15 Terrifying Times Ghosts Were Caught On Camera

As if ghosts weren't scary enough to think about, now we have photos and videos that prove they're real!

Back in the olden days, ghost stories had to be passed down by word of mouth which made skepticism much more possible. Now we live in an age of handheld phones that capture photo and video whenever we feel like it. This new dawn of personal photography and videography has allowed more paranormal entities to be captured on film. Viral ghost videos are all the rage from America to India and despite the rampant skepticisms still alive and well, almost all of these videos have support. Some of the earliest photographs feature spectral visitors viewable by a disembodied hand or other signifiers.

There are many reasons that people believe in ghosts despite the fact that we still don’t have hard proof of their existence. Surveys show that a significant amount of the population believe in ghosts which have led to some scholars claiming that there is a paranormal revival happening in the modern world. About half of the population believe in ghosts in both America and the UK, but the belief in the paranormal is even stronger in Asia. There are festivals and times of the year when ghosts completely change the way that people in various Asian cultures behave.

If you don't believe in ghosts, you're about to change your mind. These are 15 ghosts that have been caught on camera.

15 Nightclub CCTV

The staff of Dream Water Lounge wine spa has always heard weird sounds and had strange feelings at the Stockton Heath, Cheshire nightclub. Since their opening, the CCTV has caught a couple of strange occurrences that had security and then ghost hunters, scratching their heads. The owner of the venue has experienced his fair share of weird stuff in the space as well. While watching the CCTV the owner saw one of the bathroom taps seemingly snapped on its very own. The footage that Dream Water has captured is of a shadowing figure moving up the hallway. The nightclub operator says there is also footage that makes it look as if it is raining indoors. Though the men were sure to take into account all tampering before taking the video seriously, but they still think something paranormal is afoot. The clip lasts just 37 seconds and has been viewed over 100,000 times.

14 Ghost Footprint

The Leeds Paranormal Investigators traveled to Burley Sports Bar in Leeds, West Yorkshire to see what they could find from an otherworldly realm. One investigator, medium Yvonne Robinson, was communicating with a spirit while the rest of the time was getting nothing. At the height of communication, another member of her investigation team snapped a photo and captured the amazing image that has been deciphered to be a footprint. The issue is that nobody was standing next to her, leading LPI to believe that this is the footprint of a ghost.

It appears as a foot shaped spot of light, but Robinson explained that LPI had all lights and electricity off so that they could read the electromagnetic fields that ghosts, poltergeists, and other entities often put off. She expresses her absolute belief that there is a ghost currently residing in that Leeds sports bar. That night they picked up the spirits of a little boy and a gentleman and Robinson assesses that she connected with the little boy, but the footprint isn’t him.

13 The Most Haunted House in Ireland

Ashy Murphy in Cork, Ireland posted a horrifying video on her social sites that showed inanimate objects floating around her kitchen. After moments the seemingly normal kitchen begins to change as the ceiling lamp starts swinging. The brooms fall to the floor with a loud crash and then the camera pans to the sink where metal pots and pans are being banged together by what appears to be no one.

The last bit of the haunting shows the breadbox slide directly over to Murphy as they’re saying “I defo have to move out”. Leading up to this video Ashy posted multiple social media statuses about her ongoing problem with what most experts would refer to as a poltergeist. Though the video has tons of views and believers on social sites and online in general, many experts believe that Ashy Murphy might be faking it but we'll let you be the judge of it.

12 Gettysburg Soldier Admiring the Gallery

In a photo uploaded to Imgur, it appears that a Civil War era soldier is looking through the museum at Gettysburg. The photo is of three men in the Gettysburg Visitor’s Center, the two men in the forefront claim to have been the only people in the room. The blurry image in the back could possibly be a real ghost.

Experts can tell that the coat and sword at the side of the soldier depict garb of a different era, and the blurred aspects of the man make everyone question whether or not the man is of this world. Because of the immense amount of ghost activity in Gettysburg, there are many haunted walks and tours around town where attendees can have the chance to snap their very own ghost video or photo.

Aside from this location, there are super haunted sites here such as the abandoned orphanage and the Jennie Wade house.

