15 Terrifying Stories From People Who Saw The Bloody Mary Ghost

Bloody Mary is an ancient folklore legend. According to this legend or myth, if you call her name three times (although some claim you must call her name five or even thirteen times) in front of a mirror she will appear inside the mirror. Sometimes she appears outside the mirror too.

The spirit of Bloody Mary can be evil or good, depending on different historic accounts. If she is nice she might tell you your future. If she is evil, she will scratch you. Some people claim that seeing Bloody Mary means that you will die. Bloody Mary can appear as a rotting corpse, a witch or a ghost. Sometimes Bloody Mary appears as a woman drenched in blood and holding a dead, blue baby.

Throughout the years many people have invoked the spirit of Bloody Mary. Nowadays, it is mostly groups of curious young people that decide to play the Bloody Mary game and to communicate with her. Most people communicate with Bloody Mary in dimly lit bathrooms. School bathrooms seem to be a favorite among these groups of young people.

Most stories portray Bloody Mary as an evil figure who is out to scratch your eyes and possibly even kill you. We have collected fifteen such stories. If you’re curious, why not try and contact her yourself?


15 A Dark Figure Standing At The Foot Of The Bed

When Briggy was 13 years old her and her friends did not want to go to gym class so they hid in the gym bathroom. After checking that there was no one in the bathroom, the teacher locked the door which meant that Briggy and her friends were stuck there. For a while they talked but then got bored and decided to play the Bloody Mary game. They said Bloody Mary a couple of times and spun around but nothing happened.

A few days later they were back in the gym. However, this time they decided to join gym class instead of going to the bathroom. Suddenly, Briggy heard someone call her name across the gym. This happened a few more times but there was no one there calling her name.

Then, a few days later Briggy woke up suddenly in the middle of the night and felt as if someone was watching her. All her blankets looked as if they were torn off her as they were lying at the foot of the bed. Suddenly, Briggy saw a still figure with its head down standing at the foot of her bed. It looked like the figure was getting closer and closer. But Briggy was too scared to move or make a sound. She closed her eyes for ten seconds and when she opened them again the figure was gone.

14 Amber Found Drowned In Her Parent's Bathroom


Cindy was at her grandma’s house with a few friends when they decided to have some fun. So they went to the bathroom where they lit a few candles. Some of the girls started chanting Bloody Mary and suddenly there was a flash of light and there was an old woman standing with them in the bathroom.

The woman was old and her body was rotting. There was an awful smell of rotting meat inside the bathroom. However, a couple of seconds later the woman was gone as was the awful smell.

A few months later Cindy’s friend Amber crashed her car and after she recovered she claimed that Bloody Mary was with her in the car during the crash. Of course, no one believed her but some time later Amber was found drowned in her parent’s bathroom.

13 Cristina Louise Sees An Ugly Figure In The Corner

Christina Louise was in seventh grade when she saw the Bloody Mary. According to her, it was a typical day – she went to her friend’s house after school, as she often did. Her friend’s mum and her friend suddenly needed to go to the store and so they left Christina on her own.

Christina got bored and decided to contact Bloody Mary. She went to the bathroom, lit candles and started chanting Bloody Mary’s name – “I started to say my third "Mary" when my heart felt sick. I felt dizzy. But I was curious, I wasn't going to give up. As I started to say my last Mary, I was super hot shaky and just really scared now.”

Suddenly – “Out of nowhere, it all happened so fast I didn't even realize the curtain open but I noticed an ugly figure in the corner closest to me. I saw her face. I'm drop dead serious. She had a very weird and creepy face. Her face was cracked, she was bleeding from her eyes and she had a pale face. Thin lips, dark eyebrows and blackish hair.”

12 Vanessa's Friend Gets Scratched After The Group Chants Bloody Mary In Front Of Seven Mirrors


Vanessa was in 3rd grade when she and her friends decided to play the Bloody Mary game. They all went to their school’s bathroom that had seven mirrors in it. Vanessa and her friends stood in front of the seven mirrors, holding hands. Vanessa suddenly got scared and told her friends she didn’t want to do it anymore but her friends convinced her that it was just a game.

One of the girls turned off the light and another one looked straight at a mirror and chanted Bloody Mary three times. At first, nothing happened. But then one of the girls started screaming. Vanessa then saw a creepy face in the mirror and could not contain her horror – she too started screaming.

