15 Terrifying Myths And Theories About El Chupacabra

The first sighting is said to have been way back in 1995, though some sources say the chupacabra is a lot older than that.

The Chupacabra is a legendary creature that was supposedly first seen in Puerto Rico. The name “Chupacabra” literally translates to mean “goat-sucker”. The rather interesting name is said to come from the monster’s love of draining farm animals of their blood. Some of the animals that Chupacabra loves to snack on include goats (as the name suggests), chickens and even pets such as cats and dogs. It is generally believed that the Chupacabra looks either like a reptile or a dog, although the description of the monster varies with different witness accounts. Some people even claim that the Chupacabra has wings and can therefore fly.

It is generally thought that the first sighting of the monster was made in 1995. However, according to some sources the sightings were made much earlier. Some people even claim that the myth of the Chupacabra has been around for hundreds of years. However, a different name was used to refer to this blood-sucking monster. Most scientists and wildlife experts discount the myth of the Chupacabra claiming that the monster is an urban legend and does not in fact exist. Many theories and explanations have been put forward by scientists and experts to explain the Chupacabra sightings. However, while scientists disregard the Chupacabra myth, there are thousands of people all over the world who believe that the terrifying, elusive creature does in fact exist. Many interesting theories have been put forward by these people to try and explain the elusiveness of the Chupacabra.

15 Vampire Of Moca

The legend of the Chupacabra, or El Chupacabra, was born in 1975, in a small Puerto Rican town of Moca. The incident that was supposedly caused by Chupacabra was this: a number of farm animals, and in some reports pets, were found dead. But the animals were not simply killed. They were somehow completely drained of their blood. At first people believed that a vampire was at large and the whole affair became known as “Vampiro De Moca” or “Vampire of Moca”. Later, people started to believe that the incident was caused by some kind of Satanic cult that performed infernal rituals with animal blood. And all this time, the killings continued. More and more farmers came forward stating that they found their animals dead, completely drained of blood. The weirdest killing has to be that of a cow that had weird sucking holes on its skull. There were also a number of scratches on its body.

14 Chupacabra's Appearance

It is generally believed that the Chupacabra resembles a reptile. The monster is said to have a green or grey skin that is completely covered in scales. It also has quills on its back. It’s quite a large creature: it is said to be approximately 1m long. Interestingly, the Chupacabra moves in a fashion similar to that of a Kangaroo: it hops around. However, not everyone believes that the Chupacabra looks like a reptile. Others claim that it actually looks like a wild dog, even though it has almost no hair. It does however supposedly have a very prominent spinal ridge and large eye sockets. It is also said to have terrifying fangs and huge claws that can do a lot of damage. The monster supposedly drains its prey of blood by using its fangs to create three holes that resemble a triangle.

13 First Chupacabra Sighting

The first person to ever claim to have seen the Chupacabra in flesh was a woman named Madelyne Tolentino. Tolentino was a housewife who lived in the Puerto Rican village of Canovanas. She reported her sighting to the local news outlet in the summer of 1995. According to her, the monster was about 1m tall and stood on its two legs. It also had thin arms and only three fingers. The monster’s eyes were huge and terrifying. The monster did not have any ears or genitals. It also didn’t have a nose, although it did have a hole where its nose was supposed to be. Unusual feathery spikes adorned the creature’s back. Tolentino claimed she saw the monster for only a minute or two. So it is rather strange that she could describe him in so much detail.

12 Chupacabras Are Future Humans

Another bizarre theory claims that Chupacabras come from the future. According to those who believe in this theory, Chupacabras are in actual fact future humans. These future humans are our children who have traveled from the future to warn us about our behaviour. It is believed that Chupacabras want to somehow stop the chemical crisis that will occur in the future. This chemical crisis will supposedly make our children evolve into monstrous human beings: “chupacabras”. According to the proponents of time travel, our future generations use time travel in order to go back to the past and warn us of what is about to happen. Of course, for this theory to work you first need to believe in time travel!

11 The Government Cover-Up

Some people believe that the government is well aware of the Chupacabra and its existence. However, according to these people, both the government and mass media have conspired to keep their knowledge of the Chupacabra to themselves so as not to alarm people. Some government officials find this ludicrous. As such, they have attempted to put these nonsensical rumors to rest. For example, Mr. Juan E. Lopez, the President of the Puerto Rico House of Representatives Agricultural Commission, instigated an official investigation into the Chupacabra. Inside Edition crew was sent to Puerto Rico where they ridiculed the Mayor of Canavanas, the supposed witness of the Chupacabra. Still, rumor has it that the Puerto Rican government has successfully captured and hidden two Chupacabras for future use and testing.

10 Chupacabras Created By Genetic Manipulation

Some people claim that the Chupacabra has been created by extremely sophisticated genetic manipulations. And these manipulations have been created by none other than humans, or rather, human agencies. It has been said that Dr. Tsian Kanchen, a Chinese-Russian scientist has successfully created an electronic system that allows him to take the bioenergetic field of the DNA of living organisms and transfer them electronically to other organisms. He has supposedly used his new invention to create new breeds of various animals and plants (for example, featherless chickens). Thus, proponents of this theory claim that if the Russians had the ability to create this impressive technology, then without doubt the US and other powerful countries had the power to do so too. And so, it is quite possible that the chupacabras were created by humans.

9 Chupacabras Are A Secret Government Weapon

One of the more bizarre theories concerning the Chupacabra claims that the monster is actually a weapon. According to the proponents of this theory, the Chupacabra was created by the government. Supposedly the government intended, or intends, to unleash a bunch of Chupacabras onto its enemies land. The Chupacabras would then destroy the enemy’s food supply, or perhaps just create an environment of fear. Those who believe in this theory say that it is possible that the government is hiding thousands of Chupacabras for this purpose. Allegedly, a number of Chupacabras have been released in order to test their effectiveness. So, if we were to believe this theory, those people who claim they have seen the Chupacabra have in actual fact witnessed the most unusual weapon that has ever been created.