11 Full Moon Figure

This ghost was caught in two images snapped only seconds apart on the night of a particularly full moon. It looks like a very clear shot of a child sized paranormal entity walking along under the street light. The couple that took the photo claim that there was absolutely nothing there that was visible to the naked eye. Also, the Reddit poster informed the public in their post that the family members who took the picture are not the type to be Photoshop savvy.

Some Reddit users believe that a camera glitch could have caused the blip in the photo stream. Others jumped right on board establishing that it looked like a ‘little elf’. With the full moon present, one can’t help but wonder if this is the moon man out for a jaunt but perhaps it is something more sinister. Some internet users speculated that what the elderly family members had captured was a goblin.

10 Little Girl’s Face

An anonymous trio of photos was posted on the Facebook page “The Louisian Files”. The photos were taken at Saint Louis University in Baguio City. The photos are normal with the girl’s shoes marking her space in the band room, but what is freaky is the difference in the two photos. In the first image, we can very clearly see the face of a ghostly white little girl with what seems to be no body.

In the second image (taken only seconds later) the face has completely disappeared. Two events greatly devastated Baguio City which could contribute to the heavy amount of ghost activity in the area. These spirits that cannot find rest either perished in the second World War or the horrific earthquake of 1990.

The area was also home to thousands of Resistance forces and served as a strategic vantage point for the Cordillera region. For this reason, there are many paranormal locations to explore, and it is quite possible that this photo features the face of a ghost.

9 The Stanley Hotel

Este’s Park Stanley Hotel was the very hotel that inspired Stephen King to write The Shining. That is why hearing about a ghost photo being captured there so easily went viral. Henry Yau was visiting the gorgeous hotel from Houston, Texas and wanted to take a panoramic shot of the beautiful lobby and staircase. Since the place was empty he figured it was the perfect opportunity.

When he looked at the shot the next morning he noticed a person standing smack dab in the middle of the image. This isn’t the first news that this hotel is haunted, many say that the first owner and his wife still walk around the halls like the own the place.

Some people hear Flora’s (the owner’s wife) Steinway playing from down the halls or they see Mr. Stanley watching over the goings-on in the billiard room. Despite this paranormal activity, many naysayers think that Yau just captured someone rounding the corner.

8 Family Portrait

What seems to be a normal photo of four children and two adults swimming together in a lake or river becomes much more creepy when we learn that there were only three human children posing for that photograph. The image was taken in 2014, and apparently 200 years earlier a little girl drowned in that very lake. Doreen O’Sullivan was accidentally drowned while bathing in the lake, it took them an hour to recover her body. The spot had been considered dangerous for some time when O’Sullivan drowned, the swimming hole is over 20 ft. deep.

The ghostly figure appears in the photo with a very white face, two large dark eyes, and two ‘things’ on either side of its head. There are also long, skeletal type fingers on the woman and the young girl’s arms. The reason that Ms. Davidson is so adamant that there was a ghost there that day is because there were other strange occurrences as well. Her daughter experienced something grabbing her leg twice in the water and when she exited the lake she felt a presence ruminating behind her but she chose to ignore it.

7 Protective Older Sister

13-year old Hunter was being a normal teenager sending photos to his friend on Snapchat from his bedroom when something weird appeared in the background. Hunter’s friend sent the Snap back to him with a big white blur in the background circled. Upon further examination, it looks like a figure in a white dress looming protectively over his shoulder.

The young boy sent the screenshot to his mom who immediately thought of his older sister who had died in a horrific accident in 2006. The young boy has always felt like there was something with him, watching over him, but until this Snapchat there hadn’t been any proof. Also, there have been times when the picture of Adriana flies off of the shelf out of nowhere.

That is why Hunter’s mother believes that this apparition is his little sister’s ghost watching over him. The family rarely talks about the young girl who passed on in such a horrible way, but maybe she’s been there all along.

6 Peaches Geldof And The Ghost Baby Hand

Before her untimely death Peaches Geldof was a devoted mother who loved posting selfies that she’d taken with her son Astala. In one selfie that she posted after bath time Geldof noticed after taking it that there was a baby hand pictured that wasn’t accounted for. Geldof lived in the South East England property at the time of the photo and decided to do some research after seeing this eerie image.

