15 Terrifying CreepyPasta Stories That Will Have Us Sleeping With The Lights On

I think it’s important everyone know the origins of CreepyPasta itself. It all started when people started copy and pasting dumb, inspirational, and weird stuff on forums on the Internet. It all took a weird turn when people started doing so on 4Chan. The “copy and paste” was soon shortened to copypaste and then copypasta when typos occurred. Well, remember when people would post those “If you repost this to five forums in the next 30 minutes then say this line five times, you will kiss your crush on Friday. If not, a creepy man will be hiding under your bed on Saturday instead?" Those were creepy posts that were soon described as not just copy/paste or copypasta but, creepypasta. It wasn’t long until these posts got a website, only with more…serious contributors, with good grammar and beautiful, sick, messed up minds. It has come out that some of the stories on CreepyPasta are true, but no one knows which ones, adding to the excitement of the tales.

So, today, we have CreepyPasta, full of some of the things nightmares are made of. In fact, keep reading and you’ll see tales you didn’t know originated on CreepyPasta. But I have to warn you to please beware that these are not for the faint of heart, but only those who have experience on CreepyPasta and are strong. Stronger than me, for sure. Who knows, this could be the last article I ever write…after all, that’s what CreepyPasta would tell me. I ask you all to read through these and pray I make it through them as well. Please read the full stories as one article can not cover them all fully.


15 Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv

Everyone has a bit of an addiction to YouTube and will watch almost anything on there. But I’d suggest you not search Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv. Most of the time, it brings up zero results. But on occasion, there is a video. It is a video of a man staring blankly at you for a few seconds. Then, the last two seconds, he grins in the creepiest way. However, this is only the part of the video people have lived to tell about.

The full video was removed from YouTube after 153 people gouged out their eyes and mailed them to YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno. Some even carved inscriptions in their forearms no one could decipher. YouTube takes down every copy of the video anyone manages to put up, but will allow the first 20 seconds up to scare people into not looking for the full thing. I'd say go for it, though.

14 The Slender Man


Yes, that Slender Man. Bet you didn’t know the figure who has his own video game franchise started out on CreepyPasta. It is said, The Slender Man is a tall, skinny man with long arms and 4 to 8 tentacles on his back. His face isn’t as important…or is it. Word has it he either doesn’t have one or it looks different to each person…each victim. The victims are kidnapped, murdered, or brainwashed. No one really knows.

What is known is that he usually preys on children in forests, though he has been said to have been spotted by adults who are paranoid they may be victims as well. So, he obviously feeds on fear. Many claim to have seen him, and many claim they knew people who have captured him on camera and the photographer has disappeared or died soon after. But don’t worry, you may mistake him for a tree and if you’re not afraid, he probably won’t take you…probably.

13 Anansi's Goatman Story

This one is iconic, and rather long, so if you want to hear the full story, please read it on the site at Anansi’s Goatman Story. This one is told by a 16-year-old city kid who goes camping on his uncle’s country land with cousins. The kids go camping, and the storyteller feels something is off when they arrive as he smells ozone in the air. They ignore it and go on with camp activities. But it doesn’t take long for them to realize there is a threat among them: The Goatman, who normally has the head of a goat, but can shapeshift into other things…like them. Soon enough, they start disappearing one by one.

To really understand the story, you have to read it for yourself. But I’m warning you, if you live in Alabama or near the woods, you may want to move ASAP after reading it.

12 Candle Cove


This story actually lists messages that adults were sending on a forum discussing a show they used to watch when they were young. You know, like Mister Rogers…only a little different. It starts off normal. They are talking about a show called Candle Cove, using each other to recall it, name the villains, and such.

Then, they kept correcting each other, and things got worse as they agreed, “remembering things” as people added details. Like a villain who liked to grind children’s skin with his teeth and wore a cape made out of children’s skin. Then one guy mentioned a dream they had about the show where everyone was just screaming, with close ups of each person’s face, and the little girl from the show crying as if being tortured. Someone argued that it wasn’t a dream, that it was a weird episode that caused them to stop watching the show.

If that wasn’t enough, the last comment on the thread said that they asked their mom about the show and she said she remembered. At least, she remembered when the kid would say they were going to watch Candle Cove. Then, they would just sit there and stare at the static on the screen for 30 minutes. Turns out, this was what all of the parents said…the show didn’t exist, but all of the kids remembered it.

