15 Terrifying Pictures That'll Keep You Far From The Woods

There are few settings for most popular horror movies. Haunted houses are always great, and they also work well for slasher films. One of the best places to shoot a horror movie? The woods. Something about a bunch of trees in one spot just seems to be incredibly spooky for horror movie fans. They’re not wrong; that’s for sure. The woods are full of some seriously spooky business. It could be witches, monsters, or creepy little girls -- the woods aren’t the first place many of us would like to find ourselves. Sure, there are plenty of places scarier than the woods. Forests are made for campers and anyone who likes the outdoors. They’re quiet and serene, devoid of technology, and a different world compared to our fast-paced lives back in the cities. All those things can make them equally terrifying, however, depending on what perspective you’re looking from.

The woods are quiet and empty, which means no one can hear your screams. There’s no technology or electricity, which means you can’t call for help if you run into some freaky business! Not to mention, they get incredibly dark at night, too! When you’re lying in your tent about to pass out, you can’t help but hear all the bug noises and breaking branches that seem to be swallowing you. Whether you’re afraid of the woods already or you’re a huge fan of camping and can’t wait to get back in the trees, here are 15 Terrifying Pictures That Will Keep You Far From The Woods:

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15 A Little Girl And Her Friends Caught On A Trail Camera

This is another photograph that was taken from a trail camera. It seems to show a little girl and two deer who all appear to have noticed the camera! This was taken in the middle of the night, so why on earth is the little girl roaming around by herself? Well, it’s also clear that she’s not completely alone and is instead with some woodland friends. It’s also strange that the deer don’t seem to be afraid of her at all. Perhaps they don’t see her or know that she’s there. That might be because she’s standing behind them or because she’s a ghost! Seeing a photograph like this is really chilling because there are so many possibilities as to what could be going on here, but we really have no idea which one is the most likely. We have nothing more than a scary picture of a little girl alone in the woods, and that’s certainly scary enough to keep us from camping anytime soon.

14 Someone Watching From The Trees

The photograph above is a zoomed-in version of a regular picture that was taken in front of the woods. When the photographs were reviewed later on, the person who took the picture realized he saw something strange peeking out of the trees. If you zoom in and enlarge that part of the photograph, you can see the strange thing that was seen! It looks as though it’s some sort of ghost or paranormal entity, as you can’t see all of it and it’s transparent as well. The scariest part about this one is its eyes! They look black and hollowed out. It’s not someone in a costume, so if it were fake, that would mean photoshop. That doesn’t seem likely either, however, because the image blends so well into the trees.

13 A Creepy Girl In A White Dress

This scary image was a still taken from a drone. It had been flying over the area when it seems to have captured a little girl walking around in a white dress. Those who have seen it believe it to be a “black-eyed child,” an urban legend in which black-eyed children lure people to their death. Whatever it is, it’s terrifying. Who would be walking around the woods barefoot and in a white dress? It clearly thought it was alone, but with the technology of drones flying all over the sky capturing 360-degree footage, none of us are ever really alone. It doesn’t seem like a hoax either because it was just an accident captured by the drones. It really makes us wonder what on earth this terrifying image could be, but for now, we’ll cancel our camping trips.

12 Looks Like Someone Got Up And Walked Away

As if the graveyard buried in the woods that we saw earlier wasn’t freaky enough, now we know that there’s also an empty grave somewhere out there in the woods! This dug-up grave could mean a lot. Did someone dig up a dead body? Why did he do that, and what did he use it for? Was someone buried alive and dug himself out? Or perhaps, he was dead, is still dead, but still dug himself up. These are all possibilities had a dead body been buried in the first place. But what if nobody was put there, and it's instead dug and ready for someone who might become a murder victim? Maybe someone dug this grave and has it ready for his next victim. Who knows if that victim could be you! Better stay out of the woods for a bit!

11 A Ghost Creeping Behind

The image above was taken by a camper who didn’t realize he might've captured someone -- or something -- staring at him from behind the trees. That’s one of the scariest parts of the woods. There are so many places to hide! You can lurk behind the trees or even hide in them. With so many trees surrounding you, it’s hard to really know if you’re ever truly alone! The way what appears to be a little boy is standing also makes us think he definitely didn’t want to be seen. He looks solid, so perhaps, he’s something more than paranormal. No matter what the case actually is, it’s terrifying. Sure, it could be someone else camping trying to hide so he doesn't disturb someone else. It could also be everything terrible from your nightmares waiting to attack you! You decide.

10 An Alien Lurking In The Woods

The image above was taken by some people exploring the woods. There are so many scary things waiting to find them, one including the alien you can see hiding behind the trees in the distance! The campers had no idea they were being watched by something potentially extra-terrestrial until they were reviewing their footage later. Of course, they weren’t harmed, or else, how would we have this picture? It’s just chilling to know that there might be aliens hiding out in the woods now, too! Of course, we’ve always been scared of bears, spiders, Blair witches, bigfoot, and other woodland creatures. Aliens just seemed like something we’d run into somewhere else! Of course, like all scary pictures on the internet, this one has some critics who say it’s shopped, but either way, no matter what the truth is, it’s terrifying enough to keep us from the woods!

9 A Beast Going For A Dip

The image above is a very clear image of what looks to be some sort of demon. The horned beast was caught on camera taking a dip in a little pond. This picture has plenty of skeptics who question its authenticity. It does kind of look like a guy in a costume, and we definitely wouldn’t be surprised to find out that it was an image faked for attention. In the chance that it's real, though, this picture is freaky AF. It would mean the existence of such beasts and demons like the one in this photograph is real. What could that suggest if that were the case? In other pictures, blurry images or transparent people suggest something paranormal, which is freaky. But this is a solid-looking beast, so who knows what that could mean if it was found out this picture was totally legit?

