14Drunk Naked Taxi Driver Smashes Into 17 Cars

Drunk naked taxi driver

Naturally, there's at least one crazy taxi story from Russia. Back in 2011, Moscow police stopped taxi driver Vitaly Grodi after he drove through stop signs and smacked into no less than 17 vehicles on the road, narrowly missing a school bus. When the cops finally chased him down and

got him to stop, they were astonished when he exited the cab fully naked -- and, naturally, drunk AF. Vitaly explained to the cops that he'd had an argument with his girlfriend and gotten upset. No word on whether the drunk part happened before or after the argument (we're guessing during). “I flew on the wings of love. On the eve of our anniversary, [she] said she was not ready for a serious relationship,” he told police. The whole incident was captured on camera, including the takedown of the naked man on the pavement.

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