11 Russian Sleep Experiment

This one involves Russian researchers in the 1940s that had five people that were kept awake for 15 days. They used a gas to keep them awake but monitored them so the gas didn’t kill them.

The first five days were uneventful. But then, the topics of conversation started to take a dark turn. The longer they were awake, the more traumatic their conversational topics were, until it became so bad, they stopped talking and began plotting against each other. I should have said these were PoW that were offered freedom if they took part in the experiment.

It wasn’t until the 9th day that one of them started screaming. He screamed and ran until his voice would no longer work. For three hours. The other PoWs ignored him before following in his footsteps, as well as doing other crazy things, namely with their own feces.

On the 14th day, they stopped completely. There was no sound from them, so the officers went to check on them. They said if they would lay down while they came to get them, they would get freedom. The reply from the prisoners was, “We no longer want to be freed."

I don’t believe I am allowed to say what happened next as it is much too grotesque, so read it for yourself here. It is well worth it, if you can handle it.

10 Jessie Mack


Don’t read that aloud! Wait. You already did? Oh boy…

This story starts off with a girl talking about befriending this odd, intelligent kid named Nate who lived nearby. After breaking up with his girlfriend, she found him trying to commit suicide, but convinced him to not do it. She found out there was a very important person in his life named Jessie Mack. Well, obviously, this was a Bloody Mary situation, because once someone said her name aloud, Nate freaked.

The story doesn’t have a solid ending, so it’s open to interpretation. What we do know is that Jessie Mack is a “descendant of the dark one” or at least was possessed by one. She/he could be real, or someone that Nate created in his own crazy mind. Read the story to see what I mean.

9 He Does Birthdays

Please, if you are afraid of clowns…do…not…read…this! It will scar you for life. This is about a man who doesn’t celebrate birthdays, especially his own. Why? Exactly…

A boy who was being raised by a single father tells this one. His father was very serious, always serious and routine, until the dawn of his sixth birthday, when the father became oddly…funny and nonchalant, humming in an upbeat manner rather than speaking. He would laugh and plastered on a giant smile at all times. The party arrived and things only got worse. Before long, the dad got all of the kids to sing, "Tor-so, Tor-so, Tor-so-the-CLOWN!"

The clown revealed looked normal at first, but as his skin pulled back, he was grotesque in a way that made The Walking Dead look G-rated. In the end, the clown ate the other party guests and the boy went to an insane asylum. The end!


8 Jeff The Killer


What could turn a caring child named Jeffrey Woods into the bloodthirsty Jeff the Killer? No one really knows. What we do know is that those who lived to describe him went insane. They say he was pale, with dark eyes and red lips surrounding crazy teeth.

One boy said he had awoken in the night and had to close the window that he thought he had shut. When he got back to bed, he saw a man standing by the curtain that whispered, “Go to sleep.” Before the boy could scream, the man jumped on him, and held a knife to his chest. As the boy struggled, his father came in and saved him. But he’s one of the few that survived Jeff’s attacks. The scary thing is, there actually is a Jeff the Killer, with even more sinister stories behind him.

7 Eh-Oh

This story started out with toddler Julia talking about her friend, “Eh-Oh.” Her father was watching her and knew no one was there but the two of them. Yet, she continued to speak to her “imaginary” friend. He ignored her as a toddler, as he tried to stay awake, despite being exhausted.

But rather than fall asleep, he got up to check on his daughter to wake up. But she was distracted with her imaginary friend down the hall. Being paranoid, he picked up the fireplace poker and went to investigate. He didn’t find much, but a suspicious wet spot on the floor. He returned to his daughter soon who was hugging a sopping toy bear with one missing eye. Feeling frantic, he threw it to the ground and drove off with the girl. Sighing only after he was out of town, he let out a laugh of relief, realizing his silliness.

Until…he noticed it again. The bear was swinging wildly in the back seat as Julia laughed, “Eh-oh!” What an ending!

6 BEN Drowned


Majora’s Mask is a popular installment in the Legend of Zelda series. It was creepy, which is why the story of an unlabeled copy called BEN Drowned is so popular.

The save file is titled "BEN" and was almost a complete finished save. Whoever told this story created their own save file and left BEN. The game had so many glitches it was no wonder the new owner got it for so cheap. Oddly enough, sometimes Link, was named Ben in the game. When he thought it was a glitch, the player deleted the Ben save so it would stop. Whenever he did, everyone started calling him nothing…like a blank space instead of Ben.

