15 Terrifying Things You Need To Know About Kim K's Paris Robbery

The Kardashians are arguably the biggest, most followed, family around at the moment, and have been for the last decade or so. The whole Kardashian – and Jenner – clan are superstars, but if you had to pick a member of the family who’s achieved the most success, who makes fans weak at the knees, who sends social media into meltdown mode every time she posts one of her sultry pics, it would have to be Kim Kardashian. She helped popularize the whole concept of reality TV, and has remarkably just continued to gain more fame and fortune since the Keeping Up with the Kardashian series first aired what seems like many moons ago back in 2007.

Whatever she does gets a whole heap of attention, but unfortunately, some of this attention is not always warranted. Every celebrity has to deal with the odd crazed fan, or a hater who takes things a bit too far, but what Kim went through last October in Paris was on another level all together. The reality TV star was in the French capital for Paris Fashion Week with her mom, Kris, and older sister, Kourtney, and this time, she wasn’t actually there for work. She was there along with her family to support younger sister and model Kendall Jenner, who was walking the catwalk on the night in question, the Givenchy fashion show. But later on that night, Kim suffered a horrifying ordeal: she became a victim of an armed robbery which she has said is by far the “worst moment of her life” – understandably so.

Since the incident, plenty of stuff has been spoken about in the media, from people trying to decipher what actually happened. All sorts of rumors were circulating, but now, six months down the line, we have a clearer picture about what actually happened that night, and the aftermath of the robbery. Police reports have been written, people involved in the incident have spoken, and Kim K– as she does – has recently divulged all in her family’s reality TV series. These are 15 things you need to know about what Kim went through on that terrifying night in Paris.

15 Wasn’t Meant To Be In

This is something that probably left Kim thinking, “what if?” What if she hadn’t stayed in, what if she hadn’t decided to do some work on her laptop, what if she hadn’t decided to go to bed early, what if she’d taken Kourtney up on her offer to go out on the town with her, their sister, and her stylist? Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but can drive a person crazy. If she had gone out with Kourtney, Kendall, their stylist, and her BFF and long-time friend Simone Harouche, she may not have been around when the robbers gained entry to her room.

The three were due to go to a party and accompany Kendall to one of the sophisticated soirees that were being held after watching her strut her stuff in the Givenchy fashion show, but Kim was tuckered out and just wanted to chill in bed and catch up on some work. Kim’s bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, accompanied her sisters, which meant that Kim was left completely alone that night, until the terrifying heist took place that is. There was no other security. It’s a place for the rich and famous and they tend to bring their own security personnel.

14 Something Spooked Her Before The Break-In

The break-in and subsequent robbery was of course a shock, but Kim heard some commotion outside, some noises that spooked her a little bit before the robbers actually broke in. She was in one of the luxury first floor apartments, and has later said that her room could be seen from a certain position across the street. The robbers and their gang could quite possibly have been keeping their eyes on her apartment, watching for any activity. Because hers was one of the first apartments in the building, a lot of stuff could be heard from her position, the goings on at the entrance to the building for example. On the night of the robbery, she actually heard something which seemed to be out of the ordinary. She called out wondering what was going on, but didn’t get a response, so she thought nothing of it, didn’t alert anyone, and just went back to lying on her bed, oblivious to what was really taking place down the hall.

13 Was Kim The Sole Target?

There have been tons of conflicting views on this. Some of the people involved say that it’s pretty evident the robbers targeted Kim’s apartment, and targeted Kim herself specifically, others say that they targeted the whole building, and it was Kim who just happened to be in, and hers was the first apartment on the first floor.

The concierge, Abdulrahman, who was forced to let the robbers in and access Kim’s apartment, says that in his opinion, they knew wealthy guests were staying at the apartment building and they were planning to rob anyone they could, not mentioning Kim specifically. They told the concierge “ok, we’ll do them all,” and Kim’s apartment was the first on the first floor, so it was hers they went into.

But the gang leader, Aomar Ait Khedache, once caught, told the police his gang had been targeting her for some time, that they had thought about robbing her before but she always had security around her. This time, her bodyguard was out with her sisters, Kim was alone, and they saw their opportunity.

12 Her Glamorous Life Was Easy To Track

Amazingly, after the events of that night, a lot of people weren’t so sympathetic. In fact, many blamed her for the robbery, saying that because of her strong social media presence, that she basically advertised herself to the robbers. On that very night, Kim was posting pics of herself and videos on Snapchat in which her jewels, and that $4.5 diamond ring, were clearly visible. People began blaming her, saying she brought it on herself, and the gang leader later admitted that they did target Kim for that specific reason, because they knew what she had on her.