One of the girls turned on the lights again and the first girl that screamed had a scratch on her arm. Suddenly, all of the girls except for Vanessa ran out of the bathroom, leaving Vanessa alone in shock. Suddenly, the stalls in the bathroom started banging against each other and Vanessa ran out of the bathroom too.

11 Hope Tried To Contact Bloody Mary And Spent The Rest Of The Day Throwing Up

Hope was in third grade when she decided to contact the Bloody Mary. Unlike most people, she played it by herself (some people are very brave!) She locked herself into a bathroom, closed her eyes and spun around three times, chanting Bloody Mary.

When she opened her eyes, she did not see anyone in the mirror but she heard a strange whisper which was very loud. That same day Hope got really sick and spent the rest of the day throwing up. To this day Hope doesn’t know whether she got sick because she played the game or not, but what are the odds, right?

10 Sara And Her Friends See The Face Of An Old, Creepy Woman In The Mirror


Sara and her friend Missy were at their friend Gail’s house. It was Friday the 13th and they decided to contact the Bloody Mary spirit. It was 3AM when they went to the bathroom and lit the candles. They then chanted Bloody Mary 13 times. On their 13th chant, the girls saw a swirl of smoke around the mirror. Suddenly there was a face of an old woman staring at them out of the mirror.

All three girls screamed and Gail turned on the light. Gail’s mum ran into the bathroom to see what was going on. She made the girls go back to bed but none of them could sleep that night for they knew that they had seen the Bloody Mary. And they knew that bad things happen to people who have seen her.

9 Ezzie And Her Friends Call The Bloody Mary But Can't Break The Circle When Things Get Too Scary

It was Friday the 13th when Eddie and her friends decided to try and contact the Bloody Mary. They sat in a circle with their knees touching and they chanted – “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary please may we speak to Bloody Mary.” They then flipped a coin – heads meant yes and tails meant no and asked questions. When they asked if Bloody Mary could show them a sign that she was there, the coin said “no” but then when they asked two more times she finally said “yes”.

The girls were playing a CD at the time and it went incredibly jumpy even though it was brand new and had no scratches on it. The girls then began feeling dizzy and faint. They tried to stop the game by saying “please may we close the circle” but they kept getting the same answer – “no”.

The girls began feeling scratches on their faces and the taps started running by themselves. Ezzie got so scared that she broke the circle and to this day she feels as if someone is watching her.


8 Diana's Friend Loses A Chunk Of Hair After Trying To Contact Bloody Mary


Diana was in third grade when one of her friends convinced her and another friend to go into the bathrooms inside the school. For some reason, the bathrooms inside the school were locked but the bathrooms outside were open. However, Diana’s friend said that her mum was the lunch lady so she would get the key from her. Diana and her friend decided to wait for her beside the bathroom inside the school.

As they were waiting, they heard noises coming from inside the bathroom. They thought that their friend might already have unlocked the door and was probably inside. They pushed the door open and went in. Immediately, they started to move around hoping that the automatic lights would turn on. But they didn’t. Soon, they heard someone outside the door. It was their friend who was supposed to get the key. Apparently, she couldn’t get the keys off her mum. But it didn’t matter, they were inside the bathroom anyways.

So they played the Bloody Mary game and it didn’t seem like anything was happening. But then one of Diana’s friends screamed, and then they were all screaming and running outside. One of the girls came out of the bathroom with a chunk of her hair missing. When the girls told the teacher’s assistant about the incident and they went back to the bathroom it was locked.

7 A Creepy Figure With Its Mouth Wide Open

Marisa had just watched Ghost Whisperer with her friend and wanted to freak her out. So she decided to play the Bloody Mary game. At first she called the Bloody Mary in front of the mirror in her living room, but nothing happened.

Next, she moved to the bathroom and called the Bloody Mary again. It didn’t seem like anything was happening. But then just as she was about to leave, Marisa saw a figure in the mirror. The figure was black and white and its mouth was open wide, as if it was screaming but there was no sound coming from her.

The figure then lifted its arms and Marisa saw that its hands were bright red. A few of the nails were gone and some were still peeling off. The figure suddenly moved as if to grab Marisa. Marisa then screamed and ran out of the bathroom.

