15 Terrifying Animal Attacks Caught On Camera

There are few things scarier than having to fight for your life while you're being attacked by an animal who wants to kill you. Having to watch your child or loved one experience an attack can be equally petrifying because there is often very little you can do to help.

Often, animals will not attack unless they're provoked or they feel threatened. Staying away from predatory animals is the first step in avoiding an attack. Knowing how to react if you find yourself in this type of situation is another big part of the battle.

In recent times, we have heard about situations where people thrust themselves into dangerous scenarios with animals. In March 2017, we heard the story of a Spring Breaker in the Bahamas who jumped into a pool full of sharks for a bet. There was also the time when the women got out of their vehicle in a sanctuary full of free-roaming ferocious felines. Acting in a careless fashion near these types of animals will put you on the fast track to the morgue.

Please read our list of 15 of the most vicious animal attacks captured. Don’t do it out of curiosity, do it for informational reasons, because the life you save might be your own.


15 Jaws is REAL!

The odds of being killed by a shark are not that great, considering that the ratio of humans killing sharks to sharks killing humans is 2,000,000 to 1. Only ten fatalities resulting from shark attacks occur annually on the entire planet. Even with odds like that, we don't suggest you go swimming with sharks. Put all the numbers to the side and imagine you are surfing, like this unsuspecting fellow. You look over and see a shark swimming within striking distance. This is when fight or flight kicks in. Luckily, this surfer escaped with his life because he knew what to do. Do NOT try to punch a shark in the nose as you may have been taught. It is a bad idea. His nose is close to his mouth, and it is not a weakness of the animal. Instead, try to gouge his eyes or grab his gills. Odds are you will never be attacked by a shark. If you want to be sure, never go swimming in open waters with wounds. Sharks can smell blood. Also, never wander out too far from the shore. Jaws is real, and he is lurking out there.

14 Pouncing Tiger, No Dragon


In this picture, we see a tiger playfully attacking his trainer. The truth is that tigers are not even ranked among the top 15 annual human deaths from animal attacks. While this trainer was not harmed, it may not always be the case, as you will see later in the list. If you find yourself in the unfortunate and unlikely situation of a pending tiger attack, stay calm. Try to make yourself look bigger rather than cowering in fear. Don’t make sudden movements and back away slowly and calmly. Try to make loud noises to frighten the tiger. If the tiger does attack, protect your neck primarily and do whatever you can to survive. Even though this was the trainer of the killer cat, he had to know there was always a chance of serious injury or death.

13 Tiger Mauls Man

We were just talking about this very type of scenario. This man is seen cowering in fear inside the tiger's den. He scaled the enclosure to avoid paying for a ticket and became lunch for the ravenous hunter instead. Shortly after this photo was taken, the man was dragged away by his neck and mauled to death by this tiger. It is not worth risking your life to save a few bucks on the price of an admission ticket. One great way to avoid animal attacks like this is not to foolishly make yourself an easy target. Do not tempt the animals. This is especially true when dealing with animals who are born hunters and probably not happy about living in captivity. If you were going to climb into an animal’s living space, why not choose a lamb?

12 Snake In The Grass


Snakes are responsible for over 50,000 human death annually and are ranked number 3 on the list of deaths caused by animal attacks. The real problem here is that, unlike sharks, you can be in your backyard when attacked by a snake. Venomous snakes can kill you instantly with the poison in their fangs, but many die from untreated snake bites. There are also boa constrictors, anacondas, pythons, and more. These snakes will squeeze you to death, and will most likely swallow you whole. These snakes can unhinge their jaws, so you might want to look away for a second. If you get bitten by a snake, remain calm and get immediate medical attention. If you are being squeezed by a snake, try to find help. It is difficult to break free yourself, and most who are saved from this fate are saved due to intervention by another person. If you have something to stab and cut the snake with, do it. If not, bite him back while he's squeezing you to death.

11 Florida Gators

If there's one thing that's a lot worse than seeing chilling photographs of animal attacks, it's witnessing it live as it unfolds right in front of you. Even worse than that would be when the victim is your 2-year-old son. In this case, a family was vacationing at a Walt Disney theme park in Florida. The child was just being a child and building sandcastles on the beach when a gator came out of the water and snatched the child. It happened so quick. The gator used its mouth to grab the boy by the head and drag him back into the water. The father of the child jumped into the water and tried to pry the gator's mouth open but could not. The gator swam away with the boy, who was killed by the animal. Gator jaws pack a tremendous amount of pressure. If bitten by a gator, go for the eyes. If they drag you under water, it's probably for the death roll.

10 Killer Whale


Again, we cannot stress the importance of interaction with wild animals, even when you think you are trained. Truth be told, you never know how an animal is going to react. Animals cannot be happy eating when you want them to and perform when you tell them. In this case, a trainer at SeaWorld was attacked by the Killer Whale during a live performance. The first hint that you are not in a safe place is when the animal you are interacting with has a name that starts with "killer." The whale ripped its trainers left arm and scalp off while fans tourists watched it transpire. She died a short time later. To make things worse, SeaWorld refused to take responsibility for the incident, and they eventually closed their doors because of these events.