The police chief in charge of the investigation into the robbery, Christian Sainte, before anyone was arrested, also thought that Kim was the target because of her social media posts. The police chief had been involved in a number of similar cases in Paris before, and said that it was nearly always pre-meditated. Then, when he began looking into Kim – he had no idea who she was by the way – and seeing all her posts, it confirmed in his mind that Kim was targeted because her glamorous life was all too easy to track, suspicions later confirmed by the gang leader when he was caught.

11 The Concierge Witnessed Every Moment

Don’t forget that there was another victim that night. Abdulrahman, the concierge at the luxury block of apartments, was also involved in that horrifying ordeal. Initially, he was considered to be one of the prime suspects and was actually taken in for police questioning, but he was soon released after it became apparent that he had no involvement in the actual robbery, and that, like Kim, he was a victim. The robbers got to Kim through the concierge, and he had to witness every single moment of what went down that night. He was in Kim’s room for most of the ordeal until the robbers took Kim elsewhere. He was needed to translate their demands in French into English for Kim.

After the incident, Kim recalled that he was incredibly calm throughout the whole robbery, which led people to believe that something fishy was going on. But he said he’d kept calm because that’s what was needed in that situation. He later wrote a letter to Kim, some of which said: “When you feel the cold steel of a gun at your neck, it is the moment when remaining calm can mean the difference of life or death, for both our lives." The concierge no longer seems to be under suspicion from anyone. People have accepted that he too was the victim.

10 The Robbers Gained Entry Via The Concierge

You might be thinking that the apartment building’s such a high-profile place, surely there’s going to be a lot of security, right? Well, apparently, the apartments were deemed to be pretty secure, hence there wasn’t a security presence; they were secure but not if opened by conventional means. The concierge opened the door for the robbers.

The robbers entered through the main entrance of the building, and walked down the corridor to where the concierge was stationed. He was behind some glass doors, and it was his job to allow people into the main area where the apartments were. They had to get him to open the glass doors in order to access the apartments, and they managed to convince him to do just that. He said that he thought that they were French anti-terrorist cops, due to what they said and the way they were dressed; he soon figured out that was not the case when they pulled a gun on him. At 2:30 am, they forced him to lead them up to the first apartment, open the door, and that’s when they burst in on a terrified Kim.

9 What Were The Robbers After?

I’ve mentioned how in the police report, the gang leader said they had been planning to rob Kim for some time; they obviously knew she was loaded, saw all of her jewellery on her social media posts, but, according to the concierge, what they really wanted was just money. Look at it from their point of view: having money would’ve made things simpler, but who carries huge amounts of cash with them when they’re alone in a hotel room in a foreign country? Kim certainly didn’t have anywhere near the sums of cash they wanted. She had a $1000, a paltry sum to them.

The concierge – who, remember, witnessed the whole thing – said one of the robbers kept asking for money. Kim, knowing they’d be after more than the $1000, offered them her $4.5m ring instead. After casually tucking the ring into his pocket, the robbers went on to take everything else they could find, including what’s estimated to be around $10 million worth of jewels.

8 Kim Begged Them To Spare Her Life

Just imagine what would have been going through Kim’s mind when the robbers burst in. She was lying on the bed in just a bath robe when they entered, and understandably, after the concierge began translating and telling her what they wanted, all kinds of thoughts began going through her mind. She gave up her ring, they took all her jewellery, and while they were beginning the robbery, Kim began to fear the worst would happen and began thinking of her kids.

She kept begging them to spare her life, saying she had babies at home – “take anything you want, but let me go back to my family, I’m a mom” - Kim told the concierge to translate. Around this time she also contemplated escaping. She considered bolting for it and trying to make the elevator, but then realized that may not be a smart decision. They could shoot her in the back, and what if the elevator didn’t come down and wasn’t ready? All kinds of thoughts began whirring about in her head, and she eventually decided to stay put, although she was prepared for the worst.

7 They Bound And Gagged Her

Understandably, as these thoughts were going through her head, Kim began to get a tad hysterical. It was at this time that the robbers decided to restrain her and keep her quiet. Kim was still on the bed at this stage, in nothing but a robe, and so when one of the robbers grabbed her legs and pulled her towards him, she thought something very different was going to happen.

Instead, the robber got some duct tape and bound her wrists together, then her ankles – by this stage Kim was beginning to make a lot of noise – and then tape gagged her by wrapping the duct tape around her head and mouth. One of the robbers then held a gun to her head, and that’s when Kim thought it was going to be over. But they instead carried her to the bathroom and laid her on the floor besides the bath tub, and that’s the last time she saw them. They went about ransacking the apartment and disappeared soon after.