Then, the Skull Kid would terrorize him in the game, use telekinesis to throw him through the dungeon where he was unable to control himself. Soon after, he felt personally attacked by the glitchy messages he would receive. He was locked in Clock Town with the Happy Mask Salesman following him, showing him mutilated images of Link.

There was an alternate ending that was also dark, and then the save was called "YOURTURN." No one knows what happened to the player, but a friend heard that the game recounted the events of a boy’s death, a boy named Ben. That friend also opened up the game one day, only to see that the save was now called MATT.

5 Smile Dog

Some say that this legend began with images of the actual devil, in the flesh. And word is, the actual image in the original story no longer exists, and it is copies of the image that go around. So it isn’t likely this image is the real thing…right?

The original story follows a journalist who visited a woman who was haunted by this image. She was shown it and had lived in hell ever since. It haunted her dreams and every waking moment. Everyone who had seen it before her had died. The only way to live was to pass the burden on to someone else…and if it kept getting passed on, everyone would live. But would they ever escape the horrors every night? That journalist didn’t want to chance living the nightmare the woman did, and so she shared it with all of her readers who now live with this as reality, the reality you will now live after seeing it. Yes, I am that journalist.

4 No End House


Drugs are an awful thing, let me tell you. No one knows this better than Peter Terry. He was told a story by his college roommate years after college when Peter randomly messaged him. He told him there was this NoEnd House where all you had to do was reach the end and you would get $500. Peter told him not to do it, yet curiosity got the best of him and he went for it. It was just a haunted house, after all. He only had to get through nine rooms.

At first, it was normal, until his shadow began to disappear and in the next room, it was complete darkness and silence, not even his own breath could be heard. Then there were invisible mosquitoes. And then, a little girl. Yep, that kind of little girl. The girl with the heart of a demon. This was room seven. However, after that, the man took his chance to leave the house and go home, the money was far from worth it. Only when he got there, his parents were dead in his living room floor. Before panicking, he realized it wasn’t over. This was room 8.

To see the last room, read the full story.

3 Psychosis

This one is hard to explain as it comes from the mouth of a crazy person, a person who lived in a basement apartment who was struggling to make contact with the outside world. This was a person who was so withdrawn, they were driving themselves crazy with paranoia.

This story is far too long to even touch the surface of right here, but it’s definitely worth the read and takes you inside the mind of those we never shed any light on. Just remember to keep the lights on while you’re reading it. And please, please never trust your own mind, but then again, don’t trust those around you either. It could be them that are out of their mind…not you. Of course. This one will mess with you in ways unimaginable. So check it out!

2 Arizona


Trips as a couple can be really great, or really awful. For this couple, it started out amazing as they took a vacation to Arizona. Then they started running out of gas and wrongfully stopped at an abandoned gas station. That’s where the man went to investigate when he heard a child in the back room. He saw what he thought to be a demon in that moment, and ran out of the building, having his girlfriend drive in a hurry.

But it wasn’t over. The girl seemed to terrorize them that entire day. They seemed to drive in circles that night, passing the gas station with no end in sight. When they finally reached their destination, no one was there. The end is up to interpretation, and should be read if you wish to come up with your own.

1 Funnymouth

Have you ever had someone creepy join your chat room? We all have. But I bet you’ve never had Funnymouth join. This kid told a story, with screenshots, of funnymouth in his chatroom, who talked in gibberish, flourished with talk of handsome faces, and smiles, and blood. The man that told the story said he entered another chat room that belonged to this guy cause he enjoyed the trolling and was curious.

So he joined the room, and though nothing too crazy happened, he felt creeped out and went to bed afraid that night. He had odd nightmares that were so unusual for him. The next morning, he woke up and somehow funnymouth had sent him an e-mail, without ever receiving his e-mail address. The e-mails stopped for a while, but his website that he was chatting on was down, and redirecting to funnymouth’s site. His friend who worked with him was getting an error message, not funnymouth’s site with this freaky image as the homepage like the man got when he popped it up.

After a bit of trolling and bad dreams, the man gave up on fighting back and laughed it off. Not going to lie, he went crazy and became funnymouth himself. For a better explanation, read it! I do it no justice.

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