8 Chupacabras Are Aliens

Aliens are blamed for almost any mysterious incident or creature, and the Chupacabra is no exception. Many people believe that the Chupacabra is an extraterrestrial creature. Various “witnesses” claim that they have seen oval and triangular shaped UFOs near the areas where farm animals had been killed. UFO sightings have been reported in a number of Puerto Rican towns, including Cabo Rojo, Canovanas, Ponce and Naranjito. It is also said that in November 1995, a luminous disc landed on top of a radio station that was located in Barranquitas, a town in the center of Puerto Rico. The station’s electronic devices allegedly went crazy and one obsolete electronic device that hadn’t been used since 1957 turned itself on even though it wasn’t plugged into any power source. No dead animals were found nearby, but proponents of the UFO theory claim that this incident supports their Chupacabra UFO theory.

7 Infected Coyotes

Over the years, the body of the monster Chupacabra has supposedly been found a number of times. But scientists claim that in no case the bodies found were the actual bodies of the Chupacabra. Instead, it has almost always been the bodies of a coyotes that suffered from a deadly skin disease. The skin disease known as mange causes animals to lose their hair. It also causes the animal’s skin to shrivel. For most scientists, this discovery completely answers the question of Chupacabra. According to them, there is no Chupacabra, just coyotes that suffer from a horrible skin disease. Indeed, many specialists reveal that they have seen photographs of the Chupacabra. In all cases, the alleged Chupacabra has actually been a coyote.

6 Chupacabras Are The Pets Of Visiting Extraterrestrials

Another theory that aims to explain the Chupacabra and involves the UFO’s says that Chupacabras are actually the pets of visiting extraterrestrials. According to this theory, these extraterrestrial “pets” have either escaped or gotten lost and are now unable to return home. But why do some people think that chupacabras may be alien’s pets and not actual aliens? Well, according to some, chupacabras do not seem intelligent enough to be creatures that can operate faster-than-light vehicles. Plus, chupacabras are known for mauling animals. And would aliens really come all the way to earth just for a meal? Probably not. Others claim that chupacabras are subordinate alien species and that aliens have left them on earth on purpose.

5 You Can Invoke The Chupacabra With The Help Of An Infernal Ritual

The writer Nick Redfern believes that the Chupacabra could be a supernatural creature. According to Redfern, when he was travelling across Puerto Rico in an attempt to learn more about the legendary monster, he was told by natives that the Chupacabra is a supernatural creature from another realm. To see the Chupacabra one has to perform strange rituals. Redfern was told about secretive figures who held infernal rites in the middle of the night and who sacrificed goats and chickens in an attempt to invoke the Chupacabra. But inviting the Chupacabra into our world is not that hard. It is much harder to get it to leave our world. The secretive figures who invoke the Chupacabra are not always successful in sending him back.

4 Chupacabra Remains Have Been Found

In 2016, word spread that the remains of the monster Chupacabra were found in the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine. The body was found by a man who was supposedly perturbed by the number of teeth that the creature had. Rumor has it that the creature had three or four rows of teeth! The man then showed the body to his wife and together they determined that it did not belong to any creature they knew. The finding shocked the internet but what happened to the body remains a mystery. Sightings of the Chupacabra have also been reported in Texas. However, it has been found that the bodies of the supposed Chupacabra were simply the bodies of crossbred animals. Scientists and specialists believe that some people are breeding dogs with wolves or coyotes in an effort to create a “Chupacabra”.

3 Chupacabra Can Paralyze Animals With Its Eyes

Those people that believe that the Chupacabra is supernatural also believe that the Chupacabra has the power to paralyze animals. The Chupacabra’s power is in its eyes – they are huge and glowing red. If an animal looks into the Chupacabra’s eyes, he is bound to be paralyzed. Thankfully, humans seem to be a bit more resistant: the Chupacabra’s stare will not paralyze us but will nonetheless make us nauseous. It is said that if a person comes into contact with the Chupacabra he or she should shine a bright light into the monster’s eyes. Thus, the Chupacabra’s eyes are both the monster’s strength and weakness. Since it has to avoid bright lights, it can only attack animals in the middle of the night.

2 Vampire Bats

Some people disregard the Chupacabra myth and instead claim that the killings have been carried out by vampire bats. Vampire bats are common in the region and they share many similarities with the Chupacabra. For one, both the Chupacabra and Vampire bats have similar appearance. For example, they both have sharp fangs and big eyes. And although most Vampire bats are quite small, it is said that due to evolution, new Vampire bats can reach the size of a small child. Thus, it is quite possible that those who have witnessed the larger specimens of Vampire bats got scared and in the moment of panic came to the conclusion that they had witnessed the monster Chupacabra. Vampire bats are also expert at puncturing the skin of animals without them noticing, and draining their blood.

1 The Spread Of The Chupacabra Craze

The Chupacabra has supposedly been first sighted in Puerto Rico. And it was in Puerto Rico that the first animal killings were carried out by the creature. However with time, the myth of the Chupacabra spread to other countries too. Stories of the monster first spread to Mexico and El Salvador. Then, they spread to Brazil and Chile. And after that, rumors spread to Argentina, Bolivia, the United States and many other countries. In America, most sightings have been made in the Southern states, such as Texas. Interestingly, the animal killings are identical in every country: the animals are always found dead. And they are always completely drained of blood.

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