Apparently, the house was owned by a rich man and his pregnant wife in the 1920s. The baby was stillborn, however, which drove the wife absolutely mad. She actually drowned herself in that very bathtub. This is why Geldof thinks that the house doesn’t feel eerie or creepy, it actually has a maternal atmosphere.

The selfie was posted just about six months before her fatal overdose leading some conspiracy theorists to believe that the spectre could have something to do with her untimely death.

5 Soldier At Gettysburg

A video that was posted on YouTube in 2013 began to pick up traction on social media in the beginning of September of this year. Gettysburg was the site of a gruesome battle during the Civil War, many Americans lost their lives and the battle lasted for days. It is a pivotal battle in the Civil War as it shifted the favor to the North for an inevitable win.

There are many ghost sightings at Gettysburg of soldiers wandering the fields where they lost their lives. In this ghost video, two men have a dash cam set up while they sit at commonly haunted Gettysburg sites.

At one point after about 30 minutes of sitting at this site, a very clear spectre could be seen walking around a cannon that is placed on the side of the road. He is visible for a brief couple of seconds but can be seen clear as day. The ghost vanishes and appears into thin air, causing a stir with the two people sitting in the vehicle.

4 ‘Ghost Ship’ On The Great Lakes

A video that was posted to YouTube in early October 2016 went viral after the public jumped on board. They believed that what they were seeing was a paranormal boat floating along Lake Superior in the one-minute video. In the video, we can clearly see a ghostly boat seemingly rise out from the water and appear out of nowhere. The Great Lakes Shipwreck Society verified that some 550 ships have wrecked in Lake Superior alone.

Across the entirety of the Great Lakes, there have been 6000 shipwrecks in total. It has been supposed that this could be a type of mirage from the combination of vast space, water, sky, fog, etc. but there are still many believers in the ghost ship. Mirage or not, the internet caught fire when the video was posted by Jason Asselin.

The local videographer was in the location shooting a music video and was shooting a rainbow when he happened to catch to real flying dutchman on camera. He told CNN that he watched the ship bob on the ocean for about a half of an hour before it disappeared into thin air.

3 Soori And The Figure In The Road

Comedic actor Soori is a hit in India, and while getting a ride home he and his driver almost hit a ghost that was standing right in the middle of the road in Southern India. After the experience, the actor posted his ghost experience to Facebook and it went viral almost immediately.

The video was shot at 2:30 am on the Palani to Coimbatore highway. The actor and the person driving stop when they see a lone figure in the middle of the road. The man and his companion then get super freaked out thinking that this is an apparition so they decide to turn their headlights off.

After the lights are off they just seem to drive directly through the ‘ghost’. Despite many claims that the whole video was a hoax, it garnered half a million views and 10,000 shares in only a couple of days of being posted.

2 Faceless Ghost Of Snapchat

This photo is from a video that features a French teenager using the adorable Snapchat filter that turns our faces into puppies. As she’s talking and being a cute puppy another face is captured by the camera, a face that starts making the app appear as if it is also opening its mouth. When the video is ending the girl notices the other face and it disappears causing her to look abhorrently unsettled. It is possible that the dark books on the back bookshelf in the video were picked up as pupils by the algorithm in the social media app which activated the dog face filter.

But it is also possible that this young girl is being joined by a ghost friend who’s just dying to be in her story. Tens of thousands of people have viewed this video. On Twitter, there are over 30,000 retweets and 10,000 likes on the video.

This isn’t the first time that Snapchat has caught a ghost, the video app is leading to tons of ghost experiences. A couple of them were even on this list!

1 The Girl In The Hospital

A doting boyfriend got to his job at the hospital for his night shift and decided to snap a photo of the hallway to send his girlfriend when she woke up. What he captured with his Snapchat was much more than an empty hallway in the children’s ward. It appears that the ghost of a little girl is walking through the hallway and into one of the rooms. Though the image has been shared from the UK to America many skeptics are still fighting that this is just an altered image.

The main theory behind this image being a hoax is that it was created using an app called Ghost Capture that allows users to capture an image from one photo and apply it to another. Despite all of these claims the poster, Andrew Milburn, says he used to be the biggest skeptic of them all and would never alter a photo like this.

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