe to the idea that Obama was born outside the country and has instead focused on a particularly strange idea as to why they would need to fake a birth certificate.

According to Jones, Obama's real father is Frank Marshall Davis, an American communist working as a Soviet agent. Obama's mother is who they say she is, only she was working as a "s*x operative" for the CIA at the time. In order to protect Obama's reputation, he knowingly lied about his lineage.

The whole thing doesn't make a ton of sense and just seems to extrapolating on the fake birth certificate theory. That doesn't matter to Jones, though, as he continues to believe his version of events, even saying as much on his recent appearance on Joe Rogan's podcast.

11 Satanic Rituals

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Alex Jones is a big anti-Satan guy. The man is no fan of Satan, which I think we can all get on board with. Jones, though, seems to think that practically everyone in government and entertainment is, in one way or another, in bed with the man downstairs.

He has linked supposed Satanic rituals to multiple people associated with prominent democrats, and claimed that some figures in entertainment are also in on the ploy. These Satanic rituals often take place behind doors with, "blood and semen" (disgusting, I know, but that's what Jones thinks they're up to). Others are said to take place in plain view, such as Katy Perry's music video for "Dark Horse" or Lady Gaga's halftime show at the Super Bowl.

To hear Jones tell it, in order to get anywhere in today's society, you have to pay respects to Satan. I'm not sure if that explains his own success, but we'll pretend that doesn't matter.

10 Child Molestation


Many of you might remember the "Pizzagate" controversy that made headlines during the election. Most of this started from Jones' show and expanded from there, but Jones still thinks that he was on to something.

The basis of Pizzagate came from Jones' sources who, he claims, told him about the Anthony Weiner child p*rnography charges before they happened. In addition to this, there were multiple references to "pizza" in leaked emails. This reference, according to Jones' law enforcement connections, is a code word for child s*x. Jones believes that these references are proof of mass child molestation among the elite.

In regards to Pizzagate itself, Jones believes the mainstream media used an innocent pizza place in New York as a focal point in order to distract from the rest of the information he cited. They made it seem as though Jones was directing his comments to this pizza place even though he wasn't (which, for what it's worth, is actually true).

9 Bin Laden Has Been Dead For Years

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To be fair to Alex Jones, he was consistent on this story from the beginning. Jones reported in 2002 that Bin Laden was already dead, and that his body was on ice. He reported that it would be used for political gain when the time was right but that until then, it would stay frozen and preserved.

Once the news broke that Bin Laden had been killed, Jones took to his platform to tell the world that it was a hoax. According to him, the plan was to have Bin Laden "killed" during George Bush's presidential run in 2004, but they didn't need it. He says that because Obama's approval rating was down, the government used Bin Laden's body as a propaganda piece, dumping it in the ocean so nobody could prove they were lying.

8 The Globalists

The globalists are at the center of the Alex Jones conspiracy web. Although Jones' interpretation of their influence has evolved over the years (more on this ahead), the general sentiment of their mission remains the same. The globalists, as you can probably tell by the name, are set on creating a one-world government.

Part of the reason Jones is such a Trump fan is the populist and nationalist rhetoric in his campaign. To hear Jones tell it, Trump is taking the power away from the globalists and focusing on issues facing the American people. Globalists, or the New World Order, are essentially seeking to centralize control over the world and snuff out any dissent. This includes placing tracking chips in people's arms and creating a global currency that can be manipulated at will.

7 The Clintons Are Mass Murderers

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It's no secret that Alex Jones is a big Donald Trump guy. Jones seems to think that Trump is the man to lead the oppressed people of the internet to the promised land, which means that he was and is staunchly opposed to Hilary Clinton. It's not just her policies that Jones disagrees with, though. It's because Jones believes she's a mass murderer who needs to be stopped.

As to not misrepresent Jones' viewpoints, much of what he calls "murder" were bombings in the Middle East—nothing new to us today. But this was before 9/11. It doesn't seem as though Jones believes that Hilary or Bill Clinton ever pushed anyone in front of an oncoming train House of Cards style, but he does link the deaths of some DNC staffers to the Clinton "crime syndicate." Just recently, a DNC staffer, who was suggested to have leaked information about the Clintons to Wikileaks, was shot on the streets of DC. It's a strange and suspicious story, which feeds directly into Jones' narrative about the Clintons.

6 Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation

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One of Alex Jones' main adversaries, at least in his mind, is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. While it seems like they're doing nothing but good for the world, Jones thinks that something much darker is happening with the foundation.

