15A Little Girl And Her Friends Caught On A Trail Camera

This is another photograph that was taken from a trail camera. It seems to show a little girl and two deer who all appear to have noticed the camera! This was taken in the middle of the night, so why on earth is the little girl roaming around by herself?

Well, it’s also clear that she’s not completely alone and is instead with some woodland friends. It’s also strange that the deer don’t seem to be afraid of her at all. Perhaps they don’t see her or know that she’s there. That might be because she’s standing behind them or because she’s a ghost! Seeing a photograph like this is really chilling because there are so many possibilities as to what could be going on here, but we really have no idea which one is the most likely. We have nothing more than a scary picture of a little girl alone in the woods, and that’s certainly scary enough to keep us from camping anytime soon.

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