6 Kim Broke Free

As the robbers were going about robbing the place, Kim just lay bound and gagged on the bathroom floor, without making any effort to escape. When the noise had stopped and she heard them leave, she began to really struggle in an effort to get free. The concierge at the time was also restrained and handcuffed, so he couldn’t come to Kim’s aid. Eventually Kim managed to break free from the restraints and began looking for her phone, but they’d taken her phone – police reports indicate they took two phones that night along with her jewels – so Kim began screaming for help.

By this time, her friend and stylist, Simone, had returned from her night out and was in one of the other rooms. She was there during some of the robbery. Though she was asleep, she heard some sort of a commotion and hid in the bathroom. When she heard Kim screaming, she called for help from Kim’s bodyguard, who was still out with Kourtney, and the police. Within minutes, one arrived shortly followed by the other.

5 Gang Made Their Getaway On Bicycles

Since they’d gone to such lengths to plan the robbery, you’d have thought that those involved – and more than just the two robbers were involved – would have arranged for some form of transport that would allow them to flee the scene and get as far away from the luxury apartment complex as possible. But no, they made their getaway on bicycles, peddling away on the streets of Paris.

In fact, they began the robbery in that fashion, too. CCTV footage revealed that just before the robbery, there were three members of the gang cycling towards the apartment building. Two other figures – we now know to be other members of the gang – were seen hanging around and walking to the building on foot. After spending 50 minutes ransacking the place and tying Kim up, they came out and pedalled away. There was also a black car spotted outside the building, which police deemed to be the lookout vehicle.

4 Her Jewellery Was Melted

In January, things began to unravel for the gang. Understandably, finding the robbers was a top priority for French Police, and they wasted no time in making arrests. In January, they arrested who they deem to be the gang leader, Aomar Ait Khedache, who’s a 60-year-old gangster who goes by the nickname “Old Omar.”

The veteran robber actually revealed quite a lot. He understood that the jig was up and told police a lot of what they needed to know. What happened to all of her jewels? Well, it would have been impossible to track them because shortly after the robbery, it was all melted down into bars and subsequently sold off. They did that so the jewels wouldn’t be recognized. Everything was melted, except for that very pricy diamond engagement ring that is. They held on to the ring as they were afraid to sell it, with it being so recognizable and all. Khedache told police it is in someone’s possession, which has given investigators another lead to follow.

3 Arrests

After the events of that night, police and investigators went to work in an effort to gather as much evidence as possible. The robbery took place in October, but it wasn’t until January that they started making arrests. Police carried out dawn raids in the residences of those suspected to be involved. The raids were coordinated and took place across Paris. In all, 17 people were arrested, some charged. Among those arrested, there were a pair of brothers in their 50s who were residing in the suburb of Raincy, the 60-year-old and suspected gang leader, Aomar Ait Khedache, and, really shockingly, someone who was close to Kim’s family for her Paris trip, her chauffeur was arrested, although he was later released without charge. But Khedache did say to police when in their custody that the gang had someone working on the inside, someone who was close to Kim. It's really scary to think who that might be, if of course he was telling the truth and wasn’t just trying to cause more panic.

2 How They Were Caught

From the way they were acting and speaking that night, the concierge thought that they were total amateurs. But we now that we know it was planned and we know the histories of a lot of those who were arrested, most of them had been in trouble with the law before and were career criminals. They were veterans but still low level thugs. Aomar Ait Khedache, though, was already wanted by police at the time; he’d been on the run for six years after he absconded from a drug trafficking trial.

At the time, they got away with it and managed to escape, but the way they went about things really does prove that they were amateurs. For starters, one of the suspects’s DNA was found on the tape gag used to silence Kim, and this was later matched to DNA found on the necklace, Kim’s platinum cross which was dropped by one of the robbers that night as he made his getaway on a bicycle. This gave investigators plenty of leads, as did the fact one of the robbers exposed his face to a security camera when cycling away.

1 Kim Was Mentally Prepped For The Worst

During the incident itself, Kim was of course left traumatized, but was left thanking her lucky stars that nothing else happened. When she was lying on the bed in nothing but a bathrobe, and one of the robbers pulled her towards him, she thought that was the moment she was going to be raped, and then when they bound and gagged her, she thought it was a certainty that that was what was going happen, and there was nothing she’d be able to do about it.

She was mentally prepared for them to do seriously bad things to her; she feared she was going to be raped, but also feared for her life, since they were armed gunmen and one held a gun to her head. At that moment she thought of her kids but also thought about Kourtney, who was enjoying a night out, and how seeing her dead body on her return would affect her for life. Thankfully that’s not how things panned out, although it was still a truly horrific ordeal, certainly for Kim, and her family and everyone else involved and affected.

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