Jones believes that Bill Gates is a eugenicist, and that the vaccines the group is handing out will eventually kill the people who receive them. Jones references a paralysis outbreak in India as evidence, saying that the polio vaccines educed this state for these people.

Basically, Jones is against vaccines. He believes that this is yet another way for the government to control the public and reduce the population. If you're wondering where these anti-vaccine people are getting their information, it's most likely from Alex Jones' program.

5 Weaponized Weather

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Chemtrails are one of the more well-known conspiracy theories in our country, as well as one of the more tinfoil-hat theories. Basically, the idea of chemtrails is that the government is spraying something into the air using commercial and private airplanes. There are many theories as to what the substance may be, and Jones has some theories of his own.

According to Jones, it isn't the airlines that are the culprits here, but the government and the major jet fuel producers. Apparently, the government has been adding chemicals to jet fuel in order to affect the atmosphere and manipulate the weather. In addition to this, the Doppler towers are actually weather control towers that are able to create and direct storms wherever the "globalists" want. There is a lot going on here, and Jones claims to have the evidence to prove it. Of course, not many of his viewers are going to sift through the thousands of pages of documents required to fully understand the programs, meaning they'll usually just take his word for it.

4 Clinton Tried To Steal The Election

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According to Alex Jones, even before the presidential election took place, Clinton was trying to steal the election by using illegal immigrants to vote for her. He claimed that Clinton used this tactic in order to defeat Bernie Sanders, and that she would do the same thing against Donald Trump.

Obviously, if she indeed used these tactics, it didn't work. But Jones is claiming that the immigration reform she and Obama supported aimed to allow these voters to be able to vote and vote Democrat. To hear Jones tell it, millions of undocumented immigrants voted illegally in the election this past year. While this isn't a popular opinion, it's one that reached the ear of President Donald Trump.

3 9/11 Was An Inside Job


This is an Alex Jones classic piping-hot take—that September 11 was perpetrated by those within our own government. If you haven't looked into the information for yourself, it may be worth your time. You'll find it interesting if you're a conspiracy fan. But if not, then you'll likely write it off to nonsense.

As tragic as the 9/11 terror attacks were, they did wonders for the Alex Jones brand. There was a lot of fishy information about the attacks, and the whole situation naturally lent itself to one of Alex Jones' conspiracy theories. He had been on the conspiracy grind for years, but the 9/11 theory was his time to shine.

This appears to be one of the theories that Jones truly believed. Like many high school students who hear about Building Seven for the first time, Jones wouldn't shut up about the theory for years. This theory is one of the pillars on which Jones built his multi-million dollar enterprise.

2 False Flags


Among some of the more controversial Alex Jones takes are his false-flag claims. He doesn't ever seem to believe that the media is telling the truth, and has even gone so far as to say tragedies like Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon Bombing were false-flag operations.

False flag operations are those that are perpetrated by our government, but are made to look like they were sponsored by another person or organization. September 11 is an example of what Jones and other conspiracy theorists consider a "false flag," but Jones has claimed many other tragedies have been false flags as well.

In the case of Sandy Hook, Jones doesn't even believe that anyone was killed. He claims that the government hired trauma actors to play the victim's parents, and that the whole thing was staged. For the Boston Marathon, Jones does recognize those killed in the tragedy, but claims it was our own government that was behind it. The motive for these "false flags," according to Jones, is to tighten firearm legislation and control the people using fear.

1 Inter-dimensional Vampires


This has to be the most bananas Alex Jones Conspiracy of them all. Basically, this inter-dimensional aliens/demons/pedophiles/vampire theory is the center of the web that ties all of his other theories together.

The actual argument is difficult to understand and even harder to explain, but Jones was on Joe Rogan's podcast a few months ago to try to tell his side of the story. Jones got drunk and high with Rogan and Eddie Bravo, and the interview went off the rails somewhere around the two-hour mark.

I'm sure I won't do it justice, but Jones basically said that there's a demonic consciousness bleeding into our own dimension trying to take over human brains to ascend to the next level. The elite are trying to assist this power by merging with technology to create some sort of super-organism. To hear Jones tell it, they would be able to predict and therefore change the future, effectively ending free will and consciousness. Apparently, they got the idea from the "inter-dimensional pedophiles" or "psychic vampires"—whichever name you prefer—have tried this on other civilizations before.

Sources: infowars.com, youtube.com/alexjoneschannel

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