8 Unmarked Headstones In The Middle Of The Woods

The forest is a dark and mysterious place full of terror. One of the most horrifying things you might find in the forest is an abandoned graveyard like the one above. People have been burying dead bodies as a way of mourning for thousands of years. Once everyone who knows someone in a graveyard dies and the caretakers move along as well, these graveyards just become abandoned. Stumbling upon one like this in the forest is horrifying! There’s always a chance it was a family’s personal graveyard as well. With headstones worn away suggesting that they’re incredibly old, we’ll never really be able to know who was buried here and why unless we start legit digging in the dirt ourselves! For now, we’ll just stay away from the woods and look at these creepy pictures in the comfort of our own homes instead.

7 An Unknown Man Caught On A Trail Cam

The picture above was taken from a trail camera. Trail cameras are set up in order to capture wildlife and monitor a property. They’re there for safety and for hunting. Although it’s not what they were created for, they also end up capturing some pretty terrifying sights every once in a while! The image above was taken from the footage after discovering a strange man was walking around the woods. The area is apparently private, so no one should really be walking there. It’s also in the middle of nowhere, so there’s really no reason for him to be there. He also appears transparent, which makes us wonder if, perhaps, he’s of the paranormal kind. There’s also always the chance that he’s a dementia patient who got lost in a place he shouldn’t be, which would be absolutely tragic. It’s still scary thinking that something like this might be hiding in the woods. What do you think he is?

6 A Demon Caught In The Forest

The image above was taken by someone lurking in the woods. He snapped the picture when he thought he might've heard something. Looks like what he heard was a creepy red beast waiting to attack! With all the wooded areas in our world, there’s no doubt that there are species and creatures waiting to be discovered. We figured, however, that these undiscovered creatures are just types of birds or bugs, not demons who hide in the ground! Our world used to be much more filled with trees than it is today, as forests are constantly being cleared for farmland and buildings. With all of these beasts being displaced, they’re all going to head to the same wooded areas, so who knows what kind of horror could fill the woods! This is all if you believe in that kind of stuff, of course.

5 Who Owns This Mask?

This mask above was discovered by a hiker traveling through the woods. There are so many things that make this buried mask creepy. It was found in the middle of nowhere, so it’s not like it was just street litter that someone had gotten rid of. You’d expect to find plenty of creepy masks and such on the street around Halloween time. This mask also doesn’t really look like your cheap Halloween-store mask that you’d get for a couple bucks. It looks like it’s made out of glass or clay, eliminating the possibility that it’s just a Halloween costume. So, who needs a mask out in the woods like this? It’s really chilling to think about all the possibilities for what the reason it’s there and buried is. It’s also deep in the mud, so it seems like someone had buried it, and only the rain brought it up. We hope whoever found it was smart enough to not actually put it on!

4 How'd This Get There? 

The photograph above is another one taken by a hiker walking around the woods. Of course, some might say that it’s really nothing more than just some garbage people found and decided to impale onto a dead tree. That could be it, but that’s the simple and safe excuse. There’s always a chance that something more sinister is involved here. Whose doll is it and does the owner miss it at all? Also, why was it left in the middle of the woods in the first place? Perhaps it’s a warning of some sort for anyone traveling around this area. It could certainly be a hoax, but really, no matter what it might be, this is not something we’d feel comfortable finding on our camping expedition. Would you really want to set up a tent and sleep with nothing but polyester as protection when this creepy doll head is sitting just a few yards away from you?

3 Who Is She?

The photograph above is kind of hard to see, but once the photographer zoomed in and lightened the image a bit, he found something rather disturbing. It looks as though it’s a terrifying little girl screaming right at the camera! She’s wrapped in branches and definitely doesn't look friendly. Finding a picture like this on your roll of film after having a fun and relaxing camping trip has to result in a terrifying feeling. Knowing that you were potentially being watched by a creature like this the whole time is so scary! Would you be able to stay in the woods overnight after seeing a picture like this? There is, of course, always the chance that it’s fake, but we’ve talked about that with every picture on the list. People will always say that about these photographs, but what are the chances that all of them are fake? For now, it’s not worth the risk to go into the woods!

2 Ghost Crashing The Picture

The photograph above looks like a sweet picture you’d want to take with your honey. It’s just a loving couple standing on a pretty bridge they found while walking through the woods. Everything seems picture perfect until you look to their left and see another woman standing on the bridge. Apparently, according to the photographer and the people in the picture, no one else was around at the time! There’s always a chance they were too into the picture-taking process to notice someone else was trying to use the bridge, but there's certainly something strange about her appearance. She looks transparent and has a ghastly color. No matter what the truth might be, it’s a chilling discovery for the couple to find only after the fact of them traveling through the woods and sleeping there at night.

1 What Happened To This Little Girl And Her Family? 

The picture above is, unfortunately, the last one ever taken of the little girl. She and her family were on their way to purchase a new home and some land. They never returned. The only thing found was their car, which contained a camera that had this picture on it. Their bodies were eventually discovered in the woods; however, there's still no main suspect. What would cause this family to go into the woods when they were actually trying to buy a house? Once they were in the woods, what killed them and buried them? This is certainly a chilling photograph and the one on the list that makes us want to stay out of the woods the most! There’s no way this one is fake, making it all the more horrifying for those who had been planning on going on a camping expedition soon!

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