6 Sarah, Hayley And X See A Creepy Figure In The Mirror


When X was in second grade, her and her friends Sarah and Hayley decided to do the Bloody Mary challenge. So they went to the school bathroom and switched off the lights. They huddled together in front of one mirror and said “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary” three times.

For a while nothing happened but then Hayley saw something in the mirror. X and Sarah freaked out and ran out of the bathroom. However, Hayley was still inside the bathroom and would not leave. X returned to the bathroom, grabbed Hayley and ran out. Later, Hayley and X were in the bathroom when X also saw a figure in the mirror. Two weeks later, Sarah saw a creepy figure in the mirror also. Of course, nobody believed them.

5 Lauren's Friend Ends Up With A Bloody Face After Trying To Communicate With Bloody Mary

Lauren and her friend were on a road trip when they decided to have some fun. They decided to play the Bloody Mary game so they stopped at the nearest gas station. Once there, they asked if they could use the outdoor restroom. When they were inside the restroom they turned off the lights, splashed some water onto the mirror and spun around, chanting Bloody Mary.

After spinning around Lauren’s friend flushed the toilet while Lauren stared into the mirror. To her amazement, her reflection started to transform as her face was turning into a red blob. Lauren’s friend suddenly screamed and the two ran out of the bathroom. Once outside, Lauren noticed that her friend’s face was all bloody, just like her face had appeared in the mirror. When Lauren cleaned the blood off, she noticed that her friend had fingernail scratches all over her face.

4 Candy's Friend Is Unable To Leave The Bathroom And Then The House After Contacting Bloody Mary


A few years ago Candy’s cousin and friend came over to her house. They chatted for a while but eventually got really bored and decided to contact Bloody Mary. So they went to the bathroom, switched off the light and chanted Bloody Mary five times.

They then looked in the mirror and saw a strange green light that seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. Candy and her cousin freaked out and ran out of the bathroom. But Candy’s friend stood in front of the mirror staring into it without blinking, as if hypnotized. She did not leave the house that whole day, as if someone was holding her and restraining her from moving.

3 Shereen And Her Friend - The Water Taps Start Going Crazy And The Door Starts Banging By Itself

Shereen was curious to see if the Bloody Mary was real so she asked one of her friends to play the Bloody Mary game with her. Her friend agreed because she too was curious. So Shereen and her friend decided to play the game in the school bathroom. The school bathroom had three cubicles and both of their doors were open.

After Shereen switched off the light she and her friend stood in front of the mirror. Shereen and her friend were going to chant Bloody Mary 13 times. However, when they were on their ninth chant the doors of the three cubicles started banging back and forth even though there was no one inside the cubicles. Plus, the water taps started going crazy. Shereen tried to switch on the light but the light wasn’t working. The main door of the bathroom suddenly slammed shut as if pushed by an invisible force. Terrified, the two girls ran out of the bathroom and haven't set foot inside ever since.

2 A Shower Curtain Goes Up In Flames


Katie was nine when she decided to play the Bloody Mary game with four of her friends. They were at Katie’s house and they decided to play the game in the bathroom. So they carried Katie’s mum’s candles upstairs and chanted Bloody Mary.

Suddenly, the figure of an old woman with chains around her appeared in the mirror. Then the shower curtain went up in flames. Katie and her four friends were terrified and ran out of the bathroom.

An older boy who was in the house ran into the bathroom and put the flame out. Of course, Katie’s mother did not believe that the Bloody Mary appeared and was convinced that the fire was started by the candles, even though the candles were six feet away from the shower curtain.

1 Stuck Inside The Bathroom With A Mysterious Force

Kelsie was at a slumber party when her friends dared one of the girls to contact Bloody Mary. The girl went into the bathroom, switched off the light and chanted Bloody Mary 13 times. For a while, nothing happened. But then the girls outside the bathroom heard the girl in the bathroom screaming. She was trying to come out of the bathroom but the door was stuck, even though there was no lock on it.

When the girls got her out of the bathroom, the poor girl who was trying to contact Bloody Mary was whimpering and crying. She had at least 20 scars on her arms which disappeared a couple of days later. The girl never told the other girls what happened inside the bathroom.

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