9 A Load Of Bull...

Why do people insist on taunting animals that could kill them in the blink of an eye? Do they not consider life to be a precious and non-renewable resource? Here we see a man being viciously attacked by a bull. If you look closely at his chest, you can see blood gushing. It couldn't have been another animal that caused it, could it? This man escaped with his life and will probably think twice before taunting an already ornery bull in the future. Don't listen to the old saying that indicates you should grab the bull by the horns. Are people so starved for entertainment that there is an audience for bullfighting? Although, it could be argued that the audience for bullfighting exists because there is bullfighting. Either way, it's not smart to participate in or encourage this type of entertainment.


8 Impossible To Fully Train An Animal


Here we see another case of trainers attacked by the animals they care for. This case gained international press coverage. Siegfried and Roy were a famous Las Vegas act. The magicians performed with their trademarked White Bengal Tigers at the Mirage Resort and Casino for over a decade before one of their tigers attacked Roy during a live performance. The audience witnessed the tiger grab Roy by the neck and drag him off stage. Roy did not die, but his career abruptly ended, and the show closed its doors. They were already into their sixties when the incident occurred. That tiger, which Roy defended, must have preferred aged meat instead of fresh meat. No matter how much training is involved and how well you treat the beast, a feline cannot cut its own fangs.

7 Chinese Year of the Tiger

In 2016, a woman got out of her car at a zoo in Beijing, China. This may not sound dangerous, but she did so in a preserve where tigers roam free. Despite having signed a paper when she entered the zoo agreeing not to exit her car, she did so anyway. Her fate? Getting attacked by a tiger and dragged away. Her mother immediately came to her rescue but was also mauled by the tiger. The woman who caused her mother's death survived the attack. There was another relative in the car who witnessed everything. The survivor sued the zoo because she claimed she thought she was signing a registration to enter the zoo. She didn't see the warnings or that live tigers were roaming free.

6 More Of The Same Old Bull Stuff


HELLO! This poor matador was not killed. He probably did have difficulty sitting down after this bull attacked him. Hopefully, he had one of those inflatable donuts to sit on following this attack. He should have known it was coming; he provoked the bull. Bullfighting and running with the bulls is very big in Hispanic cultures. It's not wise, but it's still very popular. Not everyone gets lucky. If the horns of the bull go deep enough or hit a major organ or artery, you won’t live to fight another day.

5 The Elephant Man

Elephants are typically calm and interactive animals. However, that isn’t always the case. Even elephants can have their bad days after waking up on the wrong side of the bed. If this happens, you do not want to be in their path. This man is about to be trampled or kicked by an army of stampeding elephants. But apparently, it is hard to think fast when an attacking animal threatens your life. Luckily, this man managed to escape safe and sound. An elephant can crush you, though, breaking almost every bone in your body. So, leave Dumbo alone just as you would leave Simba alone.

4 Bi-Polar


This woman decided that life was no longer worth living and she decided to voluntarily entered the space of these polar bears. This was a suicide attempt. Once she was inside the space, she regretted her decision as her survival instincts immediately kicked into overdrive. Her cries for help were answered to no avail. The polar bears were already upon her and gave the woman what she wanted when they ended her life. Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. For real...

3 With All The Training In The World, NO One Is Immune

Here we have another situation of a human, with a great deal of training, killed by the animals they interact with. Known as the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin was killed when he was stung through the heart by a Sting Ray. Irwin was just 44 when he was filming what would be his final documentary. Irwin’s family were present and witnessed his death as it happened. Irwin was famous for taunting the animals, especially reptiles, and provoking them. It’s almost like he wanted something like this to happen because he was constantly inviting it. Still, it must have been hard for his wife and daughter to see this. Irwin died in 2006.

2 Monkey Business


These graphic photos show the aftermath of an attack from a domesticated chimpanzee. The animal was not the victim's pet. It was the pet of her friend. While visiting her friend in 2009, the animal became unfriendly and attacked her, ripping parts of her face off. Eight years later, in 2017, the woman still needs surgeries to repair the damage. The chimpanzee was destroyed despite the owner's pleas to save the crazed primate. The woman who was attacked tried to sue the state for $150 million over the incident, and the lawsuit was denied moving forward. It is always a bad idea to try to domesticate wild animals who are not typical pets. A goldfish or a turtle would not have done this.

1 Puppy Love

After all the carnage and tragedy depicted throughout this list, we thought we would end things with a smile on your face. This is a welcome animal attack. Adorable little puppies are attacking this teen with love and kisses. No one ever died from being licked by puppies, although we suppose you could be tickled to death by them. People usually place themselves in a situation where the group of puppies can bombard you with love. The only harm this is going to cause you is making you want to adopt every one of these cute and cuddly little creatures.

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